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  1. "Hello, my name is ..., I live in ..., Florida"
  2. Florida Glockers Club Number - post request in this thread
  3. Gutmacher's analysis of Florida's new law.
  4. Please Do Not Post Ad Messages Here
  5. The official "Gainesville GlockTalkers Group" thread
  6. Out-of-state visitor buying a handgun in Florida
  7. Orlando Range
  8. Reference for Conceal Carry in a vehicle
  9. Anybody taking the Randy Cain class, Jan 15-17?
  10. FL Handgun Law Question
  11. Palm Beach Shooting Center Sucks!!!
  12. South FL gun show calendar, updated
  13. 1911 gunsmith
  14. Jacksonville Fairgrounds Gunshow
  15. help...
  16. Anyone go to the West Palm Show?
  17. crime heating up in south florida .. carry a gun everyday!
  18. Slugs not allowed for Florida security guards?
  19. Universal Shooting Academy
  20. Attorney Recommendations
  21. When is the next Melbourne gun show?
  22. recommend a gun store
  23. Range info?
  24. Texas CHL instructor in florida
  25. non-resident application?
  26. Can anyone get on floridashootersnetwork.com ?
  27. Looking for AK in central Florida
  28. Local used guns.
  29. glock27
  30. gun shops in the vero, melbourne, PSL area
  31. soundSuppressor
  32. Anything gun related to do in Ft. Lauderdale?
  33. Movie Theather CCW
  35. Shotgun ban @ Revere
  36. ATTN: Florida residents
  37. anybody know where to get discounted NASCAR tickets
  38. looking for a plinking range near Vero beach
  39. question for court in FL
  40. What is there to do in Gainesville?
  41. Any Turkey Hunters in Central Florida?
  42. IDPA in Orlando?
  43. Anyone know when the next Gunshow is?
  44. What's up with Florida?
  45. New Florida assualt weapons ban
  46. membership
  47. i been in fl now 8 years
  48. Gun Stores in Hillsborough
  49. Auto knife carry for CWP holder?
  50. Port St Lucie Range
  51. Question about use of gun.....
  52. Marion Co Fl
  53. certified glock armorer's
  54. Looking for a good FFL dealer in Coral Gables area
  55. HELP! new gun law???
  56. Need info guys!!!
  57. Are Straight or Fixed Blades legal to CCW...
  58. Orlando Florida Gunshow
  59. Florida - Senator Nelson's Response to HR 1022
  60. Gonna shoot my new G21SF tomorrow at Shoot Straight...
  61. Florida 5 day waiting period - WTF
  62. Randy Cain is coming to lakeland!
  63. South FL gun show calendar, updated
  64. best gun ranges in s. florida?
  65. Please help in this newspaper poll !!
  66. Ft. Pierce gun show-any good?
  67. Colorado Passes anti-CCW bill
  68. Question on CCW inside bars
  69. iam starting a gun cleaning biz....
  70. Any word on a G20 SF
  71. Meet at the FT pierce gun show
  72. Panama City Area Question...
  73. Castillo de San Marcos
  74. You might be a Floridian if.....
  75. G26
  76. Good Gun Stores in Brandon Florida area? (near Tampa)
  77. This Is Florida And Only Floridans Know This...
  78. FYI Lakeland FL 2- room show 4-21/22
  79. Central Florida Glockers- where do you shoot rifle/IDPA?
  80. Bad lands of Sanibel?
  81. Best place for CCW class in FL
  82. Gun show in Milton Florida
  83. ocala,,,,,,,, fl
  84. Range/ fun store locations in Bay County.
  85. can you drive a atv on the street
  86. Can we sticky some links to FL laws?
  87. Dealer in Ocala or Orlando Area?
  88. Markham pk this sunday
  89. Shooting Sports held hostage...
  90. Gun Show in WPB
  91. Florida Shooters Network Hacked
  92. Gun Storage in Cars at Workplace
  93. What part of Florida
  94. Y'all have any Bald chicken?
  95. Looking for a guy to 1911 work locally
  96. Bowling with Bullets
  97. Slide refinishing
  98. out of state friends shooting in florida ranges
  99. Where to rent and shoot P2000sk?
  100. Guns At Work Bill Dies In Committee
  101. gun cleaning
  102. HR 218/LEOSA Qualification
  103. florida shooters network
  104. NEW RANGE, Maybe !
  105. Florida Builders
  106. Selling FTF in Florida? Need forms? Help needed please
  107. Florida suppressor laws
  108. Tampa Shooters Net
  109. Changing address on CWL
  110. What's up with Revere?
  111. Problem bringing gun into FL
  112. Anyone have any info on the fires surrounding Gainesville, FL?
  113. Shooting your gun in Everglades
  114. Out door shooting range near Orlando
  115. about time
  116. Help a New Yorker out?
  117. I'm looking to buy an AK47..
  118. Knight Shooting Sports - Man Says Gun Shop Owner Attacked Him
  119. Orlando Fairgrounds Gunshow
  120. New Owner
  121. Shooting near suburban houses
  122. Vehicle transfer/sale
  123. New Florida Gun Forum
  124. Looking for a Nice Small Town in North Florida
  125. Miami gunshow this weekend
  126. Jacksonville Area
  127. Range down south
  128. Need help please
  129. New PBC Range Update
  130. Fort Walton Beach gun show
  131. Ranges in the Tampa Area ??
  132. Jacksonville gun show this weekend
  133. new york state laws
  134. Martin County Friends of NRA Banquet coming up soon
  135. 3 day wait vs. FFL03 License
  136. New CCW license waiting period
  137. Your Attendance Is Needed!
  138. florida knife laws
  139. Tampa- St Pete- Clearwater people
  140. Good range in Key Largo
  141. Good range in Key Largo
  142. Basspro
  143. Palm Beach Shooter looking for club info.
  144. whats up with revers gun shop?
