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Feedback for user theis 5 stars
Reviewer Date Experience Comments
xrmattaz 3-3-2011 Positive Been carrying a sidearm for many years now, normally IWB with either a VM2 or MTAC/Supertuck style holster.
Tommy's holsters work just as well for me, and they are less expensive to boot. I now have EIGHT Tommy holsters, use 'em for every firearm I carry! A great product for an outstanding price! Buy one, or eight!
Guntechie 3-3-2011 Positive Great Holster(s) and Great Turnaround Time.
jeepthing 3-3-2011 Positive I've got 3 Tommy's Holsters and will be ordering a 4th soon. His customer service, communication, and shipping are unbeatable by anyone, period!! For me that's huge. Oh, and did I mention, his product is awesome . . . and cheaper than anybody else in the business. His turn around time for me has only been a few days. It's the most comfortable holster I've ever owned and makes my guns dissappear. What more can you ask for? Deal with confidence, Tommy is good people!!
GLOCK4536 3-3-2011 Positive I have had three of theis' holsters and have to say they are some of the best i've used! carries great, draws fast and conceals very very very well! I will always have one for the carry gun i'm using!!!! And the most important part is the customer service....second to none! He will help you with any questions and get you the holster that you will need and have it to you before you even know it! ORDER ONE!! You will love it!
withoutink 3-4-2011 Positive Tommy makes amazing holsters. His Customer Service is outstanding. I bought an IWB for my Glock 26 Gen 4. I received it exactly one week later. The fit and finish is great, and its very very comfortable. Two thumbs up from me! Next time I need another IWB tuckable, I will be ordering a Tommy Theis holster. Thanks!
DragonTattoo 3-4-2011 Positive Quick and easy purchase! And the product is great! Awesome holster!
Spats McGee 3-5-2011 Positive I bought a horsehide & Kydex holster from theis in November 2010. I had the holster in less than 5 days from order to ownership, the workmanship is top-notch, and he's a great guy to deal with.
GRJfer 3-6-2011 Positive I have two of Tommys holsters and have been very happy with them. They are very comfortable, and super fast shipping.
REFLECTOR 3-7-2011 Positive Have 2 of Tommy's holsters, they are simple, well made, and extremely comfy. I'll be ordering a third soon. Great customer service, great holsters, great price... not much left to say. Thanks
low octane 3-8-2011 Positive Everything was great from the beginning to now as I'm wearing a Theis Holster as I type! Class A all the way!
medicdude 3-8-2011 Positive I just got my holster in the mail today in less than a week total. I cant wait to use it. Tommy is a great craftsman and businessman. Thanks Tommy!!
Doc8404 3-10-2011 Positive I was looking at MTAC vs Crossbreed SuperTuck and came across this thread
After reading all the reviews, I said “why not….military discount and all” (Hope that’s not a secret Tommy…and I won’t tell anyone that you gave me a super-fast turn around so I could wear it before heading back over).
Very pleasant transaction from start to finish. Great communication throughout the process including after the sale. Wore the horsehide-made holster to work w/o my Glock 19 and then came home and holstered her. Very comfortable and I can’t believe there is such minute printing. I tried a dress shirt and tucked it and you couldn’t even really see the tabs/slides/hooks and printing? Really the slightest print compared to even my Blade-tech which was expensive and allegedly one of the better IWB holsters out there. Retention was a bit tight, but after 2-3 days of wearing, it is just right.
I have two other holsters, Blade-Tech Ultimate Concealment IWB and a Serpa CQC Paddle holster. I wear a t-shirt 365 days/year, and am loving the Theis holster. Still will most likely wear the Serpa during the summer when wearing an untucked shirt, no reason to wear the IWB no matter how comfortable.
See my pics (you don’t need a facebook account, it’s the public link)
funwith45 3-16-2011 Positive I ordered a horsehide holster and received it a few days ago. I have to give a positive feedback to the customer service and the quality of the holster. It is very comfortable and great craftsmanship. He is very quick in answering your questions and is more than willing to go that extra step to help you. When I get my other 1911.... I will be ordering from him again.
sr1903 3-28-2011 Positive Can't say enough good things about the holsters Theis produces, communication was instant, turn around time was unheard of, ordered on Friday evening and order left his shop on Monday, even more impressive I added a magazine holder to the order on Sunday around lunchtime and it shipped with the holster. Been using the holster for a week now and it is without a doubt the most comfortable holster I've got, firearm just disappears and comfortable, you don't even realize its there. Great design and topnotch work. Will definately recommend.
Praetorian27 3-31-2011 Positive Great product, and super fast shipping!!!!
spamn 3-31-2011 Positive I ordered my holster from Tommy and had it on my hip in only a few days. Great quality, great fit, great everything. I could not be more impressed. Even recieved a personal phone call from him when when I asked about adjusting tension. Glad to support a small businessman in the heart of America that provides a quality product. Horsehide IWB for my M&P40c. I'm an extremely small and boney guy so I'm glad I finally found a holster that is comfortable on me and still conceals very well.
wfochris 4-1-2011 Positive Great product and UNREAL customer service!
mbfjr 4-7-2011 Positive Holster shipped quickly, great communication, excellent workmanship... very happy with my new theis holster!!!
sassywassy 4-7-2011 Positive Tommy was WONDERFUL to work with. VERY fast shipment and I'm so pleased w/ the holster for my Ruger LC9. it was so comfortable! I'll definetly contact Tommy again for more holsters in the future.
mojo230 4-8-2011 Positive Amazing service. After emailing with me about the holster on Sunday I order it on Monday and it shipped out that day. The holster is outstanding. It is just as good if not better than the CBST I ordered for my Glocks. (took about 30 days to get it and $30.00 more). My XDmc is very happy with its new home. I highly recommend this holster.
BobKat 4-10-2011 Positive I received my horsehide holster three days after I ordered it. It is very comfortable and was purchased at a very reasonable price. I have only positive feedback for Tommy and his customer service as well as the product. Thank you again, Tommy!
uncletodd 4-10-2011 Positive I am very happy with the holster I received from Tommy. It shipped very fast and any emails I sent him were answered within an hour. This holster is very comfortable and very well made. You won't find a better IWB holster IMO.
Birdman23 4-10-2011 Positive Excellent holster. I will definitely be back for more
EAA10 4-11-2011 Positive Thanks Tommy, I love the holster for my 26. Very quick turn around and outstanding customer service. As a fellow business owner, THIS is how you do business. Nice to see that great customer service is not a thing of the past. I also like the cut better then my ST.

