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  1. Scalia: Guns May be Regulated
  2. Dem lawmakers to announce bill limiting online ammo sales
  3. Obama Supports Future Assault Weapons Ban
  4. Google shows us where all the guns are coming from (and going to)
  5. Americans and Canadians: How and why we differ on guns
  6. Security force lacked U.S. assent to train Canadians
  7. Gun Violence is a 'Social Disease' some now say...
  8. "Why Doctors Are More Dangerous Than Guns"
  9. Louisiana SB 303
  10. Words
  11. NYS gun control and colorado shooting
  12. Dateline: McLean County, IL (from
  13. Stupid people..
  14. Bloomburg Redux
  15.'s NYC!!!!
  16. MOre Liberal thinking
  17. If this happened in NYC...
  18. NJ laws expire for 6 months
  19. The Right to Bear Arms - Piers Morgan v John Lott
  20. UK gun owners
  21. Guns 'R Us: Buying Guns in America
  22. Northern Ireland's firearms licence holders: the full list
  23. U.N. triggers Plan B on global gun control
  24. John Lott on the Colorado Shooting
  25. What is up generation?
  26. An interview
  27. Utah's DPS Announces New Online Concealed Firearm Permit Renewal
  28. These 12 Outrageously Deadly Weapons Are Legal In Most States
  29. The Curious Case of Civil Contradictions: Full Auto and the Likes
  30. SCOTT: Gun crimes don’t happen because of ‘weak’ laws
  31. Gz/tm update
  32. Buying a glock in CA, private party
  33. The candidates on gun control
  34. Revolution Quote...
  35. Court Upholds Portland's Loaded Firearm Ban
  36. These guys didn't get the memo...
  37. My oh my!
  38. How Obama will eliminate the second amendment
  39. Must watch: Innocents Betrayed
  40. Aurora Shooting Survivor Begs Our Next President For Gun Control
  41. Dems Have Put Gun Control in Cybersecurity Bill
  42. Gun microstamping could close American factories
  43. Why you should support hunting
  44. Well you just heard it...
  45. Low life CNN
  46. Don't know if anyone saw this yet?
  47. TRUE or FALSE?
  48. Black Gun Owners: Rock and a Hard Place
  49. Amendment 2 on Louisiana Ballot Passes
  50. Background check to get back gun you've pawned....
  51. Is this for real?
  52. Backlash
  53. New AWB (no grandfather clause)??
  54. Ban concerns impacting purchases?
  55. Robin Williams - Live at The Met - Guns, God, and Fish
  56. Kansas supports suit opposing concealed-carry permit restrictions
  57. Maig
  58. Legal gun holders assail new ‘stupid’ regulations
  59. CA approved???
  60. Man shot with "high powered bow"
  61. And NBC Sports just weighed in on gun Control
  62. So he wants better "ASSAULT" (SNIPER) rifles....
  63. banned weapons list
  64. Chicago Anti Gun Politician arrested for having a gun at O'hare
  65. Journalistic License
  66. ‘I didn’t know there was gun control in Canada’
  67. BREAKING: 7th Court of Appeals orders concealed carry in Illinois
  68. Willie Nelson on the arms debate.
  69. Illinois Concealed Carry Ban Struck Down
  70. Shooting in Portland Oregon in shopping mall
  71. Oregon Shooting..
  72. not gun control but media control!!!
  73. A School Security Program that might pass political muster
  74. Gun control
  75. Ban Evil Black Rifles, now
  76. You guys worried about your hi-cap mags since the CT shooting?
  77. Aftermath and media lies in an article....
  78. petition against new gun control
  79. Here we go
  80. See... it does work.
  81. what would you be willing to compromise?
