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  1. Best place to get Armor Plate?
  2. Gunman leaves when he realizes customer armed...
  3. Flying through NY
  4. When you forgot your wallet...
  5. First day with Galco KingTuk
  6. Milt Sparks Nexus
  7. Eric Holder: President May Use Executive Order For Gun Laws
  8. Liberty University's Concealed Carry Policy, One Year Later
  9. Concealing G26
  10. Max round mag you can legally carry in your State?
  11. Armed Teacher Piolot Program
  12. "terror to the public"
  13. If the AWB lives... G30's will be K-I-N-G for CCW!
  14. What a "Quack"
  15. Holster Suggestion Please
  16. PA VA ccw question
  17. A Pizza to die for?
  18. You know you're a true concealed carry nut when...
  19. Terrible Road Rage
  20. Remora Holster The Nicest Review I will ever draft
  21. which Comp-Tac for Gen4 G21?
  22. how do I hide a full size 1911?
  23. Kydex paddle options?
  24. Galco "concealable" holster
  25. Fobus 26 DB for Glock
  26. White House petition to deport Piers Morgan
  27. Anyone here carry in North Dakota????
  28. (NY Times) NY Gov. Cuomo: Confiscation could be an option
  29. Reality bites.
  30. New Gun /also New but 'older leather Holster Break In?
  31. Ccw clothing
  32. Dislike for Fobus ?
  33. IWB and Belt Tightness
  34. Anyone been packing heavier lately?
  35. The Loss of Your CCW Rights
  36. I've been lucky!
  37. Is there such a thing?
  38. Glock Sport and Combat Holster - which tabs do you cut?
  39. I'm looking for a custom Holster
  40. CCW Insurance?
  41. MN man charged after 4-year-old son accidentally shoots 2-year-old brother
  42. It’s time to address mental health and gun-free zones.
  43. Legal CCW saves victims life
  44. What is the longest you've waited for a chl?
  45. Here is where a head-shot worked quite well.
  46. Any recent law changes (or info I should know about) for CO, KS & MO?
  47. CCW criteria
  48. Massad Ayoob on semi-autos for citizens
  49. My EDC G-27
  50. Galco King Tuk for G29
  51. Gen 4 Glock Owners
  52. don't the straps and clips on IWB holster 'out' you
  53. G26 for Conceal Carry - Advice Needed
  54. Holsters?
  55. How do you get past
  56. Understanding the Criminal Mindset for Your Personal Self-Defense Decisions
  57. carry questions
  58. Preparing for Multiple Threats
  59. Recomendation on J-Frame Holster
  60. My 2012 CCW Results.
  61. VA Now Honors IN. NM St Parks. NRA/GOA/CCRKBA/St.Orgs/Etc. Civil Discour
  62. Carrying extra mags on the ankle???
  63. Alabama Holsters
  64. How do you pick IWB or OWB?
  65. How do you carry a spare mag?
  66. "Stupid Things On Guns." = Legal Woes?
  67. Doc with carry permit charged: had gun in Pa. school while picking up child
  68. IL carry on owned rental property
  69. CT lawmaker wants to out permit holders; Burglar says that's good for them
  70. Open carry in Virginia DMV?
  71. Fobus Ankle Holster-Ruger LCR
  72. an idea for an EDC setup
  73. Substitute for Photo Vest?
  74. News report showing that CCW is "ineffective"
  75. Kentucky congressman intriduces bill to repeal "Gun Free School Zones"
  76. Detroiter Claims 911 Call Of Stolen Van With Gun Was Ignored
  77. question on carrying G26 and 642
  78. lots of careless ccw concealing in MI........