  145. South FL gun show calendar, updated 7/07 - 10/07
  146. Where is Young Circle by Hollywood, FL?
  147. Moving to FL. How long before I can get CCW and new handgun?
  148. Gun stores and ranges in the Singer Island area
  149. Palm Beach Post article on past CCW shooting
  150. Revere Gun Range / Gold Chevy S-10
  151. Orlando Gun Show July 7-8
  152. Buying in South Florida
  153. Micanopy Shooting Sports A++++++
  154. WPB Gun show July 7th & 8th
  155. Budget theatres near Hollywood?
  156. Ammo Prices, Orlando Gun Show
  157. Selling 45 ammo in Lakeland
  158. cfl gun show: selling choice mak90
  159. Hollywood, FL - Big Al's the best place to shoot?
  160. Trigger weight?
  161. Requirements for FL drivers license? Voting status?
  162. Location of places that do digital fingerprinting? Anyone have link?
  163. New CCW packet. What can be salvaged?
  164. Bass Pro Shop Events
  165. Okeechobee KOA
  166. Laws for FTF sale of handgun?
  167. The wait is finally up...but I have some questions
  168. Can I get a FL drivers license?
  169. FL ccw permit. exactly who to make money order to?
  170. Legal to wear holster without having firearm on you?
  171. Jacksonville Fairgrounds Gunshow
  172. Hollywood, FL - Are there shark nets?!!!
  173. Dirty kids in a dirty dirty car
  174. Legal signs that prohibit CCW?
  175. Hotel/Inn identical in FL? CCW legality questions (No CCW permit yet)
  176. Hollywood, N. Miami - Busses safe?
  177. Attention all North Foridians
  178. Sun Coast gun shows vs Southern Classic
  179. Fallen Brother
  180. Pinellas County ranges/shops???
  181. Voices Needed, for Wal-mart Ammo Supply
  182. Collier County??
  183. 30 or 90 day residency requirement for gun purchase?
  184. P. B. County Range ammo law
  185. Looks like FSN has been hacked again
  186. Florida - Newbie Question
  187. Hollywood area Security guard companies?
  188. Calling AK47 experts in S. Florida- need some advice
  189. Ranges near Deland / Orange City / Deltona area?
  190. Gun Clubs Disney area
  191. FFL cheaper than 25$$ near Daytona???
  192. Another case involving the new Castle/Stand Your Ground in P.B. Co.
  193. Clearwater - St. Pete ranges
  194. PBC Gun Range, Another Meeting
  195. Florida CCW Training
  196. FL ccw question. Money Order cashed on the 25th. How much longer?
  197. west palm gun show
  198. Ebay Crap but very funny
  199. Ebay petition please sign to protect our rights
  200. Hollywood Anyone willing to take in 2 refugess during a hurricane?
  201. Marlin 60SS
  202. Good cheap companies for renter's isnurance in FL?
  203. Dean?
  204. Honest car repair shop in S Florida?
  205. ASP Baton and CCW
  206. Extended Slide stop levers <OPINIONS>
  207. Becoming a PI in Florida.
  208. ATTN University students: support your rights!
  209. Number to call to check on CCW license?
  210. Gangs
  211. Who is Court?
  212. cheapest place in or around orlando for FFL transfer?
  213. New Gun Owner in FL
  214. Fishing License Info
  215. Stungun/pepper spray in clubs
  216. article about property taxes, land trusts, & corporate entity transfers
  217. CCW questons
  218. Gun Ranges in FL
  219. Question re: CCW off limits places in FL
  220. Central Firearms on Dale Mabry in Tampa has---
  221. W.P.B. Gun Show this weekend.
  222. PIP is it going or here to stay
  223. 9/11
  224. How much longer?
  225. State requirements?
  226. Fl Nfa?
  227. Private range in Hollywood?
  228. Jacksonville Fairgrounds Gunshow
  229. Praying for winter
  230. Charlie Crist
  231. Charlie is okay
  232. Fort Lauderdale Gun Show
  233. How is Tamarack? I'll be moving there in a week
  234. Almost Killed another person today WTF is wrong with people here?
  235. Central FL info?
  236. Our Dolphins
  237. Laws on aligators and when deadly force can be used?
  238. Water tasteing a little crappy?
  239. moving to Miami area... advice please!
  240. Passive 101
  241. SouthEast florida: more videos coming featuring drugs and violence
  242. The wait begins..
  243. New to Central FL
  244. gun show
  245. Traveling to Florida
  246. Trail Glades Range!?
  247. Glocker couples....
  248. "k" Instructor Exam?
  249. WPB gun show this weekend
  250. Resident to non-resident permit conversion?