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  1. Desantis sof-tuk holster tight fit for glock 27
  2. Glock 36 Jentra Klip
  3. Thanks Tommy at Theis Holsters!
  4. HIGHLY recommend Theis Holsters!!
  5. Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe for G26
  6. OWB Leather Carry Questions
  7. Best CC Gun, IMO
  8. a new job in a no carry zone
  9. No firearms on college campus..bull****
  10. Carry into bank?
  11. Kydex vs. leather
  12. Any lefties with a Comp-tac Minotaur and Crimson Trace?
  13. Cook Co., IL, to stem gun violence considers a "Violence Tax" on guns/ammo
  14. ghost holster
  15. Most reliable pocket pistols
  16. High Noon Holsters Side Effect Review
  17. Anyone Carried in a Post Office?
  18. Old friend's husband getting gun charge. :)
  19. Jason Winnie Holster Retention Issues
  20. Mississippi Honors All - - - Min Age for Possession/Transport
  21. Any specific law prohibiting concealed carry in the city of Detroit?
  22. IWB Holster review
  23. COMPLIANCE: Banks and “concealed carry” laws
  24. Raven Vanguard II help
  25. IWB holsters for Glocks with RMRs?
  26. Carry night sights
  27. It's a sign, I tell you!
  28. Creative Carry Alternative
  29. Looking for first CCW gun belt...
  30. School me on holsters for bigger guys.
  31. Child finds gun, accidentally shoots himself.
  32. anyone try a desantis cozy partner?
  33. Kudos to FL CCW Regulators
  34. Little guys carrying big guns
  35. Why I practice at over 7yds
  36. Black mob picks on 'The Wrong Guy'
  37. CC stickers for vehicles
  38. Holster wear
  39. Galco vs. Desantis
  40. Found this while surfing the local new site
  41. can you convert a Glock Sport-Combat OWB holster to an IWB
  42. Improper use of firearm, pearl road:
  43. Armed in Alabama (article)
  44. Glock sport/combat holster
  45. School me on shoulder holsters
  46. TT Gunleather holster...?
  47. Issues with the RCS Mag Carrier?
  48. shootextreme reactive target range
  49. Thigh Holster
  50. Anyone ever tried SnoSeal on their IWB hybrid holster?
  51. Old question, but maybe new circumstances
  52. My nephew was murdered this morning
  53. Smooth sights?
  54. Quick Review of an 'Economical' Glock Holster
  55. IWB w/light
  56. First "do you have any weapons?" during a traffic stop today in Roanoke, VA
  57. His & Her's Glock and holsters
  58. Race Holster Help !!!
  59. new holster with pics
  60. Looking for a holster for G20 to wear hunting.
  61. Damn NRA and their junk mail!
  62. Holster issue
  63. Specific Glock 29/30 CC holster question...
  64. Best thumbbreak holster?
  65. Pick up Truck "Holster"
  66. Mall No Firearms posting concerns..
  67. OK, LA, MD & NM Updates – Min Age for Possession/Transporting
  68. Marine Corps Leauge Posted.
  69. Glock CC For Portly Men
  70. Michigan libraries can't ban guns, court of appeals rules
  71. Possession of brothers Glock in CA at 18
  72. Open Carry and Beggars
  73. Raven vs. Crossbreed vs. Comp-Tac
  74. Looking for suggestions......
  75. First Time Carry: my Old Faithful Holster
  76. Israeli gun control article
  77. Made Wifey a new holster...
  78. CCW Questions
  79. Illinois vs Diggins Law or not???
  80. FIST Kydex Holsters Anyone
  81. You can't stand your ground on a bike
  82. ABC4 experiment shows mixed reaction to guns in public
  83. Fleet Policy vs. the Second Amendment
  84. CCW badge in Florida
  85. Seattle residents refuse to arm themselves
  86. thinnest Mag Pouch...
  87. CT non-resident finally arrived!
  88. Bank President Foils Robbery In Troy, MO.
  89. I need a belt for carry.
  90. Loud mouth, open carry idiots
  91. what holster is this?
