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  1. Indiana Shooting Match & Competition Announcements
  2. Blast from the past! Tony Kiritsis dead
  3. Please Do Not Post Ad Messages Here
  4. ISP G22 problems?
  5. Indy Revol posts OHIO no guns sign
  6. Indiana Open Carry Sightings.
  7. Forgive me, for I am sinning...
  8. Who is your favorite car dealer in central Indiana?
  9. Indiana State Police - unmarked Dodge Charger cruisers
  10. Lifetime permit wait time?
  11. Pro 2A get together
  12. Kokomo area range...
  13. Mmoja Ajabu front page news.
  14. Indiana Legislation Jan 2007
  15. Anyone heard about the missing Purdue student?
  16. Anybody in lafayette area go to north porter for IDPA?
  17. Where to find 7.62x39
  18. Class for UT permit in Indy
  19. Mark your calendars - '07 Indy GSSF
  20. Ft Wayne gun and ammo suppliers
  21. firearms storage facility
  22. IMPD Officer Shortage???
  23. IndyStar photo - replaces Soldiers and Sailors monument with superbowl trophy.
  24. Everybody....
  25. FFL dealers that dont transfer???
  26. Handgun courses/schools near Indiana?
  27. A few Colts arriving photos
  28. IMPORTANT! Meeting at IN Gov't CTR South 07FEB07 Re: Carry in the Statehouse
  29. Indiana Pacers changing name...
  30. Indiana Constitution Party
  31. DNR temp admin rule changes
  32. Where do YOU shop?
  33. Firearms safety course angers mother
  34. Anyone ever shop at
  35. Training opportunity
  36. good indiana defense lawyer for CCW incident?
  37. Good price on a GP100
  38. Snow
  39. Strange... Posted for the benefit of IPDBrad
  40. Another One Bites the Dust
  41. So you think it can`t happen here?
  42. Indy Star article: Background checks for purchases.
  43. Boycott Outdoor Life
  44. FFL Transfers in N. Indiana
  45. Concealed carry permit? Be ready to see your name in Star database
  46. Now the Brady Bunch wants to ban all centerfire rifles
  47. Quick, Hit this poll.....needs some help
  48. Anti-Gun Bills Shot Down In Flames
  49. LTCH expires 2/25/2007, what to do?
  50. Going to Louisville Show But ...
  51. BATF Gestapo strikes again
  52. Oh, fooey
  53. Are police shootings labled as Homicides?
  54. Homeless, mentally ill man spends 17 months behind bars for stealing soda
  55. Another UT LTC class 3/10/07 in Indy.
  56. Indy Guys, i'm moving.. suggestions?
  57. Where in Indy to sell knives?
  58. Proud Papa....
  59. Indy Area Gun Special!
  60. What to do in Lafayette of a weekend
  61. Glock Gunsmith
  62. Ammo sale.
  63. Woman dead, infant injured, safe stolen
  64. Sad News...
  65. pizza hut driver?
