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  1. Senate to vote on 'universal background checks' bill next week
  2. Help Bloomberg spend his $, and defend your rights
  3. PTR tells Connecticut to stuff it
  4. PoliceOne survey...
  5. A form of gun confiscation has reportedly begun in New York State
  6. How stupid are the sheeple?
  7. Senators to Announce Background Check Bill
  8. Obama Agenda Is Total Gun Ban
  9. This Just In From My State Rep
  10. How can I volunteer for the NRA?
  11. Now is the time
  12. New colorado law
  13. Defining commercial versus non commercial transaction
  14. Gun Control In Chicago Bad guy gets Gun Good guy gets baseball bat
  15. Sold out!
  16. Big props to the good guy on this one
  17. NY'ers....take this simple quiz to see if you need to register your guns
  18. How to fight fire with fire?
  19. Way to go AK!
  20. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) raising campaign cash off Newtown massacre
  21. Who is Winning the Gun War? (article)
  22. PTR packing up
  23. National concealed carry for background checks
  24. 30 Year Anniversary coming up, NRA Lifetime Membership Better Than Pearls
  25. Communism survivor blasts salem gun grabbers
  26. Drones...
  27. Politics Explained
  28. The Five » America's Appetite For Gun Control Fading
  29. We need you to vote
  30. "The Rush to Bad Gun Laws" WP
  31. NRA Lifetime Memberships Still $300 Extended One More Week
  32. Sowell: Gun Control Laws Don't Make Us Safer
  33. Pressure Cooker Ban
  34. Biden 2 votes away from passing gun control bill
  35. I'll go to sleep with a big smile on my face tonight.
  36. Reid pulled a fast one: they can bring it back up for debate
  37. National Reciprocity Bill
  38. Push Back
  39. Background checks: educate me :)
  40. More executive orders?
  41. Get the .50s of the Street!
  42. Alert for reloaders, Bill in the works targets you
  43. Rant: the story of an anti gunner
  44. A message to the anti-gun crew
  45. 8th Grader Arrested over NRA Tshirt
  46. Moving my Glocks trough NY
  47. Williams-Sonoma Pulls Pressure Cookers Off Shelves in Massachusetts
  48. Seperation of Powers ... Act 2013
  49. MD wait times for new purchases
  50. be heard
  51. Dear Gun Control Democrats: 6 Ways to Make a Better Argument
  52. HURT: Boston on wrong side of gun-control debate
  53. Should FFL's Be fined?
  54. Sen. Cornyn Talks About Conceal-Carry Amendment on Senate Floor
  55. Elkins Park man killed after forcing his way into apartment
  56. Bill Limiting Federal Agencies From Stockpiling Ammunition
  57. HR1474 undetectable firearm and plastic magazine ban
  58. Gun seizures on the rise, police can take weapons from people posing threat
  59. If ANY of this is true....
  60. Utah CWP (non resident) wait time
  61. This should end the gun control debate...
  62. If the 1A was treated like the 2A in MD
  63. Jim Manley on Concealed Carry on Campus
  64. Stormtroopers in New Jersey!
  65. Minnesot gun control dead......for now
  66. This Is Serious
  67. Watch Live Hearings on Newly Proposed gun laws in NJ
  68. Gun Control Works In Chicago
  69. Hi cap magazines in California
  70. Gotta love Ted Cruz!
  71. "Common Sense" gun control
  72. Most gun friendly state...
  73. Forbes: Why 3D-Printed Untraceable Guns Could Be Good For America
  74. Fl sen (small "s" on purpose) Bill Nelson's response
  75. Glenn Beck's new book "Control"
  76. More peope on the NICS HOLD list.
  77. Buying ammo (warning this is a rant)
  78. Man violates new gun laws with 2 extra bullets in magazine
  79. Vote Poll: Equip guns with 'personalization technology'?
  80. So it took 5 days for the three day HOLD....
  81. Robbers shove Homeowner in closet where he keeps his Guns!
  82. "No one is coming to get your guns."
