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  1. Be Careful - Target shooting blamed for 19 wildfires
  2. Stopped for open carry
  3. Galco Miami Classic vs. Miami Classic II?
  4. Help a skinny guy
  5. Stopped for OC. Just know your rights.
  6. Phoenix: Teen shoots armed burglar
  7. IWB holster for Glock 17L ?
  8. Holster for Range and Farm
  9. Need a few IWB holsters...good but economical?
  10. Sticky Holster
  11. Quality kydex/synthetic shoulder holsters?
  12. For those that carry a glock 30
  13. Glock 19 IWB Holster Questions
  14. Anyone try the Deep Concealment shoulder holsters?
  15. If open carry was NORMAL, would you chage your carry gun?
  16. Situational awareness/Home defense
  17. Some important reminders about the Rules, folks...
  18. Taurus 650 Holster Recommendations
  19. Saw this video posted in the GNG Lounge.....
  20. This needs to stop now, please...
  21. Po cket 9
  22. Carrying a Whole New Ball Game
  23. Tennessee Open Carry
  24. Got a question........
  25. What ride height/cant do you use with your hybrid IWB holster?
  26. Man with concealed carry permit arrested after pointing gun
  27. CA: Man with conceal carry permit stops robbery
  28. Permit holder beaten by police
  29. Mississippi Honors All – NV Honors SC
  30. Michigan Appeals Court OKs Stun Gun Possession
  31. CA---Another open carry ban looms
  32. Why LEOs should consider [conducting] armed citizen training programs
  33. Texas man gets 40 years in Stand Your Ground
  34. Gen4 34 Holster?
  35. Carrying while listening to MP3 player?
  36. My glock 30
  37. CCW on reciprocal license question
  38. HD scenario
  39. G30 ccw
  40. It's Hot! Now What?
  41. Milt Sparks SSII vs Tucker Gunleather Cover up plus
  42. Love my new Galco Classic Lite holster
  43. Grand Cherokee Center Console
  44. the unheard of holster
  45. Carry question in NJ
  46. Arrest made in firearm assault
  47. Expanding on a Theme...
  48. How often do you clean your pocket carry option?
  49. Does your state have "in plain sight" vehicle carry requirements?
  50. Question on two guns
  51. Blackhark Serpa and 30SF
  52. Crush Grip/NY-1 Trigger
  53. Gun signage
  54. D.C. self defense
  55. Pocket carry muzzle sweeping
  56. My new habit with carry ammo
  57. Good source to brush up on TX law?
  58. What's the status of the National Reciprocity act being considered?
  59. Silent Thunder Solo
  60. New holster
  61. Police officer accidentally shoots himself in stomach
  62. Soldier Training with Gun Causes Alarm
  63. Georgia Aquarium
  64. First Time to Carry!
  65. Store owner arrested for pulling gun on customer, threatening to shoot him
  66. Remora "No Clip" Holsters
  67. IWB, how do you carry?
  68. Police arrest OC man in church
  69. No July 4th sale this year for Comp-Tac? :(
  70. Anybody carry a small 9mm OWB under a t-shirt?
  71. P239 appendix
  72. CCW - lightest double stack carry weight
  73. IWB Holster for G19 with CT
  74. What if I am approached in my car?
  75. Use of Force: Hollywood vs Reality
  76. need advice for airports
  77. CCW sheepdog foils robbery with headshot.
  78. Gunshots in the woods: Norwalk man arrested for firing gun
  79. Slap around customers in Dallas can get you killed
  80. Happy 4th Of July - Let's Steal A Bike!
  81. John Widmann III was arrested
  82. Carrying a gun 40 yrs
  83. Pocket carry G36?
  84. Curious: Why is Walmart always mentioned as the Concealed Carry Cherry?
  85. MIC Great Holsters from Glock Tech
  86. Do stand your ground laws help or hurt crime rates?
  87. Conceal-carry permit holder arrested (OH)
  88. Shoulder holsters
  89. Killed by hugging ccw
  90. CCW Full Size 1911
  91. Man arrested after neighbors report gunshot
  92. New CCW Permit Holder with a Question
  93. Has any body tried these?
  94. tuckable holster belt clips?
