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  1. sniper being courtmartialed
  2. The movie Tigerland
  3. Things NOT to say to a Military Spouse or Girlfriend!
  4. deployment length
  5. Good source for cheat sheets?
  6. Intro
  7. For anyone interested in PTSD
  8. Let's see your patches
  9. Kosovo Question: with the recent developments, is anyone heading over?
  10. Gear Questions
  11. thank you
  12. Who qualifies to be non dedployable
  13. A nephew of mine has joined the U.S. Army.
  14. Anyone familiar with MOLLE II packs/frames?
  15. Military nicknames?
  16. Engineers and Sappers 12 series Sound Off.
  17. Help me with these cheatsheets!
  18. Let He Who Hath Wisdom...
  19. OCS or Enlisting Post-Grad
  20. If you could have any rank in the army...
  21. Books for Soldier
  22. Married pay?
  23. DD214 Help
  24. husband,wives
  25. Mkp 2008
  26. Armored Vehicle for Urban Combat
  27. Question for MP's
  28. Excellent article on history by Pat Conroy
  29. Pathfinder MTT
  30. Joining the NG
  31. Army Study Guides
  32. Getting my degree and want to be a helicopter pilot!
  33. Stop Loss
  34. "Minesweeper" school
  35. Reverse Tilllman?
  36. Sleep deprivation is a wonderful thing...
  37. The age you join the military is the age you stay
  38. Task Force Phoenix, Afghanistan
  39. Military considering new cremation policies
  40. Can anyone tell me about IPAP?
  41. I want to make a difference
  42. Need 616 NSN phone number for MWR calls
  43. M-21 vs. M-16 sandbag accuracy
  44. 6 June D-Day Anniversary
  45. 6 June D-Day Anniversary
  46. Video Camera for Deployment
  47. 19th SFG(A) Jumps — Video
  48. Apache takes out 8 BGs — Video
  49. The Army at it’s 233 Birthday — June 14, 2008
  50. If I hear one more 'Soldier'
  51. Found this picture on
  52. Disabled Sent Back To War
  53. Army Builds Recon, Targeting Air Fleet
  54. Any advice for someone going active duty?
  55. Anyone know anything about Cav Scout MOS?
  56. Glock M9 Replacement Rumor
  57. The new G.I. Bill...
  58. Please Chime IN!!!
  59. Military cheat sheets
  60. How much stuff did you buy before deploying?
  61. delete
  62. army reserves, anyone ?
  63. Your boot camp experience.
  64. "Just hardcoreness I guess"
  65. When did it stop being okay to call a CWO Chief?
  66. GOIN 19D! hopefully
  67. Any opinions on 13F (Forward Observer)
  68. What the hell is going on with our military in North Carolina?
  69. Guard issues.
  70. High School to Flight School Anyone???
  71. What do you know about Michael King?
  72. U.S. Army Combat Wounded Viet Nam, I need help with a project.
  73. Iraq battle portrayals on History Channel
  74. Deploying soon, worried about injury.
  75. BCT Done onto AIT
  76. 10th SFG (A) Green Beret awarded 2008 FSSF Frederick Award
  77. Army makes it official: Green Class A’s done
  78. Any Warrant officers in here?
  79. Special Forces Soldier died while saving teammate!
  80. 1st Cavalry Division — Misc. Videos
  81. Fit For Duty Exam
  82. USSF MFF team makes own history!
  83. USSF Soldier: Military Training Saved His Life!
  84. SAS kills hundreds of terrorists in 'secret war' against al-Qaeda in Iraq
  85. Army Shifts from Green to Blue
  86. Any reservists feeling the crunch?
  87. Have our military commitments "broken the back" of the reserves?
  88. Now here's a Chaplain! — Ranger!
  89. Chaplain Aide
  90. Anyone at Ft Belvoir
  91. LES question...
  92. Prior service question
  93. Video: 160th SOAR (A) Green Platoon
  94. Issued boots...
  95. Special Forces Community Condolences Book
  96. Deploying to Iraq
  97. Great article...
  98. War Spurs Change in Sniper Gear, Tactics
  99. Where would you draw the line?
  100. Florida National Guard?
  101. where to go on R & R?
  102. Eod
  103. What Can You Tell Me About Ft. Bliss...
  104. Anyone know anything about being an RN in the Army
  105. A part of me is considering going back in...
  106. Getting out?
  107. Operation Hump
  108. help with "army" belt and holster....
