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  1. Welcome To The Health & Fitness Forum
  2. Thanks to Eric and lifting question
  3. Whats your Exercise program like?
  4. Post your bike!
  5. Diet?
  6. Soggy Bottom Boy
  7. A Good Road Bike for Under $500?
  8. Soreness After Exercise?
  9. Supplements
  10. How much protein
  11. Kettlebells
  12. Burning Fat Question.
  13. Failed bench press for physical, Need Help
  14. Mangosteen? Natural remedy...
  15. BMI and Weight
  16. Male long dist. cycling problems
  17. Shin Spilts and Running.
  18. home gym pic thread
  19. Glutes Workout?
  20. standard army pt test, best way to improve
  21. Increase your grip strength.
  22. Anybody tried bodyweight exercises?
  23. ZMA?
  24. Food questions.........
  25. "Ready, Set, Go; Synergy Fitness" by Phil Campbell
  26. Hit
  27. heel spurs
  28. Press?
  29. My calves need help!
  30. I want to drop weight, cannot go to gym...
  31. Keeping Motivated
  32. Best Nordic Track Treadmill?
  33. Help with exercise form
  34. What exercise do you loathe?
  35. Stuff to help newbies
  36. Yes,I am a parts Ho
  37. Fitness Walking
  38. Losing weight
  39. Protect your bike.
  40. Post Your Favorite Fitness/Training Links
  41. Fitness keeps your brain sharp
  42. Periodization Vs. Conjugate Training
  43. Elbow pain
  44. Body Type/Fitness?'s
  45. Proper way to max out?
  46. Treadmills and Running
  47. where u guys get your supps from?
  48. offering my advice/knowledge
  49. For lifting 3x a week, what is better, total body, or group?
  50. ateamer and Others Interested WSB
  51. 21 and looking at Law Enforcement - Need to Get into Shape, Can you field my ?'s
  52. Advice on eliptical trainers
  53. Exercise Bike
  54. Matt Furey Combat Fitness
  55. We're finally not on the VERY bottom!
  56. honey and viniger
  57. honey and viniger
  58. Cross border shopping for flu shot
  59. What's you weight training schedule?
  60. Pains while running
  61. Supplement for general health
  62. bent over rows
  63. GNC Mega Mens Vitamins-how good?
  64. Needing advice on some workout program ideas....
  65. Calculating Max from reps
  66. fitday
  67. Working out while sick with flu/cold?
  68. Any Strand Pullers Here?
  69. Neoprene knee braces (non-hinged) actually work?
  70. Can you help me with a workout rutine & supplements?
  71. best cardio for fat burning ?
  72. Problems Snoring.
  73. Cross Training
  74. The challenge begins!!!
  75. Do you use a Heart Rate Monitor?
  76. Lactic Acid
  77. Angry at myself
  78. Websites cal.burned cal.per.serving
  79. Pedometers?
  80. Losing weight and getting into shape
  81. TotalGym
  82. Home Gyms
  83. Healthy lunch or not.
  84. Shin Splints
  85. anybody have a bowflex?
  86. abbs question--cable crunches
  87. Exercise, Vitamins and Mental Health.
  88. Best Places to buy Supplements
  89. Been a bike-shopping freak
  90. Now that's a type of squat I've never seen before!
  91. Give us your best workout to Whack the Back
  92. How much protein do you get per day?
  93. Do products like CortiSlim work?
  94. Help me with my ABS and Back workout
  95. I can help
  96. Whey -vs- Soy
  97. heave lifting herniated muscle
  98. Favorite Workout Song??
  99. Jumping rope for cardio. Any tips?
  100. What's the best green tea supplement?
  101. Creatine...effective? side-effects? dosage?
  102. How do I get rid of love handles?
  103. Here is my workout. Please critique.
  104. Protein or calories more important for lean gains?
  105. best kinda push up
  106. TOTAL it!
  107. Nitric Oxide
  108. Protien Powder
  109. Booze
  110. 1 Barbell Exercise for the Entire Body?
  111. Need Suggestions for a good Smith Bench
  112. Get on the Ball
  113. Side Ache While Running...
  114. USMChq's Boot Camp Fitness Program...
  115. Sit-ups - cross-legged against the wall?
  116. abs roller?
