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  1. Obamacare applied to firearms
  2. Kentucky anti-gun bill SB 92
  3. Ted Nugent/Piers Morgan Interview
  4. Government wants to play voyeur with your medical records!
  5. Senate Dems face dilemma over push for assault-weapons ban
  6. Please spread this around.
  7. Ask your IL rep & senator to co-sponsor HB0997 & SB1284
  8. Calinfornia is on a roll
  9. Mass. residents attend these "gun violence " discussions !
  10. This too!
  11. Colorado Gun Grabbers on Facebook
  12. Your help is needed to provide 2A info
  13. Murder is Not a Gun Control Issue
  14. Alleged Cop Killer is fan of Piers and NRA foe
  15. Congressman Matheson (D Utah) response
  16. Utah sheriffs take a stand on guns.
  17. Chicago question?
  18. House Democrats unveil gun control package
  19. Ruger has sent over 4.6 million letters sent to date to various reps
  20. You know you live in a Country run by idiots if...
  21. Dan Bongino: We need people control, not gun control
  22. Hopefull news from Minnesota...
  23. The Biggest Panic Buyer Of All
  24. Barack "Skeeter" Obama
  25. Awesome speech by former Secret Service Agent
  26. Californians Get What They Voted For
  27. Pa. blocks online gun-carry permits from Fla.
  28. "I've never seen anything like it" MD pro-gun turnout
  29. Orion Rally at the Capitol
  30. A Democrat on the Constitution
  31. Magpul's Open Letter to Colorado
  32. orielly on gun control. tonight on letterman
  33. We need to Rally Our Opposition "Common Sense Legislation to End Gun Violen
  34. Anyone From New Jersey Free Tomorrow ?
  35. Ex Post Facto laws
  36. You are not allowed
  37. Print a 3D 30 round magazine
  38. Missed State Of The Union
  39. Our wonderful reps....
  40. Add Washington State to the list of states having bans introduced...
  41. Keep Up the Good Work
  42. Bridgeport, Conn. Police Department: on Bans
  43. Wishful thinking - reverse boycott
  44. Illinois legislative hearings on gun control
  45. Missouri introducing legislation to confiscate firearms
  46. Lott: Obama’s proposals won’t reduce gun violence
  47. Lott: The truth on background checks
  48. Wayne LaPierre Responds to State of the Union Address
  49. Ted Nugent Attacks Piers Morgan
  50. NY Dems tell Repubs to keep quiet
  51. Manufactures of Firearms & Accessories
  52. MN Firearms Protection Act
  53. Legislative polls favors gun control WA State
  54. us govt buying 1.6 BILLION RDS AMMO!
  55. Quesion?
  56. Missouri and Minnisota Firearms Seizure Legislation
  57. Stephan King
  58. This Democrat Gets it
  59. NYS Public Record Form
  60. Mexico To Ask US Senate To Create Gun Registry In Border States
  61. Last chance to help Magpul/Colorado! (inside)
  62. PJM: "Would New Gun Laws Spark Widespread Civil Disobedience?"
  63. Why gun control always fails
  64. After the 'toughest' gun law, gun crime rose in MA
  65. Oath Keepers 2A rally in NY.
  66. why does it take so long to get suppressors?