  95. Got to read this article
  96. High Noon slide guard holster g26?
  97. Galco N3
  98. Beach
  99. Thoughts on galco triton iwb kydex holster
  100. Wichita, Open Carry Legal
  101. Teen to be tried for carrying rifle: UPDATE
  102. Do you carry a voice or video recorder in case of an encounter with LE?
  103. Legalizing guns on college campuses won’t lead to safety
  104. NC news outlet posts database containing addresses of CCW holders.
  105. Back In VA on Leave...
  106. Video: Fla. cops TASER jaywalker 'by the book'
  107. WRAL publishing lists please sign petition
  108. J-Frame/IWB
  109. Can I carry in Ikea
  110. If semi-autos were banned, what would you carry?
  111. Interesting revalation this weekend
  112. don't mess with grandpa!
  113. CC Manager survives an attack
  114. Can I trust my new ccw
  115. Two charged after refusing to show gun permits
  116. 71 year old Florida CCWer fires on robbers at Internet cafe
  117. Guy walking along carrying a rifle ?
  118. Car Carry
  119. Ccw ideas, thoughts, and stories for my wife
  120. Stupid 5.11 holster - still love it.
  121. Galco Draw-EZ
  122. Michigan Libraries Seek To Curb Guns
  123. I carried a gun in public...
  124. Should You Be Allowed to Openly Carry Guns in Libraries?
  125. I might need to switch things up..
  126. Zimmerman interview
  127. IWB Carry
  128. Non-tacti-cool EDC Bag
  129. Kroger sued over suspect's fatal shooting during robbery attempt
  130. Talon Grips
  131. Denver Shooting, as CC would you shoot back?
  132. Heads Up on Talon Grips
  133. Crossbreed IWB holster
  134. The quest for the perfect holster...
  135. Minimum rounds before you carry a gun?
  136. CCW Holster Options for G27
  137. Hybrid holsters.....Pros? Cons?
  138. How many rounds do you carry?
  139. Glock 21 Holsters
  140. Gun Ban in Places of Worship Upheld
  141. AWIB kydex holster search
  142. A BG at your window at night.
  143. Facing a BG in body armor. Insights?
  144. Conceal carry on my dog
  145. Florida Stand Your Ground analysis
  146. Florida non-resident CCW permit???
  147. Would you trade G30SF for G29SF for CCW...
  148. Active Shooter Poll
  149. An older Aurora CO shooting...
  150. Two Aurora Shootings, One Ignored
  151. Please consider: More CCWs, instead of less, could minimize such atrocities
  152. Which One For Concealed Carry
  153. Pizza Delivery Driver Defends Himself Against Shotgun-Wielding Duo!
  154. Now it turns out the Colorado nutjob had no body armor.
  155. Galco PLE G26 leather holster
  156. Maryland concealed carry permit rules to relax next month
  157. Jury rules in favor of gun-rights activist
  158. How you get made
  159. Accidental gunfire at Dallas Walmart injures four, gun owner had permit
  160. Any reason to get TX CHL if I already have FL non-res CHL?
  161. NY CCWer shoots self in knee at mall, no charges filed.
  162. Do you agree
  163. Judge upholds TN case involving man who lost permit to carry
  164. CCWer stops stabbing spree.
  165. Gun ownership up, accidental gun deaths down...huh
  166. Felt Good Knowing I Had My G27
  167. Do you carry OWB at home?
  168. no gun signs in ND
  169. carrying in the Sturgis SD area
  170. GAO Report on States' CCW permits
  171. another floridian stands his ground
  172. Vehicle carry in PA for non-CCWers?
  173. GLOCK 39 Holsters
  174. Book Review: Into the Kill Zone - A Cop's Eye View of Deadly Force
  175. Crossbreed Supertuck Questions!
