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  1. Beautiful time lapse of the aircraft Boneyard...
  2. Anyone watch Jeopardy tonight?
  3. I'm Blind In Texas
  4. Need help......VERY sick dog. Emergency.
  5. The Katana and the Old Masters
  6. You know you are jaded when......
  7. ATF is FUBAR
  8. IHOP International Pancake Day (free short stacks!)
  9. Daylight Savings Time Begins Sunday
  10. Tumbleweeds?
  11. Snowmachine thread
  12. Lesson of the Day: Keep Your Mouth Shut
  13. Anyone ever been to the Galax Old Fiddlers' Convention?
  14. Lois Lerner Fears for her life if she testifies??
  15. Fried peanuts
  16. "professional" fishing lessons
  17. Are "pointy" 10mm rounds banned by ATF?
  18. Possible or past pet names
  19. Time to buy a lawn mower
  20. I had a manager at Dick's Sporting Goods tell me.........
  21. "Facts"
  22. I paid $0.25 in taxes last year.
  23. $1.5 million to help process new CWPs
  24. Is it "Ukraine" or "the Ukraine"?
  25. Russia Attacked?
  26. Another Spider Thread
  27. What language would you learn?
  28. Will Les Stroud Find Sasquatch?
  29. Philidelphia man gets 20 years for firing into the air
  30. Physics question.
  31. Philly man shoots into air - 20 year in jail
  32. No show buyers
  33. Biker paralyzed in SUV assault on Today Show with his lawyer...
  34. Chipotle disco's (some day in the future) Guacamole, due to Climate Change
  35. The irony
  36. How many have guns "out of service"
  37. Drones harrassing hunters
  38. Saw something unusual today
  39. Fed-Ex vs USPS
  40. Just had to post this picture
  41. Do you consider yourself an 'average guy'?
  42. Clarkson v. Morgan
  43. Disgusting excuse for a human!
  44. Another US Intelligence failure
  45. Russia asking men to cross into Ukraine for "moral support".
  46. What company will be the first to make a striker fired polymer slide?
  47. Okay now I have heard of everything...
  48. Hey, why'd the number of posts on a page change?
  49. Grimaldi's Pizza: To Anchovy or Not?
  50. ball point pens in space
  51. Racism disgusts me...
  52. Sales tax...
  53. New Watch: Seiko SARG007
  54. So, what is wrong with our country.
  55. A Principled and Ethical News Achor or...?
  56. Top 5 books you recommend to anybody
  57. A Great Marine Has Passed Away
  58. Good golly miss Molly.....we have a winner!
  59. Music Moments In Movies
  60. Should I be worried?
  61. What is your favorite TV show that features Glock?
  62. Question for those who wear prescription glasses
  63. Facebook and guns
  64. RT Anchor Quits on Air
  65. This IS a pit stop!!
  66. South Carolina folks - tell me about Rep. Trey Gowdy
  67. Man Shoots Neighbor While 'Cleaning' AR.
  68. Eric: What is up with your new avatar?
  69. I can't find a job, any advice?
  70. 7, 304.843 days
  71. Teaching Math to Kids
  72. Get that Purple Heart out of your eye...
  73. Galaxy Note 3 vs S4 vs Ipheone 5s
  74. Has anyone here been hypnotized? Does it work??
  75. El Nino On The Way
  76. Historical photos
  77. Airline Passenger Leaves Nasty Note for Female Pilot
  78. Spider Bite Death in Florida
  79. Thieves.
  80. Heteronyms... this is brilliant Homographs are words of like spelli
  81. Who's ready for 300: Rise of Empire?
  82. Gf wants a 08 Honda Hybrid
  83. The Terminator Makes an Epic Sandwich
  84. Yaris for elderly...
  85. A tweaker walks into a gun store...
  86. I love the 'Clint Eastwood-ish' cowboy movies...
  87. need some prayers for our doggie Matilda
  88. Question for pilots and aviators - landing gears
  89. I'm not a fan of Guns n Roses, but damn this chick made it tolerable!!!
  90. Backpacking/hiking shirt- synthetic options necessary?
  91. Interesting Clip from the RNC; Year 2000
  92. Does anyone here think hitting a dog is the driver's fault?
  93. America Strong
  94. Were You A Nerd in School or Just a Kid?
  95. Os This Moral Turpitude?
  96. Federal Judge shoots down FAA on fine against drone operation
  97. Job layoffs, is this the new norm?
  98. russia bans export of ammo
  99. Toilet Plunging techniques
  100. A good shoe/boot spray?
  101. Where Do Ghosts Go?
  102. I am a true Glocktalker!
  103. Crappie Fishing Thread
  104. I hate global warming
  105. Swirl marks and black vehicles
  106. 300 Rise Of An Empire
  107. Was I scammed?
  108. Hyundai Elantra and timing belt
  109. Jeep Patriot?
  110. Breaking: 777 missing over Viet Nam
  111. Could you live without your smartphone?
  112. South Bay (San Jose, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos CA) Cigar pictures
  113. Wal-Mart LSD tainted meat?!?
  114. Hot feet? Anyone got 'em? Why are they hot?
  115. Would the following members please report?
  116. The invisible war
  117. East coasters: Virginia Beach, or Myrtle??
  118. 5 yo laptop: leave on Vista, or --> Win8?