  67. The anti gun liberal Dem's caught in the act.
  68. Virginia pizza place offers discount to gun owners.
  69. State considers law that would require police to inspect homes of gun owner
  70. Self defense in Va.
  71. Gun Control: Punishment of the Law Abiding
  72. Let this Colorado Rep know how you feel!
  73. report from Valley Guns in West Virginia
  74. News excerpt -Newtown shooter changed magazines "more often than necessary"
  75. Cook Cty States Attorney office says not they aren't bound by Federal Court
  76. New Jersey... The Next New York
  77. COMCAST bans firearm ads.
  78. 2nd amendment Rally - Vidalia, Ga
  79. Open Letter to President Obama from Columbine Student
  80. NY protect yourself from FOIL
  81. Top Gun Supply is standing up for us.
  82. Wisdom in an E-mail from a fiend.
  83. Lost Cause In New Jersey
  84. Can a Condominium ban a gun owner?
  85. They want them back!
  86. Why Doesn't Glock Do The Same???
  87. How Many ARs
  88. Obama destroying America
  89. What have gun owners lost on a national basis?
  90. FOR THE ILLINOIS RESIDENTS:Concealed Carry is here
  91. Win for Iowa
  92. Oregon Massive Gun Ban Introduced
  93. Manufactures need to follow Olympic Arms Lead!
  94. Background checks
  95. Gun and ammo taxes
  96. Companies supporting citizens rights.
  97. Fellow Ohioians please read.
  98. National Day of Resistance in Vermont
  99. Pinal County Sheriff in AZ
  100. The Sacramento Bee Gets It....
  101. Black conservative leaders discuss how the NRA was created to protect freed
  102. Interesting video
  103. CT going full retard - Contact Governor (link inside)
  104. Beretta tells Maryland: You gun grab, we move out.
  105. Illinois next gun grab Tuesday 2-26-13
  106. A well regulated Militia?
  107. Fake Twitter Accounts Used By Obama Supporters To Promote Gun Control
  108. Knoledge is power....
  109. How to keep up skills with little ammunition
  110. Pro Gun Talk-Former Secret Service Agent
  111. Conservative Blacks are pro-gun, and most though provoking thing I've read
  112. National Rifle Militia
  113. Kentucky 1/3 of the way with gun nullification bill
  114. Student SCHOOLS Policeman On His Gun Rights
  115. Maryland: NBC Poll Data Jacked up!
  116. Way to go Magpul!
  117. AWB Hearings
  118. Here we go CT no less
  119. New video destroys myth about large capacity magazines
  120. There is hope after all in our upcoming generations!!!!!!
  121. Almost there.. "parking lot" bill in TN goes to Gov desk..
  122. MD Senate passed the Gun Control Bill 28-19
  123. Big thumbs up to Wilson Combat!!
  124. Epic speech by Chinese American
  125. Heard back from one of my Reps.
  126. Court asking for proof of constitutionality
  127. Bravo Company Manufacturing cancels contract with Milwaukee
  128. Maryland General Assembly on MAWB...
  129. A woman’s right to choose self-protection
  130. S. 54 Would Effectively Ban Even More Guns than Feinstein’s Bill
  131. Sandy Hook Tragedy & Wounded Knee
  132. NRA Offering Life Memberships for $300 To Current Members
  133. How states rank on gun laws
  134. Gun Control for Dummies - It's Common Sense
  135. Colorado u dont have a hair on ur a** if u stand for this!
  136. Illinois High Cap. Mags Legal?
  137. Please take two minutes to do this at Remington's site
  138. Gun control through ammo and components
  139. Gun used to stop crime March 2013
  140. Ron Paul clip from 1989 (AR-15)
  141. This Just In From Senator John McCain (R-AZ)
  142. Spike's Tactical Won't Sell To Gov or LEO That Support Gun Control
  143. Stark Co. Ohio Concealed Carry Stats
  144. Need to take a course to buy ammo...
  145. Gun Control Works!
  146. $25/rnd for .223? Seems legit...
  147. Virtual President on Gun control
  148. CT trying to become more restrictive than California
  149. 4473 not a registration list.
  150. Jacksonville wanting anger management classes for ammo purchase?
  151. Go Georgia!
  152. Police Nationwide Say "You're On Your Own" in their own words
  153. Penn and Teller's version
  154. Your time is appreciated
  155. Here's Something Radically Different
  156. Jews for the preservation of firearms ownership
  157. Update from Sen Leahy;Gun Legislation Moves Forward
  158. Best Speech I've Ever Heard. A MUST WATCH
  159. Pro Gun Voters
  160. I'm From The Government, and I'm Here To Help You
  161. It Appears We Have Been Had by Sen. Leahy
  162. D.C. Shooting
  163. Idjit Governor
  164. Father/Baby shot in Chicago..
  165. so that the federal government can REGISTER YOUR GUNS.
