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  1. New sub-forum in GT
  2. Guidelines For Military Forums - Read Before Posting
  3. Us Army
  4. What I would like to see..
  5. what are the chances
  6. OIF Brethren
  7. hello all
  8. 9mm performance
  9. Current issue : Load Bearing Gear and Ruck?
  10. Thanks for your country's help
  11. new uniforms ACU
  12. Tankers
  13. resoling boot
  14. Operation Knife Blade 10/89
  15. Army Engineers - Sound Off!
  16. beretta combat reliability?
  17. looks like I'm headed to Djibouti
  18. They have outlawed "legal" carry for Soldiers!!!!!
  19. Nephew Enlisting
  20. Ranger School Graduates ..
  21. If you had it....
  22. Saluting???
  23. Eleven Bravo Sound Off
  24. any 95B's out there?
  25. Ret. Generals beat up Rumsfield
  26. Uniforms
  27. Airborne Ops: Brits Plan Para Assault on Poppy Fields
  28. quick question form a civvie...
  29. Sound Off Airborne SOCOM People!
  30. US calls in UK Paras for Baghdad secret war
  31. What am I to do? Help!!!
  32. 2nd paratrooper pleads guilty in gay porn case
  33. Thanks
  34. Pics of 4ID Fallen Soldier Memorial
  35. Hi Speed is a Civilian!
  36. Operation Al Fajr video..
  37. Good bye my friend
  38. Platoon Leader talks to 4 people...
  39. Any current/former WO aviators to give advice?
  40. Help stop protestors at funerals.
  41. IBA DAPS Needed
  42. Enlistment Advice
  43. My Son is in the Army
  44. following lawful orders
  45. My altercation with "Top"
  46. New "Blue" Uniform?
  47. I am enlisting, and I have a couple questions
  48. Army survey
  49. "I'm the 82nd Airborne" poster?
  50. a blackeye for the mighty 101st
  51. Going back to the desert!!
  52. Reserve MI units in SouthFlorida?
  53. Air assualt alum...
  54. How do tankers carry their sidearms?
  55. The Armys New BN Enforcer? (Humor)
  56. American gladiator
  57. Just enlisted 21K any engineers here
  58. cool link
  59. Ranger School Is it mostly Physical?
  60. Permissive TDY
  61. Support our troops
  62. Air Assault School in Fulda, Germany
  63. 4/3 sabers
  64. Nevada National Guard?
  65. Thinking of joining, have some questions.
  66. Guard to Army ??
  67. A Thank You from a Civilian
  68. All right US Army!!!! (Al-Zarqawi dead(
  69. Question about Army ROTC
  70. 1st Cav Patch
  71. ATTN: Military Shooters VA, WV, DC, MD, NC, SC, KY, & PA
  72. More Troops Head to Baghdad
  73. SF Inquiry
  74. Another help me choose an MOS thread!
  75. cavalry scout question
  76. U.S. to send 11,000 troops to Afghanistan
  77. Jason Graduates BCT @ Fort Jackson
  78. 2 Acr
  79. Annoyed w/ Recruiter!
  80. Need fellow veterans advice: Headaches, lack of sleep, etc.
  81. Best shoulder holster for deployment
  82. Your preferred mobile anti-aircraft system...
  83. New pistol selection - Army
  84. Your Oppinions Pls., about using lead ammos on Beretta.....
  85. Expunged Record
  86. National Guard MP's
  87. shorter boot camp
  88. Two Tabs
  89. 14 hrs till i ship out
  90. Scout Leader's Course
  91. Thinking about 74D.
  92. Infantry requirements
  93. Ruger P95?
  94. Help the American Legion stop the ACLU from stealing funds
  95. Enlsitment age is up to 42? Is this true?
  96. OCS questions....
  97. Thank you for your service
  98. Ft Polk & Jrtc
  99. Tampa, FL area home shopping? Special offer
  100. Back from basic with some problems (long)
  101. Alaska Military allowed to carry?
  102. Message for Soldiers
  103. Is My Recruiter Blowing Smoke???
  104. Question for friend, MOS 42A--Human Resources Specialist
  105. civil service applied to military retirement?