  82. Probability of Assault Weapons Ban
  83. President speaks at Newtown, CT Memorial Service
  84. Sign my "School Marsall/Concealed Carry" Petition!
  85. The fallacy of "gun-free" zones
  86. Gun Control petition signed by 144k
  87. Examples of "assault weapons" used for Self Defense
  88. MI bill passes to allow CCW in pistol free zones under scrutiny
  89. Assault Weapons ban petition
  90. Yes Another Petition! Get Involved! NOW!
  91. Sign pro-gun petitions!
  92. This is what a new AWB will look like:
  93. Friday Dec 21, NRA will hold press conference...
  94. 2nd Amendment march on Washington.
  95. What will YOU do?
  96. Disgusted with AWB comments...
  97. Piers Morgan
  98. Toronto flip-flops on decision to bar teen sports shooters from OG event
  99. Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners
  100. NRA Lets See What You Got!
  101. Get rid of ALL guns. Start with mine.
  102. Obama Voters who Lied
  103. Hollywood and Newtown
  104. Snyder's veto of concealed carry bill ignores reality of mass shootings
  105. Anyone but me email the NRA?
  106. The latest U.S. debate: Should teachers carry guns?
  107. Canada axes gun show laws on advice of controversial committee
  108. Assault Weapons: Did the 1994 ban do any good?
  109. Resist Gun Control with pictures!
  110. Lott: Ban Gun-Free Zones to Halt Mass Shootings
  111. Will you turn in your mags?
  112. We need a Facts and Myths Page....
  113. A conservative case for an assault weapons ban
  114. How the NRA will lose the debate for gun owners
  115. March on Washington by 2A supporters?
  116. Ct announces new gun proposal
  117. How many jobs might be lost?
  118. Hollywood Hypocrisy
  119. Slaughter Machine!
  120. Wtf
  121. New Hampshire House Rules Committee votes to ban guns at State House
  122. Petition
  123. 3rd option to banning vs. proliferating semi-autos
  124. Nra holding live conference right now!
  125. Can states choose to ignore federal AWBs?
  126. Cuomo Says He’ll Outline Gun Proposal Next Month
  127. Those opposed to stricter gun control a real threat in U.S.
  128. My contact with Pa Reps on "Assault Ban"
  129. 4473: One Form to Fool Them All
  130. Secret Service, FBI, ATF, DEA, DHS And Local LE's New Policy
  131. Let's show them who's boss !!
  132. The ONLY way to fight infringement...
  133. An opinion on gun control
  134. Please Take Action!
  135. Would you support this gun control to avoid a ban?
  136. Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons (VIDEO)
  137. Blunt Force Trauma to the Anti’s Brain
  138. David Gregory Violates DC Law on Meet the Press
  139. Magazines and Parts Post-Ban
  140. Feinstein Quote!
  141. A Song for These Times
  142. 3.5 years of mags sold in 3 days
  143. Old but interesting data
  144. ***The NRA is embaressing us!!***
  145. Just what we needed - NOT
  146. Are we being targeted?
  147. Gun confiscation!!!
  148. Discovery Cancels Gun TV Shows
  149. Open Letter to Congress Critters on AWB and Mag Restrictions
  150. Hey greentripe, you asked….
  151. UN Treaty 'Committment' on Christmas?
  152. Message sent to the NRA tonight:
  153. Summary of new Assault Weapons ban that will be proposed
  154. Feinstein is back
  155. latest insanity of the Anti groups
  156. And another petition
  157. Invest in Liberty (Email forwarding)
  158. Reported this Morning that No AR was used in the CT Shooting
  159. Feinstein Goes for Broke with New Gun Ban Bill
  160. Friends and Enemies
  161. Petition to Impeach Sen Diane Feinstein.
  162. Americans will never surrender their rights
  163. Diane Feinstein- What you must know on her double standard with Guns
  164. Ifd you post here then do you email your Federal reps?
  165. The Hypocrites of Hollywood
  166. Gun Control Tramples On The Certain Virtues Of A Heavily Armed Citizenry
  167. Barth's Message to Obummer
  168. My dear Anti gun/constitution citizens!
  169. Poll: What should the government do to limit the availability of firearms?
  170. UN vs NRA gun debate from earlier this year
  171. Online Poll: Should the Assault Weapons Ban Be Reinstated?
  172. what will be new limit be on mag count/size?
