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  1. Has Turbo disappeared again?
  2. Individual workout logs for everyone?
  3. BCR's workout log.
  4. Jack's 5-3-1 Log
  5. Gonna feel that in the morning (WO Log)
  6. Pro's Log
  7. Weaksauce is the best sauce. (Scream's workout log)
  8. Satan's Foam Roller
  9. DBD's Ghetto Spartan Training Log
  10. What am I doing wrong? Ideas for stretching and warming up prior to running
  11. Don't want to, but it is time to miss some workouts.
  12. Chopping simulation
  13. Anyone have any good sumo DL links?
  14. Curl boys at the squat rack
  15. Trying to work out. Advice?
  16. Log: My road to recovery
  17. Howdy
  18. Accurate body fat measurement.
  19. Looking for a few good men
  20. What the heck is wrong with my hormones?
  21. I am going to try something new and very different....
  22. Ab workouts
  23. Anybody have insanity DVDs?
  24. Wendlers 5-3-1
  25. Dotsun's 5-3-1
  26. Happy Memorial Day Weekend to S&C Forum!
  27. Recommend good knee sleeves.
  28. Benedikt Magnusson is unfking real!
  29. TR's log
  30. Lifting over 40.....
  31. Burpee Mile
  32. Way Informative Dan John Video
  33. Gym Idiots
  34. Diesel Weasel ...
  35. So you guys think you're bad?
  36. Gotta add some #'s to the BP, 5x5 question
  37. Crossfit- haha
  38. Crossfit Berlin
  39. Weight lifting days are over?
  40. Anybody use elbow ice pads after lifting?
  41. How jacked is your kid? Businessweek article
  42. Name that knee injury (not mine!)
  43. Read and critique this 5/3/1 format. Tell me what you think.
  44. New Rip Article on Muscle Cell Suicide
  45. I am lost....
  46. My new 5/3/1 training log.
  47. BJJ jumping and running
  48. Double unders
  49. First massage...
  50. Good mass building diet?
  51. Four Hour Body - Book
  52. P90x
  53. Another good score...
  54. Pull ups
  55. RIP Vasily Alexeyev
  56. Burpees
  57. Detectorist's training log.
  58. need some help
  59. Which treadmill to get?
  60. 3 days in a row
  61. Bulk then cut effective?
  62. Any ideas on increasing your range of motion?
  63. Running shoes
  64. Does perfect pushup work?
  65. Looking for good mass building routine and diet outline...
  66. BodPod and BF Testing
  67. My Sumo experience
  68. Guess I gotta take the good with the bad
  69. Book suggestion
  70. Mass building diet question
  71. In which we learn the C&J from Tommy Suggs
  72. Rest day food.
  73. I decided to ditch my paper logbook
  74. new to forum
  75. Rollerblading
  76. Anyone read a Muscle & Fitness lately?
  77. I have a confession to make.
  78. New to forum; don't even know where to start!
  79. Speak to a physical therapist when you have a problem
  80. Need adivce, pretty new to lifting.
  81. No pain, no gain...
  82. Total Gym
  83. Post the dumbest workout advice you've ever heard.
  84. Cool Down??
  85. Double progression
  86. Kettlebell!!!
  87. Bicycle for desk
  88. Cut Workout
  89. Bicycle forums?
  90. Form Check Thread
  91. Gut Binder or compression band
  92. Fat Gripz
  93. Beginner Workout Schedule/Routine?
  94. What is this work out called?
  95. Embarrassing - help me learn to deadlift!
  96. Cardio with a streetstrider
  97. I did it!! Intermediate goal reached.
  98. Is less really more?
  99. Starting weight for Starting Strength novice
  100. New personal best
  101. Progress has been made!
  102. It's rough getting back into it
  103. Fitness Challenge
  104. Stan Efferding 1 arm 500lb deadlift
  105. eric spoto 645lb bench for 4 reps RAWWWWW
  106. Summer 2012 Power Pyramid Challenge
  107. When does the pain end?
  108. Grip problems?
  109. Swim or weight lift
  110. Crossfit
  111. Muscles, strength, & endurance
  112. "In Shape"
