Hey Everyone,

I've got a left handed Black/Black Severtech Tanto that I'd like to post up for sale. I'm pretty sure you're all familiar with it, but if you're not, it's a beast. These things are like a brick with a four inch blade, and are EXTREMELY hard to come by. Production on these was stopped several years ago, and Severtech has long quit making any knife period. I wouldn't be putting this up for sale if I didn't need the funds. 

This one is pretty much new - it's been a safe queen ever since I got it. I'd post it as "new" but it does have a few minor marks on the clip from being stored in my SpyderPac, but that's it. It's razor sharp and fires like a canon.

Even if you're not left handed, it's an automatic knife, not to mention a Severtech, and is perfect for weak side carry. 

The only trades I might possibly be interested in are for a right hand black/black Severtech Tanto or a Strider XL. 

Please email me or PM me and post here with any questions. Email is fastest. 

First ill take it, gets it. ConUS only, please. 

$600 firm USPS Priority. Insurance extra. Paypal plus fees or gift, or USPS money order.