Thanks again!!
alanstout01 4-11-2011 Positive Ordered my pf9 holster a couple weeks ago an love it. Just ordered my second one for a judge. Very good, very fast
tiro6 4-12-2011 Positive Excellent service! 3 days and its already being shipped out? OUTSTANDING! This guy is very informative about his product and tries to make you as comfortable as possible. Did i mention hes really nice to deal with?? Can't get much better than that.
Stimo 4-14-2011 Positive Well i wasn't lying, just ordered and received my IWB holster for my FNP-40 and it's absolutely perfect! Great work, great communication, honestly i couldnt ask for more, there is no room for improvement here! If you're looking for a holster and can't decide, buy a Theis Holster, TRUST ME you will not be disappointed! Was wearing jeans and a tank top with a dual mag holster and my .40 holster both IWB, and even with a white tank top undershirt on there was NO PRINT unless i bent over! So any t-shirt that isnt tight will easily do the job of completely concealing your firearm! 2 thumbs up!
Slug71 4-14-2011 Positive All I can say is, EXCELLENT, holsters. I ordered a horsehide holster for my G19 and am more than happy with it. I have been wearing it everyday for two weeks now and its extremely comfortable.
Tommy's CS is first class and turnaround time couldnt be quicker. Will happily order again in the future.
Hokiegrass 4-23-2011 Positive Tommy was great to work with. Answered all questions, got back to me very quickly, shipped promptly, and provided a great product for a great price. I bought two holsters, one for a 30sf and one for an xd9sc, and am very happy with both. I will certainly purchase more holsters from him in the future as I add more carry pistols.
mp95b 4-24-2011 Positive Tommy is a class act all the way! I love the comfort level of this holster. I have a new holster maker. My wife is gonna hate you.
rattlehead55 5-20-2011 Positive Very fast service! Excellent hand crafted holsters. Any future holsters will be with you.
utahusker 5-21-2011 Positive Fast great service. The most comfortable holster I own! Better for me than the Milt Sparks VM2. Thanks Tommy
Tswink24 5-23-2011 Positive One word...AWESOME! Tommy's holsters are fantastic. I can hardly tell I even have it on. I've ordered two from Tommy so far. One for my Glock 19 and one for my XDm and each one took about 4 days to reach my door. Everything was perfect. I had a couple questions before I placed my order and after I placed it. He answered every question I had. Customer service was top notch!
Medford4 5-24-2011 Positive I bought this holster for my son who has an XD45 compact. I broke it in when it first arrived with a trip to Wichita. I have a full-size XD45 service pistol. I have kind of a "Budweiser tumor", but with the holster adjusted forward all the way, it concealed the big handle of that XD just fine and was very comfortable. I had to check it off and on to make sure I hadn't lost my pistol. Very happy with the quick service Tommy provided. You're just wasting the extra money on a crossbreed.
slick813 5-28-2011 Positive Tommy is the man, very quick responses to questions,excellent quality and very timely shipping, all that for 50 bucks, the best deal on holsters out there.
gman1_2 6-1-2011 Positive Thanks to Mr. Theis for a wonderful product. I was looking at the name brand holster out there and ran across the thread on Mr. Theis's holsters and gave one a try. I am very pleased with the service and the product I received. I ordered mine for my G23 and now ordering one for my nephews Colt 1911. Mr. Theis says the holster will squeak until broken in. I found mine to squeak were the metal clip contacts the leather or horsehide. I used a small piece of felt (the ones used to go on cabinet doors with the sticky on the back) on the metal clip it will stop the squeak (at least it did on mine). I would like to thank Mr. Theis again for a great product.
oldsoldier 6-4-2011 Positive The holster was received in 8 days and exactly as ordered. The construction is excellent.
I will purchase again.
Otis1 6-10-2011 Positive +1 for Tommy Theis. I first got wind of his product, quality and customer service on June 3, 2011 and promptly sent him an email if he could make a holster for my odd duck, Taurus PT22. Have been looking for a hybrid leather/kydex IWB holster (ala SuperTuck) since day one owning this handgun. He got right back to me and let me know that a friend of his has a PT22 that he could use to form the kydex and could make the holster right away. I placed my order and, viola, the holster arrived today, June 10! I ordered mine in horsehide as I will carry this gun on hotter, more humid days only, normally carry a G19 or J frame. I own a Supertuck for my G19 and have been happy with it. The one complaint I have with the Supertuck is the emblem on the metal clips. I feel this is a dead giveaway that I am carrying. Tommy uses a plain metal clip, no emblems to give it away. The retention of the gun in the holster is just the way I like it. It is in there quite securely, takes a little effort to come out, the typical kydex click on draw. With this level of retention, I don't worry about the gun falling out, should I get into an odd position, which I have been known to do quite often, or while running. The holster is quite comfortable. I will wear it everyday for the next couple weeks to see how it breaks-in, but I anticipate nothing but a better feel/fit with wear!

