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  1. Rough draw from holster-- help!
  2. Had my first LEO encounter while carrying. Didnt go very smooth.
  3. For the Kydex Holster DiY guys...
  4. IHOP aftermath
  5. Carry or Not
  6. Carry or No
  7. Carry or No ??
  8. OH/LA Sign Agreement. MI/Maine have Agreement in Works. New Mexico
  9. FriendorFoe.US
  10. Silent thunder opinions please
  11. Drawing from IWB holsters
  12. Discount Hosters
  13. CA: One step closer to outlawing OC
  14. National Reciprocity
  15. Anyone know where to find a Supertuck???
  16. What Belt Slide holster holds Glock 26 tite to body?
  17. Glock/Jackass/MCII rig pics?
  18. Should kids be able to carry...
  19. Glock 30 IWB/OWB holster in Shark
  20. New concealed carry law a danger to city
  21. Love my new AHolster/LCP/CTC pocket setup
  22. Pics of OWB
  23. Holster for P238
  24. Did my first open carry yesterday!
  25. Blackawk Serpa CQC
  26. Rivets on Fobus Standard Holster
  27. OWB/OC holster for Ruger GP100 4"...?
  28. Any of you Carrying Compact Barrels in Subcompact Glocks?
  29. NRA Bill With 243 Sponsors Would Create Race To The Bottom On CCW
  30. Text of H.R. 822 as introduced in the House
  31. Utah Non-Resident Carry Permit
  32. ATTN: AZ People: Thinking about moving to Phoenix
  33. Holster? gen4 G19 w/ surefire x300
  34. Gray vs Brown frame on P3AT for CCW
  35. Whats up with ABC's total bias study?
  36. Glock 21 Holster (laser options too?)
  37. Please help: Friend's business shut down by dshs over his CCP in WA state.
  38. Appendix carry of a backup glock 27.23 or 30? Which holster which gun?
  39. Me and My Empty Holster
  40. CCW all the time...paranoid or not?
  41. NH CCWers Win Big in NH
  42. 1st time open carrying - need holster advice
  43. 5.11 Rush Delivery Messenger Bag & Holster Pouch
  44. Galco customer service/A+
  45. So just found out my permit is no longer valid.
  46. The Front Pocket.
  47. Questions about ordering Sport Combat Holster!
  48. college campus carry
  49. Comp-Tac Minotaur
  50. Cover garments for G23
  51. Bought a Glock 26.....Holster recommendations?
  52. IWB Holster G26
  53. Armed American Radio...give it a listen
  54. Would you call the Police?
  55. Palmetto Tactical Kydex Holster Review
  56. Carry Question
  57. Shoulder holster.
  58. Galco halo holster ?
  59. Drawing against a drawn gun?
  60. I have heard that Arizona has done away with CCW license?
  61. Does your condition have a color?
  62. Holster surgery thread
  63. Motorcycle carry?
  64. Most comfortable holster?
  65. Gun laws vs Tribal Law?
  66. First Time Flying w/ Firearm Advice/Encouragement Please
  67. sig 232 owners need holster help
  68. Great way to CC with a (sorta) IWB :)
  69. Also thinking on moving to Arizona , but not to the cities
  70. Safariland ALS Holster not what I expected for my G23......
  71. Had my first LEO encounter while carrying. It went very smooth.
  72. Would you call LEO or not ?
  73. Charges Dismissed in WV CCW shooting
  74. Great Crossbreed Holster Replacement Experience
  75. Glock 23 for woods carry?
  76. how to mount in vehicle
  77. FBI Crime Statistics for 2010
  78. CCW permit
  79. Kydex holster
  80. Got busted for carrying firearm into hospital
  81. Serpa Shoulder Holster
  82. What am I missing.
  83. What happened to Little Bear Holsters??
  84. concealed carry cover clothing
  85. Hugging while carrying concealed.
  86. G27 owb
  87. Belt Conundrum
  88. Have wanted a holster for my Glock 31 with Glock tac-lite...
  89. Glock holster for G36
  90. Which Glock
  91. Holster value.
  92. Palmetto Tactical Gear Holsters
  93. Favorite grips on your carry gun?
  94. Holster a restricted item?
  95. Guns at work
  96. People think I'm crazy because I carry 24/7... This is why.
  97. Advantage Tactical Sights
  98. Which if these glocks would you use for carry?
  99. safariland = als or sls?
  100. Took my Texas CHL class today with the G26
  101. What pants or shorts for pocket carry ?
  102. Mic 2
  103. Bounty Hunters Pull Guns in Walmart...
  104. Permit to carry a pistol... What about a long gun?
  105. carry permits fo over 60
  106. While I'm waiting...
  107. Gun Leather Squeak
  108. Question about CCW in Virginia
  109. Carrying does more harm than good
  110. Police can temorarily detain you for carrying a gun, even with permit
  111. Alabama Holster Company - Opinions?
  112. Problem (?) with iTAC Holster
  113. Open Carry - options for cooler weather
  114. Going to Cal. need some advice
  115. Holsters
  116. Carrying on HOT summer days
  117. Ccw g20
  118. CC Permit... How?
  119. States That Don't Honor CCW Permit
  120. Las Vegas Metro Police & an Armed Citizen
  121. Spotted while cc
  122. Protection while drinking
  123. New Ohio CHL manual has been released
  124. Retention screws
  125. Ten Things You Need to Know About Concealed Carry
  126. Ore. court throws out university gun ban
  127. Where you ever spotted while carrying "concealed"?
  128. National Carry Bill
  129. "Unofficial" Carry badges.
