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  1. Tucson Gun Buyback Today - A Personal Account
  2. Remember Obamacare Rammed Down our Throats? Radical Gun Control Next?
  3. our new health care laws
  4. Jan 19th "Gun Appreciation Day"
  5. NJ - 18 proposed Anti-Gun Laws
  6. Can you hear me now?
  7. Piers Morgan vs Marine debate
  8. Wearing our colors
  9. Whitehouse threatens executive order on guns
  10. Joe Biden Interview: Obama will use Executive Order!
  11. petition sign
  12. Obama wants a rifle in every home!
  13. Make guns smart
  14. New Bill Introduced for Gun Rights in Wyoming
  15. School Shootings - STOP The Panic!
  16. March on state capitols jan 19
  17. Obamacare amendment helping 2nd amend.
  18. Stop the defensiveness
  19. Why does it always take getting attacked for liberals to smarten up?
  20. What to do w/ HCs after ban?
  21. Registration?
  22. D.C. Police Won't Arrest David Gregory
  23. impeach Oboma
  24. Another Loophole that needs to be closed
  25. Time for action.................................................
  26. Aurora, IL
  27. Glenn Beck - not making sense today.
  28. My Fear With GC Legislation
  29. Truth about crime stats
  30. Executive Orders.... Defined
  31. Just be glad you don't live in Connecticut
  32. A Video letter to one Mn. Federal Representatives
  33. Calling All New Jersey Residents - Rally Feb 8th and a new video
  34. Bob Levy of the Cato Institute sells out.
  35. Is Obama Executive Action really possible?
  36. Have a look at this petition
  37. Please take two minutes to do this at Rugers website....
  38. Ponder this and ask yourself are you ready?
  39. A way to work with Anti-gunners
  40. Huffington Post poll on "gun control" (please vote)
  41. Judge Jeanine
  42. A multi-pronged 2A do you think it will go?
  43. Gun appreciation Day Rockland County, NY
  44. This link has to be sent to everyone you know
  45. Check Schummer asking large retailers to stop selling Rifles
  46. Gun Control: the battle against the clock following Newtown
  47. We need this guy in D.C.
  48. Senator Asks for Your Opinion
  49. Anyone of those sworn to uphold and defend
  50. Local gun owners use guns as intended!!
  51. Gun Violence Summit
  52. Maryland governor proposes massive state-law gun restrictions
  53. In addition to the NRA, what other organization should I support?
  54. Anonymous Video about Gun Control!
  55. Do what I say, not what I do.
  56. No fed. budget in 4 years, but gun control in 9 days!
  57. 7 round magazines
  58. Congressman Stockman threatens to impeach Obama over gun control
  59. Obama backs gun limits, concedes tough fight ahead
  60. Stats on crimes committed with legally obtained firearm
  61. nys in trouble
  62. Sandy Hook Shooting fully exposed
  63. Maggie Haberman explains the gun control debate
  64. LaGuardia?
  65. New York State; Bill 2230 passes 43-18
