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  1. Customer with CWP shoots robbery suspect at SC Waffle Shop
  2. Accidental firearm deaths fell to all-time low
  3. Reoccurring thought about good/bad shoot vs. unarmed suspect
  4. Liger belt
  5. alabama holster co
  6. Rafter S OWB Holster Question
  7. Anybody using Comp-Tac's IWB mag pouch?
  8. Iowa CCWers
  9. I like this cop
  10. VanGuard 2 RCS
  11. Training for condition 1 concealed carry
  12. Getting restrictions removed from my pistol permit
  13. Thigh concealment/cover?
  14. Remora 3 in 1 holster?
  15. Love my new Safariland ALS!
  16. Alternative to the Raven ACR
  17. Great insight into the liberal gun haters propaganda
  18. Raven Holster Advice
  19. Flashlight vs. extra mag
  20. Crossbreed Supertuck issues
  21. CC Insurance?
  22. Open Carry FAIL
  23. Juror Jailed for Bringing Gun to Court
  24. How to Use IWB Holster
  25. I Love Guns and Coffee!
  26. Open Carry LE Encounter
  27. Daytona woman, 64, holds suspect in yard at gunpoint
  28. Flipside of the local Waffle House Shooting
  29. G22 help deciding on a holster
  30. Starbucks needs our help!
  31. Glad I had a spare magazine on me today...
  32. I don't mind saying...
  33. Crossbreed Supertuck Squeek??!!
  34. Virginia CCW question
  35. Adjusting Kydex???
  36. CZ-82 for cc?
  37. Pennsylvania man,65,fatally shoots teen who pushed him off bicycle...
  38. Concealing w/ a straight drop avenger holster?
  39. "Around the house" holster for wife
  40. SC CWP instructor caught cheating
  41. GA Honoring IA/WI – KS & Iowa Updates
  42. Carried 1st time @ Work!
  43. Drivers License Vs. Non-Driver ID (state ID)
  44. County prosecutor who was shot supports firearms legislation
  45. OH: Should you have to tell a police officer you're carrying a gun?
  46. Gun instructor arrested after giving answers to test
  47. Opinion Should New York tourists have their lives destroyed because of CCW
  48. Suggestions for Good Thin Kydex Glock 26 Pocket Holster?
  49. Recertification
  50. need sig 232 thumbreak holster opinion
  51. Please Reccomend CCW Dress Belts
  52. Waist-carriers, What o'clock
  53. Different kind of printing to worry about
  54. Israeli Carry
  55. OWB holster for Glock 30sf
  56. Driving trip CCW question
  57. First Concealed Carry Experience
  58. Comp-Tac Paddle for G26 - "WOW"
  59. US cellular lost my business
  60. Comp Tac
  61. Ready to ship holsters for glock 26?
  62. Safariland paddle holster
  63. Kingtuk, crossbreed ST, CTAC Min Spartan
  64. Blackhawk Serpa Sporter Paddle Holster
  65. Those who conceal carry daily...
  66. Flashlight geeks- teach me about rechargable batteries
  67. Rd Count
  68. Anyone carrying a full size pistol with a sob holster?
  69. Modular Kydex Holsters ?
  70. Seth or Ritchies holster
  71. IWB ideal for G30sf?
  72. ATLAS Belt
  73. New holster for my G26
  74. Valentines Day OPEN CARRY to support Starbucks (they supported us)
  75. Safariland paddle holster help
  76. Pics of Ares Ranger Belt and Wilderness CSM FF
  77. Leather Holster Help
  78. MI CCW in Indiana, and Illinois
  79. Galco tacslide ???
  80. Typical Pant size increase?
  81. Would be victim fights back, wins
  82. Help with Don Hume H715
  83. UT-Clinton legislator seeks relief from police when carrying firearm
  84. I received some good paperwork
  85. Visiting South Carolina
  86. Iowa and Wisconsin added to the Georgia Right-to-Carry Reciprocity List
  87. Left a round in the chamber: Gun show vendor shoots self
  88. Defensive thought process
  89. KKM G34 9mm Match Barrel in carry gun
  90. WV Honors KS – GA Update – Major NRA Screw Up
  91. Desantis nemesis
  92. Skinny guy - help me perfect my draw
  93. Crossbreed Customer Service
  94. crossbreed customization
  95. "Purse Carry" with a Difference
  96. WI: Customer fires at two robbers - now ordered to meet with DA
  97. G 34 or G 35 Carry Gun
  98. What is a good carry holster for G26?
  99. Granny Gets Pulled Over
  100. (arguably) The Best Concealment Holster On The Planet
  101. Backup Weapon for CCW
  102. My first day CCW
  103. So why would I?
  104. CCW Equipment
  105. Most comfortable holster EVER!
  106. Comp-tac "Infidel" Clip Options?
  107. My mother has finally seen the light!
  108. NC carry on expired CWP in renwal process--
  109. Bill Kramer, Wisconsin Assembly Leader, Carries Gun On Floor
  110. Glock 17 IWB Holster?
  111. Second Carry Experience
  112. Bloomberg reloads in push for gun control
  113. THE #1 Pre-attack Indicator
  114. What should my next CC gun be?
  115. First time CCW
  116. Duty carry a Glock 27 opinions
  117. Crossbreed Customer Service Question
  118. Glock sport combat
  119. 3.5 lb connector
  120. High ride OWB holster
  121. Glock 17 OWB recommendations
  122. didnt see business was posted until i was inside
  123. Casino's Custom Kydex Creations
  124. Missouri CCW Renewal Question
  125. Iowa proposal could kill gun-control laws
  126. I'm too short...
  127. Man Shot With His Own Gun
  128. Ankle Holsters
  129. Lefty Holster G27
  130. Police: Man accidentally shoots self at Georgia gun show
  131. Carrying concealed holsters
  132. OWB carry for KT P32
  133. CC a Revolver - answer this question
  134. OWB Holster Position
  135. Holster for GP100
  136. Gun group appeals Illinois concealed-carry ruling
  137. Avery Ranch Shooting
  138. 2nd Amendment reciprocity.