  119. Is there a DENTIST in the HOUSE??
  120. If you know...yeah, it is going to be a good night.
  121. Bit by a dog
  122. More Kids Rocking
  123. The Miracle of the One-Eyed Pilot
  124. The lowest crime area is the one.....
  125. Neat gun cutaways
  126. Flying the SR71
  127. "Alice Kramden" Dead at 92.
  128. Daughter of Obama's former pastor convicted in fraud case
  129. 12 volt DC pump question
  130. Not exactly Dubai, but I took pictures anyway !!
  131. What to do in Baton Rouge?
  132. You know what is unnerving?
  133. NYC Subway Rider Stops Knife Killer Despite Restrictive NYC Laws
  134. This made me cry like a baby...
  135. Which Atlanta metro Walmarts Carry Ruger 10/22?
  136. Woman Killed When Gun Goes Off At Thrift Store.
  137. I'm going to be wealthy!!
  138. Enough with the acronyms!
  139. What goes on in "gym class" these days at one HS
  140. Breaking bad all episodes on netflix
  141. So how am I the bad guy in this? Or…..
  142. What should I do.
  143. Buick GN Brake Question
  144. Beer - current issue Oak Aged Yeti
  145. weekend silliness
  146. Why do you choose to not travel?
  147. Mighty Eighth Movie
  148. The podcast thread
  149. “Who’s the Biggest Presidential Liar” Contest
  150. Paraprosdokians(Winston Churchill loved them) are figures of speech
  151. Gerber brass laundry faucet airlock and handle removal
  152. Who has the most Truck Nutz? The Army!
  153. Very interesting body art
  154. iPhone has turned out to be a real blessing
  155. "Caption This!!"
  156. HELP! Removing old toilet
  157. How to learn about investing wisely?
  158. Plane hits parachute. Incredible pics.
  159. Saving $ on glasses
  160. Farewell Wild Bill - Easy Company's Wild Bill Guarnere passed away
  161. Best store-bought fuel injector cleaner?
  162. Talk about using up your luck!
  163. Cuba, has anyone been there?
  164. I really want a 42...
  165. Vote in Poll: Do You Support Markey and Warren's pushing climate change leg
  166. Easy Rider
  167. Aerial America on Smithsonian Channel
  168. Had some fun today
  169. Anybody switch from Cox Comm to Direct TV?
  170. Why You Shouldn’t Send Your Child to An Idaho College
  171. If you like watching race car crashes ...
  172. Alcohol Poisoning
  173. Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market?
  174. LOST 'BROTHER' William Guarnere, of 'Band of Brothers' fame, dies
  175. Laughter Is Good Medicine
  176. Thanx daylight savings /s
  177. Starring: Matt Dillon as Dalton Wayne
  178. Largest fish you've ever caught?
  179. How would you feel if you were this guy
  180. Jay Thomas tells his classic Lone Ranger Story
  181. Order breaks down ahead of Crimea vote
  182. This is depressing...
  183. Ready for a change... Tell me about the South
  184. Court won't hear dispute over 'boobies' bracelets
  185. Samsung Galaxy S5 Preview
  186. Guy robs bank with Sub-Machine Gun
  187. Why do women always have to ruin everything part II
  188. Spring Fever?
  189. Ukraine's Gold...silly barbarous relic
  190. Ultra Orthodox Jews
  191. Did I rip off Walmart? Am I stupid?
  192. Question for Ford guys
  193. They are making me angry.
  194. Stepfather tortures a 4 year old girl
  195. Fire Tornado!
  196. Which Job Should I Take?
  197. A rant about an Idiot
  198. Killing snakes
  199. My daughter pledging her allegiance...
  200. Tire time again
  201. Japan, what have you done to my Metal?!
  202. Security guard joins shootout between DPS officers and suspect
  203. Broke watch
  204. Test
  205. Who has read this and what do you think?
  206. Obama Grants Amnesty
  207. China Death Row Interviews; 2013
  208. Old Company Jingles
  209. Killer Kitty!
  210. To think we are heading here. UK is long gone.
  211. Motorcyclists life in your hands....
  212. Please Vote For Hank
  213. Moving to Boston!
  214. Funny or die with Barry
  215. Good news today
  216. Your favorite axe?
  217. Dating An Employee?
  218. Tough Ethical Call
  219. Ribs and Wings
  220. Check for Alzheimer's
  221. So this happened not far from us today
  222. FileZilla warns of large malware campaign
  223. Police Chief ---gets a Glock leg
  224. And he scores!
  225. My ironic sense of humor...
  226. Armalite's new ad... Michelangelo' David?
  227. Smokers Etiquette - THROW YOUR BUTTS OUT
  228. On the way to an SBR.
  229. What do you think this guy should do?
  230. What the hell is this ?!?
  231. How to tell Platinum plugs are bad??
  232. Mobile Phone in the Bathroom
  233. CLEO sign off in Dallas county.
  234. Assassin's Creed IV
  235. What are your earliest memories
  236. Justified Tonite
  237. 'Splain me something...
  238. Another college kid hit crossing the street.
  239. Any commercial pilots on board?
  240. Computer-Brain Interfaces Making Big Leaps
  241. China Knife Attack. Chinese Bound Jet Disappears. Pattern?
  242. Ever seen one of these?
  243. What is the purpose of this law
  244. Finding where gun was purchased
  245. Piers Morgan taken to task yet again
  246. Congratulation on BB Texas 100th!
  247. Movie Recommendation - The Book Theif
  248. Surge in Guntry Club
  249. Winch Mount on Car Hauler/Flatbed Trailer
  250. Danner boots