  176. Mic holsters??
  177. Flat tire and a cop stops situation.
  178. Gen 3 or Gen 4
  179. G36 Mag Holder
  180. Man arrested in CO for taking gun into theater
  181. Awesome, Awesome holster
  182. Glock CC
  183. Good article from Massad Ayoob
  184. Cookeville, TN: Gun at 'Batman' causes stir
  185. G26 concealed carry methods
  186. South Beach, FL: No Gun at 'Batman' Causes Stir
  187. Theis Holster Review
  188. Interesting Legal CCW Question
  189. armed citizen helps take down killer
  190. Armband Carry?
  191. Range provide LE with shooter information.
  192. PA Now Honors MS. – MD Still May Issue For Now!
  193. my dad informed me he wants his CCL
  194. memory assistance-unarmed vs. armed gunman accountsa
  195. What would you do?
  196. Philly man with Fla. gun permit sentenced to jail for deadly shooting
  197. OWB PJ Kydex Holster??
  198. Gun Owner Saves Cop's Life by Shooting Deranged Gunman!
  199. Alabama must inform, not!
  200. My concealed carry choice for camping
  201. CCW 9mm Magazine(s) question
  202. Self-defense electronics?
  203. Colorado Shooters - Colorado specific CCW forum
  204. Dont mess with AARP members...
  205. DeSantis Speed Scabbard Belt Holster Question
  206. 'Open Carry' Lawsuit Against Warren, MI, Settled
  207. Crossbreed quick clip?
  208. States whose CCW license allows bigger knives than law otherwise allows?
  209. Holster Help for ccw (small auto)
  210. CA CCW Listed Firearms
  211. Man Who Brought Gun Into Theater Defends Choice
  212. feedback on galco tuck n go and stow & go iwb holsters
  213. Pistol whipping with Glock
  214. Police Firearms Trainers support shall-issue in Maryland
  215. finally had my first run in with police while carrying...
  216. Roller Coasters and other such jar-producing rides
  217. Looking for a specific car safe
  218. Convertible Holder IWB/OWB?
  219. Where is your spare mag?
  220. Gun arrest at a theater - Westlake, OH
  221. Business bans firearms: How to show them that leaves only bad guys armed?
  222. anyone here have an itac holster?
  223. Conn lawyer arrested at Batman for having a gun
  224. Would you allow your employees to CCW at work?
  225. Anyone else EDC a mounted weapon light?
  226. new ccw holster
  227. Can someone tell me honestly, what does it feel like to carry concealed?
  228. Charges Dropped Against Man Who Wore Gun In Theater
  229. Open Carry In The Grocery Store (pic)
  230. Florida "Stand Your Ground" case on First 48
  231. Concerned about the level of training received by those seeking CCW?
  232. Can I carry to work?
  233. Open carry gun debate reignited (FL)
  234. 3 Arrested In Connection With Concealed Carry Permit Scheme
  235. Oregon CCW laws?
  236. Cedar Point CCW
  237. Armed man questioned after comments about Spierer case
  238. Store Clerk Fires 3 Shots At Armed Robber
  239. Summit County sheriff worried about surge in CCW permits
  240. Want AIWB w/ option for Crimson trace?
  241. Has anyone had to lose weight to cc IWB?
  242. Robber, concealed-carry permit holder exchange gunfire
  243. Armed and drunken golf cart driver one of 32 arrested at Iowa State Fair
  244. Use Duty Holster on Narrower Gunbelt? Need Adapter/Clamp/Block or Something
  245. Man Wrongly Arrested for Open Carry...
  246. Leather holster noises
  247. Remora holster
  248. IWB Suggestions
  249. Anything to be aware of traveling to Fort Worth, TX?
  250. Anyone attend the Mass firearms School?