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  1. I'm enjoying ....
  2. A compliment received
  3. Did you know we have a celebrity here at the S&C?
  4. Partial rep squats?
  5. Dl q?
  6. Crossfit Portsmouth NH
  7. Tried Low Bar Squats...
  8. Bumper plates....
  9. Post Workout Nutrition
  10. IF--a single data point
  11. 70s big
  12. Ouch!
  13. Hands feel arthritic after lifting
  14. Genetics and Strength Training Results
  15. WSM 2009 (Spoiler)
  16. Best exercises to help with improving squats?
  17. To Fat To CCW / Weight Loss Support Group
  18. Forget DOMS. I got the IOMS.
  19. Changing up my workout to a more full body type. Critique/advice?
  20. Random Inspirational Videos
  21. Simmons on Olifting
  22. Bruised and Confused
  23. Anyone Have Any Ham and Glute Accessory ......
  24. Gaining weight to get stronger.
  25. Low Bar Squats
  26. Embarrassing but true.I'm a weak squatter & I'm starting over from scratch.
  27. Ha ha ha.... I did hamstring curls
  28. Allen Baria Benching bodyweight (275lbs) for 50 Reps, Pretty impressive!
  29. Pulled abs! Ouch!
  30. Do you work out when exhausted and/or have distracting personal issues?
  31. My "gym" sucks even harder now.
  32. Two weeks off due to illness was not conducive ..
  33. Big Cliff Benching 600+
  34. Two must see videos!!!
  35. Don't Be That Guy
  36. lose lovehandles?
  37. WL Shoes -- are these OK?
  38. sugar settles the stomach?
  39. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Post your latest workout results here.
  40. Konstantinov is fking brutal!
  41. Must See Video!
  42. Q? Squats, flexibility and low back pain...
  43. Paleo Boy
  44. Happy Thanksgiving Wishes.
  45. NoGo AWOL?
  46. God bless MySpace Angles.
  47. Glock Talk Fundraiser Contest
  48. Turkish get-up with HUMAN kettlebell
  49. On Programming - opinions sought
  50. School Me on Weight Lifting Straps
  51. Hey Teacher Brad.
  52. Just a friendly reminder to not let your pride get you hurt.
  53. Best OTC supplement for working out?
  54. Who's over 40 and still bangin' away?
  55. That's it--I'm dropping back squats forever and wish I'd never done them
  56. Questions about the military press and the proper range of motion.
  57. My new thoughts on conditioning....
  58. Starting Strength Injury Rates Table
  59. New super Ghetto strongman event.....
  60. Videos:"King of the Bench III" and "Clash of the Titans II" PL competition
  61. Stalling on linear progression -- now what
  62. My push sled is famous.......
  63. Rippetoe's forum has an interesting new article upů
  64. Merry Christmas to my S&C Friends
  65. Sweet!
  66. Controlled Labs White Flood
  67. Neat video -- polish olifting training
  68. Do any of you guys ever do any speed work?
  69. I puked all over the gym floor! :)
  70. My New Years resolution is to do cardio(ugh). What's yours?
  71. 5/3/1 q?
  72. So is it unanimous?
  73. I saw a NordicTrack, used, for $199
  74. Who says Pro Bodybuilders aren't strong? :)
  75. This thread is cracking me up.
  76. DBD, where did you get your belt?
  77. Proper attire at the gym--how best to handle this?
  78. Got my TK bands
  79. Good Squat Video, Man has some serious strength for his size!
  80. Cool workout
  81. I guess I don't get to go to the gym today.:
  82. It's gettin' hot in here.
  83. Muscle food
  84. I purchased a treadmill to use
  85. Any relation?
  86. Starting "Starting Strength" on Monday
  87. In Which We Discuss The Coming Diet Craze
  88. Hitting the gym when you're exhausted
  89. Equipment feedback...
  90. Hey DBD, how long did it take...
  91. Took the leap today.
  92. FWIW, I have stopped running until...
  93. I am so special.
  94. Knee Sleeves
  95. New workout
  96. Foam Roller
  97. SNOW Day!
  98. motivation to win?
  99. and so it begins....