  83. 7 minutes on gun control
  84. Ever concerned that what you post will be used against you one day?
  85. CO Sheriffs Suing Over Gun Control Laws
  86. Victim of Gun Control
  87. Connecticut Lawsuit Has Been Filed!
  88. Kids and Unsecured Guns
  89. Proposed Change To Michigan Law Requires License For All Firearms
  90. California Senate Aproves 8 new Anti Gun Laws
  91. Guns as Evil Talismans
  92. news from: Gun Owners of America
  93. Canada opts not to sign landmark arms-trade treaty for now
  94. Slain Newtown teacher’s broken-hearted father takes on gun culture
  95. Recall looms for Colorado lawmaker who supported gun control bill
  96. Please stop lying!
  97. Nevada's Gun Grab
  98. 10 rnd limit
  99. Free Gun Initiative in Houston
  100. Mandatory Gun Insurance
  101. Finally an attempt to stop this !
  102. Leter From Obama In MY Email
  103. African-American Leaders discuss gun control
  104. Weekend Violence in Chicago....despite laws!
  105. Matt Walsh: Why I Hate Guns!
  106. Tsarnaev a victim of gun violence!
  107. CNN Photo Essay of Landmark Supreme Court Cases
  108. Cam & Company calls out WCAX on slanted story title
  109. Message From Texas Attorney General
  110. Vote Rigging in NJ
  111. Aldi customer speaks out on aftermath of shooting
  112. Why a Gun is needed for Home Defense In New Jersey
  113. Please vote: Gabby Gifford's Gun control poll
  114. Highland Park, IL Gun Ban
  115. Did I get this right?
  116. Zimmerman case update, state witness commits perjury
  117. Glock's role in the Manchin-Toomey debate
  118. Magpul participates in last minute magazine drop in CO at large rally
  119. The right to bear arms arms by Dr. Stephen Halbrook from Vermont Law Review
  120. Legal in NJ?
  121. Colorado Gun Laws
  122. ILL: Gov Quinn uses AV power as expected. It's pretty bad...
  123. gathering data - is it really 40%?
  124. Ohio school district to arm teachers ?
  125. Geolocate Gus app-google and android
  126. ISRA files motion for carry by July 16th in Illinois.
  127. New Colorado as the 51st State?
  128. Google maps gun owners
  129. Maryland's New Handgun License Requirement
  130. Finally: Common sense from the black community
  131. NRA Wins Important Appropriations Victories in Congress
  132. Why Gun Owners Are Right to Fight Against Gun Control
  133. Help with Connecticut gun/ammo laws
  134. McCain calls for review of 'stand your ground' laws
  135. Transporting Firearms to/thru Canada?
  136. UN Small Arms Treaty--Let them know where you stand
  137. An amendment to 2nd Amendment
  138. Dick Morgan is at it again..
  139. School in Arkansas is arming teachers!
  140. Man shoots/kills charging bear with "assault rifle"
  141. At long last
  142. Colo. apartment gun ban shows new danger for gun owners
  143. Kahr Firearms plans move from NY
  144. Maig
  145. California 2013-2014 gun control bills (take action now!)
  146. Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World
  147. We need more Senator's like this guy
  148. UN Office for Disarmament Affairs- Americans
  149. UN letter 8/13'
  150. Philly PD fails on Gun Control
  151. NICS vs. NPR and Kalifornia
  152. Home owner shoots/kills convict
  153. Louisiana residents lifetime CCW
  154. new law sought
  155. No More Military Surplus Imports!
  156. School emergency training
  157. Obama offers new gun control steps
  158. Thoughts On Having Defense Weapons In School In Case Of Armed Intruder
  159. He could have been me...
  160. Newtown-& Why We Dodged a Bullet.
  161. It's Time To Contact California's Governor Brown - Bad Bills Headed to His
  162. Colorado recalls successful!
  163. Please comment on the proposed rule changes for NFA items.
  164. Score another for the good guy
  165. Gun Culture in Canada
  166. The shooting in Washington DC
  167. Says cops can't protect him, Ontario man wants special handgun permit
  168. Starbuck's not banning, just requesting.
  169. POLL : should senate debate gun legislation?
  170. Is media coverage of mass murders purposefully deceptive? with video
  171. Liberal Professor wishes death on NRA members children
  172. This is why we can't have nice things - Starbucks
  173. Another victory, but still low on media radar
  174. CCW Permit Holders Behaving Badly
  175. any truth to this?
