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  1. N.J. high court tosses gun charges
  2. First LEO encounter while carrying
  3. Ruger LC9 For The Daughter's Conceal Gun
  4. carry law, etc.
  5. Holster Suggestions...
  6. The state of Florida issued over 50,000 CWFL in Feb.
  7. Protecting property not so simple in wake of national controversy
  8. need a belt for new holster
  9. Who made THIS holster? (pic)
  10. Cop has his conceal carry taken away
  11. First CCW gun. HELP
  12. Out of State Police Stops
  13. Any open carry support groups in PA?
  14. Glock 30 SF Holster
  15. Theis holster wait times
  16. FDLE No Longer Accepting Paper, Ink Fingerprints
  17. Clear case of self-defense done right
  18. Holster Wear on your Glocks
  19. Recommendations???
  20. Wife's carry options
  21. So what would you have told the cop?
  22. What holster for 92fs?
  23. Florida serves as proving ground for progun laws
  24. Woman attacked and shot with her own gun
  25. New Tommy Theis Holster
  26. OC Glock 23, Anyone find this a good OC gun??
  27. SERPA CQC Holster for Glock, Likes/Dislikes?
  28. OWB CCW for Glock 36... what are others using
  29. OWB Kydex holster sale
  30. Interesting Article By Dave Spaulding
  31. Might be a dumb question.
  32. Anyone know anybody else as young as me that carries
  33. G26 + G19 Comp-Tac MTAC IWB holster??
  34. iwb holster squicking
  35. NM Drops AK, KY, MT, SC & WY - - - WV/TX Sign Agreement
  36. Has everyone visited the GATE Self-Defense Forum moderated by Mas Ayoob?
  37. Had a bit of a scare tonight...
  38. Walmart customer shoots, kills police officer...
  39. anyone familiar with this brand of holster?
  40. Business carry?
  41. LaserMax Guiderod Lazers????
  42. Why Pepper Spray?
  43. New Homeboy night sights for glock pistols...
  44. Concealed carry
  45. Bill Cosby weighs in on Trayvon Martin case
  46. Remora holster question
  47. CCW Holster
  48. Chl
  49. Dayton signs off on armed prosecutors (MN)
  50. New, custom made holster belt
  51. Being like John Wayne isn't all bad
  52. Man Sues Police Chief and Town For Carry Permit
  53. George Zimmerman Launches Fundraising Website For Legal Defense
  54. Judge grants gun permit after police chief says no
  55. Louisiana Poised to Strengthen Gun Rights
  56. Must declare states
  57. No sign :)
  58. Holster help!!! Glock 21 with suppressor sights?
  59. G19 Gen 4 with Crimson Trace RailMaster.....
  60. Jason Wininie holsters
  61. No carry at gun club?
  62. Zimmerman's lawyers drop him
  63. open carry vs. concealed carry vs. brandishing
  64. Trayvon's Family Calls For Arrest Of Man: Vol II - Zimmerman Charged...
  65. Carry in golf atire
  66. IWB capable non-leather belt choices
  67. Setting up a Glock for Concealed Carry
  68. Traffic stop in "Reciprocity" state.
  69. Zimmerman's Neighbors
  70. Anti -"No Firearms" sign proposed letter offered up for review
  71. Another "Stand your ground" shooting.
  72. Gen 3 vs Gen 4 IWB Advice Needed. Please help me decide.
  73. How to prepare for shooting aftermath
  74. Conceal carry = bad and is a cash cow.
  75. Inclement weather holster G22
  76. 3 hour CCW pistol permit class, Ct.
