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  1. Where in TX are you?
  2. Where do you buy your guns?
  3. The *New* Lone Star Glockers Official Member Number List!
  4. Upcoming Texas GlockTalk Shoot (August 6) Roll Call!
  5. Please Do Not Post Ad Messages Here
  6. Lone Star Glocker Shirts Ready To Go
  7. Thursday night shoot at The Bullet Hole Shooting Range, this week Hogan's Alley 4/27
  8. New Glocker in San Antonio
  9. Possibly moving to Texas... help
  10. We can carry in Kansas now
  11. Here is a link for Texas Legislative bills status
  12. Help on Austin local gun shops.
  13. Austin members: UT on-campus Rifle & Pistol Club needs coaches!
  14. CHL turn-around in under 60 days.
  15. Rapid fire friendly gun ranges in Houston area?
  16. Shooters Edge in Wax.
  17. Need help finding reputable tat artist
  18. Castle Doctrine Update
  19. "Texas CHL Holders: How Long Have You Had Yours?"
  20. Texas/New Mexico Reciprocity for CHL
  21. CALL or WRITE your legislators--not just email
  22. Carbine Match Saturday Austin / San Antonio
  23. Castle Doctrine Alert from TSRA
  24. A show closes on Broadway
  25. Mesquite rodeo show.
  26. Action required! Contact legislators
  27. Bad experience at Alpine range
  28. IDPA Classifier Saturday AUSTIN/SAN ANTONIO
  29. Gunshow in Houston this weekend
  30. Anybody need a mountain bike???
  31. Cross this Moat and Suffer the Consequences
  32. Delete Me
  33. Gun safe dealers in Houston area
  34. I'm from ohio, how could I carry in Texas?
  35. Have you had to defend yourself and get a lawyer?
  36. Looking for an FFL in Plano?
  37. IDPA or other shooting sport in DFW?
  38. AWB II TX rep priorities: Rep Gohmert (1st Dist) Rep Jackson-Lee (18th) -write them!
  39. Welcome Nebraska
  40. FFL Transfers in Houston, TX
  41. FFL in Houston
  42. Want a Hog Hunt near San Antonio
  43. Dallas Area Ranges
  44. Best place in SA for an AR???
  45. Want Deer Lease Near SA
  46. Texas DA's Ignoring the Law
  47. Report:: House Law Enforcement Committee meeting yesterday
  48. Report:: House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee hearing on HB284
  49. new to site
  50. Attorney General opinion: Public Information Act and Public Records
  51. Castle Doctrine (Dallas Morning News - long)
  52. Mountain Creek Ranch
  53. Important legislation filed by Rep. Carl Isett
  54. Training Sites...
  55. Saxet show location
  56. Additional Castle Doctrine Information
  57. 51%
  58. Got My new G21SF today.
  59. Relocating to TX / DFW
  60. Dallas zoo 30.06?
  61. Remember The Alamo
  62. New gun shop for ET glockers
  63. 30.06 at Sea World San Antonio?
  64. Ralph's Range
  65. gunsmith in san antonio
  66. Conroe Gun Show
  67. Important Votes in Texas Legislature
  68. Where to zero an AR15?
  69. help and or recommendation on Gun Club
  70. Castle Doctrine Approved by Texas Senate. Now . . .
  71. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Wins Major Victory for Gun Owners:
