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  1. Midwest Glockers
  2. Welcome
  3. Last on the vote first on the Post
  4. Would you trade your AR15 for full CCW rights?
  5. Kansas Coyote
  6. Around KC?
  7. Gun Shops in Central Iowa
  8. Iowa Ccw Classes
  9. Whos from St. Louis?
  10. Any glockers around Green Bay, WI?
  11. Gunsmith in South St L County
  12. Anyone here from Mid MO???
  13. NW Nebraska
  14. Any Lee's Summit, Mo area FFLs?
  15. Nebraska Firearms Owner Association - Organizational Meeting
  16. Good deal or not?
  17. Kearney Nebraska Mechine GUn Shoot
  18. Free CCW Class- Bass Pro Columbia MO
  19. Thinking about starting an Annual Shoot in SD
  20. Sout Dakota Fun Shoot
  21. Selling my G23
  22. South Dakota FUN GUN SHOOT
  23. looking for a cheap SKS
  24. Suppressors
  25. Legal in Missouri ?
  26. Missouri Get Together
  27. Pistol Match - Lincoln NE Sat Aug 9th - Pistol Raffle also!
  28. Iowa Question
  29. Wichita Kansas Magazine Limitation?
  30. Sat 9/13 3p Crossfire (Indep MO)
  31. Favorite Gun Stores in KC area ?
  32. Moving to KC. Looking for info.
  33. Multi-State CCW??
  34. Attn: Nebraska residents
  35. Iowa Glockers?
  36. Can someone install night sites in Minnesota?
  37. Nebraska Attorney General Opinion
  38. ammo
  39. Any GT'ers from Horton/Hiawatha area?
  40. 2009 Fun Gun Shoot
  41. Kansas City MO Indoor Shoot
  42. Nebraska Glockers call to action
  43. USC Bowling Pin Match March 28, 2009
  44. Action Pistol Matches in Jeff City MO
  45. Greetings from Sedalia
  46. Register to win a Sig or a S&W
  47. board member cancer benefit shoot/auction
  48. Milwaukee, WI here.
  49. Nebraska glocker in need of help...
  50. New Glock owner from Kansas.
  51. Kel-tec sub 2000?
  52. 4th was kind of a fizzle this year?
  53. Moving to Southern MO
  54. Uspsa match in higginsville, mo
  55. Missouri Cops & CCW
  56. Is there a range which rents AKs or ARs anywhere in South WI/Northern IL?
  57. Glock 29!
  58. NEW GLOCK model 22
  59. Any Glock Armorers in Greater Des Moines area?
  60. is there a shop in the des moines area...
  61. Anybody around Springfield, MO??
  62. good pheasant hunting around KC
  63. Ranges east & north of KCMO?
  64. Waukesha, WI
  65. North Dakota
  67. KCMO area where to shoot rifles?
  68. Southeastern WI
  69. Local PD Duty Ammo
  70. Upcoming gun shows in KC area
  71. MP5 Training
  72. Northeast Kansas Glock Dealers?
  73. Where to shoot outside, in the St. Louis area?
  74. The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association is proud to present Mas Ayoob
  75. Racine county line rifle club
  76. USPSA Matches Jeff City 2010
  77. Nebraskan's national GT day.
  78. KC area Meet and Greet/Shoot
  79. 2010 fun gun shoot
  80. Anyone have a phone number for Dicks Guns and Ammo in Rose Hill Kansas/
  81. Columbia, MO Glockers
  82. Oklahoma City Metro Area
  83. Rear sight tool around Racine Wi.
  84. Gun Show, Springfield, MO, 8/14-15
  85. Fighting pistol classes
  86. New to STL, MO
  88. Wisconsin members; where do you shoot?
  89. Glocks in East Troy wis
  90. South MO Range Day Anyone?
  91. Wichita Area?
  92. Joplin Misouri Visit?
  93. Glock Armorer's Course - Omaha, NE
  94. Kahr p380 in the Wichita, KS area?
  95. Fun Gun Shoot, South Dakota
  96. Outdoor Pistol Range in the Des Moines Area?
  97. IDPA in Central Iowa - Wolf Creek IDPA - Traer, IA
  98. Glock 20 10mm fans in MN?
  99. WI Guys
  100. CQC Weapons Defense & Tactical Pistol Clinic
  101. CQC Weapons Defense & Tactical Pistol Seminar for LEO
  102. Wolf Creek IDPA-Cedar Falls/Waterloo Iowa-April 9th
  103. Looking for a range around Minneapolis area...
  104. Damn! It's HOT here!!
  105. Central Iowa: Wolf Creek IDPA Match July 24th - Traer, IA
  106. South Central MO Range Day
  107. Pistol class and competitions for kids?
  108. Missouri ccw age lowered to 21
  109. Anyone from Michigan here?
  110. Nebraska Range Survey by NFOA
  111. Green Bay, WI area Check-in!
  112. Des Moines Area Armorer
  113. Waterloo, IA- Blackhawk Pistol Club 2012 IDPA Matches
  114. Duluth Area?
  115. Racine county line rifle club.
  116. Public ranges around Bismarck?
  117. Moving to the Appleton Area
  119. Waterloo, IA: Blackhawk Pistol Club - August IDPA Match 8-26-12
  120. Let's hear it IL guys, we finally getting CCW?
  121. Wichitan's Going to Topeka Feb 8?
  122. How old do you have to be to buy a handgun (private party) in Kansas?
  123. 2013 Jeff City United Sportsmen Club USPSA
  124. Waterloo, IA - Blackhawk Pistol Club 2013 Match Dates / Announcements
  125. Missouri
  126. 2A Rally-Jefferson City MO
  127. Possible move to Iowa
  128. Anyone in StL have a rear sight tool they'd loan for a weekend?
  129. Open carry approved in Missouri
  130. Moving to Nixa, Mo. need some local advise