  79. AIWB / Holster help
  80. Runner needs holster help for sweat pants with G27
  81. Conversion barrels and CCW
  82. Gun Belts
  83. Crossbreed or MTAC.....first post!
  84. Any high-ride one slot OWB holsters?
  85. Forbus holster
  86. Man threatening group with gun ends up being shot himself, arrested
  87. Columbus Ohio CCWer shoots robber
  88. OWB CrossDraw TB G19 Holster
  89. Please Recommend a CCW Holster for G26...
  90. Blackhawk Holsters - Best Value
  91. New CCW laws coming too??
  92. Mom defends self, children. Suspect shot 5X
  93. CCW in Colorado
  94. N82 tactical pro series
  95. Illinois and Michigan laws and my carry permit
  96. What would you have done? . . .
  97. Two Portland Men Open Carry Rifles To Educate About Gun Rights
  98. This is funny, and Granny did have a CCW Card with her ID's the Cops wanted
  99. Deep carry holster
  100. Use of Deadly Force - When?
  101. Help with a CCW holster
  102. CCW holster selection - slide wear
  103. What's Wrong w/This Picture?
  104. Proof that Concealed Carry permit holders live in a dream world
  105. Mountain Bike carry specific
  106. Gun in Church/Private School in Ohio?
  107. Galco Ankle holster...WOW!
  108. New Sights *FANTASTIC*
  109. Does CCW reduce crime?
  110. Raven Concealment Systems and g21 sf
  111. Old Faithful Holsters
  112. Local man arrested after firing gun at party
  113. What The Media Won't Tell You - Crime In USA v UK
  114. To those in New York, I'm sorry
  115. Virginia now honors Indiana LTCH
  116. What do you carry your glock in for ccw.
  117. Boycotting of Gun Free Businesses
  118. Raven concealment holster
  119. Old (1986?) factory Glock holster question
  120. Looking at new carry guns, anyone carry a Sig?
  121. Kholster Holsters question
  122. another win for the armed homeowner
  123. Glock Sport combat Holster retention question
  124. Looking for advice on a CCW
  125. Home defense/carry magazine question
  126. Full Size Glock IWB - Skinny Guy
  127. Looking for a OWB Leather Holster & Belt
  128. Friction retention vs snap/velcro hold mag pouches for woods cary.
  129. NY new gun law and US FOPA "safe passage" law conflict?
  130. Glock 34 CCW Holster Picks please!!
  131. Question about IWB carrying
  132. G19 or G26 for carry?
  133. G36 IWB suggestions
  134. BLADE TECH convertible hybrid iwb or owb
  135. Gun Choice for CCW
  136. Sig 938?
  137. TX - Signage
  138. anyone conceal glock 19 with a light on it
  139. Anyone have a DM Bullard bodyguard?
  140. Why Doctors Should Not Ask Their Patients About Guns
  141. Dallas PD gives away free AR and ammo
  142. Just another glove box??
  143. IWB holster with attached mag. Know any?
  144. Possible new gun - Need leather
  145. carry ?
  146. Research shows gun buyback programs like Lansing's are ineffective
  147. Airline Travel New Twist
  148. Utah soon legal to carry w/out a permit
  149. Interesting Argument
  150. FL shooting/robbery
  151. For us new yorkers
  152. South Carolina - Reciprocity??
  153. CCW: One in the chamber or not?
  154. D.C. man who shot dogs biting boy could face charges
  155. seeking a decent holster for a G26, but have total internet burnout from to
  156. Leather paddle holsters - any good?
  157. Appendix carry G36... what holster do you use?
  158. Local preemption changes in Kentucky take effect
  159. Crossbreed Style Holster Question for Glocks
  160. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke "You have a duty to protect yourself
  161. CCW renewal
  162. 36 in a 27 holster
  163. advice on holsters for G23
  164. Business owner helps employees apply for Utah concealed carry permit
  165. City Councilman versus U.S. Constitution
  166. Let's talk quality leather belts
  167. Mas Ayoob okay after helicopter crash in Florida...
  168. Comp Tac paddle holster
  169. X concealment holster
  170. Help me find a holster
  171. I'm 5'4, 160lbs... Ankle carry?
  172. DE Again Honors VA ?? !! ?? !!
  173. Really confused.. Can someone try to explain & let me know what to do next?
  174. Glock Carry Pics...
  175. Looking for a OWB holster that will hold my G19 & my 26
  176. Moving
  177. crossbreed IWB for G26
  178. mount rushmore carry...
  179. Blackhawk CQC Serpa Holster - Observations and Questions
  180. Good advice
  181. Old faithful holsters
  182. Is there a more perfect conceal carry gun than a Glock 26?
  183. Help with holster options
  184. concealed carry jackets
  185. Cowboy boot CCW holster options?
  186. 'Carrying a Gun Saved My Life': Meet Ryan Moore
  187. CCW Class Thurs/Fri Nights
  188. New Tommy Thesis IWB, talon grip question
  189. Galco Shoulder Holster Issues
  190. Elegant NH Lady carried no handgun.
  191. G27 holster On the Go
  192. Beltman, Wilderness Instructor... & Blackhawk! CQC
  193. Asked to leave
  194. SHTF Carry options
  195. Loving the Blackhawk Serpa CQC
  196. Kydex IWB Magazine Pouch?
  197. G21 chest carry?
  198. Holster for G23 w/ light
  199. What a difference a belt makes
  200. Shoulder holster for G19 LB Shooter?
  201. Detroit: 70-yo with concealed carry license shoots two muggers
  202. OC'd today for the first time - Kinda Funny
  203. New Yorkers, how's the 7-rnd limit affecting what you carry?
  204. Portage man’s gun permit was fake
  205. FAQ Article on WA carry permits
  206. About 1 in 12 Washington State adults can carry concealed pistol...
  207. Private property carry
  208. Concealed carry holster issue
  209. CCW Glock 17
  210. "Gun Free Zone" sign in Louisiana
  211. Open Carry on a motorcycle
  212. Cross draw holster Glock 19
  213. Man headed to trial on gun charge
  214. Carry Rotation?
  215. Butte County CA CCW Wait Time
  216. How's a G26 in ankle holster?
  217. Police slam Connecticut firearms board over permit denials
  218. Holster for those quick trips to town?
  219. Horizontal Mag Pouch??
  220. TN Safe Commute Act
  221. Ankle Carry Ruger LCR
  222. Carry with non stock parts
  223. Milt Sparks Versa Max II got to love it
  224. G17 holster- CCW class holster
  225. Looking for a new EDC Knife
  226. Glock 19 Leather Holster
  227. FL & PA Reciprocity Changed! -- OH & AZ Non-Resident -- Other Info
  228. Man arrested after taking gun out at Sanford day care center
  229. Dumb butt in NH
  230. IWB Holster recomendations for a G21?
  231. Why I carry the Nano
  232. Kane acts to close 'Florida loophole' for concealed weapons
  233. Holster info
  234. Driving to Chicago - car transport of a handgun possible at all?
  235. Carrying where perhaps you are not supposed to...
  236. NYS CCW, visiting NJ carry question
  237. Should a Person Use the Exact Same Gun for EDC or Multiple Guns?
  238. Teens allegedly trying to rob guys get shot...
  239. Texas to revisit open carry for handguns
  240. Handcuffs..
  241. CCW and clothing !!
  242. Alternate Carry Options
  243. Recommend me a gun belt...
  244. First Time Conceal Carried Yesterday
  245. Help me make my G19 invisible.. lol
  246. How to carry dressed business professional?
  247. Glock 20 Holster help?
  248. ‘Packing heat in church’ increasingly allowed in U.S.
  249. Holster help
  250. Blackhawk Serpa Sportster Paddle Holster Glock 19/23 (Pros and Cons)