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  1. Please Do Not Post Ad Messages Here
  2. Moving to CA from NJ
  3. Club numbers here!
  4. Shooting in SoCal
  5. Cheap FFL
  6. New G21SF, Doubt it will ever be Ca Approved
  7. Nor Cal people, join us here...
  8. FFL in central CA (Fresno/Hanford) that won't rob me?
  9. Moving from Indianapolis to San Francisco-Do I have to sell my guns?
  10. PLaces to shoot in Nor Cal
  11. Fight for the .50
  12. Looking for a gun appraiser
  13. Anybody in the Redondo Beach Area?
  14. hunter ed conference in ?compton?
  15. FFL Transfer dealer in Camarillo?
  16. Glock 22 $359 at Old Sac Armory
  17. in CA, where to buy a G34 or G35
  18. inland empire
  19. High Point shooting area to be closed
  20. Socom-16 Porn!
  21. Where to buy in Central Valley...
  22. CALIFORNIA DROS "1 gun in 30 day period" question
  23. 3rd gen glock legal?
  24. IMPORTANT: PPTs in San Diego
  25. Sac Area Members
  26. Price on Mag's
  27. Selling Firearms from California?
  28. SoCal Shoots
  29. Fun in Elk Grove
  30. nor cal shoot
  31. Legality question
  32. Bay Area Range
  33. Hi everyone
  34. +2 Mag Extensions CA legal?
  35. Last free shooting area in San Diego needs your help!
  36. Palo Alto police asking citizens to report gun owners
  37. Nor Cal Shoot 1.2
  38. Ranges near Santa Barbara?
  39. Indoor ranges Burbank to Hacienda Hts.
  40. Where to find 10mm Glocks? (OC)
  41. Firearm sale in California through Gunsamerica
  42. Orosco Ridge shooting area cleanup - April 28
  43. Let's go!
  44. Glocks in California come 2008
  45. New Proposed Calif. Legislation
  46. Fresno Gun Show
  47. Penalty for possession/use of oversized clip in CA?
  48. CCW help CA.
  49. Sacramento Area: CZ-82 9x18Mak's are HERE
  50. try turners outdoorsman
  51. 2007 Raahauges Shooting Sport's Fair
  52. 02007 Ruger Rimfire is this Saturday May 5th!!!
  53. gunsmithing
  54. Where to buy ammo in California?
  55. Gun show - Cow Palace
  56. Hey Sac. members...
  57. Legal Question
  58. Livermore-Pleasanton Rod and Gun Club BBQ--May 6th
  59. Thoughts on 10-round magazine restrictions in CA ?
  60. Where To Get Reasonable Price Guns In Socal
  61. Finally!
  62. San Diego benefit for wounded Marines
  63. Miwall Corp Warehouse Sale in June
  64. Going to Bakersfield and need a nice range...
  65. FFL Transfer prices for CA?
  66. out of state leo high cap?
  67. Gun Room in Elk Grove- Make it a Friday thing...
  68. gun show- ontario
  69. Is the Glock pistol set sufficent enough?
  70. VIRTUAL RALLY, Wednesday, May 23, 2007
  71. Cali Glockers w/out of state CCL
  72. Coverage of Carrizo Creek Range cleanup
  73. Bay Area Steel Shoot on Memorial Monday
  74. New Job
  75. OK in cali
  76. Walmart and Ammo
  77. free range??
  78. G29 in so cal?
  79. cordova
  80. G21 Sf....
  81. CALNRA: AB 362 Amended To Impose Background Check Fees To Buy Ammo
  82. sacramento secret range
  83. Good price for a CA legal AR-15?
  84. CALNRA: Bills Awaiting Senate Committee Hearings - CALL NOW
  85. AR15 trigger componets...
  86. HELP need gunsmith to install night sights!!
  87. CALNRA: Bills to appear in Senate Committee on 6/26 - CALL NOW
  88. Maravivov Gunsmiths in Woodland
  89. HR218 in California
  90. New KKM .40 conversion barrel for G29
  91. Any old KROQ fans from LA?
  92. Californian wanting to buy 21 SF
  93. Can I bring >10 round clips to CA?
  94. Picatinny G21SF In California?
  95. CALNRA: Responding to Tragedy: CRASS V. CLASS
  96. What ever happened to "ARM USA" in Fullerton?
  97. B&B Sales in Westminster and North Hollywood?
  98. Anyone in SoCal have a G27 for me to try out?
  99. PT1911's in Calif...???
  100. CALNRA: AB 362 Amended to Require a License to Purchase Ammo
  101. G21 SF on SALE!!
  102. 30 day wait...from start of paperwork or pickup?
  103. Open Carry in CA?
  104. Glock 21 SF NOT for sale in CA.
  105. San Diego - July 29 - Women on Target
  106. ALNRA: AB 362 (Ammo Registration/Licensing) GUTTED in Committee
  107. CALNRA: Upcoming Bills Before Committee (7/10) - CALL NOW
  108. SoCal Shooting Events 2007???
  109. Pre/Post Ban Mags...
  110. 10 days in the San Luis Obispo area
  111. Bodega Bay
  112. Avatar Picture?
  113. Shirt (dumb idea)
  114. Shipping parts to California??
  115. MP-5 at the range today..
  116. Need advice while camping in CA
  117. Glock for $479 in So Cal?
  118. Anyone get the CA legal G21 SF yet?
  119. Need a GREAT FFL dealer near LA.
  120. Looking for a 21SF with ambi and glock rail?
  121. Grit blast company in LA/OC?
  122. San Diego range/store recommendations
  123. what constitution?