  173. what will be new limit be on mag count/size?
  174. Anyone think a 2nd Amendment rally would send a message?
  175. To gun owners who voted for Obama:
  176. What I think will happen to frankensteins bill
  177. Pro-2A Political Action Committee?
  178. Polls: Nra more popular than obama, media
  179. 0bama on MTP: "Wants to get it done his first year"...
  180. online poll: Should Teachers Be Armed?
  181. Petition: Make the White House a Gun Free zone
  182. Even here it is called Gun-Control.... WHY?
  183. Quick and Easy way to write your reps. about No to Gun Bans
  184. Do you know what it means?
  185. Grumpy Cat says...
  186. For the control freaks
  187. Try Senator Dianne Feinstein in a Federal Court For Treason To The Constitu
  188. Mag Cap bill to hit house
  189. Should LaPierre go as the spokesman for the NRA?
  190. Just made this my Facebook status
  191. The stats we already know
  192. Hollywood Hypocrisy
  193. Are they after our GLOCKS
  194. WWW.FIREARMSPOLICY.ORG is now live!!!
  195. Illinois Plans to Ban all Modern Firearms
  196. Our real problem is DENIAL....
  197. Looking under the hood of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee
  198. Chuck and Diane, say it isn't so!
  199. Chuck and Diane, do as I say, not as I do!
  200. LETS STOP assuming the worst and READ THIS
  201. GOA: Vote against the nuclear option
  202. Wrote my Senator tonight
  203. LIve in Illinois-You must read this
  204. Ban Hollywood...
  205. Media Education and Accountability
  206. National Coalition to stop the gun ban formed
  207. Petition: Help Protect the Second Amendment
  208. Rough draft for letter to Congressman (any good?)
  209. Blunt objects kill more in US than rifles
  210. Feinstein Admits To Carrying Concealed
  211. Sandy Hook victim apparently doesn't exist.
  212. Wasn't AWB supposed to be introduced today?
  213. Harper eases gun rules for Colombia
  214. Boston Mayor say Biden Guaranteed him Obama will Pass Gun Control Reform
  215. Tons of Anti-Gun Bills Came Out in House Jan 3
  216. "Eight Smart Gun Bills Introduced..." or Not So Smart
  217. How can we work together to defeat Feinstein's Bill?
  218. Rep. Peter King: 'I Don't Know Why People Need Assault Weapons'
  219. Evil politicians starting riots
  220. Where are all the bullets and powder.
  221. How to contact all your elected officals at once, with one email
  222. Hollywood starlets are hypocrites for gun control pleas
  223. This Is What They'll Do - And We Made It Easy
  224. Sign this petition
  225. CT Police Chief Suspends Gun Show Permits In Response To Sandy Hook
  226. Hoplophobia: An Irrational Fear of Gun
  227. When Gun Confiscation really worked...
  228. Contribute NOW to protect your rights!!
  229. White House weighs broad gun-control agenda
  230. You need to email your federal reps daily
  231. My way to try and connect with emotional antis
  232. Background Checks for Show/Private Sales
  233. Illinois gun grab today Sunday 1/6/13
  234. Fast and Furious???
  235. IF "hi cap" pistol mags get restricted.....
  236. NY Gun Ban alert
  237. You know you're a gun control hypocrite
  238. Move to reclassify semiautos as class II weapons
  239. Watch for EO implementing gun registration - it's coming.
  240. How to bypass the Legislature
  241. AmidsTheNoise
  242. A priest's perspective on the "Assault Weapon Ban".
  243. What exactly is an infringement.
  244. White House's plans for gun CONFISCATION
  245. My Congressman's response to my letter
  246. Bank of America: You shouldn't be selling guns on the internet.
  247. Chris Matthews Surprised 2nd Amend Is To Control Gov.
  248. Yet Another school shooting that did not make the main stream news (very di
  249. Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, fresh anti gun
  250. Just Sent $1,000.00 to the NRA