I can't recommend Tommy highly enough. Talk about a fast custom holster! A mold for my handgun was not available, but he got me a holster in my hands in one week from order placement! His communication has been fantastic. If he had a question, he got with me right away. When I placed my order, I forgot to mention that I wanted the belt slots cut into the leather for OWB wear. Shot him an email and he got back with me promptly that he received my message and the slots would be put in.

I am very grateful I found Tommy, only wish I would have found him sooner. Should you be in the market for a Crossbreed Supertuck for a Glock 19, drop me a private message, I be glad to sell you mine so I can replace it with a holster by Mr. Tommy Theis!
tnt1106 6-14-2011 Positive Great holster. The fit is comfortable yet secure. Quality is top notch! Shipped very quickly! Thank you Tommy!
Loose_Change 6-16-2011 Positive I ordered my holster on a Thursday, it arrived on Wednesday. What's more, I live across the country from Tommy.
Theis holsters rival bigger names, costs way less, and arrive on your door step in a fraction of the time. How can you beat that?
packingbarber 6-17-2011 Positive Got my Theis Holster on Saturday. Started wearing it Monday and forgot I was wearing it. It is smaller than the holster I was wearing. It took a few minutes longer to get dressed because of the different cut, but it conceals much better.
RottnJP 6-19-2011 Positive Ordered a horsehide holster with kydex J-hooks. It was shipped out 3 days later, and arrived as promised. The metal is nice and flush, which was one concern I had with a holster lacking the backing layer over the metal (This is like the Crossbreed in that regard, or CTAC Spartan, as opposed to the MTAC.)

Retention is snug, and the top-cut is perfect- It covers the frame of the pistol without interfering with the grip at all when drawing.

Thanks Tommy!
hemispheredancer 6-22-2011 Positive I have been wanting an IWB holster for my Glock 26 from the moment I made the decision to purchase that particular firearm. I had looked at an abundance of different manufacturers and models, as well as read reviews on the particular styles that attracted me. After many hours spent searching the internet I came to the conclusion that I wanted a kydex/leather hybrid style, or an all-kydex. Plenty to choose from, sure, but I was looking for a quality product since this would be my first foray into IWB. After more time spent pondering and see-sawing I decided it would be the Crossbreed or the Raven Phantom. I was still doubtful, however, due to the cost of each unit and the wait time to receive seemed excessive.

One night while perusing the Classified section here on GT I came across Tommy's advertisement for his own kydex/leather design. I liked the look so I investigated further. Rave reviews about Tommy's customer service, and the quality of his products had my interest piqued. I contacted Tommy and asked him if there was any additional cost of one type of belt clip over another. I received a reply within the hour with not only an answer to my question but also a detailed explanation of the clips and which type was preferred. Another question as to what belt width the metal clips were set for was answered also answered promptly. I made my decision and ordered a horsehide with metal clips on 15 June. Shortly after placing my order I received an e-mail from Tommy thanking me for my purchase. On 16 June I received another e-mail from Tommy advising me my holster would ship on 17 June, and giving instructions on care and an assurance that if I was dissatisfied with the product to contact him immediately and he would make it right.

Monday morning, 20 June my holster was delivered. I tried the holster on and can say nothing but good about it. Wonderful product, excellent fit. Retention of my 26 could not possibly be more to my liking.

Everything I have read about Tommy is completely true. Refreshingly wonderful customer service, a product that I am utterly pleased with, and a price and delivery time that leaves other manufacturers behind. I strongly recommend that anyone looking for an IWB holster give Tommy's rigs a try. I am exceedingly pleased with my holster, and I believe anyone who orders a Theis holster will feel the same.
FuturePharmD 6-30-2011 Positive Amazing holster, outstanding customer service, bargain of a price. Have recommended this holster to everyone.
majorwoo 7-1-2011 Positive Received my holster in 8 days - great turn around. Tommy has been very informative throughout the process and offering advice on breaking it in and adjusting it. Excellent experience!
RG251 7-9-2011 Positive Purchased a holster for my XDM Compact from Tommy. He built it very quickly and got it shipped out as soon as possible. Received it in the mail yesterday and it seems to be of excellent quality. I've been wearing it all day and it is very comfortable to wear. I would highly recommend for Tommy to make you a holster. His communication is impeccable. I plan to buy another holster for my Ruger soon and any future gun I purchase.
Tabasco1 7-11-2011 Positive Glock 19. Wow I finally found a Holster that works. This is the best IWB that I have used. It holds the gun very close to my body and keeps the handle from sticking out and printing. What great customer service. Its like doing business with a good friend. Just got my new holster today. Ive been wearing it and it is very comfortable. sitting, walking and driving.
Im so glad I went with Tommy's Holster. After all the research Its nice to have picked a winner!
You got all my future Business. Thank you Tommy! Keep up the good work.
viva la Reagan 7-17-2011 Positive Fantastic in every way! Great product and responsiveness. I will purchase again and I definitely recommend this seller.
usncorpsman 7-17-2011 Positive I just purchased my 3rd holster from Tommy for my Ruger LC9. It is as beautiful and functional as the other 2 for my LCP and Sig 238. Tommy is an awesome holstermaker and has the best customer service in the business.
JBUS 7-19-2011 Positive Purchased the cowhide for my newly purchased G36.

