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AR WTS Mitch Rosen UPL & 5DM
posted by btmar

Like new Mitch Rosen UPL and 5DM for Glock 29.  Both are in near perfect condition.  Both have been only worn around my house roughly three times.  I hate to la ...
776 Excellent n/a
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2-21-2012 00:57
TN WTS WTS Left Hand/LH Sig Holsters
posted by chris26 1 stars

All of these are Left Handed Holsters! One has been used once and the others have never been used! Prices include shipping. Top Row, From Left to Right Galco FED , Sig 220 ...
642 Excellent $60.00 2-20-2012 08:18
KY WTST WTS/WTT: Various Holsters (New models added)
posted by ccbricker 1 stars

  I am selling a bunch of holsters I no longer use.  I accept paypal fees.  Price shown is price shipped.  I would also like to trade for OWB 1911 holst ...
968 Excellent n/a 2-19-2012 09:12
NY WTS F/S S&W Made Nframe Police /Security Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Smith & Wesson Manufactured Basket Weave High  Ride Police Security Combat Holster for S&W N frame  revolvers with 6 inch barrels, A picture is below ...
539 Great $35.00 2-19-2012 05:39
NM WTS Glock competition holster Bianchi
posted by breacher1 1 stars

This is a a Bianchi auto draw black leather clam shell type duty holster that looks to have been modified for competition use (PPC maybe?) It sits low and out away from your h ...
684 Excellent $27.00 2-18-2012 08:56
TX WTB WTB: OWB holster - Kahr PM9 / Sig P229
posted by bradtown

Lets see what youve got   TIA bradtown62@yahoo.com
193 Excellent n/a 2-18-2012 03:44
AZ WTST Amadini Custom Ghost holster belt bianchi magazine pouches
posted by harleyfx69

Amadi Custom Ghost holster, fits 1911 and similar frame sized firearms. Great condition, only wear marks are where the trigger guard goes in and its very minimal,fully adjusta ...
846 Excellent $225.00 2-18-2012 01:33
CT WTT WTT: Holsters for G26, G27, G33--DeSantis Cozy Partner and Insider
posted by fespo276

For trade is a used DeSantis "Cozy Partner" Model 028. I carried my G27 in it until I sold the gun.  According to DeSantis, it also fits the G26 and G33.  This is a ...
831 Good n/a 2-17-2012 05:11
NY WTS FS S&W Made Police / Security K frame Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Smith & Wesson Manufactured Police /  Security Holster for Smith & Wesson K frame revolvers with  4 inch barrels, A picture is below, revolve ...
484 Excellent $35.00 2-17-2012 02:15
NY WTS F/S Brauer Righty S&W N frame Shoulder Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Brauer Bros. Right Hand Suede Lined Shoulder Holster for Smith & Wesson N frame revolvers with  4 inch barrels . A picture is below, revolver is not for s ...
553 Excellent $40.00 2-16-2012 07:47
KY WTS Desantis Nylon IWB for KAhr PM or CW
posted by RG19

Desantis Nylon IWB holster for Kahr PM or CW pistol with mag pouch, Has adjustable belt clip for cant and can be worn strong side or weak side. Holster was never worn due to s ...
590 Excellent $25.00 2-16-2012 06:57
KY WTS Desantis Leather Holster, For Kahr
posted by RG19

Desantis Leather IWB Holster for Kahr CW or Pm 9, 40 price is shipped to you. I never wore this holster. I got it for christmas and then sold the gun. It has double snaps and ...
769 Excellent $38.00 2-16-2012 06:48
MN WTS Beltman belt & Don Hume Glock 19 holster
posted by nmg

Beltman belt: 1.5" wide, size 34. 40" overall, 34" to the center (of 7) holes. Black, with black buckle. Dual bullhide. $55 shipped from MN (money order or cash only). Don ...
1393 Excellent $55.00 2-16-2012 05:57
NJ WTS WTS Assorted mags, holster, cuff case, grips
posted by Stuntman22
704 Excellent n/a 2-16-2012 02:24
posted by torrejon224
674 Excellent n/a 2-15-2012 04:36
OR WTB WTB Don Hume "JIT" Holster for G39.
posted by tuica
121 Excellent n/a 2-15-2012 02:27
CA WTS WTS Milt Sparks VMII - Glock 19/23 (New Condition)
posted by olefirefighter 1 stars

