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  1. USMC Basic Training question
  2. Guidelines For Military Forums - Read Before Posting
  3. Marines Sound OFF!!!
  4. I have a decision to make
  5. I'm no Marine...
  6. Anyone wanna tell me about the Marines?
  7. Cadence
  8. any one been to San Diego
  9. 2111 Small Arms Repairer???
  10. daughter in boot camp
  11. Thanks for your help
  12. Good/Favorite Weapons Stories
  13. Semper Fi and may God Bless our beloved Marine Corps
  14. Any Marine Security Guards?
  15. Together We Served
  16. New MARSOC Insignia
  17. Any trusty shellbacks out there?
  18. Why my civilian friends will never hear my Subic Bay stories
  19. No sex since 1955-
  20. Help a young man decide.
  21. thinking of joining the marines please tell me about them
  22. swoop circle
  23. thinking of marines and engineering PRINCIFUR please respond
  24. Gunny Special
  25. Marines Never Quit - a good read
  26. Tell me about Scout Snipers
  27. modivation platoon
  28. You gotta love the Marines!
  29. And your favorite movie about our Corps is...?
  30. Bird Dog named Gunny
  31. beretta combat reliability?
  32. Any of you Marines Been to HOA/Djibouti?
  33. Fantastic! (sarcastically he said)
  34. Does a Combat Action Ribbon entitle you to benefits?
  35. Do your ground forces get alot of air support?
  36. thanks !!!!
  37. Saluting???
  38. Marine Tradition And Common Sense Equals...
  39. It's been 13 years.
  40. This will make you proud
  41. Thailand?
  42. Back from the dead
  43. Looking for old buddies ?
  44. Field day: And I thought it was just to mess with us.
  45. Dad's lost dog tags...
  46. Marine Forever
  47. Any Former D.I.'s
  48. Ever been here?
  49. More on our lost info
  50. Operation Al Fajr video.
  51. Silent Drill Team
  52. In memory of my father
  53. help stop protestors at funerals.
  54. Advice from an old Marine
  55. India Co. 3/8
  56. Boot Camp 20060612!
  57. Brigante!
  58. Help guys
  59. Picking up Sergeant anytime soon?
  60. Hadji Girl Song/Video
  61. Tank vs. Infantry
  62. for recruiters
  63. I posted this in the Veteras forum but...
  64. USMC Service Revolver question
  65. Those Magnificent Bastards
  66. Provost marshall on Camp Pendelton
  67. Any Camp Smith Marines in here?
  68. NYPD cop serves with 3rd CAG after 21 years broken active-duty service
  69. unidentified armor?
  70. Support our troops
  71. Sound off 8541's
  72. Reserves
  73. A Thank You from a Civilian
  74. Ears Open, Eyeballs Click
  75. ATTN Military Shooters- VA, WV, DC, MD, NC, SC, PA, & KY
  76. I have a friend in the marines
  77. USMC sniper metes out swift Deaths in Iraq
  78. Cigars for the troops: how do I do this?
  79. Corporal Punishment
  80. USMC Smilie Poll
  81. HAHA Read this
  82. Graduated yesterday
  83. Navy Corpmen
  84. Anyone else feel this way?
  85. Questions for you guys.
  86. Thousands of Marines face involuntary recall
  87. Inactive Reserve Callup
  88. The Marines Got Here First... - Man picks wrong store to rob
  89. Joe Rosenthal
  90. Your prayers please
  91. Harris Bipod **Help!!! Thanks, Devil Dogs!!
  92. Glock question
  93. Help American Legion stop the ACLU from stealing funds
  94. Semper Fi Devil Dogs
  95. Guam 67-68 and now
  96. Tampa, FL area home shopping? Special offer
  97. Looking for "Old Buddies"
  98. Plt 2126, G Co., 980922 MCRD San Diego
  99. Message for Marines
  100. Moving Out Tuesday
  101. Some humor: Found this on another board, don't know if any of you have seen this vid
  102. Went to visit MCRD San Diego again
  103. U R ****ting me right?
  104. US marine combat boot!
  105. In Memory Of:
  106. help support our troops
  107. Flags of Our Fathers...saw it/seen it?
  108. Thank You
  109. Prayers needed right now
  110. Friday November 10th Happy Birthday Marines
  111. Who Was Your Favorite Known Marine
  112. USMC Security Forces
  113. Oldest and Youngest
  114. Marine Corporal to receive Medal of Honor (Posthumous)
  115. am I crazy
  116. SEMPER FIDELIS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all United States Marines!!
  117. Need advice
  118. add on to previous thread
  119. My Marine Corps recruiting station was vandalized this morning
  120. 29 Palms info?
