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  1. What's up with all this Zombie crap?
  2. 12 lb trigger for cc
  3. Kind of A Carry Thread -- Vehicle Use
  4. 13 round mag and a 10 round state...
  5. Important questions
  6. winter carry question
  7. Update on NM Reciprocity --- MS, OK, NV & SC & Updates.
  8. Question for experts
  9. Open carry passes in Oklahoma
  10. Should concealed mean concealed?
  11. travel to CA with pistol
  12. Remora Mag Holder
  13. Valley Kydex
  14. Pistol license holders on rise in Michigan
  15. Good read.
  16. Need holster suggestions for 3" Kimber
  17. The Only Person In My CCW Class-Minimum Length?
  18. Picking and choosing states to get a permit in
  19. Traveling CCW GA to AL: Read the laws, looking for confirmation
  20. Just trying to make sure I don't break any laws
  21. CC Permit in GA?
  22. How do you carry your G26?
  23. Hershey Park CCW?
  24. Holster advice for a G30SF
  25. Best Accurate Ammo for Glock 26
  26. What is your carry gun rotation in percentages?
  27. Ccwsafe
  28. Holster recommendation, please: 21sf
  29. Cheaper ammo
  30. Concealable OWB holsters?
  31. Favorite Carry Glock, Spare Mag(s) and Blade Pics
  32. EWU student arrested after pulling gun on police
  33. Open Carry Bill Expected to Be Signed Into Law (OK)
  34. Man accused of drunk driving with loaded gun (comments from Sheriff)
  35. Wilderness Original Instructor Belt???
  36. Issue with the Crossbreed....
  37. OWB Holster for G19 w/ TLR-2s?
  38. Drive or shoot?
  39. Concealed carry, Vegas style!
  40. Florida shooter on turnpike. What would you do?
  41. +1
  42. Kolbeson leatherworks...
  43. Waffle House shooter speaks out
  44. How many caliber's do you CCW?
  45. EDC'ers of the G23
  46. Supertuck or Mini-tuck for my CW9?
  47. CCW Removed during traffic stop...
  48. Worst Case Secenario: Negligent Discharge
  49. Glock g26 gen. 3 ammo
  50. Fashion For The Concealed Weapon Carrier
  51. CCW holsters for G19's
  52. CCW Disarming Approach on Traffic Stop
  53. Carry at Detroit Zoo? Legal?
  54. How often do u spot poor CCW Concealment?
  55. Disarmed by police while using SmartCarry??
  56. Sent an email to starbucks
  57. CC in Colorado? Need website advise....
  58. Video link
  59. a good light around 100.00
  60. Holster or Not
  61. WOW cant believe i heard this... OC
  62. Awesome EDC Flashlight
  63. LBE Holster...
  64. Carry Gun?
  65. Iwb ..owb..need help for a g26..and whats best.
  66. Does your state tease you like this?
  67. Pepper Spray and a Gun
  68. Runners do you carry?
  69. Are pocket guns a fad?
  70. Safety Issue-Prohibiting Use of Blackhawk SERPA Holsters
  71. White hat max tuck...thoughts/opinions?
  72. Raven concealment for 17/22
  73. Would you have a different carry gun if open carry was an option?
  74. I can't help but notice...
  75. Which Wisconsin legal OC Spray?
  76. Travel to Georgia CCW not honored
  77. DE Drops NM - - New Format for WA --- Seeking Assistance
  78. El Paso Saddlery
  79. Gander Mtn kicks out NRA in WI stores
  80. Hazards of carrying handgun in purse.
  81. TN Aquarium
  82. Poor habits lead to loss of pistol
  83. Gilbert police arrest man trying to make 'citizen's arrest'
  84. G36 magazine carrier?
  85. Mic
  86. FYI: FL CCW Renewal (FL Resident)
  87. Wilderness Tactical question
  88. CCW licensee in Houston had to make some tough decisions
  89. Unwanted Guest
  90. Sharp OWB holster for a Glock 19?
  91. What's a good alternative belt to the Wilderness Tactical?
  92. Leather break-in how to?
  93. Dad accidentally kills daughter in robbery
  94. X-Concealment Holsters for Glock 26
  95. Where does everybody get their concealed carry info?
  96. Man accused of stabbing random Dallas shopper
  97. SUGGESTION a state recognized CCW list
  98. Spare Magazine Concealment Holsters/Holders...Which one!?!
  99. Unneccesary Carry Rigs
  100. My experiences Open-Carrying
  101. Need input from Texas CHL holders
  102. cozy partner?