  130. G26 in a Galco Ankle Safe
  131. Concealed carry clothes-what do you do for a living
  132. Ohio carry laws change Friday
  133. "Because it's not honorable to conceal..."
  134. Petition to the Whitehouse, H.R. 822
  135. Update: OH Restaurant Carry Law/Maine Park Carry/Seeking Additional Info
  136. Ohio Law allowing guns in bars, restaurants takes effect Friday.
  137. Fanny pack carry?
  138. Texas CHL Renewal
  139. Carrying a glock 20/21?
  140. Ccw with MIC holster
  141. Conceal Carrying a Glock 17 holsters and positions?
  142. Texas finally pushing "Open Carry", but...
  143. more "tactical" options for G17 Duty Weapon
  144. Military CCW in Alaska
  145. As the seasons change what Glock will you be carrying?
  146. Never talk the police
  147. All Kydex IWB holster. Thoughts, suggestions, experience
  148. Can You Pocket Carry a Baby Glock?
  149. 3 Gun Match Holster For A G23
  150. Finishing up my DIY ccw holster,...
  151. I donít like the new way of saying old things.
  152. I was pulled over for the first time while carrying last night
  153. Current wait time for CHL in Texas
  154. Public restrooms
  155. What gun belt to use?
  156. How is HR 822 a state's rights issue?
  157. Judge will decide if you can have a firearm in your car on college campuses
  158. Texas-- lost CHL card
  159. Woman and Gun Shopping
  160. Need Good Holster for G17
  161. In the waistband mag holder?
  162. Carrying and having a medical emergency
  163. Anyone carry 2 guns of the same model?
  164. Modifying holsters
  165. Looking for a nylon gun belt. Any recommendations?
  166. Wisconsin Carry, Inc. reaches settlement in lawsuit against Milwaukee
  167. Legal issues if I have to dispatch a stray dog?
  168. I now enter the world of carrying.
  169. Pancake Wings
  170. Open carry -vs- concealed carry.
  171. Favorite Ankle holsters for a G26?
  172. Maine just cashed my check
  173. G23 owners
  174. How do you carry your G20?
  175. State fair carry?
  176. Anyone carry this for 9mm ammo?
  177. IWB or OWB
  178. Jackass shoulder holster
  179. Blackhawk Serpa holsters
  180. Crossbreed for G36
  181. South Carolina CCW?
  182. Opinions on 5:11 canvas gun belt
  183. Anti-self defense law in Missouri...
  184. What is situtational awarness
  185. Must-Have Carry Wear
  186. Question on how much ammo to carry
  187. shoulder holsters are scary
  188. If you could only buy a g21 or g30 for carry/hd?
  189. Favorite Non-"Mall-Ninja" carry attire?
  190. Illinois Conceal Carry?
  191. Anything you say can and will be used against you.
  192. Delta Bravo : Gov Brown Kills OC in Calif
  193. Carrying to different states
  194. CC a G22?
  195. Looking for a good woods holster g29
  196. "What's it for?"
  197. Question About CompTac Holsters
  198. G19 vs G26
  199. Holster for a Revolver help
  200. Why do gunshops hate CCW inside the shop?
  201. I got this email asking is national CCW a Trojan Horse?
  202. Semi vertical shoulder rig g35
  203. Navajo Cops
  204. How the heck do you carry IWB....
  205. Holsters Done
  206. Have you ever?
  207. Suggestion for G22 holster w/ surefire light
  208. which IWB holster?
  209. IWB 1 o'clock carry?
  210. Fyi
  211. Open vs Concealed carry
  212. making kydex holster g35
  213. what to carry?
  214. Odd question inside
  215. Which holster for G23?
  216. Carry rig for a g23
  217. Interesting video of (armed?) robbery
  218. Federal Court says Florida Firearms Owners' Privacy Act Unconstitutional
  219. National Reciprocity and Vermont?
  220. Florida Students for Concealed Carry Need Your Unwanted Holsters
  221. NY Non-resident Permit
  222. G26 or G19 best CCw for Newb
  223. H.R. 822 and NYC
  224. Wisconsin application rules are out
  225. San Antonio Zoo
  226. Remora Holster for a Glock 19?
  227. Bigger EDC in winter?
  228. Holsters and Belts
  229. comptac, CTAC with light?
  230. belly band
  231. Leather Holster suggestions
  232. OWB- Kydex vs. Leather
  233. My traffic stop!
  234. New Holster!
  235. A&G Leather Belt - Good Stuff
  236. (coachg on Glock Talk) PJHolster IWB all Kydex Review
  237. Glock 27 uncle mikes IWB sidekick
  238. Tuxedo carry options?
  239. Which Glock? 17 or 19, with a twist.
  240. Looking for OWB holster for M&P.357sig w/light
  241. Holster for KAHR K-9
  242. CCW shooting in Birmingham, Alabama
  243. Carrying one in the chamber
  244. Attended a fun workshop yesterday
  245. Philly carry question
  246. Holster suggestions for really thin guys
  247. What caliber do you feel best carrying?
  248. Naples shooting
  249. Visiting WI? Here's list of states WI will recognize
  250. Passing through Southern Ill-Annoy