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  2. Anybody?
  3. Who Gives NRA Instructor Course In/Near NYC?
  4. Need some help...
  5. NJ IDPA State Match
  6. email your legislators againt this
  7. flying out of JFK
  8. Guliani vs. Hillary - Who Wins NY?
  9. Calling All NEW JERSEY Glockers!!!
  10. Glock Day in NJ
  11. New Jersey Glocks
  12. Lead-free ranges in tri-state area?
  13. Glock talk NYS fun shoot?
  14. Glock Sight TOOLS available to borrow
  15. Are There Ranges in Maryland?
  16. Mayor of Albany, NY wants gun registration
  17. AR stock in NY
  18. Borrowing Spouse's Handgun
  19. New Jersey shooters - how long did it take you, and some other questions.
  20. SEpa/NJ Shoot planned for 6/9/07..ctx
  21. Can I buy a AR15 rifle in Jersey?
  22. NJ AWB Gone?
  23. Gun shops Elmira- Corning
  24. Judge Nicolai needs to hear from gun owners,NOW!!!!
  25. NYC Purchase Order Now Takes >= 6 Weeks Weeks!
  26. midtown goes BOOM
  27. Lg capacity mags
  28. Gun Ranges in Jersey
  29. ATTN: University STudents, Stand Up For Your Rights!!!
  30. Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Range in Jackson
  31. NY permit
  32. Long wait for permits?????
  33. Waiting period
  34. Traveling through NY state with pistol from NJ to VT... problems?
  35. What Do References for NJ Cards Get Asked?
  36. How would you buy an out-of-state used pistol in NY?
  37. Shore Shot pistol Range in Lakewood
  38. new york/new jersey port authority police
  39. GSSF in the Tri-State Area?
  40. Application submitted!!! It was not easy.
  41. HELP !! I'm moving to NY, what to do??
  42. HELP: I'm Moving To Brooklyn
  43. Purchase out of state?
  44. Moving to NYC (Manhattan) - advice?
  45. NJ Gun Laws Expired?
  46. visiting in Manhathan , advise please
  47. Palisades Park PD
  48. Transporting on a motorcycle.
  49. Finally got my ID and permits!!!
  50. Moving to NJ? Have ?? about permit process?
  51. NJ Black Rifle Regs?
  52. Anyone going for the FL CCW?
  53. Anyone interested in an Armalite NM rifle
  54. Sig Demo at the Bullet Hole
  55. Glock Magazine Generations start/end dates
  56. Club ranges in Northern Jersey Area?
  57. Westchester CCW
  58. Can't sell your gun in NJ? You still have to pay NICS
  59. Productwizard in Toms River???
  60. is this right?.. sending a gun TO a FFL in NY, must come FROM a FFL?
  61. OK to Have Ammo Shipped to NJ?
  62. Good Public Range Near Upper Saddle River?
  63. Attn: All Ct Glockers
  64. New York License question, Glock conversion..
  65. Mass. Non resident permit
  66. Connecticut Gunshops?
  67. Massad Ayoob - Blue Trail Range Fundraiser Sept 10th.
  68. NY State Microstamping and antigun candidate
  69. pepper spray in ny state
  70. Steuben County Permit...Still Waiting
  71. NJ concealed carry non-res permit?
  72. Nj people!!!
  73. NJ Gunsmith needed
  74. Public Ranges in or near Middlesex Cty????
  75. Transporting Firearms in NJ
  76. Sending a letter to NYPD licensing need help
  77. Shore Shot Pistol Range...
  78. Tri state
  79. CT shooting ranges closing??
  80. Looking for g19 OD NYC, LI, Westchester
  81. Ranges in New Haven/Concealed carry
  82. Gun Stores Between Jersey City & Lakewood
  83. Looking for an armorer in nyc/li
  84. Interactive Gunfighting, April 11,12 Topton, PA
  85. Gun clubs
  86. Self-defense in Hoboken, NJ
  87. NYC Premise Residence Permit Questions
  88. NY non Resident permit?
  89. Where is 9mm
  90. New Jersey Gun Forums for those living in NJ
  91. Who knows of a Good LE Dealer in Tri-State?
  92. anyone been here?
  93. Registering questions
  94. Handgun Laws/Restrictions
  95. One Handgun Per Month - NJ
  96. Permit in NY to buy ammo?
  97. NJ , you have scum in your AO ..............
  98. Rules for a NJ Individual Selling a Handgun?
  99. Firearms Stores on the Jersey City - Lakewood Route?
  100. The Firing Line
  101. GSSF in Lower NY
  102. Classes at Shore Shot Range, Lakewood
  103. NJ: Pistol Permits to Purchase vs. Purchases per Month
  104. Ct
  105. Gun Show
  106. Looking for a Good Range
  107. NJ Assembly Bill A1282 (right to carry) needs to be brought to a vote!
  108. NYS Firearm Reform Petition
  109. Any Armorers in the region?
  110. New region ?
  111. Thank Corzine
  112. Gun Show
  113. Large Glock dealer in south jersey?
  114. Nice day for the range...
  115. 31 days in today and still no word
  116. May 18 Armore's class Vineland NJ
  117. Nassau Co LI- getting my gun back
  118. Steel Challenge match in PA to benefit Wounded Warrior Project - May 29
  119. Middletown NY Gunshow
  120. Private sale of a long gun in NYS
  121. Carry in Long Island w Westchester permit?
  122. Surviving without a Range/Pits at CJ
  123. New York Glocks
  124. NY'ers Ever use the "Bullet Button" for an AR?
  125. CCW reciprocity between NY and other states
  126. Good place to find pre ban glock mags in NY???
  127. Where do you all shoot?
  128. Upstate New York Match Shooting Calendar
  129. Starting a New York Shooters google group
  130. New York City Amending shooting rules
  131. IDPA or IDPA practice leagues?
  132. ANJRPC sues to bring down NJ's unconstitutional handgun carry law!
  133. How long?? Nj
  134. New York non-resident CCW?
  135. I finally got my pistol license.
  136. Ammo shipping to NYC ?
  137. Jersey People
  138. FFL Near or in NYC - Any You Recommend?
  139. No More 15 Round Mags in NJ?
  140. Question on travel with gun.
  141. Ffl?
  142. Ranges that take unlicensed civilians?
  143. NY Times article
  144. Playing it safe in NY & NJ
  145. why is this forum called tri-state?
  146. Hello Everyone
  147. NYC Purchase Orders - How Long from Request to Approval?
  148. 91 Inc. Gun Store - Any info about it?
  149. Winter Leagues
  150. Hoffman's in Newington, CT a Good Place?
  151. NJ where are our rights??????
  152. New Range in Randolph NJ
  153. Bullseye Tactical Supply
  154. Need NY FFL Who will Accept a Shipped Firearm from a non FFL
  155. I am looking for the Glock guy from middletown ny gun show
  156. NJ gun laws expires??
  157. Rifle Range or Private land to Shoot ?
  158. Good Gunsmith to Put Ambi Safety in 1911
  159. pre-ban AR-15 mags
  160. Repeal NY assault weapons ban
  161. Where do you buy your ammo ?
  162. North Jersey Hudson glockers
  163. Moving to New Jersey from the Lone Star State
  164. Hello to any other gt members from the tri state area
  165. Shout out from Jersey!
  166. Looking for someone in Metuchen, New Jersey
  167. Hello from Dutchess County, NY!
  168. Hello , hello , hello , is thre anybody in there.......