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  1. Ride-by shootings now. Gangs going green?
  2. Ingrate mofo who sues 1st Responder
  3. Should we be teaching foreign language in the US?
  4. Road rage?
  5. Child molester's wife, Dottie Sandusky
  6. I made pastrami over the weekend!
  7. Restaurant wars in my town.
  8. More rape counts for Darren Sharper
  9. Gay Bar
  10. Violent Sneezes...hooooo
  11. Another Air Force story
  12. Bitcoin explained...
  13. Why do you choose TO travel?
  14. High winds. The power is out.
  15. Girl Scout cookies - a minor rant
  16. This has to be one of the stupidest women on the planet.
  17. Anybody subscribe to a phone number lookup service?
  18. Chelsea Handler going nuclear on Piers
  19. Some musings from my day in DC
  20. just got approved for a home loan....
  21. What's a "shipper pump"?
  22. Movies you would like to see made
  23. How do you end a phone conversation?
  24. Report says knocking out 9 substations could cause a national blackout
  25. Inventors Who Deserve
  26. Hawaii 50
  27. Zimmerman's Parents Sue Roseanne Barr
  28. The Isle of Man
  29. 2 Killed, 23 Injured in TX
  30. Why do modern airliners not have tracking systems that can't be turned off?
  31. Glock USA Office
  32. Ever wonder if you're doing it right?
  33. King Obama Picks and Chooses What parts of Sequester to Allow
  34. Find my iphone
  35. Arnold gets a tank.
  36. Favorite TV shows?
  37. Decorah Eagles are back
  38. Father Fatally Shoots 17yr Old Boy in his Daughters Bedroom
  39. help me find a new book
  40. Armed woman stops burglary
  41. 500lb Boar Bagged in North Carolina
  42. Android game: Guess the 90's
  43. Dad doesn't deny tossing toddler in creek
  44. Any alpaca experts here?
  45. Sad moment today
  46. Just a few funny jokes.
  47. Chores That Used To Be Fun?
  48. 1993 storm of century
  49. Anyone Got a Can-Am Outlander Max 1000?
  50. Any Chevy dealers here?
  51. Elderly Dachshund found with heartbreaking note at shelter to be reunited
  52. Chaperoning a girls youth group convention this weekend
  53. Best way to fix credit?
  54. Most comfortable casual shoes...
  55. My wife cracks me up!
  56. texting and driving......
  57. GOODBYE! Shosanna!!!
  58. Dream Vacations
  59. Caption This Airplane hanger pic
  60. Good online source for motorcycle battery?
  61. What NFL team should you be a fan of?
  62. Today's Rant: Cars that pull out in front of you but don't accelerate
  63. can you defend yourself in Milwaukee?
  64. filing taxes
  65. Need a website critique . . .
  66. Web page - how to start
  67. Test Thread
  68. NC Hunter Bags 500 Pound Hog..
  69. I think that's a Big No John Kerry
  70. The Warthog Lives On?
  71. Would you make this purchase?
  72. Nashville. Hotels
  73. Necktie advice.
  74. Chevy dealer won't quote trade in price
  75. That's one hell of a ND (or maybe it was an AD?)
  76. Last Meal.
  77. Anybody else think?
  78. This guy killed 2 people with his car
  79. Father arrested for biting nose off infant
  80. My pet peeve..sickies at work
  81. Need help working on car....
  82. Leadership and attitudes
  83. It's official: the Obama regime gives up control over the Internet
  84. "Kissing Sailor" passed away....
  85. Homemade ranch sauce experts?
  86. One Evening As The Sun Went Down
  87. Tiling Question
  88. Man here illegally sues rescuers. Shame..
  89. 2 hours out of the house
  90. Do you have a junk drawer?
  91. California gun parts store refuses to turn over customer list to ATF
  92. Life is fragile....
  93. Tips on removing Box Elder bugs inside?
  94. Lost Johnny Cash song set to new video...
  95. Train riding in Cambodia
  96. "Macho Man" Randy Savage
  97. The new F1.
  98. Some things you just can not make up
  99. Got pulled over this morning 04:30 doing 60 in a 45
  100. Artificial Tornado at the Mercedes-Benz Museum
  101. What's on your gun law wish list?
  102. Gunsite Academy, Pistol 250 class in Arizona...
  103. the expensive car curse
  104. I ran into this guy at Buds today......
  105. I've always wanted to ride in a helicopter...
  106. Great examples of failed gun Control
  107. Vintage Chuck Norris
  108. Debt Collectors Targeting Members of Our Armed Forces
  109. The Super Constellation Pagasus in ice
  110. The Secret to Understanding Sausage
  111. Is Golf a Sport or a Game??
  112. Have you seen this guy ?
  113. "A man who grates 2 pounds of horseradish...
  114. Gates: Software to replace millions of human jobs in 20 years
  115. Up Close Shark Attack Video
  116. Anyone notice airfare prices going UP ??
  117. Why are white men so angry?
  118. a question for GT
  119. How do you deal with inebriated folks?
  120. Need help eliminating Cockroaches!!!!!
  121. Let's See Your Damascus
  122. Ufc 171
  123. To jail break or not?
  124. NY Man Charged With Manslaughter After Defending Home
  125. Does anybody know what alien movie I'm talking about?
  126. Any currency collectors here?
  127. Whats new on your play list?
  128. " God, Gene!"
