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  1. Pancake Wings
  2. Clerk fires shotgun at fleeing robber - with video
  3. WI & Who They Will Honor, NM Drops MN, NC Changes Coming, Image
  4. Is there such a thing as ____
  5. Permit holder involved shooting-MN
  6. Help CCDW Question
  7. Looking to make my own kydex holsters...
  8. Jesus Gonzalez trial UPDATE: Jesus Convicted on lesser charges
  9. Micro 9mm
  10. One in the Chamber
  11. Home Invasion suspect almost freed
  12. Another thumbs up for the Galco Instructor belt
  13. Glock 17 mag as spare for carrying Glock 26
  14. Cabela's Double Duty Belt - 10 Months Later
  15. Hornady Zombie ammo and Lawyers
  16. holster questions need help
  17. Thought Provoking Read - Violence Geeks
  18. Finding it hard to carry
  19. "Have Glock, Will Travel" Article in the NY Times
  20. Wearing armor to the range
  21. Soft IWB with a “high” mounted belt clip.
  22. What holster for my P229?
  23. Crimson Trace laser grips(CTLG) re-zeroing
  24. Need an owb holster reco
  25. 5.11 Operator vs. Wilderness Instructor Belt
  26. Felony Charges Dismissed, Misdemeanor Charges Filed Against WV CCW'er
  27. Philly PD assault OCer at gunpoint-Chapter VI-Viper Not Guilty
  28. Utah Concealed Permit?
  29. CHL holder gets 70 years
  30. Some linky goodness for reading:
  31. Raven Concealment flashlight holsters, or others
  32. Getting rid of a gun that’s a “lemon”.
  33. CCW girlfriend issue...
  34. Lawsuits to be filed against Miami and Miami-Dade County
  35. Man defends wife (in Canada) and gets charged with assault
  36. Gun Belt questions
  37. Knife carry.
  38. Any reasons not to get a Comp-Tec MTAC?
  39. I need a new holster!
  40. CPL and Police Welfare Checks
  41. M J Brown Gun Leather
  42. Gun Control Essay
  43. Tommy Theis holsters
  44. Sheriff: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves
  45. Why Won't SC Politicians Reciprocate
  46. Omaha, NE carry laws
  47. To all the naysayers: It FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!
  48. Need Better CCW Planning for Vacations
  49. It's officially November 1 in Wisconsin!
  50. I'm in the system
  51. Guns in bars cause no problems
  52. G26 carry for 10 years...
  53. Pocket Holster Options...
  54. AR Honors WI / DE Honors NM
  55. Glock 27 recoil
  56. Holster Questions
  57. Madness in the Fast Lane
  58. Non Resident PA CCW
  59. The American Holster Company
  60. New Gun Toters Forum.. FREE
  61. To Holster, or Not To Holster
  62. LCP pocket holster
  63. Comptac Infidal OVER the waistband???
  64. "You will be sued"
  65. Renewed my CW
  66. CCW class recomendations in Milwaukee Area
  67. Memphis - Robbing Pizza Guys Getting Hazardous
  68. Glock IWB holster Q
  69. Why have a sign that says the obvious!?
  70. why would anyone want to carry a gun all the time
  71. Lobo leather
  72. Constitutional Carry
  73. First day with my MIC holster
  74. What is an acceptable time to draw and fire from concealment?
  75. New Mexico Adds NE & KS. WI Update on Training + More
  76. Heh Heh Heh lol
  77. Carry Issues and the Election Results
  78. Why you should carry with 1 in the chamber
  79. Getting ready to carry here in WI- Questions/opinions
  80. is a church w/ a school attatched still a school on Sat/Sun?
  81. Ladies, need pistol recommendation for my daughter
  82. MI & ME – WI & NM Sign Agreements MT Honors NM + OR/MS Updates
  83. P30 for CCW?
  84. Need Holster Help...Please
  85. my ccl arrived today
  86. Cutting Edge of Second Amendment Issues?
  87. Holster for Glock 21?
  88. Do you count your shots when shooting?
  89. After a YEAR, Finally...
  90. G26 Gen4 vs Gen3 and Ruger LCR Carry ?'s
  91. "Carry Rotation" I that wise?
  92. OWB Holster question
  93. Concealed Carry Don'ts
  94. Can the Ruger Security Six and GP100 use the same holsters?
  95. More SERPA Fail.
  96. Carry Law that would force states to recognize each others CWPs up for vote
  97. Uncle Mike's kydex for G20/21 also fit..?
  98. Finally my supertuck for my new Gen4 G19 came yesterday!
  99. Minotaur Neutral cant holster???
  100. new ccw
  101. AD, man dies in family car.
  102. any purpose to carrying an extra mag?
