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NY WTS F/s Concealment Snubnose Holster
posted by smiley

F/s Vintage Spring Clip Conceilmant Holster for Small frame revolvers with 2 inch barresl such as the Smith & Wesson J Frame Chief Special or Colt Detective Special., Hols ...
521 Great $30.00
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12-26-2011 19:41
OK WTS Misc Police Duty Gear and Holsters
posted by ltniles 1 stars

I am cleaning out my closet and I have the following items for sale, shipping will be 7 dollars for the 48 states1 safariland 200 basketweave duty holster for glock 17, 22&nbs ...
192 Good n/a 12-26-2011 02:44
NY WTS F/S Lefty Cobra Highride Thumb Break Combat Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Cobra Gunskin Suede lined Leftthand Highride Thumb Break Combat Holster for Smith & Wesson N-frame revolvers with 6 inch barrels, This holster has two belt loops so th ...
430 Great $35.00 12-25-2011 22:36
NY WTS F/S Viet Nam War EraMilitary Issue Pilot SH
posted by smiley

F/S Viet Nam War era Pilot / Flightcrew Shoulder Holsterfor Medium frame revolvers such as the model S&W 10 pictured below, revolver is not for sale .This&n ...
379 Great $40.00 12-25-2011 01:40
MS WTB WTB Del Fatti Pocket Holsters
posted by tiders32

I collect pocket guns and I would like to have a nice holster or two to go with them. I would really like to buy some Del Fatti pocket holsters if anybody has any they would ...
167 Excellent n/a 12-24-2011 20:28
KY WTST Glock 21/20 paddle holster and double mag pouches
posted by glockky 1 stars

Fobus paddle holster for glock 21/20 and 2 fobus paddle double mag pouches. If u have some 223 bullets u wanna trade i would be interested
152 Excellent $30.00 12-24-2011 06:21
NY WTS WTS NOS RCMP Lefthand k Frame Holster
posted by smiley

F/S New Old Stock Lefthand Royal Canidan Mounted Police Holster fo Smith & Wesson K frame revolvers with 5 inch barrels , A picture is below, Asking $45 plus shipping and ...
449 Excellent $45.00 12-23-2011 22:42
IN WTS Safafiland ALS holster
posted by wanderlust

This is a right hand Safariland ALS (6378-383) holster for a Glock 20/21. It is only the holster, no belt loops etc, but from what I have seen most of what Safariland makes ...
586 Good $20.00 12-23-2011 00:52
posted by mugapug

I am looking for a right handed IWB silient thunder for an xd9sc, let me know what you have. Fastest response is email< /a>
89 Excellent n/a 12-22-2011 17:25
VA WTS WTS: Kahr PM9 IWB Holster
posted by Sporwick

For sale is a never worn Sharktac IWB holster and mag pouch for a Kahr PM9. This is specifically molded for the PM9 and will not fit any other gun. Price is $80 shipped wh ...
657 Excellent $80.00 12-22-2011 04:19
NY WTS F/S Shoemaker Basket Weave S&W N Frame Combat Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Tex Shoemaker Basket Weave Thumb Snap Combat Holster for Smith & Wesson N frame revolvers with 4inch barresl. A picture is below. Revolver is not for sale, Asking $30 ...
558 Great $35.00 12-22-2011 02:05
WI WTB Comp-tac Mtac Kydex body for 5"1911
posted by P.Morris 1 stars

Need a M-tac body for a 5" 1911. 
207 Excellent n/a 12-21-2011 07:06
FL WTS Mil-Tech Soft Nylon holster/carries extra mag
posted by Scattergun1187 1 stars

New, Never used Mil-Tech Inc. holster that fits any full  size Glock & similar Autos.  Also hold extra mag on the top. Ambidextrous Soft Armor Nylon Holster for ...
650 Excellent $15.00 12-20-2011 16:40
NY WTS F/S New Don Hume Commander IWB Holster
posted by smiley

F/S New Don Hume Righthand Inside Waste Band Holster for the followin Automatics : Colt Commander, Para Ordance P-13-45, Kimber Pro Carry. A picture is below , Auto is not f ...
588 Excellent $45.00 12-19-2011 20:26
NC WTS WTS Comp-tac Kydex body for 4"1911
posted by ncvarmint 1 stars

This is in excellent shape, used only a few times, I bought it for the Springfeild Champion 1911 with 4" barrel with no rail. Comes with everything that you get if you order a ...
202 Excellent $20.00 12-19-2011 14:59
NC WTS WTS M-Tac for G19/23/32
posted by ncvarmint 1 stars

I bought this comp-tac M-Tac for a Springer champion a few months back or so and sold the gun, so i bought a kydex body for it to use with my glock's, but already having the o ...
274 Great $60.00 12-19-2011 14:53
PA WTS Leather Gun Belt - PBR
posted by keystoneman85