  129. Can I bring a PLB on a commercial flight as carry-on?
  130. Pictures of the actual A-bomb prior to loading
  131. Michael Waltrip's Grid Walk Today
  132. guy open carry gets a beat down
  133. Can undercooked rice hurt you?
  134. crawl space advise
  135. question for landscapers (amateur or pro)
  136. Sometimes it takes a dummy....
  137. Would you fly commercially with no security?
  138. Ukraines acting prime minister.
  139. Can a pilot decompress the cabin or kill the air from the cockpit?
  140. Yellow Ribbon Project
  141. VR'd AGAIN
  142. Interesting Conclusion to a Motor Vehicle Accident
  143. Florence, Al area
  144. Slow Cooker/Croc Pot question.
  145. Biggest Piece of Junk
  146. I am an amazing shot...
  147. Five finger death punch.
  148. "Unbroken" the movie...
  149. Weird Things You Own
  150. Melanie Griffith - YIKES !!
  151. Take stock in the good times.
  152. Fred Phelps is Dying.
  153. Any of you here have urban or city limit gardens?
  154. Suggestion for noise reducing a generator?
  155. lend-lease to USSR - good idea?
  156. Prayers please
  157. Do these tires look worn out?
  158. Insurance, both property and liability for our wonderful hobby
  159. Vitamin Supplements
  160. beautiful Israeli soldier
  161. Awesome Ancient Coin
  162. Corned beef recipes
  163. Received a 12 year old missing check today
  164. Anyone get their NRA board ballets yet?
  165. motorcycle seat coming apart
  166. How many nukes are there, present day
  167. Suggestions for folding knife, $300.00 or so?
  168. What is the one thing about you that would suprise GT friends
  169. Gravitational Waves from the Big Bang Detected.
  170. They're back!
  171. Fake Army Ranger Gets Called Out
  172. funny cultural misunderstandings
  173. Magpul PMag 30 round Windowed Gen 3 $11.85 shipped*
  174. What Is Your Go-To Spice?
  175. Coolest app on your phone
  176. Sushi Time again
  177. Extreme POGO
  178. Trapping-Rub Wrong Way?
  179. Very disappointed!!!!
  180. Sweet tea or unsweetened?
  181. Friends and MLM schemes
  182. Need a wifi security camera, what ya recommend?
  183. Best shave ever
  184. Need to fix a stone chip in the windshield
  185. Superman with a GoPro
  186. Need some help on using a digital camera, and adding pics to posts.
  187. Todays Rant - Stick Drivers in Rush Hour and Those That Cut In
  188. You win this round, Subaru of Wichita...
  189. There is no gravity in space
  190. Can you make yourself a *Genius*
  191. Gym rats I need a workout plan
  192. Would smell as sweet?
  193. What cars will we be restoring 20 years frm now?
  194. Wilderness guide belt
  195. New Evidence that the Multiverse Exists
  196. GT ad
  197. Any experience with WatchDOGS?
  198. Immigrant involvement in..
  199. social security question
  200. Dehaydrator
  201. Anybody here use NAUPA to search for money?
  202. First Day on the Job
  203. Kerry freezes Putin's Netflix account...
  204. Range computer/timer shooting thing
  205. As If Lasers Weren't a Big Enough Problem ...
  206. Soldier's wife REALLY surprised him when he came home
  207. Who is the most bad ass special forces unit
  208. ATI SideSaddle Mounts For Mossbergs
  209. No-Fly list lawsuit
  210. Replacement for XPERIA
  211. Hell hath no McFlurry like a woman scorned
  212. CML leukemia update
  213. Don't break into houses in Montana
  214. Missile Guidance Systems
  215. Living high on the hog
  216. Could a "Latin Spring", similar to the Arab Spring, be next?
  217. old farts Do you remember these men?
  218. "Study to become a Canadian" ad on GT
  219. Amazing!
  220. Women - Sort yourself out
  221. Ever have to tell the boss...?
  222. Tax and Spend
  223. Survivorman & Son?'s
  224. Would you date a Bulgarian?
  225. What Do You Think? Dog Related
  226. Gun Pr0n
  227. Gun Tatoo Hilarity
  228. Speed dating
  229. Gen Y Selfie Commentary
  230. a love letter to the US Postal Service
  231. Pizza toppings.
  232. What Makes You Read a Thread?
  233. On Full Alert
  234. Couple describe saving boy who fell from third floor with mattress
  235. Sites You Are Afraid To Visit
  236. Crimea. What happens now?
  237. Are Gamer Shows Being Rigged Again?
  238. Greatest KO ever? 1.1 Second KO
  239. Serves them right for using Twitter as their news source. Fox31 in Denver.
  240. Starbucks found a way to limit firearms
  241. Monster Legends Mobile pop up new at GT?
  242. Loose connecting rod bolts??
  243. Does gun safe = farraday cage?
  244. How often do you want to hear your favorite songs?
  245. First Day Of Spring!!
  246. Looks like I'm getting a root canal today
  247. Mime talking
  248. How does Russia absorbing Crimea affect the US?
  249. Fred's Dead
  250. MY first week with a Yeti.....