  121. Need info from some Devildogs!!!
  122. 2 Bn, G Co, Plt 2126, MCRD San Diego
  123. Farewell Marine
  124. Question about grunts pay
  125. God and the Marine
  126. Sniper Feature
  127. Jarhead in a bind
  128. Optics for a friend going back?
  129. First letter from MCRDSD
  130. marine forces pacific band
  131. great pic
  132. need pic of CH-46
  133. MCAS New River
  134. Patch question
  135. Considering joining up
  136. Paris Island vs. San Diego.......
  137. Seasons Greetings
  138. Any Vietnam Vets onboard?
  139. Sea Duty Marine
  140. Force Recon
  141. Quick question--difference between Recon and Force Recon
  142. Marine MPs
  143. Marine corps jobs?
  144. The captured reporters
  145. Good news on boat spaces
  146. Philippine Marines Kill Janjalani
  147. Off duty education for promotion?
  148. Great ditty
  149. Texas A&M Marine NROTC
  150. Taco, Rice, & Cheese
  151. Any Marines named "Kevin"?
  152. About to ship out...
  153. Care package question...
  154. Marine Corps bans "big body art" tattoos: marines will be photographed
  155. Our Marine is HOME from IRAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  156. Fy07 Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Program Update
  157. Yut Yut Marines
  158. Pro's and con's of joining USMC?? (LONG)
  159. Very touching Marine story.
  160. If you went to Parris Island...
  161. Parris Island Pics
  162. My son just enlisted!
  163. RIP - MSgt Wert dies; saving two kids, while on vacation with family.
  164. Looking for a few USMC shirts...
  165. Dragonskin Bodyarmor
  166. Memorial Day
  167. Have you got any stories about Marines doing stupid/funny things?
  168. Mos
  169. South Korean Marine Corps
  170. Sam is 4.
  171. Marine Corps OCS vs. enlisted's bootcamp?
  172. Sidearms
  173. Height/Weight Requirements
  174. stepson in Anbar "detached" from unit
  175. Marine 's
  176. Hi
  177. No more pistols for SNCOs and Officers...
  178. USMC sniper requierments
  179. 100 Philippine Marines Battle 500 Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Abu Sayyaf
  180. Please advise Great choice in a knife
  181. This is funny
  182. Marine Web Sight
  183. Every Marine to be a Kung-Fu Fighter
  184. Recon and Family
  185. Backissues of Leatherneck
  186. Two questions about current training.
  187. Video: Air Show Atlantic City Marine's Show Stopper
  188. Free Front Sight Training for Marines
  189. Any 5821's out there
  190. What year did you go through Boot Camp? Platoon #
  191. Questions for BCT
  192. What qualities makes a good Marine officer?
  193. Pray for this Marine
  194. De-motivation
  195. Any advice for a new Cpl...
  196. Chuck Norris - “Honorary Marine”
  197. Ship Duty?
  198. Memories of MCRD, either one
  199. Map of Parris Island?
  200. Young Marine receives Silver Star
  201. Happy Birthday
  202. Belatedly...Happy Birthday, Marines
  203. Semper Fi
  204. Abuse...
  205. Marine Corps Helicopter Pilots
  206. Another sucker...
  207. Semper Fi Old Marine
  208. A sad day for military law enforcement
  209. Remember the threads about San Fransisco and the Marines not being able to film there
  210. might be going
  211. USMC LCPL was just involved in a fatal crash
  212. Looking for EGA pattern for Glock Slide
  213. Jacksonville, NC
  214. Jeremia Wright, Marine?
  215. Marine Corps Museum
  216. Semper Fi X10 From a Retired Army MP
  217. Pray that I can join the Marines
  218. A potential recruit has a few questions.....
  219. Doc on board
  220. Working at Quantico...
  221. The Marines of Bravo Company's 1st Platoon
  222. The Finest
  223. I want to make a difference
  224. Help a Falling Marine
  225. R.I.P. USMC Scout Sniper
  226. Eulogy for a the fallen
  227. May G*d bless the Old Corps!
  228. Shout out to all Devil Dogs
  229. Marine Rules / Funny But almost true
  230. Great news, Chessani charges dropped
  231. How many recruits fit in one porta-john?
  232. I'm back with more questions
  233. Head shaved before departure?
  234. new USMC vehicle
  235. Looking for a new USMC tattoo
  236. Carlos Hathcock Video 1/3
  237. Beirut, 1983
  238. Anyone remember the old open squad bays?
  239. Marine Force Recon: Training and Weapons
  240. Off to Mojave Viper!
  241. Marines Refuse to Testify in Court
  242. Guam Marines
  243. Really thinking about joining
  244. The Marine Corps Birthday...
  245. Marine corps emblem
  246. Marine Amputee Returns to Combat
  247. Anyone know a USMC General?
  248. Unusual amount of hate...?
  249. Happy birthday usmc
  250. Happy Birthday Marines