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CT WTS WTS Safariland 6304 for Sig 229. CT
posted by Jailer252

WTS Safariland 6304 ALS holster for a Sig 229 non rail.  Right hand.  SXT Tac finish.   
490 Excellent $70.00
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2-1-2012 01:32
CT WTS WTS Comp Tac 29/30
posted by Jailer252

Comp-Tac right hand paddle holster for glock 29/30 SF with Rail.  Sold gun and recently found the holster. 
460 Excellent $45.00 2-1-2012 01:30
MO WTS Comp-Tac M-Tac Glock slide RH
posted by rotax650 1 stars

Comp-Tac M-Tac holster RH. For Small frame Glock IE. 9/40/357 Slide. Well used but not abused. Price is $45.00 and that includes shipping to the Lower 48.
632 Excellent $45.00 1-31-2012 23:09
NY WTS F/S Vintage Lefty Jackass S&W Model 5946 / 6946 SH
posted by smiley

F/S Vintage Left Hand Jack ass leather shoulder holster with twin ammo pouche for Smith & Wesson 5946 / 6946 Automatics. A picture is below,  Asking $30 ...
491 Great $30.00 1-31-2012 21:21
CA WTS compact Glock 19/23/32 Blade-tech 5.11 Thumbdrive Holster
posted by voiceofreason

$80 ($10 shipped in CONUS) Blade-tech 5.11 Thumbdrive holster for compact GLOCK 19/23/32 -ALL accessories for this holster: belt slide, paddle, offset kit, drop leg ...
168 Excellent $80.00 1-31-2012 19:27
WA WTS Andrews Leather McDaniel II G19/23
posted by Clefx1

Andrews Leather McDaniel II, Black, 1.5". Good condition. Has been worn and used but looks like it still has years of life left. If your G19 has a Vickers slide release, it wi ...
857 Great $70.00 1-31-2012 17:55
PA WTS WTS 4 holsters, Kahr,1911, L frame
posted by josp

Hi,Clearing out the "box". 1. G&G, RH, L frame revolver holster, black leather with thumb snap. Used, showing wear, but in fairly good condition. $20 shipped2. Crossbreed ...
672 Good n/a 1-31-2012 16:46
CT WTS Comp-Tac Red Kydex Holster/Twin Mag pouches: Glock 34
posted by jamesbern

Up for sale is my Comp-tac Glock 34 setup. It consists of a right handed belt holster with 1.5" belt loops as well as two twin mag pouches. I've used this three times. It ran ...
1814 Excellent $150.00 1-31-2012 14:52
PA WTST Galco Concealable Holster Black for Colt Officers Kimber Springfield
posted by sinkemlow

Selling my holster for a 3" 1911, Colt Officers or similar. It is a Galco Concealable OWB holster in black. Used very little in excellent condition. $45 shipped CONU ...
111 Great $45.00 1-31-2012 14:39
PA WTS Bluegrass Ghost Hybrid Holster Horsehide Glock 19,23,32
posted by sinkemlow

I have for sale a Bluegrass Ghost Hybrid IWB holster. Rear panel is constructed of horsehide and the front is cowhide. Fits the Glock 19,23, or 32. 1 1/2" belt clips. Great sh ...
298 Great $60.00 1-31-2012 14:36
NY WTS F/S NOS Lefty LAPD Hoyt Quick Draw Holster
posted by smiley

F/S New Old Stock LAPD Left Hand Hoyt Thumb Break , High Ride , Quick Draw holster for Smith & Wesson K frame revolvers with 4 inch barrels.This Holster was a custom ord ...
697 Excellent $45.00 1-30-2012 23:38
MO WTS WTS Milt Sparks VMII for CZ P-01
posted by Wade-19

This is a New VMII in horse hide and shark. 1.5 inch loops. Right hand draw.Only out if the bag for these pics. Sold my P-01 while I was waiting for this. Price is $155.00 shi ...
280 Excellent $155.00 1-30-2012 23:20
NJ WTST WTS or WTT 2 Holsters for H&K P7 OWB Right Handed
posted by Stuntman22

2 Holsters for an H&K P7, 1st is a Brown Right Handed Galco Silhouette (SIL250) OWB in great condition. Looks new.$30.00. 2nd is a black THP Holster right handed Very Stur ...
113 Excellent $3,022.00 1-30-2012 22:48
SC WTS Kydex Glock 29/30/30sf and 36 holsters
posted by joerenew 1 stars

I have a large shipment of holsters in stock and ready to go all are 10 degree forward cant, black, and set up with 1.5" OWB belt loops and right hand ...
708 Excellent $45.00 1-30-2012 20:27
MI WTS XD9/40 High Noon holster
posted by ghettford