  66. Gunsite Training in Lebanon!
  67. CCW still not recieved !
  68. No more lifetime permits rumor??
  69. My AR porn, for the home team.
  70. Are there any anti-gun ordaninances in Sullivan Indiana?
  71. Some times my job just sucks.
  72. Funny observation this afternoon
  73. Help wanted
  74. Indy Star: Gun control bill DEAD
  75. Help identify this Police vehicle
  76. Brighthouse Customers...
  77. AR building party?
  78. Central-Indiana handgun 'smith work...
  79. HK armorer
  80. UT permit class in Indy 3/25/06
  81. Tactical Response - Fighting Pistol - Indianapolis
  82. Don Davis, helping make IN a national laughing stock
  83. Who's ramped up over DST!?!?
  84. Ft wayne gun show.... any good?
  85. D.C. Handgun Ban Reversed By Federal Court
  86. Where to buy Pearce G26 extensions locally
  87. Why no March '07 Indy 1500 thread?
  88. Defenseless Children
  89. Ok all of you Hoosier cookers...
  90. Well, I did it...
  91. Atterbury
  92. Lava Lamp and a Close Call
  93. Darwin Award?
  94. Is it true??
  95. Lifetime permit fees?
  96. Kentucky and Tennessee
  97. Has anyone only reapplied for a normal permit?
  98. Is tracer ammo illegal in Indiana?
  99. ISP dragging their feert issuing handgun licenses
  100. Where to buy Pelican cases?
  101. Question for KS Freeman
  102. Yay! Don is in the news again!
  103. I keep missing the 1500. When the next one?
  104. Indy Parks
  105. No carry areas?
  106. Boy Scout Troop needs target thrower
  107. Atterbury Pics
  108. What a crock....
  109. Rifle v. Shotgun, PA study
  110. Nappanee Gun Show
  111. April UT Class
  112. night scope
  113. jon boat
  115. Finally open carried
  116. New Marion County rule proposal
  117. New Plates, your vote?
  118. GF in trouble for carrying
  119. National City at 56 & Georgetown
  120. Rep. Steve Buyer's weasel words...
  121. Indiana Carry?
  122. Political Blog with Jim Shella
  123. Letter from my congressman.
  124. Does anybody know what range this is?
  125. Sycamore Valley Gun Club
  126. IU / Bloomington Ranges
  127. Palo Alto police asking citizens to report gun owners
  128. Crosley or Wilbur Wright DNR ranges?
  129. Marion County - Proposal 174
  130. INDY Star Poll for Anti Gun Ordinance
  131. Meeting to discuss Proposal 174 (SHOOTING BAN!)
  132. Free Tickets @ the "Little Nashville Opry"
  133. Attn. Hoosier HiPower fans...
  134. Indianapolis Ranges W/Classes
  135. state park carry
  136. What's the deal/scam with neighbor's perpetual 'dealer' tags on their cars
  137. Crime Control
  138. CRUSHED by The Newge . . . AGAIN!
  139. Any good gunshops to visit in Ft Wayne area?
  140. Gun Shop employees who act like they hate their job.
  141. Kimber dealer??
  142. Barber recommendations for Indiana
  143. Financial Advisor recommendations for Indiana
  144. The Star
  145. Indianapolis Animal Control
  146. Albro Guns
  147. What a contrast
  148. dnr handgun rules
  149. Could it happen here?
  150. Rose Thorn Editorial on RKBA
  151. Where do we go from here?
  152. Giuliani Flip Flops Again
  153. Utah Permit Class in Indy 5/5/07
  154. Too popular. ACLU Sues over Indiana's In GOD we Trust (OPTIONAL) license plates
  155. Another good one....
  156. Can someone cite Indiana code for front seat passenger age/exemptions/exceptions?
  157. Indiana Glckers SMACKDOWN
  158. 10-22 mags in indy??
  159. Who does CHEAP FFL transfers in the Indy area?
  160. Central Indiana folks...good info:
  161. Eagle Creek Range
  162. HOUSE ENROLLED ACT No. 1739
  163. Today's Problem...
  164. Eagle Creek Pistol Range open Friday evenings
  165. Open carry of a rifle and car carry of a rifle...
  166. Preventing the next Virginia Tech
  167. Pro 2a get together in NW Indiana?
  168. Are we in trouble?
  169. Couple of shameless plugs for ECPR
  171. Is this a paradox for IU?
  172. Beer handed out at Indy mini marathon
  173. Tombstone tipping?
  174. skeet around indy
  175. Gunsmith (sights) in Central Indiana
  176. House Bill 1739 signed by the Governor
  177. Indy Star: Dan Carpenter's Racism
  178. WooHoo
  179. Carry on IU campus
  180. What A Lovely Day at ECPR
  181. Pontoon boat
  182. Indiana law regarding antique firearms?
  183. Nice Home Defense
  184. Bill about guns in cars at work? Bill #?? cant find it
  185. On The Lighter Side....
  186. May 15, 2007 - Pop Guns closed - anyone know why?
  187. Woo hoo!
  188. Michigan Carry?
  189. Gun Give Away - VA
  190. Reloading Supplies in Kokomo
  191. Indianapolis Zoo
  192. Open carried on Wednesday
  193. Plainfield shooting supply
  194. May 22 - City County Vote
  195. Buy a Firing Range...
  196. Indy Star ... Statehouse Regulations
  197. gun ban on state gov't campus
  198. I'd like to see IN do this: Ban red light cameras and photoradar
  199. Death Motorcycle rider.
  200. Indiana Firearms Resources?
  201. June 2007 - Indy 1500 Thread
  202. Tuberculosis...?
  203. Mayor wants Ban on Pit Bulls in Marion County?
  204. Carry at the Hammond 'festival of the lakes'...
  205. Albro's new neighbor
  206. IPDBrad(or anyone else).. Parking Ticket Question..
  207. looking for a place to shoot on the north side
  208. Where are the long distance ranges
  209. OT - 4th of July Celebrations
  210. Question on statute of limitations
  211. Night Sights
  212. Ok...who dun it?
  213. Indy Star: Don Davis (Don's Guns) suit against police (sting)
  214. Bart Peterson Replacement
  215. IMPD needs more officers?
  216. Soon to be resident of Indiana
  217. Getting short....
  218. Started the process to getting my permit!!
  219. Do they send out a renewal letter or anything for LTCH?
  220. lafayette area FFL who can help ship USPS for small fee
  221. Let's Play a Little Friday Afternoon "Caption This"
  222. Cabelas might go in near Gander Mountain in Greenwood, Indiana
  223. Southport (IN) man 'pulls' gun in gas station confrontation
  224. weapons manufacturers moving to indiana
  225. And Now For a Little Confession...
  226. SOLD OUT!!!! by the NRA
  227. Want to try a different concealed piece...thinking Taurus...
  228. CCW, changing address
  229. IDNR re: carbines in pistol calibers
  230. School Property
  231. Prop 174 is dead!
  232. F1 Race
  233. Finally ! Gas at $2,89 down from what $3.50+?
  234. IndyStar gun link:
  235. Eagle Creek/Fighting Pistol Class 6/16-17
  236. Lest We Forget - Today 6/14
  237. USPSA - Indy State match this weekend...
  238. What's the law on having gun in car when non-LCH adults are present?
  239. Indianapolis - Live map of emergency responder runs....
  240. IRL winners get 6-shooters!
  241. IN fixed blade carry......
  242. Fighting Pistol class AAR
  243. Anybody working the Indy GSSF Shoot?
  244. Indiana Aerial Photo posts
  245. Indy - outdoor public ranges
  246. Indy I-465: sharp uptick in State Police parking/radar usage.
  247. Bugatti Veyron in Indianapolis
  248. Ugh, Property Taxes
  249. Amnesty back to the floor.
  250. Marion County Fair Demo