  100. Breaking news
  101. Testosterone and Vitamin D!!!!!!!!!!
  102. Been back at it about three weeks now, but........
  103. Oh, Brother???
  104. Job Physical Fitness Test
  105. New basment addition.....
  106. Which factor is more important?
  107. My S&C Friends
  108. Dinner
  109. Don't miss this one
  110. Broad jumps, anyone?
  111. Food advice, physical conditioning.
  112. Paleo for Athletes?
  113. March Madness
  114. Ortho Visit Today -- bad news
  115. Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
  116. Recommend a free fitness diary/log-?
  117. Finally did it!
  118. Workout Music
  119. Please recommend a good Multi vitamin...
  120. Ortho Visit (cont'd)-
  121. Hospitalized due to dizziness/vertigo.Thought it was going to be much worse
  122. Drop Sets?
  123. Convict Conditioning
  124. It's as if on que.........
  125. What are you eating post workout?
  126. THE LIST! Cool gyms you either have worked out in or want to workout in.
  127. The Arnold starts today...
  128. Starting the Paleo Diet see how it effects training
  129. This is almost getting annoying...
  130. Boston Bound GTers?
  131. Perhaps a legit use for a squat bar pad?
  132. CJ's Barbell Only program
  133. exertion headaches
  134. Happy Easter!!
  135. Papa John's 10 miler
  136. Getting fat,time to slim down & lean out.Dieting and doing P90X w/my wife.
  137. Anybody ever have this problem?
  138. Soy, Milk or Water?
  139. For which health probems.....
  140. Amazing, out of town this week...
  141. Conditioning for women?
  142. Does anyone have plans for a good deadlifting platform?
  143. Heavy Bag Workout
  144. Powerlifting history: When did the bench press become the "belly press"?
  145. Bench on a Smith rack?
  146. People who whine about chalk in the gym
  147. life after p90x/p90x+
  148. Tarp drag
  149. Pull Ups
  150. I saw her at the gym yesterday...
  151. Scored some serious iron today!
  152. too much cardio?
  153. "There are no stupid questions,just stupid people who ask questions" thread
  154. post shoulder surgery recovery
  155. Home Gym Floor Covering
  156. Dumbell Olympic Lifts?
  157. New program? I'm about to get ridiculed...
  158. Happy Memorial Day
  159. How y'all doin', or WHere have you been???
  160. Casein protein
  161. work-out at home
  162. The never ending quest............ for chalk!!!!
  163. Two Words:
  164. Finally Got Fed Up...
  165. Someone asked me to help them with their form. The results.
  166. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  167. Dedlivtz: I r doing it right!!!
  168. Happy 4th
  169. To the dooosh wearing the Baby Gap tee...
  170. Battling Ropes, Holy Smokes!
  171. Ortho Second Opinion
  172. Deep Tissue Massage - ever try it?
  173. How to combine bench press & push-ups?
  174. May I pick your brains?
  175. New guy, simple questions.
  176. I'm SO pissed!
  177. Diet, I hate this part. Suggestions.
  178. Pose, Chi, or Evolution Running.....
  179. Starting Stregth
  180. Jackfit 5/3/1
  181. Had My C6 Nerve Root Injection
  182. Input needed re: possible change in workout schedule
  183. Had My Bilateral L5 Nerve Root Injection
  184. Treadmill calories burned vs using a HRM
  185. Anyone know where I can get a good bench for a decent price?
  186. Brilliant!
  187. Labor Day Weekend
  188. Workout and Supplementation
  189. I just realized...I'm a fatass.
  190. Conditioning, what are your Benchmarks?
  191. Does anyone know what T-Tapp is?
  192. For those of you who have squatted high and low bar, step in.
  193. Checkin' in
  194. ITT: Tell me about using a heavy bag for conditioning
  195. Body for Life Weightloss Thread
  196. Stupid shoulder.
  197. What do you think is the most overrated supplement(s)?
  198. Wendler 3 Days per Week....
  199. Pyramid Challenge
  200. In shape
  201. I ordered the CoC No1 today
  202. Anyone here have a Personal Trainer certification?
  203. I hope DBD is OK.
  204. Exercise theory hilarity - post funny/stupid things you've read here
  205. interesting interview with a S&C coach turned educator
  206. Handy links relating to injuries.
  207. On-line equipment thread...
  208. Mother... of ..... GOD!!!!!! EVERYONE needs to check this out..............
  210. Steinborn Lift
  211. OK dudes, time to man-up ...
  212. Connective tissue injury
  213. Is that a paleo doughnut?
  214. What's your favorite and least favorite exercises
  215. Met-Rx
  216. Tuuurrrrkkkkeyyyy!!!!!!!
  217. Reverse grip bench...
  218. Possible gym etiquette fail? Long
  219. Kick boxing match
  220. Hahaha.
  221. What the .... ?
  222. Merry Christmas, you meatheads.
  223. dadgummit!!!
  224. P90x
  225. Reebok ReeZig's
  226. Insulin resistance, testosterone, etc.
  227. May I be the first to wish you..
  228. Weight loss 2011 thread
  229. Runkeeper Pro -- free for iPhone users this month
  230. After months away ...
  231. Oxymoron ??? thought you would all enjoy this ...
  232. Another injury...I am so lucky
  233. Didn't even know this subforum was here
  234. do you keep track of your progress?
  235. My Program
  236. Clean and Press/Push Press/Jerk
  237. 20 rep Squats
  238. I have concluded ...
  239. I Tried Burpees Today!
  240. Plantar Fasciitis
  241. Critique my workout routine
  242. Thinking of Changing my Workouts
  243. the perfect sit-up has anybody ....
  244. Tabatas.....Kicked my butt today
  245. Triathlon
  246. Carbs are bad!
  247. Vegetarian bodybuilder?
  248. GOMAD: will chocolate milk work?
  249. A couple of miscellaneous squat questions...
  250. Wit and wisdom of Mark Rippetoe