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  1. Least Favorite Power Tool?
  2. Age and your eyes, glasses or contacts?
  3. 2 new puppies, need serious advice/help
  4. Chief Pyro
  5. Hot Spot Device and Opinions needed..
  6. What goes on when you aren't home
  7. Dos Equis announces Jonathan Goldsmith, Most Interesting Man to retire!
  8. Why I carry even at home
  9. Why Are Search-and-Rescue Drones Grounded?
  10. AC/DC Retiring? Malcom Young Rumored Very Ill
  11. Tax Brackets
  12. Would you give your son $50 for this?
  13. Nuclear explosion- what you should do
  14. Whittlers and Woodcarvers
  15. Tax Day Tradition
  16. The most amazing beaver experience ever!
  17. Insurance rant...
  18. Scheuled SWAT Team "Raid"
  19. Epic "Breakfast" Casserole In The Making
  20. So...did anyone order Google Glass?
  21. Wedding crasher - gt braintrust
  22. Well, another hazard to watch out for...
  23. Ukraine/Russia. End game?
  24. Anyone Else Watching Fargo? - Spoilers
  25. Damned Rookies!
  26. Windows tablet
  27. Work Boots, Recommendations?
  28. 2 dead 293 missing...
  29. Do you remember the "Giggler"?
  30. Bloomberg has " a direct path to heaven"! he says
  31. Never thought i'd say this
  32. Apriil 19th is Coming
  33. Bottled Water
  34. Snoop Dogg with a hoodie.
  35. Orientating
  36. Motorcycles and going to rallies
  37. Gunners cant hit drones!
  38. Foot Locker Commercial
  39. NRA Life Membership Sponsor?
  40. How many folks got snow this week?
  41. Roku Carbon Channel Trigger Time TV
  42. Denver Woman's 13-Minute-Long 911 Call Ends With Fatal Gunshot
  43. Need Amature/Pro Legal Observations
  44. Trying to help a young man going into the military...
  45. The Billy Club....
  46. FFL wait times?
  47. FBI seeks terrorists in local gun shops
  48. College Reps offer semi-auto rifle, handguns in fund-raiser at Oregon State
  49. Saving Country Music
  50. The USPS wants to mine and sell data gathered from your mail
  51. Sorry I just have to vent
  52. Your favorite firearms related movie songs?
  53. Jobs Rated 2014: Ranking 200 Jobs From Best To Worst
  54. Nylon Heavy Webbing
  55. Take a Selfie....get kicked in the head.
  56. Funny Siri story...
  57. Cops catch more than bad guys
  58. Talk to me about water faucets.
  59. Recent anti military groups.
  60. Another A-10 video
  61. Who was your first celebrity crush?
  62. Dentist questions
  63. Depressing: 86 million full time Americans supporting 148 million.
  64. What happened to the Captain goes down with the ship?
  65. The Darndest Things Happen To Rappers
  66. Top Gunning the Iranians ...
  67. Does anyone actually believe Oscar Pistorus' story?
  68. Arrested 13 years later...
  69. Favorite arcade growing up?
  70. Debate: Should a college dropout give a commencement speech?
  71. Last Night's Wheeler Dealers
  72. Try to execute a dog, shoot yourself instead.
  73. There's a Cuda in my parking lot!
  74. Pace Salsa
  75. Student Records Bullying, Threatened With Charges of Felony Wire tapping
  76. Repair service horror stories...
  77. Any of you Gringos follow 'Salsa' music?
  78. I am officially in the wrong line of work
  79. Version of "Stairway to Heaven"
  80. You're killin' me Smalls!
  81. Unfreinded a future tyrant today
  82. I just want to say
  83. Interesting development re ammo @ WM
  84. I'm entirely too old for this, I know...
  85. Pet Registration
  86. An interesting cast of characters.
  87. Self-fulfilling prophesy or are we masters of our own fate?
  88. Car jacks?
  89. Update-Warrant Issued for USAF Officer After Run-in with Police at Home
  90. Jews in eastern Ukraine reportedly told to register. And so it begins
  91. We grew up with an axe murderer.
  92. Small 4x2 Pickups - 2014 Tacoma vs. Frontier
  93. Anyone Still Own and Play Classic PING Irons?
  94. Dang, St. Louis got a 2fer yesterday. Wins for the Cards and the Blues.
  95. 12 Dead, 3 Injured on Mt. Everest
  96. Glen Campbell Now In Managed Care Facility
