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CT WTS WTS: RCS Glock Custom Phantom Light Holster (G17 w/ X400)
posted by michaelrm69 1 stars

Fits G17 w/ x400 surefire light/laser combo, with or w/o tall sights and threaded barrel. As new RCS Glock Custom Phanton Light Holster in coyote brown for a G17.  Has 1 ...
138 Excellent $105.00
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1-31-2014 04:23
NY WTS F/S NOS Gould & Goodrich S&W K frame Shoulder Holster
posted by smiley

F/S New Old Stock Righthand Gould & Goodrich Shoulder Holster for the following revolvers with 4 inch barrels : Smith & Wesson models 10. 12. 13. 15. 18, 19 , 53 64 ...
143 Excellent $40.00 1-30-2014 02:31
NY WTS F/S Tan DeSantis IWB Colt Det. Special Snubby Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Tan DeSantis Inside Waste Band Holster for Colt Agent, Cobra or Detective Speical Snubnose revolvers with 2 inch barrels. a picture is below , revolver is not for sale ...
148 Excellent $40.00 1-29-2014 07:42
NY WTS F/S Lefty Tan Safariland Suede Lined S&W N Frame Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Lefthand Tan Safariland Suede Lined Jordan Style Holster foe Smith & Wesson N frame revolvers with 8 3/8 inch barrels , A picture is below , my magnum is not for s ...
152 Great $35.00 1-28-2014 04:14
OH WTS Biothane Belts, $20
posted by Giggity 2 stars

Biothane Belts available now. $20 dollars plus s/h & sales tax if applicable. Lead time is currently 1 week for these. Details at the following link. http:­/­/ ...
415 Excellent n/a 1-27-2014 08:50
NY WTS F/S Vintage Shoemaker Cordovan Model 19 snubby Thumb Break Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Vintage Tex Shoemaker Cordovan Basket Weave Thumb Break Holster for Smith & Wesson model 19 Combat Magnums with 2 1/2 inch barrels. A picture is below, My revolver ...
162 Great $35.00 1-27-2014 04:02
CA WTS speedsec 5 competition holster
posted by glock&22

brand new authentic speedsec 5 holster for small frame glock.  fast and secure holster. i have both right hand and left hand models. i will email pics if interested.
118 Excellent $100.00 1-27-2014 00:08
AR WTS Glock 42 Holster
posted by theis 5 stars

Glock 42 380 holsters are ready to order. Our 3 best sellers the standard IWB, single clip and the new EZ clip holster in horsehide/kydex hybrid style. $65.00 shipped to your ...
185 Excellent $65.00 1-26-2014 17:44
NY WTS F/S Tan Old West Horizontal 1911 Auto Shoulder Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Tan Old West Horizontal Shoulder Holster for Colt 1911 Automatics and clones. A picture is below, my auto is not for sale. Asking $30 plus shipping and insurance. ht ...
240 Good $30.00 1-26-2014 05:18
posted by MiamiE

Looking for a Galco Belly Band Please PM me. Looking for size LARGE   http:­/­/www­.galcogunleather­.com­/underwraps-belly -band_8_393_1326.html ...
55 Excellent n/a 1-24-2014 06:52
MI WTS tt gun leather holster and mag carrier for G26/27/33
posted by Zamis

Sold my G27 and have no more need for this rig.  It's a TTgunleather snap on holster with snap on single mag carrier.  I have two G27 mags with 1 extensions I will ...
353 Excellent $135.00 1-23-2014 09:27
MO WTS AAAConcealment Glock G42 IWB
posted by glk34 1 stars

Brand new G42 IWB holster. Slim, and very easy to use. On/Off is quick and easy. Very comfortable too. 
287 Excellent $45.00 1-23-2014 09:08
WA WTS CrossBreed 9/40/357 IWB RH
posted by SEAN10MM

CrossBreed holster. Used it for my 23, but sold that and now I have a 29. It is tanned leather with Kydex J-clips that sit on top of your pants then go behind the belt and hoo ...
170 Great $50.00 1-23-2014 02:45
CA WTS New aker 268 paddle holster for glock 19/23
posted by pesty3782 1 stars

This is a new right hand  Aker holster model 268 in black.  This holster will fit the Glock 19/23 models.   Tony P.
241 Excellent $55.00 1-22-2014 08:45
NY WTS F/S NOS Jay Pee Spring Colt Snubby Holster
posted by smiley

F/S New Old Stock Jay Pee Spring Holster with Safety Strap for Small Frame revolvers with 2 inch barrels such as the Smith & Wesson J frame Chief Special of the Colt D ...
148 Excellent $35.00 1-22-2014 04:40
OH WTS LH Garrett Silent Thunder Champion 5" 1911
posted by ohio1425

FS is a Garrett Silent Thunder Champion holster (left handed) for a full size 1911. This holster is the best of two worlds, it is kydex and leather lined. I have wore it a few ...
351 Excellent $70.00 1-21-2014 23:47
WY WTS G-Code Paddle Holster with Belt Attachment for Makarov
posted by wyoguy

G-Code paddle holster for Makarov with modular belt attachment. Used sparingly, so it's in great condition. I just haven't owned a Makarov in quite a while. $30 shipped to you ...
228 Excellent $30.00 1-21-2014 06:46
WY WTS Sidearmor IWB for G26/G27/G33 Mag Carrier
posted by wyoguy

