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  1. Does anyone else carry this in their GET HOME BAG?
  2. ARRL Briefs White House on Amateur Radio's Capabilities During Emergencies:
  3. Bolster Bars
  4. What's your favorite canned food?
  5. My zombie dream
  6. Preparedness HOT DEALS Thread
  7. Quick headsup: Ranger Rick's Digests $1.88 each at US CAV and
  8. Tyvek as emergency tube tent?
  9. James Rawles.
  10. Home canning and dehydrating
  11. AA or AAA Battery to Phone Mini USB Charger/ExtraBattExtender
  12. Nestle Chief warns of new food riots
  13. Wiggy's Super Light vs ??
  14. Thank God for the Glock!
  15. Gary North article on Preparedness
  16. Glenn Beck Has Arrived
  17. Whoops! Someone's cache was discovered!
  18. new apocalyptic movie WAPO gives 4 stars
  19. Body armor for SHTF
  20. commercial
  21. Homemade Bagels!
  22. China order for US corn signals supply squeeze
  23. Skills comments from a Sgt. in 1968
  24. Everyone ready for The Walking Dead tonight?
  25. Goal Zero "Nomad 7"'solar
  26. Bank Of America - $77 Trillion Now on Tax Payers
  27. Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee
  28. Cabela's Preservac food vacuum sealer
  29. CDC A Zombie Graphic Novel
  30. Adrian's Undead Diary
  31. Best source for freeze dried food? Mountain House?
  32. Adventures in Gardening
  33. Argentina's Economic Collapse
  34. Some basic prep questions
  35. Prepping 101 - be alert.
  36. US population growth and the thought of bugging out
  37. Best TV Survival Series Ever?
  38. Grain question..
  39. Eberlestock?
  40. Movie: Take Shelter
  41. What kind of outfit for SHTF?
  42. A Thought on "Sharing"... a story, really...
  43. Bug out vehicle question?
  44. Oral IV
  45. Living Through SHTF In the Middle of A War Zone
  46. Propaganda
  47. And so it ends for Argentina
  48. Dehydrated Taste and Eval thread.
  49. Made a Long Term Food Storage convert yesterday!
  50. JP8/Diesel backpacking stove?
  51. Help me complete my BugOUT/IN Bag please.
  52. Augason Farms Water Barrel
  53. James Rawles recommends this Doc for Antibiotics
  54. Kerosene Heater Owners - Have you cooked food on the top of your unit?
  55. The Altoids Tin Thread.
  56. Anxiety over upcoming test of US emergency system
  57. Chicago Merchantile Exchange Goes Defcon 1
  58. smokehouses,curing meat
  59. wow earthquake in ks
  60. Earthquake prepardness - attempted humor
  61. China plans to consume it's exports.
  62. Asteroid To Pass Within 200,000 Miles of Earth
  63. New safe room for a family member
  64. SHTF Arc Welding with Automobile batteries
  65. Blackhawk STRIKE Cyclone pack
  66. Prep Progress
  67. Is our news "Scripted" and "Controlled"??
  68. And so it begins... Brits expecting Israel to strike Iran by Christmas
  69. Well This Stinks
  70. National Alert System Failure
  71. Justice according to the SEC
  72. Increased earthquake activity data
  73. Binoculars
  74. Which hand/foot operated log splitter?
  75. TEOTWAWKI - The only handgun you can take.(No ICBMs please)
  76. Seasoning cast iron pans without an oven?
  77. You would think this would be news....
  78. Solar Cell Phone charger...recommendations?
  79. Glock SHTF/TEOTWAWKI parts
  80. Priority of S&P Threats, what's yours?
  81. School Me on DC -> AC Power Inverter Use
  82. Your Next President - Is that a survival topic?
  83. NIght Vision - looking for cheap yet functional.
  84. There's an alternator in my exerciser!!
  85. An interesting announcement from a broker
  86. Current state of night vision
  87. S&P Gifting this Holiday Season
  88. 5 years after TEOWAWKI what guns will be the most prized?
  89. Bought some Hemostats
  90. For the average guy- CB,Sanner,Digital Scanner,ect
  91. So your LED Flashlight has a computer chip...
  92. Please Critique My Water Plan
  93. LAPG New Pack
  94. So you plan to hand load ammo post-SHTF?
  95. Tyranny
  96. The Road EOTW Kit
  97. Dealing with popular sentiment post-SHTF.
  98. Bought a roll of Dollars...
  99. Antibiotic Package Content
  100. .22LR for self defense - Post SHTF
  101. Killshot Solar Flare Impossible: NASA
  102. Long-Term Storage of Cheese - Question
  103. Futures market collapse
  104. What 12 Ga. Ammo to stock?
  105. Body Armor: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  106. 6 months after the Event
  107. No More Polar Pure or Iodine
  108. Moisture-proofing outdoor storage?
  109. poor mans MRE's
  110. Chinese TV Host Says Regime Nearly Bankrupt
  111. Just when you thought "EOTW in 2012" was put to rest
  112. SHTF - Black Friday Walmart Shoppers Give a Peak Into What Will Happen
  113. odd ball bug out item
  114. Opinions on this side by side shotgun
  115. Prior to electricity...
  116. U.K. Foreign Office says PREPARE FOR RIOTs as Euro Collapses
  117. "The Knowing of Things" stated in Mad Max..
