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Most beautiful (not all around best) airplane. 3/1/15 - (304 replies)
What do you think is the most beautiful airplane ever built? I'm not talking about which one impresses you with it's engineering, but the one that impresses you most as a work of art. For example, I greatly admire the engineering of most of Burt Rutan's designs, but the curves he uses generally have...
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What practical stuff should schools teach but don't? 2/28/15 - (145 replies)
I was talking with a buddy today and we were talking about how schools waste a lot of time not teaching practical stuff that people would actually use in their life. We both came up with one thing that we thought schools should teach and I said money management and he said swimming. I said.. swimming?...
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Chris Kyle, should he get the Medal of Honor? 2/27/15 - (134 replies)
so, there is a social movement afoot for Chris Kyle to receive the Medal of Honor, a petition for the public to sign even. I think this is wrong. It should originate from the military, not some popularity medal. I am in no way saying he is/was not a heroic sum*****, as well as tougher than woodpecker...
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Rest in Peace Mr Spock 2/27/15 - (116 replies)
Breaking news...Leonard Nimoy has passed. Sad day for Trek fans....
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USS Gabby Giffords 2/27/15 - (113 replies)
Just getting for bed and saw this. Anyone hear of this ship? NN
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What is your profession? 2/22/15 - (415 replies)
I thought this might be interesting. I'll start...I am a State Trooper.
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Who Is The Most Famous Person You've Met? 2/17/15 - (314 replies)
I've tried this on another forum and it was great fun and very interesting to see who we've met. I shook Bobby Kennedy's hand when I was 10. Funny story I will add later. Gordie Howe, Conway Twitty, and the Stanley Cup (not a person but famous nonetheless). My son sat in it and had a photo taken...
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Most beautiful (not all around best) airplane. 3/1/15 - (304 replies)
What do you think is the most beautiful airplane ever built? I'm not talking about which one impresses you with it's engineering, but the one that impresses you most as a work of art. For example, I greatly admire the engineering of most of Burt Rutan's designs, but the curves he uses generally have...
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BATFE To Ban Common AR-15 Ammo 2/14/15 - (280 replies)
Time to buy some SS109 and M855
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Products you cant get anymore and wish you could. 2/22/15 - (272 replies)
Oh Lord, please bring these back... and
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For those of you working in this snow mess... 3/5/15 - (No replies)
..be careful, guys. It's finally looking like it's slowing down here, but it's still put around a foot of that cold white crud down on the ground.
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Colin's new video on the SCAR 17 3/5/15 - (No replies)
Pretty cool video, good analysis. Same reasons I bought mine
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3D printing in medicine. 3/5/15 - (No replies)
There's an industry magazine some people get called Medical Product Manufacturing News that has a lot of interesting articles in it, looking at medicine from the manufacturers point of view, and here's one about 3D printing. Notice all the links on the page to other articles they've published recently...
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Looking for inexpensive low magnification sight 3/5/15 - (1 reply)
Looking for a 2x or 3x sight in the $200-$400 range. Right now I'm looking at the Primary Arms 2.5x Compact Scope. Has great reviews for a $220 sight, and I like the reticle. The Burris AR-332 seems to have decent reviews, though I have seen a lot of complaints of canted reticles, and it's over $100...
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Ironic New Set Of Stamps 3/5/15 - (No replies)
[CENTER]horses. [/CENTER] [CENTER]racing industry. [/CENTER] [CENTER]postage stamp. [/CENTER]
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test 11/1/14
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Late Spring Drive 7/6/14
Photo taken a few weeks ago during a passing thunderstorm. ~Spero
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Review: IMI Razor Core 77-grain OTM 5.56x45mm Ammo 6/27/14
I’m a relative newcomer to the 5.56x45mm round. The first gun I had chambered in 5.56 that was truly my own and not a “shared custody” piece between my father and I was my Tavor SAR. However, my inexperience with the round evaporated during extensive accuracy testing with the Israeli bullpup....
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Michigan Governor Signs Law to Protect Gun Owners’ Privacy 6/27/14
On Tuesday Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation that exempted firearms records from being released under the Freedom of Information Act, a move that cemented a 1999 decision by the Michigan Supreme Court that found the disclosure of these records to be an invasion of personal privacy. “We...
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Quick Review: Radetec AmmoControl LED Round Count Advisor 6/11/14
I don’t have ice water in my veins. I have friends who do and I’ve always envied the quality, but under pressure, I often operate in panic mode. I simply don’t have the ability to hold the broad awareness under stress situations that’s often required in 3-gun competitions and tactical pistol...
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