  139. Is G26 that much better for CC?
  140. Cheap Holster Comparison
  141. 30.06 Posting Saxet Gun Show
  142. Dale Fricke Holsters customer service review
  143. IWB for Glock 23
  144. Down to just a G26 for carry; do I need a third (larger) mag?
  145. Time to get CCW
  146. Anti-carjacking device
  147. Permit to Carry Came Today!
  148. My G33 Needs an OWB Leather, Paddle Holster
  149. Crye Precision GunClip
  150. Got my CCW permit and....
  151. white hat maxtuck holster question
  152. DART has alot of gunfights
  153. Anyone ever try a Zack Holster?
  154. Reciprocity question
  155. Appendix Inside the waist holster
  156. KKM Barrel for Carry
  157. Picked up my beautiful new carry leather this week!
  158. CrossBreed Seconds...
  159. Arizona - visiting Texan can OC?
  160. gun carry
  161. Recommend some cold weather shooting gloves
  162. Ran into an interesting situation tonight...
  163. Permit holder charged with failure to notify Officer
  164. Forged (altered) Carry Permit
  165. Greyhound bus
  166. Visiting NM, what do I need to know?
  167. Detroit citizens no longer rely on LE as self-defense killings skyrockete
  168. Real Men CCW Full Size Glocks...
  169. Crossbreed MicroClip
  170. ccl survivor reaches out
  171. Caledonia Man, Who Allegedly Drove Drunk, Had Loaded Gun In His Car
  172. Who has carried the same set-up the longest?
  173. "low ride" Kydex IWB, does it exhist?
  174. Who makes the best holster of this type
  175. n82tactical holsters
  176. WI- Activist's civil rights complaint over gun arrests thrown out
  177. Visiting Las Vegas, carry options?
  178. When carrying can put you in a no win situation? (moved from GATE)
  179. Pistol Malfunction almost gets someone killed...
  180. Shooting suspect thought cop was criminal
  181. New guy with a holster question
  182. Leather holsters
  183. Another "accidental" shooting...
  184. Reminder: Starbucks Appreciation Day TOMORROW (Tuesday)!!
  185. Article on 2 CCW tourist arrests in NY- Steven Strauss
  186. looking for new holster.
  187. " Any place where federal law prohibits the carrying of firearms. "
  188. Any issue with repeatedly cycling a round?
  189. Holster
  190. Pistol Backpack that flips to the front
  191. Man killed in scuffle near club
  192. Just ordered a Comp Tac MTAC
  193. IWB options for G30
  194. Got lost while looking for a new CCW
  195. Glock Talk Rules for Members
  196. ACLU Backs Gun Advocate in Suit Against Philly Police
  197. Reported charges against concealed weapons holders nearly triple
  198. Found a cool item on Amazon for the LC9
  199. First time OC = Police called to Starbucks.
  200. Hospitals
  201. New to CHL...What holster?
  202. Paddle holster for EMP?????
  203. had a little oopsie at work the other day...
  204. Shout out to CompTac...
  205. Want to carry comfortably IWB? Lose 10 lbs (or more)!
  206. Looking for a pocket size pepper spray
  207. Home Invasion/double Shooting Yesterday in Maine
  208. DTC "Ballroom" jeans - perfect for CCW
  209. Just sent in my VA chp application!!!
  210. G19 or G30 for a back up?
  211. online CCL test?
  212. Budget Holster for G22 with TLR-1
  213. G21 vs G17 for Home Defense in regards to SOUNDWAVES
  214. Cant find leather holster
  215. G27 MOB Holster Help
  216. Clip Draw for G30. Good/bad?
  217. A better belt
  218. Playing cop leads to firearm arrest in Milford
  219. Son's actions cost father his pistol permit
  220. Interesting pocket carry experience
  221. Have a temper, have a gun, but don't have both
  222. Radar Gun- would love to know the entire story here
  223. Galco Concealable Belt Holster Rt G33
  224. Safariland 6287
  225. Obama Makes Cut In Budget - Smart Cut Or Not?
  226. IWB Holsters
  227. Man arrested after drunken shooting rampage
  228. Can someone from Oregon(eugene) clear this up for me?
  229. CrossBred for G30sf mod 2 fit G19?
  230. Refused to be a total victim
  231. WI DOJ instructor accidental discharge
  232. a comfort issue
  233. Concealed at public bathrooms.
  234. KydeX for G21 with TRL3
  235. Conceal Carry in PA
  236. Neal Schon's Bodyguard Arrested At Airport
  237. Anyone Use a SmartCarry CC holster to the side?
  238. MN pro-gun law in senate this week...
  239. Man’s gun goes off in Walmart bathroom stall
  240. Texas, concealed in car
  241. Pros and Cons of Ultra Compact
  242. smart carry and.....
  243. Can the Comp-Tac Belt Holster be Concealed?
  244. Galco Miami Classic 2 or Jackass shoulder rig? and sizing question
  245. Spot the basic broken rules!
  246. Daytona agrees to pay man $15K for wrongful arrest
  247. IN: More Indiana Women Carrying Guns
  248. How long to get a renewal in okla?
  249. DeSantis Ankle Holster For S&W Bodyguard
  250. Concealable OWB Kydex holster with good retention and concealment?