  118. What growing up relatively poor taught me
  119. Who uses homemade gear?
  120. Greatly overlooked survival tool !!
  121. Water Cans
  122. Pre-paid phones
  123. Readybox - glow-in-the-dark container
  124. Crime And Survival
  125. Getting back into the swing of things. Please review my game plan
  126. Lawyers
  127. My kid's BOB
  128. Looking for Bug Out Bag organizer pouches
  129. If your bugging out learn to pick locks?
  130. Bug out dogs: Bonus or liability?
  131. Body Armor: Review of the United Shield Sprint Helmet
  132. How to Make a 60 lb PVC longbow for less than $10
  133. Logic of body armor during a SHTF?
  134. What other dates are out there after 12/21/12?
  135. Ideas for shft hand out weapon in .223
  136. thick plastic bottled water for B.O.B
  137. Rifle plate/carriers
  138. Good backpack with molle-vest front..?
  139. Crazy zombie survival kit video!
  140. Survival Pistol
  141. Tools in B.O.B.
  142. homemade glow stick solution
  143. Case Logic Pouch for pocket kit
  144. What's your evac plan?
  145. Little things that make a difference - shoe inserts
  146. Save the Euro?
  147. New MRE Sandwich innovation
  148. With winter coming (or already here!) Whats in your car?
  149. BioLite Stove
  150. Ordering medical supplies?
  151. Maxed Out Maxpedition Pocket Organizer
  152. Adding Light to 870 Shotgun.
  153. Instant S&Per maker?
  154. USNERDOC's Level 1 FAK
  155. H1N2 in Minnesota
  156. Move Along, Nothing to See (LDS)
  157. What happens to your "world" during major XYZ interruption?
  158. What do YOU think is most likely to create a U.S.A. SHTF scenario
  159. Dilemma
  160. Thinking oustide the box - you suggestions
  161. Should you leave the USA?
  162. EMP question?
  163. BOB/GHB rating scale update.
  164. Nice bunker accessory...
  165. Survival Food Tablets?
  166. Surivalist TV show on Hulu, Jeremiah
  167. Getting sick during a SHTF
  168. Oh Joy.
  169. High energy biscuits and other related UN food
  170. Anyone planning for 12/21/12?
  171. How long after the fall will they come for our resources
  172. Food...not as easy as you might think
  173. Vegetation overgrowth 1 year after SHTF.
  174. Greek Starvation Cookbook
  175. Silver
  176. Holiday Chaos = Preview of SHTF
  177. Don't Laugh...Guinea Pig as Protein Source?
  178. The Walking Dead is killing me!
  179. Which Camelbak?
  180. Another Don't Laugh...Protein source?
  181. Free-Range Apartment Chickens...
  182. Owning vs. physically possessing PM's...
  183. Raising your own food - 10 thoughts for beginners
  184. Lightweight preps?
  185. What if your days are numbered?
  186. How big is your Bug Out Bag
  187. Survival guide from the Left (Anonymous Hackers)
  188. 2012: What have you done this week to prepare?
  189. Do you need a rifle for "SHTF"? Will a shotgun suffice?
  190. Best survival bag video I've seen
  191. What have you done this week 2012 to prepare.
  192. mylar rifle bag sources
  193. New inside a bunker: The Divide
  194. Which mag/pouches for MOLLE webbing?
  195. More on Guinea Pigs as food
  196. Military Sleep System
  197. Hand outs for grasshoppers from the ants.
  198. What Reference Data Will I Wish I Had in Wallet?
  199. Ultra small/light emergency pistol
  200. Contagion on DVD
  201. Please vote: Help us award prizes in our 2011 Safecastle Freedom Awards
  202. The spread between physical and paper PM widens
  203. Gang/Team Break-Ins
  204. 29-Year-Old Mountain House Canned Food Found in Perfect, Delicious Condtn.
  205. The Survival Summary
  206. Grab and Go Idea
  207. Hand to hand?
  208. Peak Oil for Saudi Arabia 2012!?
  209. Making a movie ourselves?
  210. Batteries and survival preps.
  211. Turning Grasshoppers Into Ants
  212. Movie Plot
  213. Do you purchase ammo with cash? Credit card?
  214. subway/metro power
  215. Modern "M4 Aircrew Survival Rifle"?
  216. Greek Crisis Dries Up Drug Supply
  217. Suppressor Thread & S&W 15-22 Threaded Barrel
  218. New Patch for Maxpedition Man Purses
  219. insect antibiotics
  220. Diesel cars
  221. Gold Market Update 01/8/12
  222. Salt Water for Hydration
  224. MIT Develops Bio-coating to stop uncontrollable bleeding
  225. Best professions for a pending collapse?
  226. How do the rules change in a SHTF situation?
  227. Girls In Same New York School Develop Neurological Condition And Feds...
  228. Climate Change - Survival
  229. Power out
  230. Challenge
  231. This would be cool bug in place....
  232. Questions about Preparedness/Survival Books
  233. S&P Pistols, accessories and ammunition
  234. USGI Black Polartec 300 Fleece Jackets
  235. Electric ATVs?
  236. New Nat. Geo. series on prepers
  237. Friction Fire Project
  238. Priority of bow in Preps?
  239. survival prep for the Costa Concordia disaster
  240. Bird Flu making a comeback?
  241. Did you know there was a CME heading this way?
  242. Where there is no oven
  243. "Doomsday Preppers" on Nat Geo
  244. Smaller multi-tools?
  245. Goal Zero Solar Battery Charger - Review.
  246. What chemicals/fluids do you stock?
  247. Could you milk a cow?
  248. Gas masks...all created equal?
  249. Steel drum grain storage
  250. Subculture of Americans prepares for civilization's collapse