All I can say is I love these holsters!!

I ordered mine over the 4th of July weekend. Holster came very fast. Sure it squeeks a bit but was already advised of how to take care of that via email from The Man himself.

I'm selling off my Crossbreed Micro clip for my LCP to buy another Theis!!!!
DRJ1911 7-22-2011 Positive Tommy makes a great holster and is a genuinely nice guy.Great holster and great guy what's not to love.
supatrucka 7-28-2011 Positive Tom, thank you for a great product and your good service. I will be ordering again for my 19/26. Thank you again Tom and your Grandson
DaveFJ80 8-6-2011 Positive Excellent product! Amazed by the quality of work.
Leathernecker 8-7-2011 Positive Tommy immediately communicated with me after placing my order, asked some questions, and worked closely with me to make sure that I got exactly what I needed/wanted. I really appreciate being able to talk to the man making the holster. I love mine.
hamster 8-11-2011 Positive My PM9 Holster was great. I'm eagerly awaiting the postman to bring me my G23 holster.
Shark1007 8-18-2011 Positive Tommy has proven over and over that he has about the best customer service I've ever heard of. I bought three holsters from him so far and I personally found his communication, responsiveness and attention to detail to make the transaction perfect to be astounding!

Try to get this kind of personal touch from the big companies and see what happens....
JeffS 8-19-2011 Positive Ordered my holster last Wed or Thurs and received it today (Thursday). Excellent service and quality holster. I have a CBSTD and just from wearing Tommy's holster one day, it feels more comfortable than the CB. Hard to explain why or what about it is more comfy, I just seem to notice it less when on. Not that CB is a bad product, but in 1/6 waiting time, less money, and no crosses in the clips or logos on the horsehide, it is a no brainer. Thank you for a great product (and your grandson too).
PCooke 8-20-2011 Positive I ordered a holster for my lc9 from Tommy. Tommy treated me like I was his most important customer. I love the holster, and for the price and customer service, Tommy can't be outdone. I loved his holster so much, I ordered two more and had the same great customer experience. I recommend Tommy to anyone who is new to concealed carry and anyone who has a hard time getting comfortable with a IWB holster.
blade021x 8-24-2011 Positive I'm a new permit holder. After much online comparison of concealed carry holsters, I chose the IWB holster from Tommy Theis. It was the best price out of the lot, but you wouldn't guess that from looking at it. As others have said, it's simple and elegant. I've worn it half a day at a time for several days now, and it's very comfortable. Adjusting the height and cant is a snap. The retention level is great just the way it came. Tommy, thanks for a great holster.
corbon1 8-24-2011 Positive I received my Theis Holster today, Wow what fast service. Tommy started making my holster the week of Aug 15th today is Aug 22nd, 2011 and I already have it in my hands. The holster was everything that Tommy said it would be, I told Tommy every holster that I had ever ordered off the internet, DID NOT cover the trigger guard on my Ruger LCR properly, he assured me that he would make it happen and he delivered ! I was not disappointed. I am a very SATISFIED customer. This man is a pleasure to speak with and very caring about your holster needs. I will be doing more business in the future with this honest Man.

Paul Spurlin
Byron S. 8-28-2011 Positive I ordered a horsehide holster on the 19th of August and received it on the 24th of August man that is FAST.
I have to give a positive feedback to Tommy for customer service and the quality of the holster.
It is very comfortable!
I have a Ruger LC9 the fit is great and the craftsmanship is Top's
I dont think crossbreed is any better.
When I need a new holster it will be from Tommy Theis.....
vista461 9-2-2011 Positive Great customer service, very comfortable holster. Less than a week from order to delivery for my holster for an S&W 4003 , not exactly the most common carry gun. Whatever other carry guns I get will definitely have a holster from Tommy as well.
cljimage 9-7-2011 Positive Welcome back to the 1950's. I have a for two weeks now worn a Tommy Theis holster for my S & W Bodyguard 380 and finally I have found a fantastic holster that does everything Tommy advertises. Even better is Tommy's Service. Just like it used to be many years ago just a real pleasure. I'll be back looking for another one as soon as I can. What a gentleman! Thanks Tommy.
extremetrek 9-9-2011 Positive Tommy could be selling these things for double the price and I'd still buy another one. Hands down the best holster I've had. Not only that, but the quickest and most personable service I've had as well. Honestly, if you're looking for a deeply concealable holster that will hold your firearm like it was meant for it and is comfortable enough to wear all day, look no further! Tommy's are simply the best! Thanks Tommy!
zimmthumps 9-11-2011 Positive Great holster, great price and super fast compared to waiting a couple months for his more expensive competition.
libertyenthusiast 9-12-2011 Positive Tommy's work is excellent and his turnaround time is unrivaled. He took 2 days to make a LC9 holster and less than a week for my new Kimber Ultra. Quality equals Crossbreed, but costs less. Highly recommended.
Two Guns 9-15-2011 Positive Another great holster from Tommy.Thanks a bunch
MphsTiger1981 9-24-2011 Positive Recently ordered a new holster from Tommy for my G26. It arrived within 5 working days and it is great. I previously owned a CBST and I would say Tommy's holster is just as good as the CB. I highly recommend this gentleman's holsters.
8259chrism 10-7-2011 Positive I ordered a holster for my LC9 and love it. Tommy makes high-quality holsters, no disappointments.
xd4ever 10-8-2011 Positive I orded two horsehide holsters, one for my LCP and one for my LC9 and have been using them for a little over a month. I am very happy with both. It didn't take more than a few days to break them in enough to be totally comfortable. The LC9 holster sqeaked more than the LCP but baby powder and breakin solved that. I can carry all day and forget that I am carrying. The holsters are that comfortable. Tommy took just under a week to make them and ship. Great product and great turnaround. I highly recommend theis holsters and will be ordering mag carriers next.
dooga 10-12-2011 Positive I have two: one horsehide IWB for my G23 and one that's being shipped right now, in horsehide, for my G26 Gen 4.
lnk 10-20-2011 Positive Bought second holster from Tommy, first made my 1911 disappear. Thought I'd try one for my 4" GP100. Sent Tommy an email asking if he could, and he informed me mold was on the way. Ordered a week later and had it within a week. I didn't think you could hide a full size revolver like this. Wore it for 2 weeks before writing this review. Excellent. I am a field service tech and drive around a lot. I carry this at 3:30-4:00 and no one knows it's there. Nice work Tommy.
bleumanchu 10-29-2011 Positive When looking to purchase my first concealed carry holster, I did quite a bit of looking around. I knew I wanted a leather/kydex hybrid. The usual suspects came up, and they were fine, but I kept hearing about some guy named "Tommy" whose customer service was unparalleled. Sure enough, Tommy was responsive and friendly, and the holster is extremely well-crafted.

