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  6. Veterans May Face Health Care Cuts in 2008
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  17. new group for the Glock Guys and gals of the 101st Airborne
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  19. Oliver North War Stories Tonight Patriot Sport...
  20. I'm considering the Indiana National Guard
  21. Combat hearing protection?
  22. Donations for Coalition Troops
  23. A Hero Soldier's last request.......
  24. Joe Rosenthal Passes
  25. Court Expands Coverage for Vietnam Vets
  26. School me on the State Guard, particularly WA
  27. Help American Legion stop the ACLU from stealing funds
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  31. Army tones down drill sergeants
  32. Operation HUMP 5 to 9 November 1965
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  47. Pentagon May be Shorting Troop Benefits
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  53. Anyone have experience with BDS gear?
  54. 'Progressive' conference shuts down military man
  55. "The War" by Ken burns...Starts tonight
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  57. Who was the most decorated combat soldier of WWII?
  58. Help these guy's out
  59. Why DoD to Lose Power to Rate Disabilities
  60. does your DD214 show if you went over to the mid-east?
  61. What's a good gift to send a friend in Iraq?
  62. High blood pressure when you're enlisting?
  63. His father's flag
  64. Happy Thanksgiving to our troops
  65. Combat Pay for Evacuated Soldiers
  66. Veterans Bonuses in Massachusetts
  67. Tax Help for Illinois Veterans
  68. Military Pensions Tax-Free in Ohio
  69. President Signs Los Angeles Bill
  70. New Veteran Programs for California
  71. Scholarships for Cincinnati Soldiers
  72. New Hospital for Orlando
  73. One finger Salute
  74. Berkeley CA Gves USMC the Finger; Senators Respond
  75. Is joining the military a "calling"?
  76. Veterans' remains --- M.I.A. (Missing In America)
  77. Let us never-EVER------
  78. Considering joining the National Guard?
  79. Semper Fi, Thanks to all!!!!
  80. Veterans Service Commissions
  81. Who would have thought it?
  82. Is it an outright contradiction?
  83. Lots of questions from a guy who's THINKING about POSSIBLY enlisting...
  84. Interesting facts about the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  85. Apology to service members
  86. Is "Disabled American Veterans" a reputable non-profit organization?
  87. Check out this new pro-military site!!
  88. glock discount prom for LE/Military discount
  89. all military dudes , read THIS!!!!
  90. Keeping it in perspective
  91. Flying IED's
  92. Phone Cards for America's Warroirs
  93. discounts?
  94. Gift for Deployed Soldier
  95. Question about army docs
  96. Aafes Glock mags and oakley discount
  97. Teen cleans veterans' gravestones, nears goal
  98. Question about cellular service
  99. Funny Thread: Biggest dirtbag/weirdo in the mil
  100. Sending a package of "Goodies" to a buddy in Iraq
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  102. glock leo dealers in FL
  103. Worst MOS?
  104. Carrying on base
  105. Hero Ed Freeman
  106. He couldn't attend?
  107. US Supplies Shrinking in Afghanistan
  108. A Soldier
  109. To all the Dad's in the sand box.
  110. Companies that offer military discounts?
  111. Ballistic sungleases
  112. Bar Room Fighting
  113. Another reason our service men and women/families deserve a hearty thanks
  114. 18 years later he finally comes home.
  115. What is the current Japanese battle rifle?
  116. Hollywood WWII Veterans
  117. Merry Christmas to All of the Service Members Separated from Their Families
  118. Vietnam Memorial Online
  119. discount
  120. What would you change with your kit?
  121. Soldier to receive Medal of Honor
  122. Post 9-11 Montgomery GI Bill: reserves
  123. Been considering the reserves. Unsure which branch.
  124. My son just got an appointment to the Naval Academy - Advice?
  125. Memorial Day Marthon on the Military Channel
  126. point Blank Interceptor Body Armor
  127. good article from Esquire magazine, "I miss Iraq..."
  128. Calculating The ROI
  129. Don't Ask Don't Tell abolished...
  130. Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle
  131. US Army pictures?
  132. Army Bans High-Performance Rifle Mags
  133. Memorial Day Thank You
  134. Thoughts on this?
  135. Remembrance
  136. Wounded Warrior Project Turns Against Gun Owners
  137. Challenge Coin Help
  138. Best Veterans Day tribute I've ever seen!
  139. Outlaw Platoon
  140. National Guard chief won't answer questions about gun confiscation in disas
  141. Thank you veterans!
  142. Today is D-day anniversary...
  143. Challenge Coins for Sale in US
  144. With heartfelt thanks, I send you this poem...
  145. Sniper Championship comes to Fort Chaffee
  146. See if you can smell some bias in this one