  176. Time to contact Congress again!
  177. Lessons of Navy Yard, Camp Liberty, and Fort Hood shootings
  178. so john kerry is going to sign the Arms Trade Treaty today
  179. Canada criticized for not signing arms treaty
  180. Law Enforcement vs. The Second Amendment
  181. Take Gun/Starbuck's survey @ HuffPo
  182. Gun-rights activists sue Maryland to block new firearms law
  183. Today - Obama uses U.N. a step to Repeal Article-2 US Constitution
  184. My email to Trader Joe's re: "no firearms" signs at entrance
  185. A different view of the history of gun control
  186. Gun Banner Memorializes Dead Child Molesters
  187. US government publishes new "firearms safety" research needs book
  188. Gun Owners of America - ALERT
  189. Kelly/Giffords antigun circus invades New York...
  190. Where does pacifism come from? Deal with a murderer by talking to them?
  191. another for the good guys...
  192. Gun Expert Piers Morgan Gets His Amendments Mixed Up
  193. Arms treaty stymied by Second Amendment concerns in Senate
  194. Is this for real?
  195. Storage penalties
  196. "Officers are not above the law"
  197. Obama pimping military leaders?
  198. Slightly off the topic...
  199. Upcoming Debate on Intelligence Squared US on Second Amendment
  200. Obama's Next Lie
  201. Army veteran banned from daughter’s school after posting picture of weapons
  202. Guns and Ammo Editor for gun regulation
  203. ATF's 41P and you - A Call to Action
  204. Glock Supports SAF's Suit
  205. Everybody, please post your opinion at this anti-gun article
  206. Nick Symmonds "Runner's World" magazine anti-gun/pro gun control
  207. law prof says time to repeal 2nd amendment
  208. Pelosi Tells Brady Group Just ’20, 30′ More Needed to Move Gun Control B
  209. Trayvon's Amendment
  210. Boondoggle Gun Control
  211. Over reaction??
  212. Where will we get lead for our ammo?
  213. Ammo Prices...Calm before the storm?
  214. Another Victory for Colorado
  215. NRA's America's 1st Freedom magazine free online
  216. Jeff Bezos
  217. Here they come
  218. Dummocrats!
  219. Politicizing a massacre
  220. Keep electing this guy...
  221. NYC sends out confiscation letters
  222. Brady campaign on gun-control ‘We really won this year’
  223. New Jersey Mayor Demands Gun Control on City Purchases
  224. Arapahoe High School
  225. Rhode Island town voting on recalls over gun permit changes
  226. Vermont city may use loophole to push gun control in 2014
  227. Civil Disobiendence to Gun Laws
  228. Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Laws on Gun Control
  229. Which came first? Meds or the Bullets?
  230. Difficult Line to Draw
  231. How do you buy a gun to be used by your fiance, wife, son, at the range?
  232. Fed judge upholds New York’s assault weapon ban, rejects 7-round mag limit
  233. Detroit police chief: Legal gun owners can deter crime
  234. BREAKING: Obama Issues New Executive Actions on Background Checks
  235. Rasmussen: ‘Most voters favor AWB’ but like handguns
  236. New D.C. Regulations...
  237. Dick Metcalf whines...
  238. Why no lawsuit over rifle/handgun over state line?
  239. Chicago gun sale ban unconstitutional, judge rules
  240. Moms let slip agenda to prohibit all gun sales, not just illegal ones
  241. Oregon gun owners may be interested in this item
  242. Insane Missouri bill would turn gun owners into criminals if they didn’t re
  243. WorldNetDaily: Warning: Gun confiscation coming soon
  244. Active Shooter training video shown at work today
  245. Update on Obama's Continuing Efforts for "Gun Control"
  246. Gun Owners of America -
  247. BREAKING: Ruger CEO sets record straight on California, microstamping
  248. CA Senator talks about "Ghost Guns" and makes a total fool of himself.
  249. Maine speeds up concealed weapon permit process
  250. Important gun violence video to share with friends