When I emailed Tommy to thank him, this is what he said:
"...customer service is really what I sell! There are a lot of folks making this type holster so I just treat people like I want to be treated and it has really taken off."
Bottom line: Don't hesitate to buy from Tommy. You won't be disappointed.
firecapt403 10-30-2011 Positive Excellent holster, great price. This is the first IWB holster I have truly liked.
ChadN. 10-31-2011 Positive Thanks Tommy, this holster is amazing. You sure you didn't fly out all the way to Chicago, took my piece, custom fit the holster to it, and fly back and drop it off? Great and fast service!
eclark53520 11-14-2011 Positive Extremely fast turn around time, fantastic communication, and fabulous product.

Words really cannot express how great the transaction with Mr. Theis was.

I will absolutely be buying more holsters from Tom. At least one for every firearm I have and possibly a back up for a few.
stanley 11-16-2011 Positive I could not be more pleased with my Theis Holster, great product that is very comfortable, has good retention, and very well made. Tommy went out of his way to make a holster to my specs and sent it to me so quickly I couldnt believe it, and it is Deer season too!, Anyone looking for an Horsehide Hybrid holster should contact Tommy Theis.
GeeThirty 11-18-2011 Positive Just received one of Tommy's horsehide holsters for my SP101 and, just like everyone else here, I have nothing but good things to say about the quality, comfort, and shipping time. So thank you, Mr. Theis - I look forward to doing business with you again.
hfdg26 11-26-2011 Positive I received my holster a couple of days ago. I wanted to actually wear it for an extended amout of time before I commented on it. It is simply amazing. I am using it to holster a Dan Wesson CBOB and it is comfertable and holds the weapon snug to the body, tuckable and apears to be durable. I would not hesitate to order another one when I need one.
Tony44 12-10-2011 Positive Received my holster (for HK USPc .40) today and I'm very happy with it. Lite, thin, and well constructed. Ordered it 12/2 and received it 12/9. Exactly 1 week turnaround time, which is great considering the US Mail nowadays.

Retention didn't seem as strong as I thought it would be when I first tried it but I turned the holster over and shook lightly and the pistol stayed right in place. I guess retention is right where it needs to be.

Anyways, I'm very happy with it and can't wait to saddle up with it. Buy with confidence from Theis Holsters!