  92. Do we have a website that...
  93. Conceal carried for the first time today!
  94. Blackhawk Nylon IWB holster for Glock 22
  95. CU-Boulder adviser posts sign on door asking students to leave their guns o
  96. Carry concealed on military base??????
  97. First year of CCW in Wisconsin
  98. Where is your guns?
  99. Hey Okie!
  100. Do you need a gun to prove its reliability before carrying it?
  101. Unintended consequences in Oklahoma (on a small scale)
  102. Bank robbed, bank PRESIDENT apprehends robber at gunpoint.
  103. Front Sight Only
  104. Once again the belt issue.
  105. Wyoming Drops New Mexico – OK Open Carry Starts
  106. MTAC Slide?
  107. Kansas' open carry law turning into legal fight
  108. Anyone conceal carry Glock 30sf/Glock 30 IWB?
  109. Vote ‘no’ for concealed carry
  110. LoboGunLeather Offset Belt Clip
  111. Maybe a dumb question?
  112. G36 Most Comfortable Carry
  113. Thoughts on a concealed carry weapon
  114. G36 in a Kramer IWB for a G30?
  115. Proper High Ready for CCW protocol
  116. What are my rights in this situation?
  117. An old movie on the boob tube
  118. Carry Belt for OWB Q's
  119. Interesting new Comptac holster
  120. Carry right out of the Box
  121. Glock 19 or 26 for home defense/CCW???
  122. N82tactical holster
  123. Silly question but, carry with slide locked back?
  124. Metal Clip vs Belt Loops, Holster
  125. Looking for a zero cant OWB holster for G-26
  126. G17 AIWB holster advice
  127. Will I stop squeaking when I walk?
  128. Got my new CCW holster (pic).....
  129. Editorial: Block guns in libraries, lawmakers
  130. Boulder libraries to allow permit holders to carry guns
  131. Tactipac Experience
  132. Going to work; want to stop at the range on the way home...
  133. Traveling carry question
  134. Traveling with a Texas CHL
  135. Does your muzzle show when you go out in public?
  136. How many of you carry with "+1" round in the chamber?
  137. Finally took my CHL class
  138. G26
  139. galco triton holster
  140. Lots of gun buster signs in Oklahoma since the 1st
  141. Bad printing when I sit. Solutions?
  142. VA permit holder driving through GA
  143. Thigh holsters: a more comfortable option for police officers?
  144. University of CO Staffer Accidently Shoots Coworker
  145. Anyone from Virginia...
  146. GAP Floorplates for .45
  147. Streaker flees after woman pulls gun on him
  148. P30 Stolen
  149. Good IWB holster?
  150. Consistent Carry
  151. glock 27 holster suggestions
  152. IWB Holster from Garrett-Silent Thunder Fusion
  153. Pocket gun advice
  154. Who Brings CCW When Flying?
  155. A cop's opinion re concealed carry.
  156. Ever misplaced your pocket gun?
  157. Experience with thunderwear?
  158. M-Tac for 1911
  159. Darkhorse Concealment Kydex holsters for Glock
  160. Help me pick Pelican Case for my Glock 23
  161. Anoka County Judge John Dehen wants to carry gun at work (MN)
  162. S&W Bodyguard 380 Back Pocket Jeans Pocket Holster
  163. Looking for an AIWB holster
  164. g30sf in new holster - gun porn
  165. Mic holster question
  166. Thinking of a "belly band"
  167. IWB Conceal Suggestions
  168. Desantis Bodyguard holster?
  169. IWB causes problems with wallet?
  170. Dual shoulder holsters.
  171. Have you used both Comp-tac MTACs and Milt Sparks Versa Max 2?
  172. Model 34 Holsters
  173. Don’t abuse our right to keep, bear arms
  174. New York federal appeals court upholds concealed carry restrictions
  175. New Product from Comp-Tac came in the mail today !
  176. IWB - Shoulder issues
  177. Lots of people applying for pistol permits in NYS
  178. Kydex Holsters - Bravo Concealment. Opinions?
  179. Weapons Forum Holster Drawing
  180. Theis, CBH, Old Faithful, Galco King Tuck
  181. What does an Arkansas CHL cost?
  182. AutoZone employee fired after taking action against “Fake Beard Bandit”
  183. 30 degree cant for G19 IWB?
  184. Read this for a good laugh.
  185. My new holster
  186. Belt Question: Horse Hide vs Bull Hide
  187. Galco King Tuk
  188. He asked if my concealed was loaded. stupid cop...civil rights suit pending
  189. ankle carry
  190. Ruger LCR Holster...
  191. Holster Opinions
  192. Talon Grips
  193. Traveling while CC,ing
  194. Holster ideas
  195. Leather vs. Kydex Holsters
  196. Glock Sport Combat Holster
  197. Those who carry a BUG, Strong side or Weak side?
  198. crossbreed supertuck
  199. Range etiquette for carrying
  200. UVA hospital carry for guests?
  201. carry a gun with a conversion barrel
  202. Removing a holster
  203. "Safe Carry" quetion...
  204. WI CCW holder defend himself without having to fire a shot...
  205. Thigh Holster Suggestions?
  206. Important Michigan Bill- SB 59
  207. Looking for OWB (with conditions) for G26
  208. J Frame Holster Suggestions...
  209. Batman continues to foil evildoers
  210. Smith 3913 IWB holster suggestions
  211. Man shot dead outside school near Central Park
  212. Delaware Drops Virginia - Info on OH, MI & WI
  213. Concealed carry keeps the salon safe!
  214. Court Strikes Down Illinois' Conceal Carry Ban
  215. Looking for OWB holster for CM9
  216. Mall Shooting Portland/Clackamas Oregon
  217. Drop leg/thigh rig for Glock 30
  218. Concealed Carry Options For Fatties...
  219. Hybrid holster differences
  220. Pocket Holsters
  221. Versacarry
  222. No weapons necessary
  223. Ohio making it easier for CCW
  224. Milt Sparks Gun Leather out of vogue?
  225. any suggestions for a "low riding" holster?
  226. Ease of concealment for 1911's
  227. Just Wondering?
  228. Leather Holster Discolors Slide?
  229. Christmas tree magazine release
  230. Clackamas man, armed, confronted mall shooter
  231. Sig P220
  232. Saw My First O/C'er Yesterday
  233. **the arguments for gun ownership**
  234. Spare single magazine holders
  235. My Review of Comptac neutral cant mtac holster
  236. Shoulder Holsters
  237. Geraldo Rivera (Sort of) Admits: Guns Needed in Schools
  238. Must Read on Stoping School Shootings.
  239. Belt Color?
  240. Mas Ayoob on School Security
  241. Sweat Shield Mags
  242. Maybe this will come to fruition ...
  243. Flagstaff man with gun helps stop suspected robber
  244. Was the Portland Oregon mall a posted "gun free" zone??
  245. How secure are your firearms?
  246. Seeking input on a hair-raising experience
  247. Misplace/lose your CCW gun in public, Police find it, what next? (MN)
  248. Glock Combat Holster
  249. Hi Cap mag for CC question.
  250. OC in NH