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  1. The furminator
  2. The Marines and Dogs
  3. best dog brush ever
  4. Meowing Cat
  5. Funny pet vids
  6. Pic's of my Parrots
  7. Need help with a barking dog
  8. prayers needed
  9. Does mange hair loss grow back untreated?
  10. New Puppy Announcement
  11. Small dog owners
  12. My dog is shaking..
  13. my boy misses me
  14. Holy Shed!!
  15. New GSD Puppy
  16. There was a squirrel in my house today...
  17. Goodbye Bubba, You were a great friend
  18. Stupid shedding question... (Dutch Shepherd)
  19. Buster kitty injured or sick
  20. Snip Snip!
  21. Bulldogs had pups
  22. heres few pics of my snakes
  23. Unusual or Exotic Pets?
  24. Our Pets and Heaven: a brief rambling for Woof's Corner
  25. My miniature husky's.....
  26. Miss Jetta went to puppy heaven
  27. New North Texas dog boarding!
  28. A test that'll prove that a dog is man's best friend...
  29. What Kind Of Dog Is This?
  30. Anyone else peruse petfinder.com?
  31. Want a dog; how to get the husband to want one too?
  32. Forum list red X image
  33. Any Great Dane owners
  34. advice for sick cat
  35. www.elitek9.com???
  36. I just got a 10 week old GSD!
  37. check out this commnet made by a fellow gter
  38. For those with large dogs...........
  39. Help with giving kitties their meds
  40. I need them to stop. help!
  41. Breed Recommendaton Please...
  42. ShedEnder de-shedding tool for dogs & cats
  43. New dog laws in Anderson SC!!!
  44. my doggy has bumps
  45. Tapeworms...
  46. Meet my duck
  47. what are your tactics for deturing a neighborhood tomcat from peeing on you doorstep.
  48. Puppy rescued after drifting at sea, scavenging on Pacific atoll
  49. Kitty goes hitech
  50. Dog vs wild pig, kind of.
  51. Advice for fostering?
  52. Has anyone seen...a dog dyed dark green?
  53. Loss of a special friend..
  54. Missing miniature pincher
  55. Border Collie is herding the small kids...
  56. Revolution - prescription??
  57. Question for Tuxedo owners
  58. Mysterious rash on my dogs
  59. Baby rabbit.... I mean BABY... HELP!
  60. Pic's of your dog(s)...
  61. Bladensburg Fire Dept. - tribute to a friend
  62. Any Brittany owners/trainers out there?
  63. Had to let my dog go
  64. Here we go again - baby duck
  65. Golden Retriever just had a seizure!
  66. Frontline Plus vs. K9 Advantix
  67. Hopefully not inappropriate cat question
  68. Herding dogs, anyone work them.........
  69. Can you tell me what breed my dog is??
  70. Hey OBX!
  71. Intestinal Worms
  72. Giving a cat liquid medication: film instruction
  73. Opinions on rat terriers?
  74. Thoughts & Prayers...
  75. Guys I'm pretty upset
  76. First show
  77. Your dogs "special" toy
  78. Fence Jumpers, what's worked best to stop them
  79. My GSD pics
  80. We got a GSD pup today.....
  81. Are apples and oranges bad for my puppy?
  82. Cat Scat in Flowers
  83. Cane Corso.....Italian Mastiff
  84. my lil pups
  85. Help please.....
  86. Cytaux in Domestic Cats
  87. Anyone own or had a Walker / Hound?
  88. Kitty had a big day on Friday
  89. Putting down a pet
  90. My Dog Lido Weight Pull Champion
  91. Anyone buy their dog food in bulk?
  92. Goodbye Tracker...
  93. Any suggestions of feeding after surgery
  94. GSD/Collie mix?
  95. Military dogs
  96. Kitty sick after vet visit
  97. My Dog
  98. hey tj & platz, kickin' the tires on a 2000. whatdaya' think?...
  99. My loyal family member!
  100. dog recommendation
  101. dog shedding ....any tips ? !
  102. Hollistic treatment for cancer?
  103. Cats - driving me nutso!
  104. Please help me find breed with these traits:
  105. Peticure
  106. Burying our Indy today
  107. Lost dog reunited with family after 6 1/2 years
  108. Got a new pup
  109. Pet Promise cat food????
  110. Newly Adopted Pup
  111. copperhead behavior
  112. Prayer request for my kitty
  113. algaecide in dog pool
  114. Lost a special friend this morning
  115. my little girl got attacked today
  116. From a cold cement floor to a warm home tonight
  117. Updates on our new GSD pup
  118. Dog Trick Training DVD
  119. Help! One of our cats is refusing to use the liter box!
  120. My two pitbulls.
  121. Cat angry at his brother for being away.
  122. Dogs and Home Alarm Systems
  123. Got my dog back this week!!!
  124. Updated photos of the animal control pup
  125. Anyone want kittens?
  126. Heat Stroke
  127. Pork for dogs, is it okay?
  128. cats fleas....any ideas ?