It's a PBR belt, leather, with a nice design.  I'm keeping my belt buckle.  I've lost some weight so it no longer fits.  It should fit a 38-40" waist. $15 FT ...
570 Excellent $15.00 12-19-2011 13:01
IN WTB WTB Safariland J frame Upside down shoulder holster
posted by 8th SPS USAF

WTB:    RH Safariland J frame upside down shoulder holster
195 Excellent n/a 12-18-2011 13:58
IL WTS Bianchi Model 19L-2 Holster for Glock 20/21
posted by mag318

WTS.This is a new/old holster that I bought years ago and never used hence the excellent condition. It is a Bianchi R/H Thumb Break Model 19L-2 for a Glock 20 or 21. The holst ...
624 Excellent $40.00 12-18-2011 06:32
TN WTS 1911 and kahr holsters kahr mag holder
posted by pops572

Got some stuff just sitting and I want some new stuff, so need to sell this. Make me an offer, only take Paypal, cause I want the cash fast. Seriously, if you want some of thi ...
373 Excellent n/a 12-18-2011 01:49
IN WTS new HSGI drop rig
posted by That Jim Guy 1 stars

Ordered this and never used it HSGI OD green right drop rig for pistol with light attached it for both my G17& 1911 with surefire X300 attached not looking for trades $75 s ...
173 Excellent $75.00 12-17-2011 20:41
FL WTS New Ghost Stinger holster for G-17,22,34 and 35
posted by Magnus DUX 1 stars

Brand new most versatile Glock holster on the market. Got it as a present from my friends in Europe. I would gladly use it in USPSA but my Glock 34 has enormous front sight t ...
1680 Excellent $70.00 12-17-2011 20:30
NY WTS F/S Bianchi #3 S&W K frame Combat Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Bianchi #3 Combat holster for Smith & Wesson K frame revolvers with 4 inch barrels, A picture is below, revolver is not for sale. Asking $35 plus shipping and insuranc ...
594 Excellent $35.00 12-17-2011 19:33
MN WTS Tucker Texas Heritage for Glock-19
posted by Rom832

Tucker Texas Heritage G-19, Righ Handed. Rough-out, not smooth. See Tucker's web-site. Use only twice. Have two different belt clip sizes. You would hardly know it was ever w ...
762 Excellent $50.00 12-17-2011 02:37
FL WTS (2) SS3 Safariland Duty Holster Beretta Sig Sauer
posted by Bryan2010x 1 stars

Both holsters are used and are in great shape. Both together are $50, I will seperate them, open for trades Right hand Sig Sauer Left Beretta http:­/­ ...
341 Great n/a 12-17-2011 01:35
FL WTS Safariland M3 light pouch never used
posted by Bryan2010x 1 stars

Brand new, never used, $30.00, open for trades. Pictures below http:­/­/i1024­.photobucket­.com­/albums­/y307­/b ryan2010x/Holster and Duty Belt P ...
123 Excellent n/a 12-17-2011 01:27
NY WTS F/S Safariland Suede Lined Snubnose Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Safariland Suded Lined Thumb Break Combat Holster For Medium frame Revolvers with 2 or 2 1/2 inch barrels , A picture is below with my S&W K frame snubnose, revolver s ...
525 Excellent $35.00 12-16-2011 19:51
NJ WTS Safariland Sig 229R DAK holster, Howard Leight Impact Sport Muffs
posted by BlkSheep

Up for sale is a Safariland 518-744 holster for the Sig 229R DAK.  Excellent condition $35.00 plus 5.00 shipping and I also have a pair of Howard Leight Impact Sport ...
106 Excellent $40.00 12-16-2011 13:11
WI WTS Glock 26/27/33 RH IWB Holster
posted by blaster_54738

Selling my Glock 26/27/33 IWB holster.  It includes 2 sets of metal clips to fit different size belts.  Payment via discreet PP
609 Excellent $35.00 12-16-2011 06:47
KY WTS Glock 21/20 Fobus holster and 2 double mag pouches
posted by glockky 1 stars

Fobus paddle holster and 2 double mag pouches for glock 21/20.
184 Excellent $30.00 12-16-2011 03:43
AZ WTST G26/27 Raven Concealment Phantom Holster
posted by dwalker84 1 stars

I have a Raven Concealment Phantom holster for a Glock 26/27 for SALE or TRADE. It's seen very light usage and is in excellent condition. It will come with 2 sets of the OWB ...
426 Excellent $75.00 12-16-2011 03:16
WY WTS kydex/ leather springfield xdm holster
posted by gman82001

Hey guys I have what if I remember correctly is a Kholster.. I bought it used and only wore it a couple times then decided my xdm just had too big of a grip to conceal for me ...
506 Good $35.00 12-16-2011 02:18
WY WTS kydex/ leather springfield xdm holster
posted by gman82001