  66. king obama to lay out gun plans wednesday 1-16-2013
  67. Sadly, none of the new proposals will/would have stopped...
  68. Gun confiscation in Australia
  69. First NY Lawsuit in the works.
  70. NY law signed, when would it take effect?
  71. Sandy Hook shooting possibly staged??
  72. It is time that I lay some cards on the table here
  73. Senator Greg Ball
  74. Keith Morgan Meeting with Manchin. Get ready folks it will get Nastier
  75. Nics ???????????
  76. Might move to a new state (in the south), suggestions?
  77. Executive order predictions
  78. Gun control in DC failed...
  79. Easy to do...send a message to all
  80. Biden milking it for all it's worth
  81. AWB going to Congress
  82. The 23...
  83. Why do Democrats want our guns?
  84. Petition to make the White House a "gun free zone".
  85. My Post To My Facebook Page Today
  86. I got a NRA request for money
  87. James Yeager Revoked of Concealed Carry Permit.
  88. Standing up for the 2nd.
  89. Heads up: Minnesota testing the waters of gun control...
  90. Enforcing the NY mag capacity limits
  91. Florida Sen Bill Nelson AWB Poll... pls have a look!
  92. Douglas County, Oregon follows Linn County Sheriff's example.
  93. Senator Rubio is no friend to the 2nd amendment
  94. Proposed Missouri Law
  95. Question for your EDC
  96. My letter to my Sheriff's office
  97. Would lack of a pistol grip and flash suppressor hinder a psychotic person?
  98. NYS Gun Ban Repeal Petition. Help!
  99. Dangers of “Common sense legislation to end gun violence”
  100. NOW IS THE TIME (
  101. World wide murder rates
  102. Where we at now?
  103. CNN poll on gun control
  104. Convicted killer with 13 guns
  105. Open carry AR in mall - Nobody shot
  106. Oklahoma Bill will go head to head with Feds
  107. Gun Grabbers Should Watch This
  108. More tough gun laws for Chicago
  109. Chicago official wants gps tracking devices required on all guns
  110. Florida Sen. Bill Nelson's reply to my e-mail
  111. NY residents,read and sign this petition..
  112. 65% See Gun Rights As Protection Against Tyranny - Rasmussen Poll
  113. Possible new restrictions on C&R and Semi Auto rifles
  114. never let anything go to waste
  115. Operation Home Embargo
  116. Contact your Representatives
  117. Actor Danny Glover equates the 2 nd. Amendment to Racism
  118. Bloomberg's semiautomatic machine gun 22 rimfire
  119. NYS SAFE Act Problem
  120. Mass. copying NY 7rd restriction.....
  121. Gun Free Zones
  122. NY Members ONLY survey
  123. This video is REAL bad.
  124. Old West Gun Control
  125. Gun Law/ Magazine parts
  126. Mass Gov. proposes 7 rd. limits and more....
  127. Found on the net
  128. A small victory for Vermont,S 32 withdrawn
  129. Bueller? Bueller?
  130. State of hawaii introduced "assault weapons ban" sb219!!!!!!
  131. 28/29 Utah Sheriff's send letter to Obama pledging to defending 2A.