sm31 12-12-2011 Positive We ordered 2 horsehide holsters for a Ruger SR9C and a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380. Turnaround was about a week, and the holsters are very well made. The horse hide was a great choice too!
sm31 12-18-2011 Positive Awesome! Ordered 2 horsehide (great choice) IWB's, and received within 10 days! Thank you Mr. Theis
jims50pu 12-20-2011 Positive What a wonderful experience......placed order online Sun. Dec. 11th. Received e-mail from Tommy within 1 hour "thanking me" for order. Received e-mail Friday Dec. 16 saying my holster was shipping next morning.................It's now Monday Dec. 19th and I am WEARING MY THEIS HOLSTER ! Great serivce, great price, great product, great communication!!!!! This is the way ALL company's should conduct their business.........Great Job Tommy !!
dnegrich 12-20-2011 Positive I ordered a IWB holster for my new Ruger LC9 W/ Factory Lasermax Laser. It came quick and It is all I hoped it would be. Excellent Customer service and Excellent Craftsmanship. THANKS Tommy Theis!
Slakev 12-29-2011 Positive I ordered my holster for my Taurus 24/7 G2 and Tommy made it and had it in the mail to me in 4 days. It arrived in excellent condition and is extremely comfortable to wear. I have worn it for about 2 weeks and it is almost completely broken in. Before purchase I e-mailed Tommy to ask a few questions and he propmtly responded to me that night with answers to my questions. You do not find customer service like this very often. I am very happy with my purchase and will purchase more of Tommy's holsters as I aquire more concealed carry firearms.
DHass 1-1-2012 Positive I received my IWB holster today Dec.31, 2011. I received an email from Tommy the other day saying he was sorry to say that he was running behind schedule on his orders on account of the Christmas rush. He said it would probably take him an extra week to get caught up. I responded to his email and said I understood his situation. I later found out that he and his wife have a full time business they both work really hard at and that he makes these really awsome holsters in his spare time!! Well, I'll have everyone know, I got this holster in 10 business days from the time I placed the order until it arrived in my mailbox. My sincere thanks go out to Tommy for a really awsome job well done. Thanks
Alcaideariel12 1-7-2012 Positive Not only is he a great guy, his holster's quality and craftsmanship is top of the line. Certainly succeeded my expectation
lyodbraun 1-12-2012 Positive Outstanding Holsters, got mine for my S&W BodyGuard.38 special and it fits like a glove, Im very happy with my new holster, had very quick turnaround time,and great prices, thanks again for the quality crafstmanship on it...thanks again ...
Jdee 2-1-2012 Positive Thanks For such fast service a great Product!
dave1001 2-2-2012 Positive EXCELLENT customer service, on time, CUSTOMER FOR LIFE
FLglockdude 2-11-2012 Positive Great quality holster at a very affordable price. Thank you for the great holsters and service!
Ss250 2-21-2012 Positive Excellent communication. Exactly what I expected. Great retention and great comfort! Very happy with my holster. Quick turn a round time as well!
cyborg_2099 2-28-2012 Positive Excellent holster. excellent craftmenship. excellent service.
Will definetly be buying more holsters form Theis.
shootinMedic 3-7-2012 Positive Excellent quick service and product from Mr. Theis. Great communication from the get go until the package mailed out from manufacture. Wore it the first day I got it, feels great and won't take much to break it in. Will be ordering more.
nimap 3-8-2012 Positive got the third holster for my Nano for Mr.Theis and it is a beauty Smile Glad you're bussssy!
Drifter8002 3-10-2012 Positive Couldn't ask for a better purchase experience. The Kimber Solo holster fits great and I found it also worked perfectly for my Colt 380. Thanks, you're a pleasure to do business with.
mefromhere 3-11-2012 Positive Got my holster today for my Kahr CM9 from Tommy Theis. Sweeeet. Very comfortable. Light weight but sturdy. In today's world, it stands out when you find good customer service. Tommy certainly fits the bill.
Foggy 3-13-2012 Positive I am pleased! Would certainly do business with Tommy again.

