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  1. Update on: New sights on G19 today.. trip to range.
  2. TRUGLO night sight falling off
  3. Question for owners of LG-619 Crimson Trace Lasergrips
  4. Warren Tactical Sights
  5. Question for users of CT Lasergrips on Glocks
  6. Aimpoint Question
  7. Rear Sight choices?
  8. Yet another sights question: rear sight held on by allen-screw?
  9. open Mepro rear sight--how much?
  10. Interesting Failure On A Glock 19 Gen4 With Streamlight TLR-1
  11. Night sight recommendation
  12. Truglo Tritium vs Glock Night Sights
  13. Width of factory sights
  14. Night Sights
  15. Lights and The Gen 4 G23
  16. Help me pick a tripod for my spotting scope.... please
  17. Glock adjustable sights?
  18. Trijicon warranty..
  19. Fair price for Glock 30 w/night sights
  20. Truglo Tritium vs Glock Night Sights
  21. What Sight Pusher for AmeriGlo Defoor Sights?
  22. Need help with removing some Tru-Dot night sights (G27)
  23. Glock 36 rear sight height
  24. AmeriGlo I-Dot New Option-#202
  25. Installing TruGlo Fiber Optic Sights
  26. What's the verdict on Burris scopes?
  27. BSA scope question
  28. Orange Ameriglo Proglos
  29. Orange Ameriglo Proglos
  30. A little help with Trijicon "scopes"
  31. Kudos to Primary Arms!
  32. Glock night sights VS Meprolight?
  33. Added a Streamlight TLR-2 to my G23 now feed problems
  34. Best value variable turret scope for $250?
  35. Ameriglo Pro Operators
  36. Co-witness and the T1
  37. Shallow "V" Rear Sight
  38. Clean weaponlight...what do you use???
  39. AmeriGlo GL433 "Hack" sights install and pics.
  40. AmeriGlo warranty?
  41. a few questions about warren tactical sights
  42. Removing G34 Rear Sights
  43. Which sights for my G19 CCW?
  44. Ameriglo Ghost Ring Night Sights vs. XS Big Dots
  45. Newbie aiming, sight allignment question...
  46. Best light for a G29?
  47. Opinions: Streamlight TLR-3 Compact Tactical Illuminator
  48. Lasermax or Crimson Trace?
  49. NcStar red dot(s) help with mounting a new one
  50. Primary Arms M4 red dots?
  51. Aneriglo Sights
  52. Glock doing away with factory N/S?
  53. Changing to night sights.... How difficult?
  54. Changing to night sights.... How difficult?
  55. millet red dot
  56. Burris Fastfire peculiarity
  57. What color night sights?
  58. Glock .40 S&Ws don't like lights?
  59. Sight removal tool
  60. Which Scope Mounts for AR-15
  61. What type of scope should I get for these rifles?
  62. Anyone have Advantaqge Tactical Sights?
  63. Walther PPS night Sights,,aftermarket?
  64. Do other sights fit Glocks?
  65. Glock LED Light??
  66. Anyone have a Lasermax Uni-Max Micro?
  67. Swarovski vs Bushnell
  68. G26 night sight question
  69. Those of you with XS Big Dots...
  70. G17 mounted flashlight?
  71. G26 baby light rail?
  72. novak fiber optics / viridian laser
  73. Crimson Trace ?
  74. Need help with an OLD 1970is Tasco Riflescope
  75. Night sight DEALS thread
  76. Binoculars?
  77. Scout Scope Recommendations
  78. CR2 Batteries in Bulk $1ea. Where to buy ???
  79. Leupold VX-3 opinions
  80. What front sight for use with FastfireII?
  81. Best mini red dots BESIDES Burris Fastfire/Leopold
  82. Vortex Sparc
  83. Ameriglo I Dot Pro
  84. EOtech - is it supposed to look like this?! WTF?
  85. 3x9x42 Nikon Monarch vs Ziess Conquest
  86. .22 - 3-9x or 4-16x ???
  87. Crimson Trace vs Surefire X400
  88. What rings n nat should I get to mount my scope?
  89. Pros/Cons of owning the Glock Sight Installation tool.
  90. AmeriGlo Poll. Please Vote!
  91. Tru Glo?
  92. Stock sights vs night sights-accuracy
  93. Rail mounted lights causing FTF's
  94. G26 night sights
  95. Glock tactical light and night sights
  96. Glock tactical light and night sights
  97. Budget scopes?
  98. G17/22 frame mount for Aimpoint??
  99. Black sights: Heine vs Defoor vs Sevigny.
  100. i know i know not again - night sights
  101. How long do the inserts in Glock factory night sites last?
  102. Installing night sights ?
  103. Night Sights
  104. Leupold Deltapoint? Anyone seen one up close?
  105. Heinie Ledge?
  106. Glockmeister TruGlo NS $38.16
  107. Which scope for prairie dog hunting?
  108. 10-8 rear with XS front?
  109. New Sight Question/Opinion
  110. LE Glock--Steel Sights
  111. Anybody run this setup??
  112. Right hand, left eye dominate problem.
  113. Your Opinion on Glock Ghost Rings
  114. Mepro vs. Glock night sights-whose better?
  115. Scope for M4A3 Configuration
  116. Cleaning Tactical Light Lens
  117. Big +3 for Ameriglo CS (Long)
  118. Truglo
  119. Scope suggestions for my Thompson's Contender handgun?
  120. Anybody have experience with Seekins?
  121. Crimson Trace Lg-436 Question
  122. Codes on Glock night sights?
  123. Aero-Tek Ghost Ring Sights with XS Big Dot
  124. Best light for g23?
  125. anyone with tfo sights
  126. Adsjustable sight recommendations
  127. Red dot magnifier
  128. Goshen Hex Sights
  129. TLR1 problem.
  130. Night sights and install costs
  131. Glock Tac Light Flies Off G23 Under Recoil
  132. TLR-1 Battery change.
  133. T.A.S. Sights
  134. Ameriglo GFT-113 Sights?
  135. Anybody here have a CT laser grip on your glock??
  136. Red Dot on a Glock?
  137. Lasermax Guide Rod Systems for G19
  138. ultrdot 4 30MM:
  139. Leupold UltimateSlam
  140. Butler Creek flip covers for Bushnell scope?
  141. cheap light/laser?
