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  1. Why I'm hooked on single stack...
  2. Modifying Glock for CCW?
  3. Carrying in a resturant that has a no guns sign.
  4. Is a good belt helpful...
  5. Leather holster on a budget :-D
  6. Has anybody else had this nightmare?
  7. Gun Owners to Stage Open Carry 'Read-in' to Protest Misleading Library Rule
  8. Corrales considers village gun ban
  9. Townshend Vt. rescinds gun ban in municipal buildings
  10. Sparks moviegoer shoots himself in buttocks, apologizes, leaves theater
  11. Scottevest Travel Vest: Anyone try it for concealment?
  12. Carrying in Freeman Park, Carolina Beach, NC
  13. McVey's concealed carry permit revoked
  14. Is Your DOG a Weapon?
  15. Training, would you take part?
  16. CU to segregate dorms for students with concealed carry permits
  17. Question Concerning Children and Firearms
  18. Xds
  19. CCW and proper caliber
  20. Belly band holsters
  21. Black hawk holster for G23
  22. carry permit
  23. Try out these ideas...
  24. Not Everyone Should Open Carry
  25. Gun Belts and internal stiffener?
  26. Grossman for CCW
  27. Shooting (VA)
  28. My local Walmart made me happy
  29. Holster for S&W M&P Shield
  30. G26/27/33 vs. G29/30 for IWB.
  31. CC saves again...a couple attacked in their car
  32. Robber brings a sword to a gunfight.
  33. Cops asking for concealed carry permit when open carrying
  34. "smart carry" and g23 condition 1
  35. Best Pepper Spray
  36. CU-Boulder faculty chairman says he'll cancel his classes if students carry
  37. PJ Holsters
  38. Appropriate Holster??
  39. Recommend a J-frame ankle holster
  40. Deputies say moviegoer brought a gun to the theater
  41. Thigh holsters/leg holsters
  42. Sikhs thinking of carrying...
  43. Open carry MP5 .22
  44. Bear River Holsters
  45. IWB holster design: Cant or Don't?
  46. McLean County state’s attorney relaxing gun laws
  47. Tulsa 'Concealed Carry Neighborhood' Sends Message To Would-Be Thieves
  48. Good samaritans help crook
  49. AG Sides With Gun Group Suing Him
  50. Best double mag holster for glock mags?
  51. Faculty Must Allow Students With Concealed-Carry Permits To Have Firearms
  52. Interesting non-lethal carry item
  53. boy shoots burglar
  54. It finally happened...
  55. College student arrested for having 5 guns in dorm room.
  56. Fred Meyer shooting suspect identified; concealed weapons permit revoked
  57. Guns 'R Us
  58. Best $30 I've Spent on a Holster... TW Holsters
  59. Where's Swinkster?
  60. Traveling via O'Hare Airport in Chicago
  61. A Happy ending. Woman shoots Home invader
  62. Gun stolen then returned with a message
  63. Holster question - 1 clip or 2
  64. G 19 holster question
  65. Very Sad
  66. 14 basic questions on concealed carry at CU-Boulder
  67. G27 CCW - really???
  68. G20 - holsters
  69. Buying a concealed carry gun. Glock 19 or 26?
  70. Which one under 40? IWB
  71. Open carry in NC ...
  72. Data on gun permits kept hidden
  73. SURVEY: What's Currently Hot In Handgun Sales
  74. Told a theater they will not get my buisness
  75. FL: No duty to inform, but...
  76. = Life preservers + bike helmets X immunizations
  77. i can't believe i'm doing this
  78. Can someone recommend CCW instructor in Las Vegas area?
  79. PJ Holster IWB Tuckable Experience?