kyswitchback 3-20-2012 Positive Great product!! Excellent quality and communication and less expensive than the competitors. Highly recommended.
Dolomite 3-31-2012 Positive One of the few to offer a holster for the Beretta Nano. Great job! Positive comment #101 for this guy.
Jeff Acres 3-31-2012 Positive Great Holster Fits My Sig p250 Sc Perfectly.
Tommy Is Great To Deal With. Will Order All My Holster From him.
ScoutDW 4-3-2012 Positive Just go my holster today for my G36. I couldn't be happier. Reteition is great. Comfort is better than expeted. This is my first IWB holster and I am thrilled. Can't wait to take it out on its inagural run. Thanks Mr. Theis.
dhwfd46 4-15-2012 Positive I just received my horsehide holster with kydex clips, well ahead of the quoted time frame. As a long time user of the VM-2 holster, it doesn't look like much, but Tommy's holster is actually much more comfortable and more stable on the belt. I decided to give Tommy a try due to the excessive backlog at Milt Sparks. Needless to say, I'm glad I did. Tommy Theis is great to do business with and will be getting more orders from me. Thanks Tommy.
ashecht 4-16-2012 Positive Not only is Tommy's product first quality, but the speed in which he delivers is amazing. Email indicating holster shipped on Thursday, holster in mailbox on Saturday! Love the holster, first rate build and materials and it fits the FIRST time. I HIGHLY recommend Tommy and his holster!
texasbubba50 4-21-2012 Positive Tommy is the best. Excellent communication - quick shipment and a quality product. His holsters are now my primary holsters with all the others hitting the surplus box.
tr412 4-25-2012 Positive Excellent customer service. Fast shipping. Top quality. Fair price. I will be ordering my "Jake-belt" next.
pbrowe01 5-1-2012 Positive Got my holster today. Feels great! Retention is awesome. I love it! Thanks Tommy!
xdlover 5-8-2012 Positive Received my Gun Belt from Tommy on Saturday. Been wearing 3 days now and it fits like a dream. No sagging, no tugging, and I find myself checking several times a day to be sure I'm even wearing my holsters because they don't feel like they are even there. If you have one of Tommy's IWB holsters and wonder what's missing, get the belt. Good product, awesome customer service and all around best value for your $$. Get yourself a Theis!
chiefmark 5-11-2012 Positive This is my second Theis holster probably won't be my last. It was comfortable from the moment I put it on. It does have the holster squeak but it's getting better. I have one for a Ruger SR9c with a crimson trace sight and now one for my Walther PPS. Both are quality holsters. I'm still working on the proper adjustments for the Walter holster but am a satisfied customer. I don't shop around any more. If I need an IWB holster, I just order from Tommy and Jake.
Riceman 5-20-2012 Positive Super easy transaction, extremely comfortable holster. My only regret is that I didn't order it when I was buying the pistol, I could have saved money in the holster department.
Lorraine Kane 5-29-2012 Positive Nice product, very prompt shipment and instructions. Thank you
Cletus 6-6-2012 Positive I got my Theis holster today for my g23 and I must say it is amazingly comfortable. Cheaper than the CBST, received it in under two weeks, and spoke with Tommy himself on the phone to talk about a nickel allergy. A++ Highly recommend
82Veteran 6-12-2012 Positive On my search for a new holster I came across Theis Holsters'. I did extensive research and ended up between Cross Breed, Simply Rugged, and Theis. After looking through reviews, they all seemed very positive. I then looked at cost and turn around time. Theis was lower in cost and faster in turn around time. I expected my holster in about 3 weeks... Instead I received it only 10 days after my order was placed! I couldnt believe how fast the turn around was for such a high quality holster. My Theis Horsehide holster is VERY comfortable and hides my Walther PPQ extremely well. Mr. Theis, I am highly impressed, thank you for this great holster. I will return to you for one of your holsters in the future and will recommend you highly to all of my carry buddies.
waawaaweenie 6-19-2012 Positive I received this holster today and it is very nice. the fit is comfortable and the retention of the pistol is perfect so far, as I have just removed and reinserted it about 10 times.I have been wearing it for a couple of hours and it is hardly noticeable and I have never worn an IWB holster before. I will recommend Theis Holsters to all my CC friends. and he gets them to you fast, I ordered this just a little over 2 weeks ago. great job, thanks
Phi 6-26-2012 Positive First I have never been a big fan of IWB holsters. A friend recommended Thies Holders I have to say after wearing for a few weeks it has become one of my favorites. I have never found a IWB that worked but Theis was money well spent. Fast service to.
Mountain View AT
Mondwell 6-29-2012 Positive Really, really nice holster. Fits my Taurus model 617 revolver like a glove. Fast delivery of a great holster!
sdprice1 6-29-2012 Positive Absolutely awesome holsters. Great quality and amazingly comfortable. I will be a repeat customer for sure. I bought one for my LCP with a laserlyte side mount and my SR9C. Fast turn around as well for custom holsters and Belt. Thank you!
Razorback01 6-29-2012 Positive Ordered the horsehide iwb holster and belt and received both in less than 2 weeks. Very impressive quality! Everything about them are absolutely perfect. Holster seems easy to break in and form to my body making it exceptionally comfortable. The warranty speaks for itself...as does Mr. Theis because you actually do hear from him! I bought the holster and belt based on his reputation here as well as the fact that he's from Arkansas and absoluty couldn't be more pleased. I bought it for my G26, but it works perfectly for the G19 also.
storyfam 7-1-2012 Positive Being an over weight middle aged man, I was not sure about an IWB Holster, however after reading reviews I ordered one in cowhide for a glock 36. Despite me having a fat bulge hanging over my belt this holster is actually comfortable. I just returned from a 16 hour each direction vacation trip and this holster wore so well i actually forgot i was carrying a few times, A no point did i ever get poked or need to readjust my self due to the holster or weapon. I would Highly recommend this holster, even to heavier folks, as you don't need to be slim to comfortably wear this !!! I will be ordering additional holsters to match my other carry weapons!
jmoy 7-6-2012 Positive very nice holsters. Quick turn around! Very good product at a great price!
johnny michael 8-20-2012 Positive thank you Mr. Theis. Last month received a 1911 holster, yesterday received holster for glock 30. Excellent quality and fit.Your grandson probably cracks the whip, handles quality control. I wore the glock 30 yesterday, today 4 hour 14 mile hike in mountain, heavy terrain. Very very comfortable. I am extremely pleased. I will continue passing the word along. Got you 1 other order so far. Thanks again.
Ther 8-20-2012 Positive Awesome holster, fits, "like a glove" as they say!!
rilkil23 10-4-2012 Positive Thanks Tommy Theis, another fantastic transaction and the holster works perfectly for my Ruger SP101. I use two of your holsters as my go to rigs and will add more I'm sure. Thanks again.
Craig Edick
mcdader 10-16-2012 Positive Just took the time to register, so I can let everyone know what a great experience and product I had dealing with Tommy Theis. He was quick to answer any questions I had. Order was smooth and received holster in about 2 weeks. Fit and quality are great. Holster is very comfortable.
gman1602 10-21-2012 Positive GREAT product with excellent customer service and speed. Holster is made and designed perfectly and feels extremely comfortable.
huskeraider 11-6-2012 Positive I just received my IWB Holster for the Walther PPS. Outstanding craftsmanship as usual. I'm waiting on another Theis IWB holster for my XDS .45. I'm sure it will be as awesome as the other two i own.
pptk 11-14-2012 Positive Received the holster yesterday. Fits good, fills good to wear.
BRPM2212 12-7-2012 Positive Purchased two IWB horsehide holsters from Tommy. Out of the box the most comfortable IWB holsters I've ever owned. True quality holsters with quick turnaround time (<2 weeks) and great customer service. Without a doubt will buy additional holsters from Tommy. A++++++ service, price and quailty.
frebergite 12-10-2012 Positive Great holster & I appreciate the forthcoming info in all communication from Tommy. Shipment was faster than promised. Quality is superb. Thanks Tommy!
streakpi 12-27-2012 Positive I have purchased 5 holsters from Tommy. Great price, great construction, great after-buy support. I will continue to recommend to my friends and family.
Henry's Dad 1-16-2013 Positive HK P30 holster arrived well within the timeframe promised and I am very happy with it. Top-notch work. Thanks Tommy!
yamamatt65 2-16-2013 Positive Amazing service, fast turnaround time, excellent product. Better than my crossbreed supertuck. This is the holster I wear everyday.
jonmango42 2-20-2013 Positive I got the jake belt. It's thick; leather and horsehide, and extremely well made! I'm a very satisfied guy.
big ar 3-17-2013 Positive just received my theis horse hide holster yesterday really like it after only one day very comfortable doesnt even feel like your wearing anything the selling point for me was customer serivce i emailed tommy gave wrong email adress with in a half hour of sending the email he actually took time to call me back and ansewer my questions very impressive thanks tommy ill be in touch soon im sure
2-Stroke Freak 3-22-2013 Positive A+++
Excellent Product and great service from Tommy Theis.