  124. RRA Pro Carry legal in California?
  125. X26/taser(s)
  126. G21SF non-ambi available now
  127. Where to hunt deer in Angeles Nat'l Forest?
  128. gun share
  129. LA Area Transfers?
  130. A question for you guys
  131. Beretta 21A legal in California?
  132. ATTN: University Students! Support your rights!
  133. California Bay Area gun shops
  134. Turner's Advertises the G21SF again
  135. gun transport
  136. State of Utah CCW course in San Diego
  137. Glock High cap Mag in Kalifornia
  138. A steel shoot every Saturday evening and on Labor Day
  139. Can I carry "vacation"
  140. Fresno city/county residents....check this out
  141. gun show in fresno
  142. Utah CCW in Fresno Calif.
  143. Place to buy + install sights in So Cal?
  144. G17,19,22 & 23 on sale in So.Cal.
  145. Get on the phone; AB1471
  146. sell or stash?
  147. New Ca. law- better stock up now
  148. SLO Area Shooters
  149. San Diego area residents
  150. Might move to CA
  151. Urgent Action Request!
  152. Nor-Cal Night Sights installation places
  153. Condolences (microstamping bill & lead ammo ban signed)
  154. We did win one
  155. Glock Sale at Bullseye
  156. Pete Stark's Veto Comments
  157. Ca. 50rd. box max/month
  158. CA. Bay Area glocksmith?
  159. Turner's discontinued sale.
  160. Gun Clubs near Clairmont
  161. San Diego bathroom remodel?
  162. 21sf question
  163. Night Match Competition Shooting...
  164. Glock 10 round magazine trade offer for Cali residents
  165. Can't leave gun with CA gunsmith?
  166. Giving gun to california resident for Christmas
  167. ??? for California residents...
  168. Buying Glocks Online...Taxes?!
  169. might have to move to Kalifornia. But what about my weapons?
  170. Legal Places to shoot.
  171. 2007 GSSF Pistol Purchase Program in N. California
  172. Gun ownership q re California
  173. Cali FFL question
  174. Bay Area Dealers
  175. Legality of purchasing Hi Cap Mag and Bringing into CA
  176. Need recommend for good price shop in LA, CA
  177. Gun ranges in Nor Cal/Chico area
  178. Private party transfer question
  179. 2008 Take-5 World Rimfire Championship
  180. California gets 3 Appleseed Shoots for Spring 2008!
  181. new cali glock owner
  182. OK Cali Glockers.....
  183. Milpitas Walmart sale on WWB 9mm
  184. New club member checking in
  185. Sacramento ammo registry!??
  186. Hey Sacramento people....
  187. Howdy, any avid shooters in OC?
  188. Troubles purchasing a G30 (SoCal)
  189. Glendale Gun Show
  190. CALNRA: New Proposed State Legislation Posted
  191. Glock back-order from Turners in SoCal
  192. Trade for your G17 mag for my G19 mag?
  193. CA CCW permits.
  194. O.C. Anybody want to go shooting?
  195. Does the grip reduction on the 30SF disqualify it
  196. Glock carbines...
  197. Taser use in Ca.?
  198. G30 SF STILL not listed as authorized in CA
  199. Hello
  200. quick question?
  201. Fresno County SO's 4506
  202. Bay Area folks want to do a shoot at Chabot sometime?
  203. Handgun as a present (help)
  204. Good FFLs in the LA area
  205. Glock G30sf
  206. need your help for permit renewal WCGC
  207. LA Knife laws.
  208. Californians for Concealed Carry Rights
  209. So Cal. LA area
  210. cary in motorcyle
  211. Is Retting's Going Out Of Business?
  212. Urgent! Call and email your CA Representatives today to oppose ammunition licensing!
  213. Wolverines!!! (Active in my AO)
  214. Bay Area:Memorial Day versions of the Saturday Night Steel Shoot
  215. 30SF on CA DOJ approved list
  216. GSSFdiscount..
  217. CCW reform in San Diego County!
  218. New Glock owner with CA high-cap mag question
  219. Lead-Free Ammo sight-in day in Santa Barbara
  220. Glock High Cap. Magazine In California
  221. Oh ****!
  222. Vacation in San Diego. What to do with my gun.
  223. Just when you thought laws couldnt get any worse.
  224. Ok boys and girls...
  225. Attn: Calif gun owners
  226. AR15 in Commiefornia?
  227. Perata is going down
  228. Q about 21 SF w Picatinny, and California DOJ
  229. California gun laws and Texas
  230. When will the 30 SF actually be released?
  231. Visiting Cali
  232. Wouldn't it be great to see a whole bunch of CA Glockers all together?
  233. San Jose Gun Show
  234. For LA/OC Glockers
  235. Quick Q for those who applied for CCW
  236. Good glock deals in Southern Caliornia.
  237. CALNRA: Anti-Gun Bills Stalled in Committee for Remainder of Session
  238. trap shooting in San Diego
  239. .30 Carbine???
  240. Where to outdoor shoot in Socal?
  241. Process of buying "Net" to FFL in Southern California
  242. Miramar Air Show 10/3-10/5
  243. Any NorCal Glockers in here?
  244. Training
  245. 1st Annual Brad Moody Memorial Glock Match
  246. CCW in California... Not so good
  247. Sheriff begins taking away concealed weapons permi
  248. Gun show in December???
  249. Shops in San Diego
  250. Reed's