  80. Detroit woman shoots back at would-be carjackers
  81. Oklahoma becoming an Open Carry state.... a question for motorcyists
  82. Unusual Signage.
  83. Oklahoma to Honor Other States Constitutional Carry - - - Kentucky Info
  84. Magazine holster for G36?
  85. Concealed Carry shoots robber
  86. Waiting for permit.
  87. crossbreed QwikClip Holster
  88. Shorts choice when pocket carrying a G26/27
  89. What to do when stopped by LE
  90. NDs - it happens to the most judicious of us.
  91. Should You Carry Your Gun with a Round in the Chamber?
  92. California Close to Banning the Open Carry of Rifles & Long Guns in Public
  93. 8 Ways To Spot Someone Carrying A Concealed Gun
  94. Cincinnati police chief advises staff of legality regarding open carry
  95. Bicyclist Shot after Hitting Pickup, Attacking Driver
  96. ...Store Owner Opens Fire on 3 Burglars...
  97. reverse cant appendix carry ??
  98. First day of CHL carry
  99. I found Leonard!!
  100. Massad Ayoob on recent ESB shooting
  101. Man With CCL Stops Vicious Stabbing Outside School
  102. Leonard Embody loses appeal against Park Ranger
  103. When and Where do you carry?
  104. interesting concept for protecting yourself in a ccw shooting
  105. Need a Holster
  106. We're making progress
  107. CCW in Washington State in places that serve Alcohol
  108. 45 Ammo for Carry???
  109. New Mexico hates BUGS! :)
  110. Anyone CCW a wheelgun?
  111. To Those Who Don't Understand Why We Carry
  112. How old is too old for carry ammo?
  113. 3 robbers v 1 security guard: move and shoot video
  114. Should I switch from G26 to G19 for CCW?
  115. Car lockbox recommendations
  116. Virginia Issues Hundreds of Concealed Carry Permits To Out-Of-State Residen
  117. CU-Boulder faculty expresses fear over lifting of campus gun ban
  118. Homeowner shoots and kill burglar
  119. Tunica Ms travel question
  120. requiring all employees to have a license to carry a concealed weapon.
  121. Versa Carry....Opinions?
  122. Robbery at gas station
  123. Got a couple of ALS holsters today- thoughts and couple questions
  124. When you decided to carry, did you, your habits, your routine change?
  125. Car Carry Question
  126. Clothing options while Open Carrying
  127. Best way to CCW G26/27?
  128. CCW Clothes?
  129. what out of state permits for most reciprocity?
  130. How to harden old leather holster
  131. Who carries with some sort of laser aiming device ?
  132. new holster: Sig P220 Compact
  133. Ny ccw
  134. Best CCW Fleece/fall Jacket?
  135. AG Schmidt: Kansas backs Second Amendment Right-to-Carry
  136. just picked up my ohio ccw
  137. Police: Bar patron shot Plymouth homicide suspect
  138. People with permits who don't carry.
  139. Glock 26 AIWB?
  140. Pennsylvania retroprocity
  141. Anyone use Cobra Tufskin Belts?
  142. G26 pocket carry?
  143. When to stop carrying?
  144. owb holster glock 23??? .....cant find one
  145. Anyone Carry a S&W 242?
  146. Carry in vehicle in California
  147. New to the chl life
  148. Guns don't belong on campus
  149. Any suggestions? (holster problem)
  150. so whats Maryland's status?
  151. Need some help please!
  152. Darkhorse Concealment Holsters and Fantastic Customer Service
  153. Another good carry site for female audience
  154. Any experience with this Blackhawk Pancake?
  155. carry holster?