  114. Where are you on the global fat scale?
  115. Plateau in fat loss----Better workouts?
  116. Max heart rate
  117. Amino Acids
  118. Olympic javelin thrower's workout
  119. ball for a chair
  120. Anyone experienced with Stephen Korte's 3x3?
  121. Gotta love 20 rep squat sets
  122. Guy wearing weight belt
  123. Where there's a will, there's a way!
  124. Suicide grip?
  125. IPhone app "strong"
  126. This is interesting; a "cooling" glove
  127. Questions with the knee soreness
  128. Attention S&C Regulars.... Prof D says Hello
  129. One way to squat and pull in the same workout.
  130. My home gym
  131. Recovery from workouts
  132. Eric Spoto 705LB RAW Bench with pause
  133. Forgive me brothers, for I did "sin"
  134. Bench press, back twist and some music...
  135. 5-3-1 deadlift help
  136. Spartan Beast
  137. Well folks its official there are officially 3 men benching 700 RAW!
  138. Does anyone on here work out any more?
  139. Has anybody else been moved by this movie?
  140. Anyone else like Hex Bar deads?
  141. To BCR and any other Vet here on the S&C
  142. Herniated disc and lifting-anyone do so?
  143. bob's texas method log
  144. Ok, here's my log..
  145. It's me (for a while)
  146. Your goals for 2013?
  147. New short routine.....
  148. Any of you folks do bent rows with an underhand grip?
  149. $100 weight bench with weights?
  150. How many days rest before deloading for squats?
  151. CrossFit
  152. Forearm pain while Curling
  153. Thought you guys would find this humerous
  154. Question about weight machine routines
  155. You all ever felt totally spent after a workout?
  156. Schwynn Windrigger rowing machine
  157. Workout planning help...
  158. Injury update
  159. Body weight exercises
  160. Passed my NASM certification test today...
  161. burpees
  162. "Diet detective" interviews Lou Schuler
  163. intermediate full body training
  164. Adjustable kettlebell
  165. Stretching for squats?
  166. burpees
  167. Attempt to revive a once great forum...
  168. Programming for higher reps?
  169. Log: Fat man in funny shoes tries Olympic weightlifting. Hilarity ensues!!!
  170. My Workout Log
  171. Work Out Log
  172. Diesel Crew Shoulder
  173. No log? No problem! What did you do today?
  174. MRT testing?
  175. Stretching?
  176. Eggs
  177. What are your numbers?
  178. I'll take "Hammer Swings on Big Tire"
  179. Oh no, who needs Xfitter now that we have Goruck!
  180. I'm 5-3-1-ing my son.
  181. Encountered a real idiot at the gym today.
  182. Best "Gym" Stories
  183. Whatever happened to........
  184. You ever were too tired to work out but did so anyway?
  185. My butt hurts...
  186. One bad thing about lifting weights that I'm getting very hungry!
  187. You know you're serious about working out when..
  188. Creatine
  189. 7 days without training makes one weak.
  190. Curls!
  191. School me on Whey Protein and creatine
  192. An interesting story (I think)
  193. RIP. The once great S&C
  194. Statins for a third of US adults!?!
  195. Van Damme Split Video
  196. Upper back exercise after maxing machines and dumbbells?
  197. "Hunger Games: Does intermittent fasting really work?"
  198. Many children 'slower runners than their parents were'
  199. Happy T-day fellow H&Fers
  200. Accountability check.....
  201. British Study: Never too late to begin exercising
  202. Study: Effects of diet and exercise on chronic disease
  203. Barefoot/natural/minimalist running
  204. 21 Reasons Why Exercising is a Terrible Idea
  205. Barfmees
  206. HIT (from the UK Daily Mail)
  207. Weight trainers, tell me about cardio...
  208. Merry Christmas, GT S&Cers.
  209. Happy new year!
  210. How are you tracking your workouts?
  211. do any of my S&C brothers have a .........
  212. Food for on the go
  213. CFer Horrible Back Injury
  214. Glenn Pendlay on programming
  215. Broscience and Dom Mazetti
  216. Just found this forum today
  217. Aspirin lower heart rate duuring exercise?
  218. Looks like I need to work on my math skills...
  219. Help finding a powerlifting belt
  220. I've been in a lifting program for 4 months
  221. Home made paralett bars
  222. Happy Birthday Zyzz, RIP BRAH
  223. Strength training, basic question.
  224. Supplements?
  225. flys and bench press.
  226. Diet and weight gains.
  227. Abs!!!
  228. Neat Article on Starting Strength
  229. Gym Fail Video *VERY FUNNY!*
  230. Work out when tired?
  231. Did some wind sprints a couple of days ago...
  232. Fitness as we get older - an essay.
  233. Crossfit Games
  234. Getting Off My Lazy Butt: Starting My Fitness Journey....Again!
  235. Squat and deadlift versus Swiss ball
  236. Getting Off My Lazy Butt: Update #1-Bumps In The Road.
  237. trying again.
  238. back exercises
  239. BattleFrog
  240. AF Marathon
  241. CJ -- they've debunked it!
  242. Diet pills
  243. Seasons greetings to all in the ol' S&C crew!
  244. Cro$$fit
  245. Squat
  246. anyone else try the wheel of torture?
  247. Anyone following the CrossFit Open?
  248. This place is too quiet....