Hey guys I have what if I remember correctly is a Kholster.. I bought it used and only wore it a couple times then decided my xdm just had too big of a grip to conceal for me ...
346 Good $35.00 12-16-2011 01:59
GA WTS Safariland ALS Mid-Ride Level III Duty holster - SIG 220/226
posted by bt47

I have a brand new in the package Safariland 6360-77-481 black basketweave duty holster, ALS mid-ride level III for a SIG 220/226. $35.00 shipped.
116 Excellent $30.00 12-16-2011 00:19
GA WTS Safariland 5189-83-411 Holster for Glock 17/22
posted by bt47

Brand new in the package Safariland 5189-83-411 open top belt holster for Glock 17/22 $35 shipped to the continental U.S.
185 Excellent $30.00 12-16-2011 00:10
NY WTS F/S Basket Weave Bianchi 1911 Combat Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Bianchi Basket Weave Thumb Break Combat Holster for Colt 1911 Government Model and clones. A picture is below, auto , belt are not for sale. Asking $35 shipped and insur ...
762 Great $35.00 12-15-2011 02:59
AZ WTS Skip Ritchie Gunleather ankle holster for a GLOCK 26/27
posted by Bevelsnob

FS: Skip Ritchie Gunleather ankle holster for a GLOCK 26/27One owner. Very good condition with minor wear.For a right hand shooter. Worn on inside of left leg.Excellent build ...
1414 Great n/a 12-14-2011 22:45
TX WTS Simply Rugged Cuda Holster for Glock 21/20
posted by whitewater

Brand new as in never worn or used Left Hand Simply Rugged Cuda Holster for large frame Glock pistol, either G20 or G21. Color of holster is Oxbood and it has the optional Fis ...
1178 Excellent $50.00 12-14-2011 22:00
AZ WTT Trading Fricke Arch Angel for g19/23 for Arch Angel for G17/22
posted by dwalker84 1 stars

I'm looking to trade my like new Dale Fricke Arch Angel holster for a g19/23 for a Dale Fricke Arch Angel that fits a Glock 17 or 22. Please PM me with any question :)
172 Excellent n/a 12-14-2011 19:54
NY WTS F/S Lefty Desantis Leather Lined S&W K frame Thumb Break Scabbard
posted by smiley

F/S Lefthand Suede Lined DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard for Smith & Wesson K or L frame revolvers with 4 inch barrels, A picture is below, revolver is not for sale. Asking ...
455 Great $35.00 12-14-2011 01:07
CT WTB Wtb: iwb kydex mag holster for g19 mag (1.75" belt)
posted by glockfanbob 1 stars

I'm looking for an iwb kydex mag holster to fit a single g19 mag, preferably j-hook for a 1.75" belt. Looking to carry it on my left side. PM me a price shipped to Connec ...
76 Excellent n/a 12-13-2011 17:30
NY WTS F/S Vintage Brauer Bros 4 in Revolver plug Toe Shoulder Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Vintage Brauer Bros, Righthand Plug Toe Shoulder Holster for Medium Frame revolvers with 4 inch barrels such as the Smith & Wesson model  10 pictured below, revol ...
418 Excellent $35.00 12-12-2011 21:51
LA WTS TWO NIW RAVEN G20/G21 Single Mag carriers
posted by chrisman17

  TWO NIW Raven Single Mag Carriers G20/21 LH carry, MD CUT, 1.5" loops, rds facing forward  http:­/­/i146­.photobucket­.com­/albums­/r257& ...
244 Excellent $60.00 12-12-2011 15:40
KY WTS FS: Galco FL440 Tan Fletch High Ride Concealment Holster For Springfield XD
posted by kymarkh 1 stars

Galco FL440 Fletch High Ride Concealment Holster For Springfield XD for sale. Used but in great condition. Tan with thumb break.Picked this up in a trade and carried with it ...
115 Great $50.00 12-12-2011 02:35
PA WTS GI flap holster and web belt
posted by KiloBravo 1 stars

This is a standard GI flap holster and web belt. It should fit a wide variety of full sized semi auto pistols. The holster I believe is made by Bianchi, and I am not sure of t ...
167 Good $20.00 12-12-2011 01:58
TX WTS Safariland Tactical Holster FS
posted by DannyB

I acquired this holster in a package trade.  It appears to be in excellent condition.  I can’t find a model number on it.  This looks like the unit to m ...
715 Excellent $75.00 12-12-2011 01:45
PA WTS Glock Sport Holster and mag carriers
posted by KiloBravo 1 stars

This ad is for a gently used Glock Sport holster and two Glock magazine carriers. All three items were worn maybe 10 times, and the tabs on each have been cut to fit a 1.75" b ...
210 Great $20.00 12-12-2011 01:44
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