  156. Duty belt + mag pouch + holster
  157. How do YOU tuck?
  158. Anyone here CC a G17?
  159. Have you seen any...
  160. Kydex pocket holsters??
  161. corporate policy vs state law
  162. Traveling To Florida
  163. If lawful, carry always. Senior investigator for FLA (Jamaica) shot, killed
  164. How to get carry, to Put In Bay, Ohio?
  165. Carrying while riding a bicycle?
  166. Extra Magazine(s)
  167. Sec.A46.035.
  168. Pocket size light
  169. Multiple State Licensing
  170. Referred to the Harris County Grand Jury
  171. Fusion-Pac Holster
  172. Purpose of concealed carry
  173. Belt or paddle holster - pros/cons???
  174. First time carrying a G20 IWB
  175. work contract
  176. How do I send my gun home?
  177. CCW on Universtiy of Colorado Campus Uneasy Facutly
  178. Looking for a day pack that can carry an accesable pistol.
  179. Other than firearm carry? Is there an area for these questions?
  180. Carry options for hiking
  181. CCW & Hearing Aid?
  182. Elderly woman paid attention and thwarted robbery attempt
  183. Arizona / New Mexico CCW reciprocity
  184. Fusion-Pac holster and fat people
  185. Gold Dot vs. Golden Saber... Big Difference?
  186. Debate on concealed weapons at college campuses heats up...
  187. Another reason to pack and pack....
  188. The scariest night of my life!
  189. DC council may ease gun laws for non-residents.
  190. Odd situation here Vermont
  191. Flight Attendants gun discharges in Airport
  192. Rhino Holster
  193. Changed my EDC
  194. We now have OWB Theis Holsters!
  195. My SC CWP Trainers Cert is here
  196. Better than the sport/combat holster?
  197. Soldier shot in an attempt to cure hiccups
  198. My place of employment recently put up a "gunbuster" sign
  199. My article on revolver speedloaders for CCW
  200. Former Firefighter Shoots, Kills Armed Robber with Legal Concealed Handgun
  201. A “condition yellow” fellow.
  202. Concealed Carry Cycling Jersey
  203. Would you shoot someone if...
  204. Milt Sparks Axiom
  205. Legally open carrying combat vet sues over Wyoming traffic stop
  206. man shoots masked son
  207. Inexpensive J-Frame Pistol
  208. Do you carry to social events like dinner with friends, family?
  209. Permit holder arrested for displaying weapon when woman refuses to move
  210. G26
  211. Crossbreed, White Hat, & etc...
  212. A possible way around the 'No Weapons' policy?
  213. Clerk shoots/kills robbery suspect
  214. CC IWB 4/5 O'clock In Vehicle
  215. Thinking of carrying and have a concern
  216. Driving from New Mexico to Kentucky
  217. Another Citizen Refuses to Be a Victim
  218. Anyone using the Clipdraw in place of a IWB holster?
  219. Good carry belt
  220. Pocket Carry Results in Negligent Discharge
  221. Man files suit over arrest in Gwinnett park, Part Deux
  222. Weapon light holster...
  223. How many carry guns do you have in rotation?
  224. OWB holster for concealed carry
  225. Gun store clerk recovers after being shot
  226. HooAhh!
  227. What is wrong with this picture?
  228. Where do you put your pistol while using the public pooper?
  229. gen4 grip eating me up
  230. Driving from FL to PA -- what about MA?
  231. This just happened locally.....
  232. Why do LEOs assume that OCers are criminals? I don't understand.
  233. Anyone up with Indiana laws? Just got this memo...
  234. Halloween Haunted House carry?
  235. Holster Recomendation
  236. Holster for glock
  237. Isanti County road rage: Gun permit wasn't at issue
  238. consensual encounters, investigative detention and arrest
  239. Virginia CHL laws and non-resident licenses
  240. Made a tuckable IWB hoster for my new Glock today-
  241. Best Pocket Carry Shorts?
  242. What a stupid thing to do...
  243. Does ankle carry get a bad rap?
  244. Another liquor store shooting in Indy
  245. Glock Combat/Sport holster
  246. Fun with Kydex! (IWB Holster)
  247. Percentage of Carry - Your EDC or everynow and then?
  248. Florida AG Says Carrying a Gun is Always Presumably a Crime
  249. My firearm transfer was "delayed" at long?
  250. Desantis sof-tuk holster tight fit for glock 27