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  2. All Right Air Force!!!
  3. Anyone on Board serve in the Army Air Corp?
  4. Calling all CATM/SAMTU...
  5. Security Forces, check in!
  6. Crow Valley
  7. Leaving For Ots In 10 Days!!!!
  8. Thanks for your help
  9. USAF assignments
  10. Crew Chiefs
  11. UAV Pilots Career Field
  12. I didnt know this forum was here!
  13. The new USAF ABU is ready
  14. Saluting???
  15. Air Force Memorial
  16. Sigh........paperwork
  17. KC-10(A) Crew Chief
  18. Heavy Crew Chiefs
  19. Old E vs 0 joke but it still makes me laugh
  20. Maxwell AFB???
  21. C-141 Final flight
  22. What I've learned on my deployments
  23. Question re: USAF end strength cutbacks
  24. Mountain Home AFB
  25. Back From OTS With A Set of Gold Bars
  26. Ok so I may be joining up for the AF
  27. Help stop protestors at funerals.
  28. al-Zarqawi dead
  29. Reasons to join the Air Force
  30. Tell me your favorite place to be stationed
  31. What's the best career path to work in Cheyenne MT?
  32. How prestigious is it to win BOTH the Hughes Trophy and the William Tell competition?
  33. Sponsering someone on Base
  34. Attention Ammo Troops
  35. For the maintenance guys
  36. Support our troops
  37. Security forces question
  38. A Thank You from a Civilian
  39. Made AF Recuiter Contact - Assistance Appreciated
  40. CATM Question
  41. Security Forces: How do you stay alert?
  42. Any fighter pilots in the house?
  43. Ah yes.......that makes sense.
  44. Tampa, FL area home shopping? Special offer
  45. Do Something Amazing - new United States Air Force website
  46. Calling all cops
  47. Message for Airmen
  48. Congradulations Air Force On Your Memorial
  49. Wife is getting Medically Discharged from OTS
  50. Thank You
  51. New USAF Handgun?
  52. Sleep tight tonite....
  53. Happy Veterans Day!!
  54. Need help Gentleman, Advice needed
  55. Individual Mobilization Augmentee Program (IMA)
  56. Authorized Holsters for USAF use..........
  57. submitted my OTS packet today
  58. Bob Hope Christmas Show
  59. Seasons Greetings
  60. Headed to Ft. Lewis
  61. ROTC Pilot Slot?
  62. How many Combat Arms here?
  63. V-22 Testing Turns up Trouble
  64. AF Pararescue questions
  65. Fellow CATM a little Help!?!
  66. I got orders and I'm happy and pissed
  67. ANYone know my brother TSgt Stinson?
  68. Any 4N0X1 in here?
  69. AF Combat Aircrew Sidearm today
  70. Long Time Discharged
  71. Bombers, fighters, JDAMs, oh my!
  72. Looking for SSgt M. Limewood
  73. Palace Chase
  74. reserve jobs
  75. Expert Marksman
  76. Any ammo troops?
  77. Minot survivors
  78. Barksdale AFB
  79. USAF 60th birthday at Nellis AFB
  80. Hi
  81. Proud parents of an airman
  82. Germany
  83. G19s in the USAF
  84. Malmstrom?
  85. retirement
  86. Personal weapons while flying in the USAF
  87. Need info guys!!!
  88. Some Air Reservists Reject Uniform Rule
  89. New ABU's
  90. Gun owneship
  91. F-16 Combat Ejection recording
  92. Gun Ownership II
  93. Some pics from Afghanistan
  94. Abolish the Air Force?
  95. what year?
  96. for active duty...
