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  1. best place to get frontline or advantix
  2. dog is eating grass
  3. Long distance rescue
  4. NYC: cat rescued after 14 days behind brick wall
  5. (WARNING: Disturbing content) Pics of animal abuse
  6. Tomcat in the spring, how long do they wander off for?
  7. World's tallest dog
  8. Mauser, shiloh shepherd update
  9. Patellar Luxation
  10. OK, this is a gross one...
  11. Adoption: How old is too old?
  12. For GlockGirl 26
  13. bad week
  14. Cat musk????
  15. Pic.....my 2 fearless warriors guarding against vicious squirrels & birds
  16. New Puppy
  17. Meet Baily
  18. Bio-Spot vs. "vet brands" of spot-on flea meds?
  19. Home from the hospital
  20. Kitty Porn
  21. It's a cat's life...
  22. gratuitous huge dog picture...dial up beware :D
  23. Dog Day at the Park (many pics)
  24. Help before i kill my wife's cats
  25. dog urinating in house
  26. K-9 Graduation Day
  27. Tour de Cure for my dog. Is it too much?
  28. Help Save Lewis!!!
  29. What name to pick for AKC registration?
  30. Oooooo! Puppies!
  31. Meet Ghillie
  32. Kitty litterbox behavior: Male vs. Female
  33. If you have a German Shepherd dog.....
  34. Our Cassie is gone
  35. Mauser: 6 months 86 pounds
  36. What is chewy?
  37. World's smallest kitty
  38. CAT PIC CONTEST: Please vote for my boys Max and Milo..........
  39. Flea and Tick prevention
  40. New Babies
  41. A different day at Rainbow Bridge
  42. "Bella The Kid" -- Funny pic I just took of my great cat...