  166. School shooting... did anyone know about it?
  167. UN Small Arms Treaty - will US sign it ?
  168. AWB Passes Senate Judiciary Committee
  169. E-Mail from the POTUS......whoopee!!
  170. Harvard Study Shows No Effect of Firearm Laws on Gun Deaths
  171. Gun Control
  172. Victory in wa state!!
  173. WA State HB 1588
  174. Need some Help on this AWB poll
  175. Colorado Petition To Repeal Ban?
  176. Hit this Colorado mag ban poll!...
  177. It aAppears as in Gun Control Will Not Happen This Year in Vermont
  178. Here's a Positive Concealed Carry Story
  179. Colorado sherriff refuses to implement new state gun laws
  180. It's all the fault of the gun
  181. Horrible ending to a bad situation
  182. Take The Time Write Your Reps
  183. So what will CO dems do now?!
  184. Yesss!
  185. WV Senator, Joe Maanchin
  186. Gov. Cuomo's radical gun control bill
  187. Hope springs eternal?
  188. Colorado governor does not want to be re-elected
  189. another shooting that didn't really happen
  190. Why I HATE guns!
  191. Biden meets with Bloomberg: AWB Round 2 push
  192. Red Skelton
  193. Ann Coulter slams Feinstein
  194. Gun Bill... this could be promising.
  195. Now is the time to write.
  196. MD, needs your help!
  197. What happened to Fast and Furious?
  198. Ban
  199. Glad I missed this show.....
  200. 85% of the public and 65% of gun owners...
  201. ABC Nightline Attacks Glock
  202. Easily Write All Your Representatives in One Shot...
  203. Another Piers Morgan......
  204. ATF, 3d printing of guns documentary
  205. NY’s new gun magazines limit put on hold; 7-bullet magazines don't exist!!
  206. The Bloomberg Background Check video - Finger NOT on the trigger..
  207. one word: awesome
  208. Poll for all GT members!
  209. Lib-tards
  210. Boycott "Actor" Jim Carrey.
  211. Washington State Senators don't get it
  212. Misinformation?
  213. Hi Cap Magazine ban
  214. Sneak attack by MAIG in battleground NC
  215. Sheriffs threatened
  216. Filibuster Against Gun Control Gaining Momentum
  217. Cook County Gun Tax - Effective Today
  218. Rumor about George Soros
  219. Because I like success stories...
  220. Want ammo? Where's your eligibility certificate?
  221. Georgia town requires gun ownership.
  222. Getting out just in time apparently...
  223. Transfer of Ownership in MD
  224. Arz. Sen. Jeff Flake: Universal background checks 'a bridge too far'
  225. Obama’s continued use of the claim that 40 percent of gun sales lack backgr
  226. the new ct gun bill
  227. Listening to "O" in Co.
  228. Gazelles and this
  229. Statistics needed to rebut anti-gun folk
  230. Upstart Group Pushes Harder Than the N.R.A.
  231. New CT Law: is there an actual list of the banned guns yet
  232. 15 year old girl smokes gun control arguments
  233. What's REALLY your line in the sand?
  234. CO Dem Doesn't Understand Magazines Can Be Reloaded
  235. Welcome To Wisconsin
  236. Shop that sold gun to Newtown shooter's mom loses license.
  237. "Universal" background check bill...the "fine print"...
  238. Ammunition against the grabbers
  239. Help Conn with new state motto
  240. Assault Weapons Ban Letter from Hartford, VT
  241. A Colorado Sheriff On President Obama
  242. Liberal gun lover challenges NY times
  243. Walmart Could Be the Key to Gun Control
  244. Internet Sales Exempt???
  245. Wayne LaPierre on "Meet The Press"
  246. Wrote my Senators AGAIN
  247. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia
  248. Gabby and Mark have a Glock with a 17 rd magazine
  249. Being Taught in Schools Now
  250. Reid's gun control bill will get a vote on Thursday.