High Noon holster for the 4'' barrel xd models black right hand topless model owb used for a few months. These holsters take three months for delivery from the factory and sel ...
88 Great $50.00 1-30-2012 18:51
VA WTT Wtt: 2 glock 19 holsters
posted by akakirby
348 Excellent n/a 1-30-2012 02:53
PA WTS Blade Tech DOH outside the waistband Holster for Glock 19/23
posted by zephyr05

I have for sale a Blade Tech DOH W/ASR outside the waistband Holster for a Glock 19/23. Includes both the standard belt attachment and dropped and offest holster attachments ...
869 Excellent $50.00 1-30-2012 02:41
WI WTB WTB crossbreed holster for sig 229 (rail model)
posted by skorittnig

wtb crossbreed supertuck for sig 229 railed model.
97 Excellent n/a 1-29-2012 19:55
NY WTS F/S Vintage Righty S&W made Snubby SH
posted by smiley

  F/S Right Hand  Smith & Wesson Brand Vintage Vertical Hanging Shoulder Holster for Small frame snubnose revolver with 2 inch barrels such as S&W Chie ...
404 Great $35.00 1-28-2012 23:34
KY WTB WTB HK45c holsters - kydex preferred
posted by kymarkh 1 stars

Looking for Kydex HK45c holsters - let me know what you have.  Thanks
140 Excellent n/a 1-28-2012 18:22
VA WTB WTB: CCC Shaggy for G19 or PM9
posted by JLeephoto

I'm looking for a Shaggy to fit either a Glock 19 or a Kahr PM9. So, if you have one that's collecting dust, drop me an email. Thanks, JLee
155 Excellent n/a 1-28-2012 06:20
NH WTST Crossbreed Supertuck for H&K P7M8. For sale or trade.
posted by dano8801

Purchased this Supertuck back around 2008 and barely used it.  It's got next to no wear.  Since it's an older version, it has kydex clips, rather than metal.  A ...
769 Great $50.00 1-28-2012 01:04
NY WTS F/S Gould & Goodrich Police Security K-Frame Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Gould & Goodrich Police Security Holster for Smith & Wesson revolvers with 4 inch barrels. A picture is below, revolver and belt are not for sale.  ...
502 Great $30.00 1-28-2012 00:28
NC WTS Mitch Rosen OWB black leather holster and double magazine carrier
posted by nightshifter822

I have for sale a brand new leather concealment package by Mitch Rosen.  The set includes a OWB black leather holster and double magazine carrier. These were custom ...
923 Excellent $100.00 1-27-2012 15:17
WA WTST WTT VZ BHP Diamond Back stocks
posted by E5MC

I have 2 sets of VZ black Diamond Back stocks for a Browning HiPower. Stocks are in As New condition. Looking for a set of Spegel Delrin stocks for a HiPower. Also looking for ...
103 Excellent $140.00 1-27-2012 02:20
AL WTS New Kydex IWB Holster
posted by SGR

Brand New Kydex IWB Holster for Glock 26 and 27. Small light and concealed under a tee shirt. New price.
688 Excellent $45.00 1-27-2012 00:49
OH WTB WTB: High Noon Public Secret for G19/23
posted by Gforty

Looking for High Noon Public Secret IWB (Clip version) to fit Glock 19/23.
137 Great n/a 1-26-2012 22:42
IL WTS Crossbreed Supertuck for Kahr CM9***SPF***
posted by dso970

as the title states...great shape.  i've worn it maybe a total of 12 hours.  shipping is included in the price.  any ?'s please PM
1167 Great $40.00 1-26-2012 22:34
NY WTS F/S NOS Hume Bulwark S&W L-Frame High Ride Holster
posted by smiley

F/S New Old Stock Don Hume Bulwark High Ride Thumb Break Holster for Smith & Wesson L frame revolvers or Colt python , Trooper or .357 Magnum with 4 inch barre ...
546 Excellent $45.00 1-26-2012 22:27
WA WTS WTS: (E>WA) Ruger Concealment Holsters.
posted by clarkstoncz

I no longer have my LCR or LCP but still have a few holsters.LCP with Crimson Trace laser:High Noon Holster's HIDEAWAY in horsehide IWB.http:­/­/i204­.photobucket& ...
724 Excellent $105.00 1-26-2012 21:20
NM WTS New Galco Summer Comfort Holster Glock 21
posted by IWalker182

Brand New Galco Summer Comfort IWB Holster for right side carry Glock 21.    
227 Excellent $37.50 1-26-2012 05:42
NM WTS New Glock 27 Leather Pocket Holster- Bear Creek Metal Works
posted by IWalker182

Bear Creek Holsters  Front Pocket Holster-Glock 27--Black--Left Handed--Thumb Push Off Brand New http:­/­/www­.bearcreekholsters­.com&sh ...
217 Excellent $25.00 1-26-2012 05:39
NM WTS NEW Pitbull Kydex Holster Glock 20/21 TLR-1
posted by IWalker182