  43. Who let's there pets sleep with them?
  44. Fishing for blousing straps
  45. Falcon Cam: This is pretty cool
  46. How could you?
  47. Tha arrogance of youth
  48. Adopting a Stray Dog: Bad Idea?
  49. Puppy learns to swim.
  50. A couple pics of my critters...
  51. Yellow Lab Thread!
  52. Dog plucks boy from raging river
  53. Strange dog
  54. Any other rattie owners?
  55. Bakersfields newest dog
  56. Two of my children are sick
  57. jake the golden retriever poem
  58. Rescued GSD needs muscles toned.
  59. Human Deramax?
  60. pics
  61. Of interest to dog owners: Cesar Millan Official Site
  62. My Cat Won't Stay Out Of The Sink>!
  63. tagged by
  64. Baby Dog
  65. Rare pic...
  66. Pumpkin Peeking
  67. Night hunter
  68. Happy Birthday Peeky!
  69. They're up to something.
  70. Lets see some dog pics
  71. Cat rasslin
  72. My new baby
  73. Box Training
  74. Indestructible Crate Pad/Bed for our GSD
  75. My wife and I had to put down our best friend tonight
  76. Picture posting problems
  77. Gsd ???
  78. Is this a real Lab (and should I keep her)?
  79. Neat pic for the cat lovers
  80. prayers for lewis
  81. Caught my dog sleeping in my spot beside the wife
  82. Great Pyrenees puppy
  83. Rabbit Flea Control
  84. Tabby cat to bear: "Get off my lawn"
  85. Dog attacks our dog - what next?
  86. I'll give this a try
  87. Sick Dog Please help
  88. The dog's got rythym
  89. GSD collection
  90. Protection training...sort of
  91. GSD question
  92. After Much Deciding...
  93. Leash Training Help
  94. My wife got bit today
  95. Dobe foster homes needed
  96. Cat care tip
  97. R.I.P. Eddie
  98. Got the pup back from the vet today [surgery]
  99. training my GSD
  100. My Dog Still Bites Me
  101. Hey, GlockGirl 26!!!!!
  102. hi i need some votes please/
  103. I'll miss him greatly...
  104. spade or not
  105. i said goodbye to my little buddy today
  106. My allergies are becoming very sensitive to our cat.
  107. Off-leash training
  108. Goldie's Eight Fabulous Puppies
  109. My new family member
  110. Help! Dogs digging up plants!
  111. Owl in our tree
  112. Mange Treatment?
  113. My latest save...
  114. My beautiful Gypsy is getting feeble...
  115. Hitting the Kitty lotto
  116. Lick lick lick....
  117. Cant have too many doggie toys.
  118. Scarlett's Gone to the Great Playground
  119. Newfoundlands
  120. Fleas this year.........are they bad or what????
  121. Don't keep your Turtle tank too close to the TV!!
  122. Photo Finish!
  123. puppy shock
  124. New baby at empty pockets ranch
  125. training video's
  126. When to take kittens from their mother?
  127. Lookie here
  128. Creepy Crawly Pet
  129. I need a name!!
  130. Feeding schedules...
  131. E-Collars
  132. Eye drainage, Boric Acid...
  133. Check this sucker out....
  134. Death of a Pet
  135. Shaving a dog...
  136. Does your dog go to work with you?
  137. Puppy pulling on lesh
  138. Puppy Pulling on Leash
  139. had to put a dog down today :(
  140. Postage stamps for animal lovers
  141. Funny Cats
  142. Kitty Midwife of the Year award
  143. Recommend dry catfoods for YOUR feline loves
  144. Doggie Depression
  145. Undercover kitten killed by car
  146. Looking for a home
  147. Our New Kitty (Cute picture warning!)
  148. We have to putdown a Cat today
  149. sometimes your first cat is an adjusment...
  150. The Sun Set on our Molly Cat.
  151. What the...?
  152. Please raise a glass.......
  153. DC's gettin high
  154. Scientist: Dolphins are stupid
  155. Chinese Crested
  156. Im through!!!
  157. new addition
  158. Another sad thread
  159. Went to the vet this AM
  160. Happy, sad, unusual experience.
  161. This kitten news piece will melt your heart
  162. some help please
  163. Just lost my best friend
  164. Treadmill
  165. Beware of Gorilla Glue
  166. For GlockGirl26:
  167. Rescuers carry O2 Masks for Pets
  168. Just found out...My dog can't swim!
  169. Central Texas protection dog club
  170. Behavior question
  171. Steve Irwin. aka. Crocodile Hunter.
  172. I may have to put some weight on the aquarium top
  173. leaving a cat for 3-5days maybe 6 days
  174. Should I?
  175. I found the best toy for a cat
  176. My male cat likes to eay laying down ...
  177. Napa winery greeter dogs
  178. ATTN: misskitty5077 and Gloc kGirl26:
  179. Coonhound mixes?
  180. Okay my cat has very very bad breath
  181. I have 3 Dogs
  182. Internet medical resource for dogs?
  183. Poll: Which snake should I get?
  184. I am taking my dog into the vet for the last time today...
  185. Any dog behavorists on here???
  186. Looking for doggie backpack
  187. My wife wants to get rid of our GSD rescue. Need some input please.
  188. Both of my boys need surgery
  189. How many have Parrots?
  190. wanna see some pics of my pup?
  191. [B]Want a Quilt to Help Abused/Neglected Dogs?[/B]
  192. Want a Quilt to Help Abused/Neglected Dogs?
  193. 16 week old baby AMSTAFF
  194. R.I.P. Ginger
  195. Yes, we did need another hole in our head - Our New Papillon Pup
  196. My cat is my hero
  197. Lost one of ours.
  198. Meet Chuckles!
  199. my cat went to the vet and now he's throwing up
  200. Canine Lymphosarcoma
  201. RIP: my Golden Retreiver - Bear
  202. Cat allergy question?
  203. Too Cute!
  204. Sick Dachshund
  205. Storm zee vunder dog!
  206. My cats are killing me!
  207. Canine Acute Lymphoid Leukemia
  208. My future in-law's dog....
  209. Rottweiler Picture Thread
  210. Anybody here have a miniature pincher in the family?....
  211. Heroic dog saves woman
  212. Question for any Lab owners.....
  213. Weimaraners anyone?
  214. Our dog Hank!
  215. Looking for guard dog that is good with children.
  216. Smart Dog
  217. Can I Let my Cat be an Outside Cat?
  218. Help with a Quote re: Animals and Children
  219. Stinky dog ears...
  220. Sick Dog... help!
  221. Want to adopt an Aussie or Mini Aussie from rescue
  222. Help...I don't know what to do. I'm lost
  223. For you K9 lovers!
  224. New puppy alert!
  225. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  226. Prayers needed!
  227. Funny cat picture thread!
  228. Boo!
  229. Armed and female
  230. Do dogs cry?
  231. Question about protection dogs.
  232. Best. Puppy. Pic. Ever...
  233. Sick Dobe needs help!
  234. New Cat Problem........
  235. Bad Manners at the Dog Park...Help
  236. Dog Fighting ?
  237. Flea dirt, but no fleas????
  238. I am playing mommie kitty...
  239. anyone have halloween pet pics??
  240. My dog is lost
  241. Dog itching constantly
  242. Cats in the Christmas Tree!
  243. Boston Terriers
  244. German Shepard Lovers
  245. New Baby in Memphis
  246. My cat did something to damage his eye
  247. need help, sick puppy
  248. Wierd wiskars on a toy Yorkie
  249. In loving memory ... GSD Bruno - 10/29/2004 - 11/20/2006
  250. Eukanuba National Championship, Dec 2nd & 3rd