If you are on the fence go Kydex with about te HD Kydex clips Vs. Steel clips, go Kydex with confidence! I'm changing my other two Theis holsters to Kydex clips.
Ksmui 4-2-2013 Positive Message sent to Tommy today:

Hey Tommy,

Got my holster today....all I can say is awesome. Best holster ever. I will definitely get a belt in the near future as well as an OWB for my Glock and probably an IWB for my J frame S&W. Thanks so much I figure the best compliment I can pay you is to refer others. So, thanks for the cards. I'm a retired cop, so I'll be sure to tell a bunch of people.

Thanks again,

I'll post now on your site.


KenB47 4-15-2013 Positive v
Very nice, comfortable holster. Ordered on 3/29 and wearing it on 4/13.
cola490 4-23-2013 Positive Ordered on April 8, received my holster on April 22. Great service and the holster fits great.
Piercem1 5-1-2013 Positive I had originally purchased one of his holsters for my Beretta nano, then put a ct laserguard on it and had to get a new holster. The man makes great holsters. I really appreciate the quality construction and life time guarantee. Those two facts alone are worth repeat business, but add in those little extras like he personally tests each of his holsters, pays the shipping out of his own pocket, and is still cheaper than the competition, and you end up with a guy that I recommend to all my friends, family, and anyone else out there who wants to listen! Next on my shopping list is one of his gun belts.
PS, get the horse hide, it’s just a little thinner and much much more comfortable on the body. I jog with mine!
the creech 5-7-2013 Positive can't go wrong getting the theis holster! i carry glock 30sf with no printing, and i walk 6 to 10 mile a day, can't tell your wearing it, it took about 3 days to have the horsehide broke in.wearing it with a : )
llarsen024 6-1-2013 Positive A++ Awesome holster and great turn-around time. I have been looking for a quality holster for my Ruger SP101 3" and couldnt find one that i really liked. I checked out Theis holsters and emailed Tommy which he responded very quickly stating that he uses the same gun for making his holsters. So i ordered one the next day and couldn't be happier! Highly recommend Theis holsters, quality product and great customer service!
stra8shooter 6-4-2013 Positive Tommy's service is unbeatable.
My holster looks great and works great. Ask for a little modification and it showed up ready to go.
Tommy's holster are less expensive than others but, certainly not cheaply made.
I couldn't have ask for better service and will continue to do business with Theis Holsters.
ArtyGuy 7-14-2013 Positive I couldn't be happier with my Theis holster. Mr. Theis sent informative product details, his service was very quick and the craftsmanship is top notch. I will certainly purchase from him in the future and would not hesitate to recommend his product to anyone.
richardmims 8-8-2013 Positive Just received my first holster and it works great. Planning on ordering a second soon.
roose1310 8-28-2013 Positive Tommy is first class all the way! Fast shipping, well made holster, impeccable attention to detail. I will be recommending his products to all my friends and purchasing a few more my self!
lx2008 11-7-2013 Positive i just received another theis holster the other day. this is my 5th. the quality of this one is just as good as the 1st. best iwb i have ever used. i had another iwb from a famous advertiser on gun and ammo tv, & other sportsman channel tv shows. i got it for my carry 1911 and that iwb just did not cut it! did not form fit to me like my theis holsters and the clips were always loose on my waist band.

to anyone looking to buy an iwb, look no further than a Theis holster!!! thanks tommy!
Memphis10mm 1-4-2014 Negative I purchased a Thies IWB for my commander 1911 a couple of years ago. I really liked it at first but I noticed the kydex was so thin it lacked rigidity and that made re-holstering difficult because my belt would collapse it. Less than a year it had lost all retention and I tossed it. I thought maybe it was because he was a new manufacturer but one of my friends recently bought one and ordered another from him at a gun show in central Arkansas. He was really tickled at first. When he received the other in the mail the leather wasn't really cut very nicely at all. Very rough around the edges. We straightened it up quickly with a razor blade, not really a issue at all but I wouldn't have shipped it like that. Worst thing is it still had the same thin Kydex. I showed him my White Hat Holster and he kicked himself. It cost about 10 more dollars but is twice the holster. My next I will likely try a Alien Gear, hearing great things about them for 30 bucks
Sgt01 1-24-2014 Positive Ordered a Horsehide EZ Clip Holster for my PPK from Tommy. Great product! Minimal bulk, good retention and SUPER COMFORTABLE! Searched for 30 years for the perfect IWB holster, and I finally found it!
RetMil 3-26-2014 Positive Great communication. Fast Service. Quality product. Adjusted the ride height and could not be happier. Mr. Theis is the real deal.
hoghunter82 4-5-2014 Positive Just got the Theis holster for my Shield and have been wearing it to break it in. All I can say is WOW! Great product and great communication from Mr. Theis.
richardsdeadeye 4-25-2014 Positive Great quality, price, and turn around time! couldn't be more pleased! thanks Tommy Theis!

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