  106. Question about 89D - EOD
  107. Finally!!!!
  108. basic trianing
  109. Nephew is Enlisting
  110. Glock question for you folks just back from (or currently in) the Sandbox
  111. Source for Desert CCU's? (like ACU's but 3 color desert)
  112. hard to find polo shirt
  113. Thnk You
  114. Anyone Served in 3RD ACR?
  115. Ready to go
  116. Perspectives from real reservists/families?
  117. Happy Veterans Day!!
  118. New soldier sounding off
  119. US Army dominates in sniper contest
  120. Army lowering it standards.......again?
  121. Democrat Lies About Being A Green Beret To Get Votes
  122. Until We Meet Again ....
  123. A WW II Paratrooper's Story!
  124. Alaska Army Bases
  125. Requiem to Toz, an American SF Soldier
  126. The Army's Honor Guard 'The Old Guard.'
  127. My friend is finally back from Iraq!!!
  128. A Few Pics from Over Yonder
  129. Older Enlistment
  130. MAJ Larry Thorne Special Forces Hero
  131. Stupid is as Stupid gets!
  132. Advise requested on which route to take
  133. Youth, age, future; a photo
  134. Brother Shipping out
  135. Seasons Greetings
  136. What US Army Field Jacket Did I Wear?
  137. Christmas Exodus
  138. 31b military police
  139. Another one hitting the ranks...AGAIN
  140. An honor to serve under you TOP
  141. Farewell Salute to Msgt. William T. Warren
  142. Time To Say Adios
  143. 82nd Airborne
  144. Army ROTC
  145. Anyone a 45 series
  146. MACV Special Ops
  147. Honor Guards
  148. Glock gets CIB
  149. 2ID's new Alcohol policy on the Korean peninsula...
  150. Alaska Weapons policy
  151. Thoughts from a SSGT in Afghanistan
  152. Walter Reed General Loses His Command
  153. Excellent work, men!
  154. New 25S guy here....
  155. Anyone with CID?
  156. Stupid things your Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines "accomplished"....
  157. Shotgun employment and TO&E
  158. Tribute to my father, SFC James W. Lynn, Army Secuity Agency
  159. Recommendations greatly appreciated
  160. Army Seeks Soldiers to Become Special Agents
  161. Ybaleg?
  162. Hello everybody, Im about to get stationed at Ft.Lewis,Washington any info
  163. Yep another jump vid.
  164. Goin' Back In !
  165. Another new guy, just ordered Glock 17
  166. Army Combatives Level One Test coming up
  167. Newest Poser Bites the Dust
  168. What to send to Afghanistan?
  169. Nephew
  170. Need help with care packages.
  171. What's the Army's current stance on personal equipment in combat?
  172. Deployment riches?
  173. 232nd Birthday of the United Sates Army - A Video Collage
  174. Army Strong Movie Trailer
  175. Height/weight requirements
  176. Help with an MOS
  177. New Military Webpage
  178. Army Seeks Body Armor for Deadlier Threat
  179. Blue to Green
  180. Vietnam Years, great music here,
  181. Ranger School should I do it?
  182. Any SF guys here on GT?
  183. Every Time
  184. Personal firearms on post?
  185. Duty assignment for UH-60 Pilots
  186. Need some info please
  187. Need advice regarding joining Army Nat. Guard
  188. General Wayne Downing has Died
  189. How to get an Airborne Slot?
  190. Count Cadence - COUNT
  191. Army wants me to join
  192. Prior service, thinking of Reserves...
  193. Army suicides highest in 26 years
  194. About to retire, can I join the Guard?
  195. Army Surplus/Helmets etc.
  196. Where is everybody at?
  197. MP or Infantry?
  198. Anyone remember the History Channel series?
  199. Best duty station for a first timer?
  200. Son in the Army
  201. Blog of War
  202. Looking For A Rakkasan
  203. may get deployed to iraq?
  204. Blackwater expelled from Iraq
  205. Ptsd
  206. New uniform rumors
  207. Veterans Disarmament Act
  208. Anyone been through an MMRB?
  209. Must Haves on Deployment
  210. Military Widow Pic Request
  211. New soldier sounding off
  212. How Long For Training?
  213. Army Sea Duty Ribbon
  214. Operation Hump.
  215. 8th of November, 1965
  216. Going from ADA to AirNG?
  217. Monument on the Mall in WASHINGTON, DC
  218. New Army Chopper Found Unsafe
  219. Fort Hood
  220. Sabre-6, Range Control, Sabre-6, Range Control...
  221. Hohenfels, Germany in the winter
  222. who here is currently in the Army
  223. Xm8
  224. What's it like in Afghanistan?
  225. Headed for Camp Casey
  226. ARMY Career Help
  227. What Year Did You serve,Who With
  228. US Army Artillery: Any Gunners here?
  229. ACU Fleece
  230. 728th MP BN Reunion 2008
  231. Santa was a Ranger!
  232. Harmony Church, Ft. Benning
  233. Military Intelligence BOLC III
  234. College grad E4's
  235. US Army, Retired question
  236. Why do training missions drag ass but the real deal is actually fun?
  237. Shanks *A Korean War Story
  238. Bumper Sticker
  239. Happy New Year From Afghanistan!
  240. Recon Question
  241. ACU Velcro
  242. PCC/PCIs
  243. Recruiting Duty
  244. Let's see your 'morale patches'
  245. Any of you fellas go through ROTC?
  246. Guns at Ft. Irwin
  247. Shortage MOS list?
  248. Passing of WWII 101st Veteran - My Wifes Father
  249. Our wonderful brothers in the air...
  250. What are the benefits for an Army dependent nowadays?