Sidearmor IWB for Glock 26/27/33 plus mag carrier. Both in original packaging in excellent condition. Only used a handful of times - I just don't have the G26 any more. The qu ...
169 Excellent $75.00 1-21-2014 05:59
NJ WTS Glock 30 size and 27/23 size holsters, Fair Prices
posted by fortheboys 1 stars

I am getting rid of these due to hip pain. All right handed/ 1 1/2 loops. All used but in good to exc condition. In the Glock 30 size from top to bottom/left to right: Krame ...
470 Excellent $75.00 1-20-2014 22:23
KS WTS Custom IWB for Glock/1911/M&P
posted by kevin1911

Handmade one-of-a-kind holsters from Dawson Gunleather. Available in Black and Natural, left or right hand, straight or 10 degree forward or crossdraw. Specify pistol and opti ...
230 Excellent $50.00 1-20-2014 04:53
IN WTS Alessi and Arratoonian Holsters, mag pouches
posted by safarihunter 1 stars

SPF Alessi CQC/s, 1911 Gov’t, Cordovan, RH, 1.5. This is an original Alessi holster made prior to Lou’s passing.  I don’t believe it has ever be ...
258 Excellent $130.00 1-20-2014 03:45
NY WTS F/S Tan Buchiemer High Ride Colt Snubby Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Tan Buchiemer High Ride Thumb Break Holster for Colt Medium Frame revolvers with 2 or 2 1/2 inch barrels such as the Colt Official Police with 2 inch barrels, Colt Ma ...
119 Good $30.00 1-20-2014 03:04
VA WTST New Shellback Banshee Plate Carrier, ATS Triple Shingle, Marz Admin Pouch - Ranger Green
posted by JBarbaresi 1 stars

New Shellback Tactical Banshee plate carrier with ATS triple mag shingle and Marz Tactical admin pouch.  All are a perfect color match in Ranger Green.  Selling as a ...
239 Excellent $200.00 1-19-2014 22:17
NY WTS F/S Vintage Safariland Basket Weave Thumb Break K Frame Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Vintage Safariland Basket Weave Thumb Break Holster for Smith & Wesson K frame revolvers with 6 inch barrels. A picture is below, sixgun , belt & ammo slide ar ...
110 Good $30.00 1-19-2014 04:01
NY WTS F/S Righthand Cobra Gun Skin Suede lined Shoulder Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Righthand Cobra Gun Skin Suede lined Shoulder Holster for medium to larger revolvers with 6 inch barrels, with ammo slide for six rounds of either .38 special or .357 ...
119 Great $35.00 1-18-2014 06:32
KY WTS FS: Phlster Belt Slide for G21 plus mag pouch
posted by doc watson

I have a RH belt slide(pancake style) holster and mag pouch, with 1 3/4 loops RH, worn about twice.  thanks
79 Excellent $50.00 1-17-2014 22:56
FL WTB Glock 23 OWB and Glock 27
posted by MiamiE

Gould and Goodrich 800-G19 and 800-G27.  Desantis Mini Slide 086 for Glocks.  Looking for these in tan color but would consider black.  Looking for an OWB ho ...
130 Excellent n/a 1-17-2014 10:31
NY WTS F/S Cordovaon Nevada Leather Suede Lined H&K Compact SH
posted by smiley

F/S Cordovaon Nevada Leather Suede lined Sholder Holster for H&K Compact .45 Automatic. This Holster can be removed from the harness and used as a belt holster. Currn ...
129 Great $45.00 1-17-2014 07:42
FL WTS Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC Holster Glock 26/27/28/33 RH IWB
posted by topgun1056

If anyone is interested I have posted an ad for my holster on ebay. Being a new member of glock talk I am not able to show any credibility to my listing, but as you can see ...
279 Excellent n/a 1-16-2014 07:23
NY WTS F/S Tangua High Ride Combat 1911 Auto Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Tangua High Ride Combat Holster for Colt 1911 Automatics & clones. A picture is below, My auto is not for sale.Asking $30 plus shipping and insurance. https:­/ ...
105 Great $30.00 1-16-2014 06:26
NY WTS F/S Vintage L & A Leather Thumb Break K frame Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Vintage Basket Weave L & A Leather , Mayward , Calif. Thumb Break Holster for Smith & Wesson k frame revolvers with 6 inch barrels. A picture is below, my revo ...
155 Good $30.00 1-15-2014 06:26
NY WTS F/S Tan Bianchi Suede Lined Python Thumb Break Holster
posted by smiley

F/S Tan Bianchi Suede Lined 5BHL Thumb Break Holster for Colt revolvers with 6 inch barrels such as the Python Trooper , Officers Model Match , .357 , & Official Polic ...
103 Excellent $40.00 1-14-2014 07:13
NC WTB WTB: LH Holster for Sig P224
posted by dlanc

Title says it all, would prefer leather to kydex and am open to IWB and OWB holsters. Thanks for looking.
68 Excellent n/a 1-13-2014 19:27
TX WTS TT GunLeather Slim Mikes Special w/ Elephant Trim - Glock 19/23
posted by glocker73

TT GunLeather Slim Mikes Special - Glock 19/23, r/h, 1.5", black with tan elephant trim. Free shipping. PayPal gift option, check or money order.
314 Great $150.00 1-13-2014 13:38
NY WTS F/S Vintage Tan Soft Leather lined MN 1911 auto SH
posted by smiley

F/S Vintage Tan Soft Leather lined MN 1911 auto & clones Shoulder Holster. A picture is below, My auto is not for sale. Askink $30 plus shipping and insurance. https:& ...
150 Good $30.00 1-13-2014 06:01
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