  117. Muscle Milk
  118. Stat from Runner's World Magazine
  119. How to build strength but stay small?
  120. Is cardio ok right after upper body workout?
  121. Buying a bike and I need some opinions
  122. Just brushed the dust off my bike for the spring...
  123. share some healthy recipes
  124. Help...Trying to build endurance/strength
  125. Anyone into diving? Advise
  126. Hired a trainer
  127. New to fitness. Need help, I have goals but not sure how to obtain them.
  128. Trikke
  129. Anybody else here hit some caffeine before their workout?
  130. Westside Questions?
  131. Meal help.. im HUNGRY!
  132. What other types of lifting should I be doing?
  133. Martial Arts for fitness training?
  134. Apple Cider Vinegar Question.
  135. I've been out of the 'game' for a couple years and need to catch up...
  136. post-workout muscle twitches
  137. Bicycling Mileage Charts?
  138. Heart rate monitor watch
  139. Symmetry?
  140. Alright Lets See Your Before and After Pics.
  141. beverages that taste good with protein powder
  142. Power of 10!
  143. Sunglasses at the gym?
  144. Study Cautions Runners to Limit Intake of Water
  145. Great news for me anyways.
  146. How to interval train with weight lifting?
  147. End the Ban..........................
  148. Animal Pak
  149. Recumbent bike vs Elliptical trainer
  150. Shorter rest between sets? Good or bad?
  151. Need Doc Advice
  152. Getting back in shape, how does this look?
  153. Supliment questions/suggestions
  154. Treadmill vs track
  155. Realjitsu Mats
  156. stomach exercise
  157. What supps you guys take?? and a piss test question
  158. Gain mass and still have Cardio
  159. Is old Ephedra ok to use?
  160. personal trainer certification?
  161. Six packs?
  162. Bike 10,000 Miles so far this year?
  163. Bench pressing.
  164. No cardio after lifting???
  165. forearms
  166. Thoughts on this article? Weight training Vs. Cardio
  167. Benching one rep max
  168. Early morning workouts......
  169. Battling the effects of daylight saving
  170. Men envy me
  171. all around fitness
  172. What's your favorite nutrition bar?
  173. Supplements and Articles Web Site
  174. How many here use RedLine?
  175. What to do with keys, wallet, cell phone at gym?
  176. The best way to cut weight is to....
  177. thanks
  178. Gym Hottie Girls = Motivation!
  179. How often to work out?
  180. When and what to load into the system.
  181. Thoughts on Redline VPX?
  182. Gym Equipment question
  183. Upper Chest
  184. need to bust a gut!!!
  185. Cool Link For Powerlifters and Old Schoolers
  186. Dumbell routine - please critique!
  187. creatine questions
  188. weight vest
  189. Need to gain some weight
  190. OK you muscle-bound monkeys - what's your resting heart rate?! :)
  191. I hate running.
  192. ON's 100% Whey Cookies n' Cream...
  193. Warrior Diet
  194. Gatorade is false advertising
  195. funny gym stories?
  196. How many different vitamins can you take at once?
  197. need help on a workout program
  198. What are some more high protien low fat foods that are good?
  199. Help from some cyclists please
  200. No Motivation, New Workout until My Attitude Gets Better...........
  201. Anyone use Glutamine?
  202. Two on and one off? Or three on and one off?
  203. Getting in shape for bootcamp!
  204. Anyone throw the javelin???
  205. Back Exercises
  206. Fibromyalgia
  207. Motivation . . .
  208. Any Treadmill Queens Here?
  209. Best way to strecth my hamstings
  210. Ever had heel spurs?
  211. Question on supplement mix
  212. Treadmill or Elliptical??
  213. Question about ideal program for fat loss.
  214. Hello
  215. WOW! I got weak in a year!
  216. Protein shakes with or between meals?
  217. Brought me home a bowflex, now I need workout recommendations.
  218. San Diego fitness help?
  219. No-Xplode!
  220. Walk, Run, or neither. I Need a cardio workout.
  221. Wide Benches
  222. Some fitness questions
  223. Runners: help/advice needed!
  224. pulled a muscle
  225. Calorie counters
  226. Is Rexall any good?
  227. Committing to the Boston Marathon!
  228. Oxydrene
  229. Joe Weider abroad...
  230. need cop workout help
  231. "Resting" Eyeballs, before eye test
  232. I've got a running injury, not sure what it is
  233. more bodyweight stuff
  234. Train to failure or not?
  235. pain in the foot!
  236. Leg press question
  237. Anybody use a Polar Heart Rate Monitor?
  238. Anyone with Total Gym???
  239. Mountain Bikes
  240. So is that M1T stuff really as good as roids?
  241. Goal met, now to next phase.
  242. Anything better than creatine?
  243. Waist size questions
  244. I'm starting today
  245. Belts for lifting
  246. New Strength Sport!
  247. heave lifting
  248. So are you a roid head if you use prohormones?
  249. L-Arginine and running
  250. Muscle Stiffness