  77. G30 holster from Tommy Theiss shipped today!
  78. 5.11 Belt
  79. NY Times says that Wis has a stand your ground law?
  80. What type of CCW'r are you?
  81. Lightning Arms Sports took my money!
  82. A Better Belt
  83. Holster Question
  84. FL License to Carry for Military & Vets Under 21 is now Law
  85. Looking for summary of conceal carrry states
  86. Gen 4 wearing out shirts
  87. Kramer pocket holster
  88. Gen 3 G21 holster for Gen 4 model?
  89. Anyone pocket carry a 26 or 27
  90. Desantis Sof-Tuck
  91. EDC / CCW addition type of flashlight
  92. Conceal carry, My observation.
  93. how many people carry with one in chamber why and why not
  94. CCW badge in the news
  95. Experts say rigorous training needed to prepare gun owners
  96. CCP finally arrived...must decide on best 40 cal CC
  97. Deputy's 4 year old son shot with Deputy's gun
  98. Carrying OC, or other chemical agent
  99. Theiss holster-First impressions
  100. ND in AK
  101. NRA's Marion Hammer stands her ground (CNN article)
  102. Woman Arrested For Firing Gun Outside Tulsa Caves Club
  103. Shirt Material
  105. Gun belt question
  106. Anyone EDC a fixed blade?
  107. Retired DPS trooper fatally shoots drugstore robber (TX)
  108. Carrying Chambered?
  109. Civil rights activists call for gun permits to get pulled
  110. And Zimmerman is being fairly prosecuted?
  111. Ohio Will Only Honor Arizona Resident Permit/License
  112. Xdms
  113. I want a new belt: Ares Ranger or Wilderness CSM?
  114. X-Concealment "C" series owb snap-on review!
  115. M&P Shield
  116. Glock 23 or 27 for Conceal?
  117. Harold Fish
  118. Does any carry the Glock23?
  119. Glock OEM combat holster is too tight
  120. Raven Concealment VanGuard II
  121. Fobus IWB Holster
  122. Is your EDC enough?
  123. Today at the Doctor...
  124. Senator Diane Frankenstein Holds CCW Bill
  125. Glock mag holder
  126. Glock with Holsters
  127. CCW Belt
  128. Recommend Me a Mag Pouch
  129. Iowa "weapon free" zones. (also persons under 21)
  130. Is a zoo an amusement park in TX?
  131. LCP carry options for women?
  132. Need Thin IWB for G19
  133. Carry anything better than a handgun in car?
  134. Task force to consider 'stand your ground'
  135. jm custom kydex iwb
  136. Traveling thru GA, SC and staying in NC, CCW Help!
  137. But what if you did?
  138. Need a belt.
  139. Question about Remora IWB Holsters
  140. GA group files motion to dismiss in stand your ground case
  141. Congratulations WI 100,000 licenses issued
  142. Tasers may become street legal (MI)
  143. Just carried to Ron Paul event!
  144. I'm conflicted...
  145. Carry Satchel?
  146. Which glock should i buy for ccw?
  147. Looking for second glock to carry.
  148. Crossbreed Supertuck Glock fit question?
  149. Date of Zimmerman trial
  150. Removing holster?
  151. CCW with a G35
  152. Why didn't Zimmerman wait for the Police?
  153. MS to Honor All States! Quirks in Who Honors Who!
  154. kydex kydex kydex
  155. Does fellow Glock talker carry full sizes ?
  156. Unarmed man attempts to rob EMU student of holstered gun
  157. Walking Around Unarmed Today :(
  158. Witnessing an armed robbery
  159. The "Clean Zone"
  160. Couple Accidentally Shot at Gun Safety Class
  161. Heading to New York
  162. Alabama Mob attack... What would/could you do (neighbor POV)
  163. Man, 69, pulls gun on neighbor in dog dispute near New Smyrna Beach
  164. Open carry rights violated.
  165. Couple changing locks on newly purchased home held @ gunpoint by neighbors
  166. Digital Copy of "In the Gravest Extreme"?
  167. Concealed carry not welcomed at FedEx
  168. Buffalo Wild Wings ~ Anti C.C.
  169. My rights as an Iowa student *sigh*
  170. Carry while cycling?
  171. Nevada can suck it!
  172. KY Supreme Court: Legal to keep gun in car on university campus
  173. The Irony of Time
  174. Ankle holster for Glock 27
  175. Donations pour in to Trayvon Martin's killer
  176. CCW holder potentially saves lives
  177. New Mexico Drops Arizona KY Sup Ct Rules on Car Storage on Campus
  178. Cross Draw with Thumb Break G19/G26
  179. COURT: Guns can be stored in cars on college campuses (KY)
  180. With a permit, protesters at national party convention could carry guns
  181. Doesn't this make anyone think and wonder if CCW is even worth it?
  182. new job traveling for training..
  183. Should this be a concern with pocket carry?
  184. Church carry in Las Vegas?
  185. Pocket Holster for P3AT
  186. State concealed carry limit challenged
  187. Wisconsin CCW laws - what else can you carry?
  188. Holster "Pain" Glock 23
  189. Glock 35 Holsters?
  190. Pocket carry with a knife?
  191. New Mexico Drops Numerous States From
  192. Musings on criminals and guns
  193. reason to carry at church/very sad
  194. Tuckable concern/question?
  195. New CWP, New glock 22, New Galco KingTuk
  196. Memphis Chick-Fil-A
  197. Which 20-25 degree cant holster ?
  198. thinking about making a switch
  199. I cannot Beleive why a neighbor would say this
  200. Knife Law
  201. Why aren't there more gun grab attempts involving open carriers?
  202. carrying with ccw in North Las Vegas
  203. Alcohol habit of blind gun collector in Rockaway Township is worrisome
  204. Preston man arrested for shooting at another man
  205. Im a Hugger! Do you have one of these friends?
  206. Traveling from GA to Dc Area
  207. New Mexico Has Backed Down On Dropping States
  208. Have you ever used your CCW?
  209. How to Pick your CCW gun
  210. Inside the waistband belt
  211. IWB Holster-reinforced top or not
  212. Florida Governor upholds 2nd Amendment during RNC
  213. Shield holster
  214. owb full size carry glock 20....
  215. Carry During Alaska Trip
  216. Don't Cut Corners...
  217. Open Carry Activist JT Ready is dead
  218. Physical contact in public revealing you're carrying?
  219. G22 holster choises
  220. Galco king tuk or Theis?
  221. Ayoob on"Stand Your Ground"
  222. Situational Awareness, Thinking Before Doing, and Mob Attack
  223. Local Police stopped by my house
  224. Man files suit over (OC) arrest in Gwinnett park
  225. OC = legal; legal <> RAS; therefore OC <> RAS; ...
  226. Urinal vs cubicle
  227. Senate tables bill for easier access to guns (VT)
  228. At what point do you use a Gun?
  229. Open Carry holster (I really like this one!) Safariland 6360
  230. What to do when you're not a cop, and neighborhood watch isn't enough?
  231. Everyone, new members and old, please read the posts at the attached links
  232. Gun belt recommendations
  233. Disparity of force, the unarmed opponent and fear
  234. Modifications for Concealed Carry
  235. armed citizens legal defense network
  236. Carry with a conversion barrel?
  237. You Tube Carry Issue's
  238. Permit Classes & Laws In Different States
  239. Crossbreed help
  240. Theis Holster Help
  241. Woman stabbed on video.
  242. bullet on ccw has a dent on the primer
  243. Shoulder holster
  244. Holster Question
  245. CCW IWB Shirt Tucked or Untucked?
  246. Cheapest Way to Love your Glock Sports Combat Holster.
  247. Crossbreed issues?
  248. CT (A.K.A constipation state)
  249. Applications for Gun Carry Permits Up 54% in Hennepin County (MN)
  250. TT Gunleather arrived! (no pics yet)