I am offering my Like New (worn one day around the house for fit) Milt Sparks VMII for the Glock 19/23  - the glock 26 and 27 will both fit this holster quite well. I bo ...
1537 Excellent $135.00 2-14-2012 22:25
WA WTS Milt Sparks VM2 G19/23
posted by Clefx1

Milt Sparks VM2, cowhide, for G19/23   http:­/­/img­.photobucket­.com­/albums­/v655­/tar rigoni/IMG_1160.jpg Great condition.  Don't w ...
343 Great $115.00 2-14-2012 06:05
MI WTB WTB: Full size M&P9 Raven Concealment holster
posted by Pyzik

Looking to find a Raven Concealment holster for a fullsize M&P9.  Any condition if it's not broke. Thanks.
137 Excellent n/a 2-14-2012 02:06
AZ WTST Dale Frike Joab AIWB, Glock 17/22
posted by BillR
774 Excellent $75.00 2-14-2012 00:19
OK WTS Blackhawk CQC, Safariland and Streamlight...
posted by What? Me worry? 1 stars

Up for sale is a vast array of goodies by Blakhawk CQC, Safariland and Streamlight. They are listed individually and priced to sell, but I would also make somebody one helluv ...
686 Excellent $75.00 2-13-2012 19:42
CA WTS Meyerco Razor Knife, Led Flashlight, Whisle $11.00 shipped
posted by m29oicw

Meyerco Razor Knife, Led Flashlight, Whisle $11.00 shipped     You get all 3: Meyerco Razor Knife, Led Flashlight, Whisle for $11.00 shipped     Em ...
161 Excellent $11.00 2-13-2012 15:15
AZ WTST Dale Fricke Arch Angel Glock 17/22 RH Black - NEW
posted by dwalker84 1 stars

I have a Dale Fricke Arch Angel holster for Glock 17/22 - It has been worn once. The holster is in perfect condition. The holster conceals amazingly, and is VERY confortable - ...
803 Excellent $80.00 2-13-2012 06:13
PA WTST Bulldog vertical shoulder holster full size semi auto 1911 XDm XD G17
posted by Derespina Knives

Used once, then stored. Excellent condition Bulldog black nylon shoulder holster with mag carrier. For the right handed shooter. Adjustable, I am 6 ft 225 lbs 48 chest and t ...
1131 Excellent n/a 2-13-2012 05:41
NY WTS F/S Lefty Safariland HighRide S&W N frame Combat Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Left Hand Safariland Suede Lined Thumb Break High Ride  Combat Holster for Smith & Wesson N frame revolvers with 4 inch barrels. A picture is below, revolver is ...
467 Good n/a 2-13-2012 04:51
MO WTS Don Hume PCCH for Glock for sale
posted by MoneyMaker
1025 Excellent $45.00 2-13-2012 01:44
TN WTB WTB: Glock 21 with Surefire x300 Holster
posted by Johnnyfox

I'm about to order a raven concealment holster and thought maybe someone here had one of these (or similar) laying around. Let me know what you have and how much. Thanks!
186 Excellent n/a 2-12-2012 21:04
posted by DirtNap 1 stars

NIB "LEFT HAND" Bianchi Model 152 Pocket Piece Holster for S&W J frames 20.00 Delivered SOLD PENDING FUNDS NIP "RIGHT HAND" 3 Belt Slot fully lined Desantis Black Leath ...
726 Excellent n/a 2-11-2012 22:20
CT WTS FS: NEW BLACKWATER armor carrier molle tactical vest
posted by Jay C

Brand new – I won this the other day but my agency wears all black so it is not an option. I believe that it is the I-O Hard Armor Plate carrier tactical vest. Loo ...
762 Excellent $75.00 2-11-2012 19:49
OH WTS Blackhawk M&P Duty Holster
posted by glockandme

Blackhawk!  holster for M&P full size pistol for sale.  Excellent condition, right hand.  Shipping included in price.
651 Excellent $50.00 2-11-2012 04:01
NY WTS F/S Viet Nam War Era US Helicopter Pilot /Aircrew SH
posted by smiley

F/S Viet Nam War Era US Helicopter Pilot /Aircrew Shoulder Holster for Medium frame revolvers with 4 inch barrels such as  the Smith & Wesson Model 10 .  ...
946 Great $35.00 2-11-2012 04:00
NY WTS F/S Vintage High RIde Cross Draw 6 in Revolver Holster
posted by smiley