  132. NJ Confiscation 'on the table'
  133. Liberal spin believes wikapedia over FBI
  134. Forbes: "Why Doctors Should Not Ask Their Patients About Guns"
  135. OK...enough is enough
  136. Singer James Taylor,speaks about Gun Control
  137. Britain's violent crime rate highest in EU - Higher than USA
  138. Sowell: Do Gun Control Laws Reduce Crime?
  139. Here it is guys AWB ban Thusday
  140. Suzanna Hupp on Piers Morgan TONIGHT!
  141. Concealed Carry Inside TX State Capitol
  142. NRA Wayne La Pierre Responds to Obama's Innagural Adress
  143. Goodyear?
  144. Filibuster Games??? ALERT!!!!!
  145. Surprise from Washington Post
  146. Your chance to convert an unbeliever
  147. Connecticut legislative HELP!!!
  148. UN and America in gun control talk
  149. Uncle Ted interviewed at Shot Show 2013
  150. For us new yorkers
  151. CDNN- "no mags of any size to NYS"
  152. What will a new AWB do to the shooting sports?
  153. Excellent info... refutes ANYTHING that Peirs Morgan says
  154. NSSF Announcement on ESOS
  155. It's Here,DiFi's New AWB
  156. Penn & Teller on gun control
  157. Attention NY Residents Lawsuit
  158. Joe Biden telling everyone to buy a Shotgun.
  159. E-mail to my local Whole Foods Market.
  160. Typical Politician
  161. Lott: The Facts About Assault Weapons and Crime
  162. Intuit drops cc support for local gun shop
  163. So how much have the anti-gunner's cost you so far?
  164. MN: Man points AK-47 at daughter over grades
  165. What Gunowners Are Facing
  166. AR15 you don't need one and they are too dangerous to own
  167. N.Y. student with AR-15 scares off home intruder
  168. Rahm Emanuel presses banks on guns
  169. Fort Drum brass destruction threatens reloading supply and more
  170. Are America's Gun Owners a Bunch of Fool's
  171. Steve Lee: M14 - Now a Prohibited Firearm
  172. Sturmgewehre: How to Save One Life
  173. Gun Owners need to do their part in real gun control
  174. So what else?
  175. Joe Biden REALLY Likes Shotguns!
  176. Connecticut "take action now"please!!!
  177. Feinstein Gun Control Bill to Exempt Government Officials,can you say Hypoc
  178. Contact Senate Judiciary Members Prior to Next Week's Committee Meeting
  179. Why is this so hard for the left to understand?
  180. Started my first petition
  181. AWB Will See Senate One Way Or Another
  182. John Lott---The ‘40 Percent’ Myth
  183. Personal Defense Weapon?????
  184. POPVOX - ultimate tool for activism!
  185. My Gun Saved My Life! True Story of a Legally Armed Citizen
  186. Dismantling ALL Sheiff's Depts.
  187. Feinstein bill targets parents for owning guns
  188. Alabama Firearms Freedom Act
  189. My Congressman
  190. Ask Mayor Bloomberg
  191. Guns will be taken off the streets
  192. Live Testimony, CT Hearing on Firearms (happening now)
  193. AWB 2013 Text
  194. Sandy Hook parent says no more laws, just enforce those we have...
  195. MN: State congressional hearings next week on gun legislation
  196. Stop the Feinstein Gun Ban (tnx to Rand Paul)
  197. The Problem, not enough Chicago"neigborhood organizing"!!!
  199. Letter to Editor in Newtown Bee, hits the nail on the head
  200. Based on facts, how long will this buying frenzy continue?
  201. 1100 Green Berets sign letter supporting Second Amendment
  202. State senator in CT plays on Facebook during gun law hearings
  203. Illinois conceal carry gets House bill HB0997
  204. Gun control supporters want to bypass congress
  205. February 8th RKBA rally at your State Capital
  206. We need to challenge misinformation in the media
  207. 'Carrying a Gun Saved My Life': Meet Ryan Moore
  208. Senate Judiciary chair rejects Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban
  209. Denver talk show host debated over gun control
  210. fienswine
  211. Feinstein's plan bans any gun with a 'grip'?
  212. Judiciary Chair Rejects Assault Weapons Ban
  213. ATF at it again
  214. Your Thoughts......
  215. Emotions
  216. Senator Feinstein's last gun control rant.
  217. My impressions from the Senate hearing yesterday on gun control
  218. Army veteran arrested; faces up to 35 years for possession of empty AR mags
  219. Letter template to use when complaining about No Guns Allowed
  220. Crazy gun nut shoots man...
  221. Biden now saying gun control won't stop shootings
  222. Feinstein targets target guns.
  223. No Constitutional right to be protected
  224. FL deputy threatens to shoot conceiled carry licensee
  225. MDShooters is down
  226. Nice to start seeing articles like this
  227. Pierce Morgan
  228. CA approved gun safe
  229. 2 Articles whythe 2nd amendment is crucial to Liberty in America
  230. Solution to School killings
  231. Newtown in perspective
  232. Here is the Rambo for ya! Did not expect that from him!
  233. The changing gun owner demographic
  234. Ted Nugent Speaks out on guns,CNN interview
  235. What We Believe
  236. Sly Stallone, letter to Warner Bros.
  237. Tried to buy guns at Tampa buyback event - got face full of cop
  238. Armed Guard Saves School Last Week (Gun Control Freaks Wrong Again)?
  239. The voice of reason, from an unexpected source...
  240. An Opinion on Gun Control (A good read)
  241. Pro Gun Rally Feb 8th
  242. Polls of NRA members??
  243. Reminder
  244. Did anyone notice ?
  245. "Sandy Hook Father Owns Congress" Video
  246. Gun Control for Dummies - It's Common Sense
  247. Email/Call Harry Reid!! (says AWB will get a vote)
  248. Code Red firearms manufacturer taking heat!
  249. They will try anything
  250. NRA folds over universal background checks?