  129. Talk About Loyalty
  130. Canine first aid kits
  131. The pause that refreshes - pretty cute
  132. Prayers needed
  133. Sprinklers and GSDs
  134. GSDs and cats...
  135. My Schipperkes
  136. Up for adoption in N.E. Ohio
  137. Heroic Dog!!
  138. My new Dobe
  139. cat on benadryl
  140. Goodbye Old Friend
  141. Do you have a rockin' dog or cat?
  142. Any small breeds as good as a Lab?
  143. More cool cat stuff
  144. Platz
  145. Puppy Training
  146. dog chews!
  147. Too smart for her own good
  148. Cats & Guns
  149. Flea treatments for dogs
  150. What kind of bird should we get ?
  151. Siberian Husky Needs a Home(North GA)
  152. The wifes new Rottie
  153. Latest kitten pictures
  154. Anyone deal with Histiocytosis tumors in their dog?
  155. Rugar lost his fight :(
  156. Goodbye my little friend :(
  157. :( Bad news on Aries
  158. Gotta vent
  159. Canidae changes their formula--anyone tried??
  160. Another PET FOOD RECALL
  161. Prayers Needed
  162. Vanity
  163. How do you feel about animal breeders?
  164. Anyone have any idea what to do for kittens?
  165. Oh noz! I think I has a doodle...
  166. Removing cat urine from papers?
  167. Older Lab and unhelpful vet
  168. More pics of Abbi our GSD pup
  169. GSD Heart Murmors?
  170. Turkeys, not really pets, but interesting
  171. My new foster.
  172. Ramsey and Pablo...
  173. Standard poodle pup
  174. My little ranch dog buddy Charlie :(
  175. had to say goodbye to Little Dog
  176. Black Lab having seizures
  177. flea remedy ....
  178. We lost Enzo
  179. My new Kitty
  180. Powdery dander?
  181. Our rescue kitties
  182. Whats the best way to break up a dog fight
  183. GSD proof soccer balls??
  184. I think we have a BIG ONE!
  185. Foster help: large bump on the head.
  186. The swimming shepherd, photos
  187. Isn't it amazing how attached we can get?
  188. Very cool beds for cats and small dogs
  189. Any other Malinois here?
  190. Need help identifying new dog.
  191. GLOCK Cat
  192. My Patriotic puppies.....
  193. health advice for dog....
  194. "Angel" the pit bull story doesn't end happy yet.
  195. Little Monster
  196. A question for cat people...nursing cat needs help
  197. Bird people - adopted a bird last night (pics)
  198. Name The Thanksgiving Cat Contest!
  199. Amazing Malinois Starvation Recovery
  200. Adopted a Border Collie
  201. Fastest dogs alive!!!
  202. Mal-Puppy SNOW videos!!!
  203. How long before kittens are ready for solid food?
  204. Dog risks life to save best friend
  205. Our kittens......growing fast.
  206. So much for the dogs new bed...
  207. german chihuaha
  208. How to stop my GSD from play biting?
  209. Cheap pet/vet supplies
  210. My new kitty Ruger
  211. Cookie monster
  212. Labrador Seizure
  213. Funny police dog story
  214. Please Help...New kitty
  215. Any Feist owners on here?
  216. Calico Cat needs a home...NE Indianapolis area
  217. Dog pic.
  218. We Lost Our Buddie Today - He Is In Heaven
  219. My vet looks like Demi Moore
  220. Getting another Pit
  221. My Pack!
  222. Dog Bone cancer and my GSD
  223. Up for adoption
  224. Parakeet question
  225. My bird thinks he's pretty hot stuff
  226. Cat Blogging
  227. Dwight Kitty
  228. Meet Macy
  229. pics of our dogs
  230. Kitty doesn't purr
  231. A few new kitty pics
  232. Fishtank owners--do you use a canister filter?
  233. Litter Training Outdoor Cat
  234. R.i.p.
  235. Heart Warming Story
  236. Need puppy help! advice
  237. Cat in the ER ICU
  238. Owning more than one dog inside.
  239. Please Vote for My Doberman
  240. My dog died suddenly this morning....
  241. Who do dogs do this?
  242. Lets see your apbt
  243. Kitty not acting herself
  244. Does a trachea show in X-rays?
  245. Goodbye, Tara
  246. Lena update (was Kitty not acting herself)
  247. Kitty lost a claw.
  248. Anti-Barking Device
  249. Oh man!!!
  250. My cat is very sick