  142. Need Heinie Sight Help In Houston
  143. Glock factory, trijicon. or xs big dots.
  144. surefire x300 or x400?
  145. Optic options for my Colt 6920
  146. Widening rear sight?
  147. Sig Sauer STL-900L Tactical Light/Laser
  148. Crimson trace laserguard for Glock 19 G2
  149. 10/22 shooting way too high
  150. Warren tactical sight question.
  151. Scope for SOCOM 16?
  152. The best night sights and why?
  153. Glock 21/22 rear sight height question
  154. Sight help for G19/G23 ???????
  155. Rear sight
  156. Heinie straight 8's on glock19
  157. Was going to change out the stock sights on my RTF2 G17 but...
  158. Best value laser sight for a brand new Glock 17?
  159. Ameriglo Hacks on Sub Glock
  160. How does Leupold DeltaPoint mount to Glocks?
  161. NIGHT sight or Crimson trace laser, OR BOTH????
  162. Cheapest Place to Get Heinie Sights
  163. opinions of viridian C5L or X5L?
  164. What do people have against the plastic factory sights?
  165. 10 yard poa/poi
  166. Glock 36 shoots high
  167. Santa please
  168. Blacking Out Rear Sight
  169. Put Tru-glo's on USP 9mm, now shoots high?
  170. Adjustable target sights on a G34
  171. Gen4 G22 & G23 Reliable with Tac Light?
  172. Just got an aimpoint compm4s
  173. Heinie Slant Pro sights
  174. Leupold DeltaPoint On My Glock 19
  175. DP and Champion adjustable rear sights
  176. Trjicon or XS Big Dot?
  177. Fiber Optic Sights Install
  178. Using a Bore laser to adjust a Crmison Trace Laser?
  179. Primary Arms 1-4x Scope, first impressions...
  180. need night sight recommendation for G34 / G35
  181. best riflescope warranty and/or customer service
  182. Trijicon for G19 4th Gen?
  183. Night sight question
  184. Tru Glo TFO/ Tritium and Fiber Obtics....
  185. Glock 21 with Lasermax for 425
  186. Night sight removal
  187. Glock 17 and Burris fastfire and slide lock
  188. Insight M6
  189. Glock Night sights?
  190. middle length screw for front suppressor sight?
  191. picatinny rail
  192. 10-8 Performance Sights
  193. Optic + Red Dot + Laser: sighted-in at???
  194. Fiber-Optic Front sights...
  195. TA31RCO-M4CP on a 20"? AKA using a ACOG for a 14.5" on a 20"?
  196. Question about TLR-2 laser on a G-17
  197. Gen 4 G23 test
  198. Glock 19 G3 or G4 and night sights
  199. Combining front sight with rear sight from different makers?
  200. Light to mount on G21?
  201. CT Laserguards and 4G Glocks, good news for the 4G G26
  202. Ameriglo discount question.
  203. How wide is the Glock factory front sight?
  204. Sight install tool question
  205. Post day & night pics of your night sights here
  206. Gen4 subcompacts: night sights an option?
  207. I-DOT night sights?
  208. Pick one: Streamlight TLR-2 or Surfire X400
  209. Sights advice for CCW G26?.
  210. Best Price on TLR-1?
  211. Questions about Glock night vs. Meprolight night sights
  212. Changing my sights
  213. xs big dots vs straight eight/I dot sights.
  214. "SightMark" Sureshot Reflex
  215. G17 Gen 4 with Viridian laser.
  216. Glock front sight tool help.
  217. Problems with Mepro rear sight.
  218. Factory night sights
  219. New Glock 19 Sights for GSSF
  220. GEN4 Lazermax
  221. Glock's plastic sights sturdy?
  222. Lasermax Guide-rod for G36
  223. Night Sight Interchangability
  224. Ameriglo sights installation, Loctite - Red or Blue?
  225. Used Glock 23 Night Sights....clean?
  226. Just orderd some night sights. Opinions welcome :)
  227. Ordered some Operators
  228. Possible to put Truglo TFOs on G36?
  229. nikon m-223 vs leatherwood hi lux cmr
  230. Surefire X300 ,,, Best price?
  231. AmeriGlo Discount Code for GlockTalk Members
  232. RTF G19 sight question
  233. Ruger rear sight
  234. Night sights.
  235. AmeriGlo/Glocktalk 20% Discount
  236. WWII German binoculars
  237. I am really liking my Truglo TFO Y/Gs
  238. primary arms magnifiers and also mounts
  239. Advantage Tactical Sights
  240. New AR-15 sight suggestions please
  241. Red dots and old eyes
  242. Bargain front sight tool
  243. What laser and or light combo, G23?
  244. Streamlight TLR-2 or Surefire X300?
  245. Streamlight - Zero-Range adjusting - newbie
  246. tlr-3 loose switch
  247. Review of my Primary Arms micro reflex sight (and it's issues)
  248. Night Sight Recommendation
  249. IWB for Crimson Trace LG-436 on my gen 4 23???
  250. prices on TruGlo TFO sights