CCR is Proud to announce it Latest Innovation
CPII is a true composite plating consisting of an Electroless Nickel/Boron Nitride bath

CPII benefits are
* Extremely low co-efficient of friction. Which greatly reduces wear on
sliding parts
* Boron Nitride offers great lubrication. The Boron Nitride is dispersed
throughout the plating exposing new lubrication
* CPII has a higher hardness then standard plating and a fantastic
Satin look
*CPII offers extreme corrosion resistance for harsh environments
*CPII Makes Cleaning your Gun a Breeze

CPII has a Limited Lifetime Warranty

CPII will be available on Carbon Steels . We will not be plating Alloys such as Sig frames.

This is the CPII

Cera-Hide is a proprietary finish formulated by CCR just for firearms. It is unlike those DIY products such as Duracoat and Cerakote and Gunkote that don't hold up to my standards of durability.

Cera-Hide is a thermally cured applied coating that has a nano ceramic infused matrix. It offers untold rust and corrosion protection along with being a self lubricating finish. It can be applied to all steels and alloys.

We also Mil spec Parkerize all carbon steel parts which provides an extra level of rust protection

Cera-Hide is available in Matte Black, House Black (a deep rich med luster) Stainless look, BTM ( similar to brushed nickel) OD Green,Dark Earth and our NEW Tri-Tanium color which we named for the three step process it takes to make it. It is not just misspelled titanium like some other do. Other colors maybe done on request

This is the House Black Cera-Hide

We are FFLs so you can ship your gun directly to us yourself and we will return it straight back to you
Please contact us for shipping discounts and details. We can take the hassle out of shipping

Complete handgun including one mag Cera-Hide $169 SALE PRICE $149

Complete Carbon Steel handgun including one mag in CPII $289 Sale Price $249

Slide CPII $98 Sale Price $79 Two week turnaround

Slides Cera-Hide $69 SALE PRICE $55

Controls ( sent alone) Cera-Hide $49 SALE PRICE $39

Controls CPII Reg $69 Sale Price $49

Complete handgun with CPII slide and controls and Cera-Hide frame $239 Sale Price $209

Prices include disassembly,Total detail cleaning and inspection of all parts
media blasting, mil spec Parkerization on all carbon steel parts and reassembly
Rust and flaw removal will be available for an additional fee
Additional fees to remove aftermarket finishes or previously plated firearms

Just go to our site and fill out the work order form under shipping information

Please take note of our new email address
We try to answer all emails as fast as we can but please allow us 48 hours to answer. If you call and get the machine it means we are all busy working on orders in the shop Please leave a message and we will return your call within 24 hours Mon-Fri

Two week turnaround time on CPII slides doesn't include slides requiring new sights or additional rust removal nor does it include time in transit

Confirmed Reservations will be available with 10 day turnaround time on prepaid orders. Please email or call 423-639-8924 for details on how to make a reservation.

Guns received without a reservation will be done in order in which they are received. Turnaround times may vary between 6 to 8 weeks