  103. G27 IWB holster
  104. G19 Female Carry Suggestions
  105. My check's been cashed!
  106. Israeli Carry
  107. Attempted robbery victim pulls gun on armed suspects (TN)
  108. Recommend a Pocket Pistol
  109. Another "Occupy" movement...?
  110. Sc to MD questions
  111. WV/NM and PA/Maine Sign Agreements. TX,. NC and H.R. 822 Updates
  112. SP101 carry
  113. Carrying two revolvers
  114. Galco Ankle Glove
  115. MTAC Maintenance & Repair
  116. Clown Carry in Camaro
  117. Obama urged to veto?
  118. Anyone use a 34-35 size holster for daily use?
  119. Concealed Carry.....a Year in Review.....
  120. Have you found Hybrid holster to be over kill for G26 ?
  121. anyone carry a G35
  122. g22-23 holster
  123. Link Needed (PA CCW)
  124. How many rounds do you REALLY need in a CCW?
  125. What would you do?
  126. Question for Mas about having my gun confiscated.
  127. Breaking in/loosening up a tight kydex holster?
  128. Mission for WI Glockers
  129. MTAC holster and screws
  130. High-Riding Appendix IWB Holster?
  131. National Reciprocity Law questions....
  132. CCW License for military
  133. carrying issues
  134. Dabbling in kydex...
  135. Don't like guns? Well, get used to it
  136. Do You Carry While At Home?
  137. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  138. 20+ years old holster
  139. NH: Open carry at Obama visit sparks little fuss on the part of authorities
  140. ok, to end all the confusion....
  141. Wilderness instructor belt?
  142. Carrying a full size 1911 really isn't that bad.
  143. CM9 Ankle Holster...
  144. Where's RussP?
  145. LEO Encounter
  146. The EDC Song!
  147. Carrying an RTF Model
  148. shoulder holster
  149. holster for glock family?
  150. G29 or 30 CCW
  151. Carrying from NOLA to Houston, any problems?
  152. How'd I do?
  153. Shoulder holsters should be outlawed
  154. Glock 30 mag pouches?
  155. Firearm ND training video
  156. Post Office Gun Ban "Under Fire"
  157. Do you Carry A Glock?
  158. Desantis Dual Carry
  159. Desantis Dual Carry
  160. Back Up Fixed Blade or Folder To a G19
  161. bernie holster bleeding issue
  162. Just found a way to up my round count for my EDC piece
  163. Gunner's Alley 15% Off Sale
  164. Kydex holster wear??
  165. The EDC Song.
  166. velcro holster
  167. He had to use deadly force
  168. 1 day Remora / G27 test drive
  169. Know your holster and its condition
  170. Holster Question
  171. Store owner shoots robber in the chest
  172. Do any of you have a hard time deciding what gun to carry?
  173. Quick check on Phoenix restaurant
  174. A good belt is sooo important.
  175. Carry at the Moody Theater in Austin,TX
  176. Holster For S&W SD9/40 Help
  177. Which Glock for Concealed Carry?
  178. How long is it taking to get WI CCL?
  179. What's the best G27 carry rig?
  180. G33 or G27 for ccw
  181. SAA Carry?
  182. Has Anybody Ever Owned One Of These?
  183. Me and my G-19s
  184. List of federally prohibited places for carry
  185. EMS care after taking down a bad guy
  186. Need to buy some more self defense 9mm Ammo
  187. What Chest Rig / Chest Carry Pouch for G26?
  188. Purse Holsters...Coronado or something else?
  189. Lobo leather
  190. Ankle / Leg Holster for G26
  191. Which holster do you like?
  192. Glock Sport/Combat holster
  193. Glock Sport/Combat holster
  194. Got Pulled Over Today ... While CCW
  195. as time passes do more businesses allow ccw?
  196. Texas concealed carry of the Kriss SBR
  197. Sticky Holster for G27
  198. Screech and Carry
  199. G36 holster advice please.
  200. cross breed micro clip iwb
  201. So, Just "what" do "you" guys do? And do you "do" it?
  202. What holster n why?
  203. List of Must Notify states?
  204. recommended carry belt....
  205. Why if you OC, have a good retention system, open carrier shot with own gun
  206. Did I handle this situtation correctly?
  207. my new G27 was a business expense along w/ my CCW
  208. Wisconsin CC ?
  209. OH Honors NM – TVA Limited Carry – AZ Inform Law
  210. Shots fired at VA Tech
  211. if you make your own holster
  212. Carrying close to school zone?
  213. WI just passed the Castle law
  214. Wisconsin Will Only Honor A VA Non Resident?
  215. Georgia Constitutional Carry legislation introduced
  216. need a good laptop/ pistol bag
  217. Wi ccw
  218. Question for Fricke Arch Angel Users
  219. N82 tactical holster
  220. How tight is your leather holster?
  221. Using underwear as a concealment strategy?
  222. Making my own IWB "crossbreed" type holster, tips?
  223. CBST vs. White Hat MaxTuck
  224. Does anyone else carry two types of ammo.
  225. Galco UDCMC mag carrier experience?
  226. BH! Serpa doesn't fit my gen2 g22
  227. Looking For Holsters With Super Nice hand Tooling
  228. An incident in Florida brings up a point
  229. Florida - Can you have loaded gun in car
  230. Best pocket holster(s) for Ruger LCP?
  231. BH Serpa...light holsters??
  232. Do You Know of Trained Professionals That Carry C3
  233. 48 HRS Home Invasion
  234. EDC bag for CC
  235. Bill would ban guns from gas stations
  236. Holster suggestions for my G27, Please?
  237. NM/LA Sign Agreement – CO Honors WI – More Updates
  238. 642 and Mexican Cary
  239. to carry a bug or not to carry a bug?
  240. bought a theis holster highly recommended
  241. CNN: Interesting and instructive shooting aftermath
  242. No Weapons Sign: Pizza Joint Augusta, Ga.
  243. Question about open carry (WASHINGTON)
  244. Carry Gun COLOR?
  245. NC and VA
  246. Boys and girls club ?
  247. Texas CHL Help
  248. Home invasions.....THIS is why we carry....
  249. PSU protest: Guns on campus?
  250. High Noon Holsters...How do they rank?