Brand New Pitbull Kydex Holster for Glock 20/21 and TLR-1.  Comes with wings/extensions, iwb clibs, and owb belt loops.  Excellent quality.  Never been used. Wa ...
349 Excellent $60.00 1-26-2012 05:06
SC WTS WTS Palmettotacticalgear Glock 29/30/30sf holster
posted by joerenew 1 stars

I have 2 brand new glock 29/30/30sf holsters for sale for 50 each. they are ususaly 65, but we have a few extras from a recent large volume order. The ...
460 Excellent $50.00 1-26-2012 03:44
NY WTS F/S S&W Made Combat Magnum Snubnose Holster
posted by smiley

  F/S  Smith & Wesson Manufactured Combat Paddle Holster for S&W K frame revolver with either a 2 or 2 1/2 inch barrel. Two pictures are below, revolver is ...
583 Excellent $35.00 1-25-2012 22:40
AL WTS Safariland spacer and drop kit
posted by col.angus

Safariland drop and spacer kit for holsters with 3 screw " T " formation. This kit can drop your holster 2 inches or just let it sit out a little farther from your body or bot ...
146 Excellent $20.00 1-25-2012 21:52
AL WTS Safariland duty holster for 1911
posted by col.angus

Safariland 6280 duty holster for 5in. 1911. Right hand black basketweave, like new condition. $60 Will trade for blackhawk serpa 1911 or leather paddleback.
147 Excellent $60.00 1-25-2012 21:47
CA WTS Kramer Holster & Mag Pouch - Glock 19/23/32
posted by voiceofreason

PayPal GIFT only! Kramer Cordovan Leather Holster & Mag Pouch both are horsehide sold as a set only Holster for compact Glock 19/23/32 mag pouch for 9mm/.40
718 Good $105.00 1-25-2012 02:20
NJ WTS Belt Clip Adapters for HSGI Taco Universal Mag Carrier
posted by cvriv

  In short I made a good amount of these Kydex belt adapters to be used with HSGI Taco's. I'm sure you know what HSGI Taco's are but just in case you dont, they are univ ...
447 Great $12.00 1-24-2012 18:23
LA WTS WTS: G19/23 Kydex holsters Raven Con and Personal Security Sys.
posted by chrisman17

Only the ps holsters are left. All are RH carry and come with 1.5" loops   ****The RC also comes with the IWB loops and paddle.****   One PS is a standard with ...
297 Excellent n/a 1-24-2012 03:28
PA WTS Blackhawk CQC Serpa Holster for G19/23
posted by PowerStroke2003

This is a like-new condition Blackhawk Close Quarters Concealment (CQC) Serpa Holster.  This holster has the carbon fiber finish and is designed for a Glock 19 or 23, but ...
591 Excellent $40.00 1-23-2012 22:30
PA WTS Sig P290 Kydex Holsters
posted by coachg 5 stars

I just got a new mold for the Sig P290 slim 9.  Check my other ads for similar styles. IWB, OWB and pocket holsters available.   http:­/­/glocktalk­.co ...
1565 Excellent $40.00 1-23-2012 12:57
posted by glock21xxx 2 stars

So, figured I would give kydex a shot and turns out I really suck at it. At any rate - I could burn through the kydex I currently have or I could sell it to someone and try to ...
393 Excellent $50.00 1-23-2012 01:16
NY WTS F/S NOS Hume Bulwark S&W N-Frame High Ride Holster
posted by smiley

F/S New Old Stock Don Hume Bulwark High Ride Thumb Break Holster for Smith & Wesson N frame revolvers with 4 inch barrels.A picture is below, My Model 58 revolver, ...
482 Excellent $45.00 1-22-2012 22:42
AL WTS FS-2 Raven Concealment Holsters-G26 and G17
posted by cqb 1 stars

$60 each shipped I have 2 Raven concealment holsters for sale, both have very light use.  1 is for a G26, black, right hand.  The other is for a G17, coyote tan, ri ...
423 Excellent $60.00 1-22-2012 17:05
AZ WTS D.M. Bullard Holster, Mag Pouch & 2 Cuff Cases Glock, S&W, Ruger, CZ
posted by snappydad

Ships via USPS Priority w/ delivery confirmation to the lower 48 states. USPS Postal Money Order or Paypal "gift" for payment please. I pack very well and ship promptly so buy ...
708 Excellent $110.00 1-22-2012 02:18
AZ WTS Safariland level III right hand glock 17 holster
posted by rjardy

This is a safariland level 3 for a glock 17. It has some minor wear from the seatbelt buckle and what would be expected from a year of duty carry. In great shape, all retentio ...
422 Good $45.00 1-22-2012 02:03
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