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  1. Hello
  2. Neil Young custome hybrid car causes fire
  3. Mechanism of Injury- Funny Vid
  4. Election night @ the FD
  5. Getting Laid Off.
  6. Two Chicago Firefighters down
  7. new website to check out
  8. New legal drug fad.
  9. FL EMT shot while on duty
  10. Thin red line survival bracelets.
  11. Who's in charge?
  12. Springfield Armory Offers Discounts to Fire/EMS Personnel
  13. Some pics and a video of a Control Burn
  14. Firefighter shot at accident scene
  15. Radio system that is good?
  16. Man needs rides, takes ambulance
  17. Rochester, MN March 10-12 EMS conference
  18. Orange County Deputy
  19. Just wanted to say hello and join the FF fun
  20. We are no longer authorized on Glocks Blue Label program
  21. Hey from NY
  22. Gift ideas for a new paramedic?
  23. Little used gas powered equipment
  24. Good business practices?
  25. Chest seals
  26. Knox boxes mandatory? "No key to the city"
  27. Becoming cpr instructor
  28. Paramedic's EMT'S what was your first call after.....
  29. rescue knife
  30. Advice on National registry.
  31. Diesel regen issues with apparatus?
  32. Less than three months left
  33. Anyone in SE TX?
  34. Where do you work and where you are from...
  35. Dallas Fireman LODD
  36. Princeton rescue squad member LODD
  37. Texas Firefighters Need Your Prayers
  38. Question about hemostatic agents
  39. PA/WV area FD jobs?
  40. Was that my last call?
  41. Possobility of Igniting a Fire
  42. How long did it take you, and what got you here?
  43. Special Olympic Sponsorship
  44. Boots
  45. new halligan
  46. Question Regards air Ambulance/ Readers Digest
  47. What are ya'll doin for Halloween?
  48. Ever delt with famous or celebrity people
  49. Cpat
  50. officer death
  51. I hate people (sometimes)
  52. To you and yours
  53. A firearm for fire/rescue applications
  54. Not many of these out there.
  55. So does the Firehouse you would out of have a BAR
  56. Sigh
  57. Soon to be EMT-b
  58. Dept just got a Paratech stabilizing system
  59. The heck with PPE!
  60. Almost there!
  61. Any Bi-polar firefighters out there?
  62. dare to be safe WTF
  63. West Texas
  64. Britain's fire service in financial trouble
  65. What is your favorite lid?
  66. EMS training videos
  67. Ems week
  68. Top 10 ways to celebrate the last EMS Week ever
  69. Firefighter from ID
  70. EOW: Chief Jon Tibbetts, SCFD NM
  71. Interested.....
  72. 4 weeks left!
  73. Photo shoot from work
  74. Cop with a photo request
  75. Anyone else deploying in support of Isaac?
  76. ems practical exam retest question
  77. Got this kit new never used for $5.00 did I do good
  78. Anyone hiring EMT in Maricopa County AZ?
  79. Best nremt practie exams
  80. Shpygmomanometer calibration
  81. Finally
  82. Diesels a licensed Basic
  83. Wake Up!
  84. Thread for things learned in the field
  85. An interesting old fire truck
  86. Emergency Medicine Podcast?
  87. Place to buy celox?
  88. Ambulance gets "booted" while on call
  89. Got an extra Christmas card?
  90. ems job postings?
  91. My bad EMT pun (photoshopped
  92. WTF? Be careful out there everyone
  93. No more discounts in the future?
  94. Volunteer Firefighters, and EMERGENCY LIGHTS on Personal Vehicles. A ?????
  95. Good source for IV fluids, anybody know one
  96. Working the Superbowl
  97. Spanish Water Bombers
  98. AED pads questions
  99. LODD Indy
  100. Smartphone apps for BLS
  101. Four bullets struck Santa Cruz fire truck
  102. Might be going to the NE US soon
  103. Need a EMS Bag
  104. BBC's Toughest Place to be a Paramedic
  105. New Member of the forum- need some forum help
  106. Boots
  107. Knife for EMT?
  108. Are you allowed to CCW while on duty?
  109. Phoenix Firefighter critically injured
  110. er techs
  111. 4 dead, 5 injured in Houston, TX fire
  112. I can't believe I just accepted that...
  113. NREMT test this week, any tips?
  114. 18 or more firefighters killed in AZ
  115. Firefighter shot in rescue squad
  116. New Hire!!!
  117. Official - crash victim run over by truck
  118. Self-Defence for Paramedics by W. Robin Young
  119. Certified Glock Armorer Cert. for Firefighter/EMT
  120. Airport apparatus lights and siren?
  121. Priest / Angel? at crash site
  122. What vent saws are you guys using?
  123. Glock 30S
  124. good site for medical supplies?
  125. Shift Trade Tracker?
  126. School bus driver texting
  127. 2 years ago today..
  128. Involuntary Home Inspections
  129. Extrication gloves
  130. I am tired of it.
  131. Trauma Pack with Quickclot
  132. question to EMS/Paramedic about Quickclot
  133. Went to a Wake last night...
  134. Radioing in fake calls
  135. Safety traffic vests
  136. Two EMTs seriously injured in MVC
  137. Australian wildfire "drive through"...
  138. Arson Investigators
  139. Smoke and prayers for our Toledo brothers and sisters
  140. Firefighter handcuffed for doing his duty
  141. Kid with cancer would like birthday cards...
  142. Man suing over water rescue
  143. Legally armed Patients
  144. Little Girl Hit and Run Florida Daycare
  145. Whats your strangest EMS call
  146. So it looks like...
  147. Osprey nest silences fire alarm
  148. Battery powered extrication tools
  149. Probie, fire, saving a life
  150. Aid Bag advice
  151. Road ID
  152. So now I see....
  153. The Fastest Ambulance? A Motorcycle.
  154. Prayers needed
  155. Slow down...
  156. Different video... CPR video...
  157. Salty and I know it...
  158. I've just got this car
  159. WV Ambulance Wreck
  160. Guy won't move car for Helicopter...
  161. "Tool Fuel" - extended storage fuel
  162. Competition for fastest "ambulance"
  163. "Officer" or "Duty" vehicle
  164. 6,000 ft hose lay, turbo draft, hose mule
  165. Local Christmas Parade
  166. Philadelphia FF LODD
  167. EMS funny video
  168. "I don't do traffic"
  169. Homeless "camp" pit trap...
  170. Maryland Paramedic LODD
  171. Rolling car fires
  172. Cops vs Firefighters....
  173. Gas leak kaboom
  174. Smoke detectors?
  175. Aemt/emt-i
  176. Ammo and fire
  177. Apparatus bay floors
  178. Cincinnati FF LODD