  F/S Vintage High RIde Cross draw Holster for Medium Frame revolvers with 6 inch barrels such as the Smith & Wesson model 10 Revolver pictured below. Ask ...
1281 Excellent $35.00 2-10-2012 04:59
IL WTS Völund Gearworks Atlas G Hook Belt
posted by t1tan 1 stars

New 1.5" Black Medium 32-38   example photo http:­/­/www­.volundgearworks­.com­/i­/gallery­/b elts/big/6954.jpg  
1182 Excellent $45.00 2-10-2012 00:41
GA WTS Milt Sparks VM2 3" 1911
posted by usmctopgun

Great shape, only worn a dozen or so times.  Pretty sure it's horsehide, but it was a few years ago when I got it, so not 100%.  Email me with any questions.  T ...
585 Excellent $200.00 2-9-2012 07:16
NY WTS F/S Vintage Brauer Bros. Snubby Paddle Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Vintage Brauer Bros. Paddle Holster For the folllowing revolvers with 2 inch barrels.  Smith & Wesson K frame revolvers.  Smith & Wesson J-frame ...
634 Great $30.00 2-9-2012 05:51
CA WTS Glock and 1911
posted by fumunder

Bianchi Universal Military holster model um84/92 and 2 pouch holder size 3 and optional thumb break strap.  I might have worn this 1 time?  Cost $105 plus shipping. ...
747 Excellent $70.00 2-9-2012 05:02
NY WTB WTB: Bianchi 3S for Glock 19
posted by fatboy2005

Looking for a Bianchi 3S for my Glock 19   PM me
122 Excellent n/a 2-8-2012 06:00
NY WTS F/S NOS Desantis S&W K frame Speed Scabbard
posted by smiley

F/S New Old Stock Desantis Speed Scabbard for following revolvers with 4 inch barrels: Smith & Wessons   : 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 65, 66 Colt  : Diiamondback, P ...
551 Excellent $45.00 2-8-2012 04:35
PA WTS WTS Rosen UPL G19/23/32 and Rusty Sherrick G26/27/33
posted by orangehole

I have 2 holsters that are in perfect like new condition. I am switching to Kydex and could use the funds. Rosen UPL RH Black 1.5" for G19/23/32. It doesnt get much better t ...
377 Excellent n/a 2-7-2012 10:13
PA WTS WTS new RH Del Fatti Glock 19 shoulder rig in black leather
posted by trakker45

This is a new black leather, right-handed shoulder rig made by Matt Del Fatti. I bought it approximately one year ago and have never worn it outdoors, as it still needs additi ...
1368 Excellent $440.00 2-7-2012 05:01
TX WTS GLOCK holsters for sale
posted by 713832281

2 holsters for saleBianchi 7 shadow II OWB holster, black and right handed, fits glock 29 and 30. $40Galco Jackass shoulder holster. tan leather, right handed, fits 20, 21, 29 ...
338 Excellent n/a 2-7-2012 02:07
PA WTS Galco Combat Master, Serpa, High Noon for Glocks
posted by billyblooshoes

-Like new, Galco Combat master. fits G19 and 23. black. looking for 55 plus shipping. -Slightly Used Blackhawk Serpa for G19/23. $25 shipped -High Noon Bare Asset for G26. u ...
234 Excellent $55.00 2-6-2012 05:22
NY WTS F/S 1950's Vintage Greenblatt Highride Snub nose Holster
posted by smiley

F/S 1950's Vintage Greenblatt , NYC Highride Snub nose Holster for the following revolvers with 2 inch barrels, S&W model 10 Military & Police & Colt Detective S ...
717 Great $30.00 2-6-2012 03:41
NY WTS Amish IWB Holster
posted by JeffS 1 stars

After a little time and experimentation, I have come to my preferred carry position and holsters. I'm keeping the SmartCarry, Fusionpac, and a couple of appendix holsters, my ...
678 Excellent $20.00 2-6-2012 02:03
NY WTS Theis Horsehide IWB Holster
posted by JeffS 1 stars

After a little time and experimentation, I have come to my preferred carry position and holsters. I'm keeping the SmartCarry, Fusionpac, and a couple of appendix holsters, my ...
663 Excellent $55.00 2-6-2012 01:59
NY WTS Comptac CTAC Holster
posted by JeffS 1 stars

After a little time and experimentation, I have come to my preferred carry position and holsters. I'm keeping the SmartCarry, Fusionpac, and a couple of appendix holsters, my ...
694 Excellent $70.00 2-6-2012 01:56
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