  97. EC-130E, Commando solo pics.
  98. ABU's
  99. Pittsburgh A-7D, The "SLUF"!!
  100. New AF "Myspace" site
  101. Concealed carry around base question
  102. Are SP berets optional now?
  103. CHEAP Oakley sunglasses
  104. I don't know whether to laugh or cry
  105. Any AF medical people here?
  106. Question about moving and housing
  107. How is the Air Force when taking prior enlisted?
  108. Prior service thinking of going Reserve or Guard
  109. First person who posts in this thread gets $100 of casino cash!
  110. Any GTer's stationed at Hurlburt or Eglin?
  111. I want to make a difference
  112. Medical Disqualification
  113. Memorial Day 2008
  114. Incirlik AB
  115. Gates & Mosley resign in lieu of being fired
  116. osan
  117. Starting a Career
  118. Kirtland AFB anyone?
  119. Who else made TSgt or MSgt?
  120. And I thought soldiers looked like crap in BDUs and brown boots..
  121. Applying to OTS, with AFROTC as backup. Any Tips?
  122. Indian Mountain LRRS
  123. Any Air Force Been to Gitmo
  124. Nellis AFB Jet Crashes Near Goldfield
  125. Gunshot kills Elmendorf wing commander
  126. Air Force and Weapons Training
  127. E-5 test results
  128. Be Careful of the Ka-BOOM!
  129. Snowball fights in hell, or, how I got a line for staff......
  130. Let's lighten the mood here guys
  131. Any GT'ers at Cannon AFB NM
  132. TACP or Combat Controller?
  133. Any AF to Gitmo
  134. What is air force life like for the wife/married?
  135. About to enlist into the reserves, few questions.
  136. Are there a lot of enlisted with tech degrees?
  137. AFOSI in the house?
  138. Security question/recruiter is pissing me off...
  139. Christmas, 40 years ago...
  140. AF Academy Reports More Sex Assaults
  141. On to the new job...
  142. Any Air Force folk in Biloxi?
  143. Any recruiters? Blood pressure cutoff for MEPS???
  144. Security Forces Info Needed
  145. Pneudraulic Specialists
  146. Pmel
  147. To Capt. Robert E. Holton,
  148. Eglin Hunters,Where Ya At ??
  149. "I go behind the lines and abduct people"
  150. Is 30 too late?
  151. Deployments Scrubbed from AF Promotions
  152. Video: USAF SAR Mission Demo
  153. Son: Dad, I am thinking about being an officer!
  154. Air Force Planning Giant Spy Airship
  155. AF Nurse Charged in 3 Patients' Deaths
  156. Prayers for a lost Airman
  157. Custom Air Force Mugs
  158. Prior-Service Army becoming Air Force officer?
  159. Anyone ever stationed at Whiteman AFB?
  160. How Time Fly's
  161. Anyone near San Antonio, TX?
  162. Any New Master Selects?
  163. Anyone stationed at Griffiss AFB?
  164. What a damned waste...
  165. new uniform standards?
  166. Looking at Air Force OTS. OSI Primarily
  167. Looking to Donate
  168. Russia and China Dominate in Air Supremacy?
  169. Sister is in bootcamp, what should I send her?
  170. conceal carry/concealed firearm in vehicle on base
  171. Air Force Patches
  172. Anybody selected for SSgt?
  173. If found guilty - Fry the bastage in motor oil!
  174. Eglin AFB
  175. Anyone currently at Vandenberg AFB??
  176. Any Combat Arms Instructors out there?
  177. Any Retired Security Police Out There?
  178. Bringing firearms overseas
  179. Andrews AFB MD
  180. Class 66F
  181. Any former or current K9 handlers out there?
  182. Anyone know any POL troops?
  183. Lesbian Sgt discharged after police tell military
  184. JFCOMs Mattis Pushes Light IW Aircraft
  185. Any AFROTC people members here?
  186. A worthwhile read . . .
  187. Joining
  188. Anyone make Technical Sergeant?
  189. FOB Shindand
  190. Age requirement
  191. Individual Ready Reserve question
  192. CCW while on air force base?
  193. recruiter says: " I cant offer you anything specific"
  194. ? Springfield Armory Dicount for LEO/MILITARY
  195. Airman Killed in Laos to Get Medal of Honor
  196. I find a lot of AD/Retired Military doen know about IOP Glock Program
  197. First post!
  198. Enlisting in USAF, Any Advice?
  199. Anybody got personal protection cert?
  200. Soon off to basic.
  201. Best USAF experience
  202. Airforce job advice
  203. U.S. Airman killed in Frankfurt
  204. Any 1N0, 1N1 or 1N2's here?
  205. Colt GAU5A
  206. Anyone Here Stationed in Iran?
  207. Thinking about dropping........
  208. Best and Worst Stations in the South?
  209. How to survive USAF Basic Training
  210. In memory of...
  211. Group Commander Retired
  212. TACP Knowledge. Anyone?
  213. Tac
  214. Special Duty: General's Aid?
  215. anyone at hurby or eglin?
  216. Where did you serve overseas?
  217. Another Silver Star
  218. What was your AFSC?
  219. What was your best duty station
  220. Quick hello...
  221. Hello from a former Airman
  222. Where is Zach
  223. Embarassing . . .
  224. Going to Korea!
  225. What is going to happen ...
  226. He's finally home...
  227. from the internet is this valid?
  228. Bud Day
  229. Veterans for student loan relief
  230. Any Port Dawgs out there?
  231. Leosa
  232. military and police discount
  233. USAF issue clothing dealer