  103. Local AT&T Store Takes"No Weapons" Sign Down
  104. I will boycott
  105. IWB - narrowed to 3
  106. Anyone else use their Desantis Nemesis for IWB?
  107. FYI--Gen4 G19 fits into Blackhawk 'CQC' Holster for G26
  108. Marysville police officer charged with manslaughter in accidental shooting
  109. Hello from Texas
  110. CCW: Glock 17 or Glock 30
  111. Crossbreed Supertuck vs. Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC Holster for 30sf
  112. What Holster For Your Glock?
  113. Defense while carrying baby...
  114. Naples man arrested for bringing loaded gun to court.
  115. MTAC Minotaur question
  116. Bear drags Winnipeg man from camp outhouse
  117. Openly gun-toting felon spotted on yellow bike
  118. Massad Ayoob Interview
  119. Backpack Carry
  120. Must reads on Conceal Carry?
  121. Police hassle open carry advocate.
  122. Vick drops congressional bid after Columbia arrest
  123. Judge dismisses gun charge
  124. Finally, plastic!
  125. Quick detach key chain..??
  126. S&W Shield Holster Pics
  127. Colorado College Student Shot While Trespassing
  128. Kydex, Retention Holsters and One in The Chamber
  129. My EDC
  130. Zombie Attack Preparedness (ZAP)
  131. Any Ammo Restrictions for CCW?
  132. CPL Class in/near Plymouth, MI
  133. Trust replacement barrels for EDC?
  134. Texas CC on private property
  135. Help! My gun STINKS!!
  136. Comptac 15% off Memorial day sale
  137. So True
  138. Summer Clothing options for IWB
  139. Glock 21 and CB Supertuck?
  140. Gramp's loud pipe? Or Roid rage don't pay.
  141. Getting my permit next month
  142. Traveling to GA from FL, where can't I carry?
  143. Legal issues?
  144. IWB TT Leather Mike's Special - Your thoughts on slim vs. reinforced??
  145. Legal exposure of modding your Glock?
  146. Minotaur Neutral vs Minotaur MTAC Holster
  147. Glock S/C Holester vs Kydex OWB for CC?
  148. Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago
  149. Sparks vm2 vs. Kelley C-Flex
  150. Holster Question
  151. Simple IWB for glock 26
  152. Good IWB Holster
  153. Glockmeister Guide Rods for a CCW pistol?
  154. Ccw
  155. Visiting Glock in Symnra
  156. Ankle Primary Carry
  157. Man robbed with own handgun in Minneapolis mugging
  158. Leather for my glock, kydex for my 1911 lol
  159. Bicycle carry - frame mounted bag?
  160. New Sheepdog in town.
  161. Smart Carry
  162. Novice gun owner arrested for testing firearm in his garage
  163. Indiana License to Carry is a racket!
  164. What if you like to tuck in your shirt?
  165. Stupidity and Conceal Carry Dont Mix
  166. Paddle for G19
  167. Update: Bad news for the Houston CHL guy, and the rest of us, too.
  168. conceal carry question
  169. Seattle shooter had permit for 6 handguns
  170. Recluse Holster Experience?
  171. Tagua holsters
  172. Attach a clip to glock for a holster???
  173. My First Day Concealed Carrying
  174. Let's talk appendix carry (inside waistband)
  175. shot placement over caliber??
  176. NRA vs USCCA Self-Defense Insurance
  177. Thinking of CCW, but how to carry?
  178. Texas / Colorado Reciprocity and Carrying in National Forest
  179. IWB holster for Rossi 462 2" 6-Shot Revolver
  180. Concealed Gun Exposed
  181. Arrested, prosecuted for incidental exposure
  182. CHL This Weekend
  183. Silent Thunder Question / Help
  184. NRA has new certification: Defensive Pistol and Advanced Pistol Instr.
  185. Lasermax Unimax Micro for CCW yay or nay?
  186. Man relaxing in hot tub attacked by black bear
  187. Galco Stow-N-Go question.
  188. Encounter With The Local P.D. Tonight
  189. City scene: Everybody's got a gun
  190. Good concealment shirts
  191. CHL Plays Cop, Charged With Murder
  192. Help me pick out a gun
  193. (A)IWB Kydex Holsters - Are they comfortable?
  194. Concealed Carry Holster Advice?
  195. So, I'm leaving the library yesterday......
  196. Anyone else like me in that...
  197. California CCW Questions.
  198. Maybe we need to carry bear spray?
  199. Comptac MTAC
  200. Ruger Gp-100 Hiolster Options
  201. Hearing on IL's ban on concealed carry, 7th Circuit
  202. Dumb question -- how to open & close one way snaps
  203. Just ordered the Remora
  204. For those that want different clips...
  205. Any/best way to get Oregon CCW for an Ohio resident?
  206. Iowa CCW rules- state parks?
  207. CCW for a Business Professional
  208. Denver area carry laws?
  209. Calling insurance experts
  210. Garrett Industries Silent Thunder STX 2.0 holster
  211. Sweating on your primary carry weapon
  212. Concealed Carry Instructor in Oklahoma
  213. University president sues Delta for gun-related arrest
  214. G27, King Tuk vs. Theis vs. Crossbreed
  215. What leather OWB holster do you like?
  216. EDC Knives
  217. ? for Oklahoma Guys.
  218. Pocket Carry-where do i put everything else?
  219. Good Samaritan question
  220. The Boogie man
  221. Using Tac Lite Holster without Light Attached?
  222. Tactical leg holster
  223. Wisconsin Honoring WV? - ---- - Limited Virginia Parking Lot Storage
  224. Pocket Carry - Business Casual
  225. Everyday Concealed Carry Perfection!
  226. Torn between TWO holsters.
  227. XDS Holsters, whose making them.
  228. Man Shoots Himself in the *****
  229. Difference between a "Gun Belt" and a Dickies belt from Wal-Mart
  230. Wheelgun holster question
  231. OWB kydex w/retention?
  232. Help : Comp-tac screws
  233. Little road trip
  234. Smartcarry Owners
  235. I'm new to carrying
  236. Exposed revolver trigger or not OWB
  237. Leather Holster Care - restoration
  238. G26 ammo for carry and practice?
  239. 5.11 vs Blackhawk "tactical" pants at Cabelas
  240. Recommendation on where to get Utah non-resident permit training in Ohio?
  241. Excessive Force?
  242. Ohio House Passes Firearm Bill 495
  243. Holster Leather Comfort Question
  244. From the Self Defence forum
  245. Craigslist robbery victim arrested after firing on armed attackers
  246. Just received my first Holster! (AIWB)
  247. Teen to be tried after carrying a rifle in downtown Birmingham
  248. Man shoots himself in the ***** in Birmingham
  249. Kayak Carry
  250. n8 Tactical