  109. wearing of mini ribbons
  110. NEED help with NCOER's
  111. 60s @ Carson
  112. Ranger Missing in Action from Korean War is Identi
  113. thinking of joining the army national guard
  114. 194th Armor Brigade hat/lapel pin
  115. Ft. Benning!
  116. Video — These Are My Credentials
  117. Army national guard
  118. Deployment essentials
  119. Quick question about the National Guard
  120. things have changed
  121. Getting Back In
  122. Calvary hats?
  123. Warrior Transition Training??
  124. the hats
  125. NG General Accused of Discrimination
  126. Aviation @ Yakama Training Center
  127. RIP "bubba"
  128. Video: Airborne Inf. Day Equipment Jump
  129. Glock Question for Those Formerly in Iraq
  130. Getting a direct commission in the Army Reserves?
  131. Rip nuts!!!
  132. I met Retired SMA Glen E. Morell @ a bar in PA
  133. looking for funny things
  134. Airborne "Attitude" poster?
  135. Thieves Steal Fallen GI's Memorial
  136. Where to Go Next...?
  137. Basic Housing Allowance question
  138. Questions re: Joining and requirements
  139. Body Armor Recalled by Army
  140. GIs' New Armor Too Heavy, Army Says
  141. Riley or Drum?
  142. security clearance question
  143. MOS 27D Chances
  144. M.P. mos ?
  145. US Army Joint Munitions Command..
  146. Video’s Green Berets Under Fire in Afganhistan
  147. Any finance personnel out there?
  148. Discipline within the WTBs..
  149. 3rd Battalion Rangers recognized for heroism
  150. new nco here
  151. They should restore the khaki Class A & B uniforms
  152. Alaska
  153. Injured GIs Prefer Combat to Bragg Care
  154. Any Ex-Pathfinders here?
  155. Berets
  156. Army Infantry, tell me about it plz
  157. Going Officer over 30 years old - thoughts?
  158. 11X recruit bound for Fort Benning
  159. What part of I stand ready to deploy....
  160. Human Universal Load Carrier system.
  161. Sex Signals
  162. Eyes Right
  163. What is the army using for red dot scopes
  164. GI on Trial for Killing Fellow Troops
  165. Current issued service dress uniforms
  166. R.I.P. Sgt. Green
  167. Talking to the recruiter in a couple of days...
  168. Helmet pads.
  169. AH-64 Apache in Action in Afghanistan
  170. Any active or NG Recruiters here
  171. Riggers hat
  172. 75th Rangers will take SCAR to war!
  173. SAPI Plates
  174. flag etiquette question
  175. I think I'm going to be sick...
  176. So, you want to get promoted....
  177. LE Discount
  178. Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
  179. ATTENTION Vets, Active Duty, and MMA fans - Need your help!
  180. 65th Anniversary of D-Day!
  181. Camp Williams Utah
  182. Suspect in GI Killing: 'Eye for an Eye'
  183. Any Tankers Out There?
  184. I enlisted in the Army on 6/12
  185. What are my choices?
  186. New here
  187. New uniform?
  188. How much do we hate hispanics?
  189. Army ? primaraly FT Lewis
  190. Phony Combat vet is Freed
  191. now this is funny...
  192. Newbie
  193. What's the F'ing point of the C.A.B.?
  194. Customs: You can't bring our double edges knives home!
  195. Fort Hood, TX
  196. Any Civil Affairs personal out there?
  197. I need to send some mags to,.....
  198. So, I've been talking to a recruiter.....
  199. Two U.S. Army Rangers killed in combat Afghanistan
  200. You could have heard a pin drop.
  201. I am a vet
  202. Germany
  203. Ft. Knox
  204. USC 1408 ch 67 - 70
  205. When did the Rangers change the color of their beret?
  206. Fort Campbell, KY Retiree's Appreciation Day
  207. Prayers for the soldiers of Fort Hood
  208. Concealed Carry in Uniform?
  209. Honor and Duty
  210. CAV scouts
  211. Is it just me, or do Infantrymen have a twisted sense of humor?
  212. Warrant Officers: lets hear from you
  213. Career in the U.S. Army
  214. On this Christmas Day, thinking of my nephew in Afghanistan
  215. Requesting awards certificates...
  216. ESS Discount code
  217. Medal of Honor receipent Col. Bob Howard has died
  218. Question for active Army Recruiter
  219. E-7 List
  220. Pentagon to Adopt Militarywide Gun Rules
  221. Feeling Warehoused in Army Trauma Care Units
  222. What Year/Base did you go to BCT?
  223. How can you find more info on service history?
  224. Any Army ROTC grads?
  225. Is 28 too old to join the Army?
  226. Cavalry Scout vs. Infantry
  227. PROUD: my brother is a 21Bravo currently at Ft Leo-wood
  228. Crossroads.....
  229. Waiting
  230. What can you tell me about Camp Casey...Korea
  231. DACP PAT standards? Anyone know?
  232. Asvab is monday, suggestions?
  233. Spur Ride for Cav Scouts...what is it?
  234. Just got my reserved spit for the US Army Airborne Infantry
  235. Carrying in Ft. Benning
  236. Reserve, Guard or active duty?
  237. active military and mi cpl
  238. IRR and Army Reserve Soldiers
  239. Warrant Officer School
  240. Vest and Shoulder recommendations?
  241. Army Recruiter Input
  242. Anybody know anything about Army sign on bonuses??
  243. Trace My Father's Unit 1/1/45 thru 5/15/45
  244. Fort Lewis?
  245. Gold Airborne Wings?
  246. Once I sign the enlistment papers, how long before I can go to BT?
  247. Army looking at a new Service handgun?
  248. Unit Supplying Weapons/Ammo for Matches
  249. Where to buy Fleece Jacket Liner w/Rank Badges & Name Plates?
  250. Tips for my nephew entering BCT