  72. Carry Chambered in Texas?
  73. Visiting College Station end of March
  74. Ok...... What do you think....
  75. Anyone seeing Willie & Merle in Austin this weekend?
  76. Corinth?
  77. San Antonio
  78. Castle Doctrine Bill Now Ready for Governor's Signature
  79. Workers' handgun bill passes Senate panel
  80. Moving to Victoria, and then Corpus
  81. Minnesota recognizes TX (reciprocity)
  82. Castle Doctrine in Texas now LAW!
  83. Where in texas has a good selection of AK-47s?
  84. Wanna go to 59 Gun Range (Houston) this week?
  85. DFW Gun Show Schedule Update (04-07)
  86. Live Oak gun show
  87. Live Oak gun show
  88. Place for surplus Glocks in Houston, Texas?
  89. Recomended Gun Stores in Dallas/Ft Worth
  90. The Blue Bonnets
  91. Wanted: Lease near San Antonio
  92. San Antonio Fun Shoots
  93. I'm Upset Boys--Even a Touch Offended
  94. Need TX truck advise
  95. Anybody work with leather???
  96. Texas Regulations
  97. Where do you shoot in Houston Area?
  98. anybody around the Columbus, Schulenberg, Hallettsville area
  99. Concealed carry law.
  100. Wilson Combat CQB
  101. Visitin San Antonio in June--what to do?
  102. Legislative Update
  103. LoneStarHandgun Classes
  104. Locked & Unloaded
  105. Austin/San Antonio IDPA Match Sunday
  106. Happy San Jacinto Day!
  107. Gunsmithing in Houston
  108. Used tires in DFW
  109. Pro-Gun Bills Need Some Assistance
  110. AK Gunsmith?
  111. Looking to shoot 1st IDPA match--Dallas
  112. Texas Gun Shows
  113. Public land for squirrel/rabbit hunting?
  114. Favorite Places to camp??
  115. Hotel advice on Riverwalk?
  116. Any interesting gun stores in Brenham, TX?
  117. Transfers in Dallas
  118. Time from issue to receive CHL
  119. Perry: Texans Should be able to Carry Anywhere
  120. Immigration Rally in HOUSTON
  121. Carbine Shoot Austin/sanantonio!
  122. saying hey
  123. 17 Day Turn Around for CHL Renewal
  124. Joining Lone Star Glockers ?
  125. Super quick CHL renewal
  126. Need DFW CHL class recommendations
  127. Concealed Carry Permitted
  128. Taco Cabanna-30.06
  129. Thinking about retiring to Texas
  130. Moving to Dallas
  131. Houston area
  132. Texas: Bill protecting IDs of gun owners heads to Perry
  133. Plinking/carbine range near DFW?
  134. CHL holders, act NOW!
  135. Anyone in the Galveston County area?
  136. Temple, Tx question
  137. Women-oriented chl class inSA/Austin TX?
  138. Fort Worth/Dallas Gunshop with discount???
  139. TexasTactical - IDPA Match Sat - 5/19 (AUS/SA)
  140. Clarification of Traveling with a Handgun Up for Vote
  141. Is Alamodome in SA 30.06
  142. t shirt
  143. After Iraq, Texas!
  144. TX CHL holders! Call your representatives, SB534 is out of committee!
  145. Anyone shopped at Carroll's in Wharton?
  146. HB 1815 just passed the Texas Senate, too!!
  147. CHL Instructor Question
  148. Corpus Christi ranges..
  149. Mesquite Rodeo.....
  150. IDPA TX State - Roll Call.....
  151. Open Carry
  152. Long Ranges around San Antonio
  153. Moving to TX in 2 weeks.. How to handle pistols?
  154. New Member
  155. looking for a vehicle...
  156. Arlington and Mansfield area gun shops.
  157. Thinking about moving to Austin
  158. Status of the Gov Perry's idea to loosen rules for places you can CCW??
  159. competition
  160. milsurp shoot out?
  162. Mayor of Hurst in Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Coalition
  163. Dallas Ninjutsu
  164. Oops
  165. Are there any sniper shoots?
  166. Range recommendations in S. Texas
  167. Can Texans Secure State Borders?
  168. Range next to George Bush Tollway
  169. Pics of 7-leg demon from Hell - dialup suicide
  170. AUSTIN/SAN ANTONIO IDPA MATCH Saturday 6/30/07
  171. New to Houston
  172. Robbed!!!
  173. Is it really cheaper to buy a new gun at the gun show?
  174. Upcoming Trip!
  175. New Traffic Laws as of 1 July 07
  176. We took a walk on one of our trails this morning - dialup warning
  177. Please let the Saxet Show Come back to San Antonio!
  178. Houstonians and those familiar with Houston will appreciate this
  179. Want to get a handgun.
  180. Ranges south of the metroplex ??
  181. Lamar Smith Sold Out The 2nd Amendment
  182. OK to carry in Fair Park (Dallas / DFW)?
  183. Recommendations on a company that sells gun safes in Houston?
  184. chl renew wait time
  185. My kids went on a little photo safari in my yard this afternoon - dialup warning
  186. Mark your Calendars for Sept 30th! Huge match in San Antonio
  187. Houstonians- Here is a good lawyer to protect your rights!
  188. New Gun Purchase
  189. Trying to get my father-in-law here to TX
  190. Rain rain...
  191. Houston indoor ranges that let you shoot rifles
  192. Any gun stores near E. Carrollton/Plano area?
  193. DAPS IDPA cancelled 7/25?
  194. planning a trip need some advice
  195. CHL wait time.....
  196. How Do You Send Email to TSRA?
  197. Did anyone get to the Mesquite gun show today?
  198. Saxet Show
  199. Dallas area FFL for transfer?
  200. Class III Dealer in West Texas
  201. AUSTIN / SAN ANTONIO Carbine Shoot Saturday
  202. Membership
  203. ATF Agents at Ft. Worth Gun Range
  204. Alamo Friends of the NRA banquet
  205. Anyone Know TONE?
  206. Live Oak Gun Show, SA
  207. Need an Attorney
  208. Garland Public Shooting Range in danger
  209. River City Match!
  210. posted in DFW
  211. 1911 gunsmith
  212. gp gun range
  213. Hot Wells Shooting Range in NW Houston
  214. FFL Dealer recomendation in Houston
  215. ATTN University Students: Support your rights!
  216. Texas Tactical
  217. Is the Will Rogers show worth going to this weekend?
  218. Austin / San Antonio Idpa Match Sunday
  219. FFL dealer in S. Arlington/Mansfield Area
  220. Where can I host a match?
  221. shooting ranges in Austin ?
  222. Colts For Sale in DFW?
  223. Castle Doctrine effective TODAY!!!
  224. Need CHL packet from TX DPS or not?
  225. No Concealed Carry in the Following Locations
  226. Hello and a ? - What is the best place/price to find a G19 in DFW
  227. San Antonio Knife Fighting???
  228. Texas does it Right !! (SB112)
  229. Where to buy AK/SKS in DFW
  230. Another multi-legged demon from Hell in my garage!!!
  231. Handgun Hunting Question
  232. Saxet Gun Show, how is it?
  233. Gun show this weekend?
  234. New laws
  235. CCW training in El Paso?? Where?
  236. Scene in San Antonio /Dicks Store
  237. San Antonio Gun Shops?
  238. San Antonio Gun Shows
  239. Gun Show 15th/16th in DFW?
  240. AUSTIN/SAN ANTONIO IDPA MATCH Saturday 9/15/07
  241. Need hunting near San Antonio! Help!!!
  242. Got all my glocks - now for the Revolvers - DFW
  243. Sks
  244. MAST SOLUTIONS Pistol Training In Houston Sept. 22
  245. FFL License
  246. LEO/Attendee Encounter @ Gun Show
  247. Cheap .40s&w in Friendswood
  248. 6ppc
  249. Gun Show at Market Hall in Dallas, Sept. 22/23