  97. old movies
  98. Vikings TV show question
  99. My kids first bow and arrow...
  100. I believe I have a first amendment right not be shot.
  101. Another Attempt to Rewrite Traitor Jane Fonda's History
  102. When you get a great/or not song stuck in your head
  103. NY Times Op-Ed Links Returning Vets With KKK, White Supremacists
  104. How to teach your child to deal with bullies.
  105. Got my truck for sale, dealer 2 hours away calls and wants it.
  106. Russian Spy Planes in U.S. Skies
  107. Update to "I can't find a job, any advice?"
  108. Cryptozoology. Which ones are real?
  109. Terminator
  110. Cop attempts to shoot dog.
  111. Enough already of the tactical!!
  112. Scientists Just Found Earth's First Cousin
  113. "Das Boot" question...
  114. whats on tap for Saturday
  115. Anybody Know the Backstory on this "Mysterious Memorial"?
  116. Ammo
  117. Tampa Bay people
  118. Got to do something a little different today.
  119. On The Road Again
  120. insomnia sucks !!!!
  121. Kayakers Beware!
  122. What's the best hunting rifle for.....
  123. Unstable ex gf of 5yrs left without warning 2 weeks ago, "getting dog" soon
  124. Moms standing up to NRA’s resistance to sensible gun laws
  125. What are YOUR News Sources for rifle competitions and pistol competitions?
  126. Over 200 Everytown for Gun Safety Facebook Pages
  127. Video: Hold My Beer and Watch This ...
  128. So much for Lubuntu....
  129. Finally found a house...
  130. Xanax
  131. April 19th
  132. Cubicle rage is a byproduct of the hierarchy of the office, author says
  133. Are old scuba diving suits worth anything?
  134. 2014 Houston Texans Cheerleaders selected
  135. Bathroom Remodel finished!
  136. Spy Jet, Again ....
  137. One wisdom tooth out, man am I a wussy !!!
  138. Flight 370-We're Done?
  139. How do modern woodstoves work?
  140. one thing I do not like about gun shows
  141. A good acoustic guitar
  142. National Amaretto Day
  143. Earth's Distant Cousin
  144. Travel Websites: Completely Worthless?
  145. Dudes with hyphenated last names??
  146. Holy taco !!!
  147. I Blew Out My Flip Flop
  148. Ow my eye
  149. Lead Sandwich (almost) for Road Rage Guy throwing Knuckle Sammich
  150. 60 Ton Gold Treasure Found?
  151. sunrise service
  152. Happy easter
  153. Palcohol Powdered Alcohol - a good idea?
  154. Alibaba
  155. Happy 4:20 you stoners !!
  156. Asteroids Are Nature's Way of Asking .....
  157. Credit card interest rates at 21%...
  158. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 CHEAP
  159. Beginning photography?
  160. Former soldier says he may have shot Tillman.
  161. Putin admits to deploying forces to Crimea.
  162. You gotta love the Dutch
  163. 143RD NRA National Convention
  164. Gfi=pita
  165. That time of year, herpers..
  166. all most killed
  167. Where are you coming from?
  168. any home appraisers on here?
  169. Sleep apnea, may have it
  170. Watched "Shane"Again Last Night For the Umpteenth Time
  171. Is Hypnotism real?
  172. 16 yr old stows away to Hawaii.
  173. How would you pay?
  174. Are kids who wear hoodies on warm days up to no good?
  175. Anyone have night vision
  176. I Bought a Plasma TV
  177. Ignoring the will of the People
  178. How to access movies on amazon prime on TV.
  179. Anybody make their own shaving lotion?
  180. Pat Tillman's Friendly Firer? Maybe
  181. Steroid injestions for arthritic knees
  182. Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Group Doesn't Even Know How Bullets Work
  183. Credit card machine advice
  184. Orlando, FL?
  185. Local Government
  186. Today's Common Core thread sponsored by Pepsi
  187. Steven Seagal Gets The Crap Choked Out of Him
  188. Boston Marathon
  189. California Pensions - Impressive
  190. Falcon 9 launch
  191. "Out of order"!
  192. What did you learn to drive in?
  193. If you move to a different state: firearm legalities
  194. Honey Badger Don't Care....Your Cage Can't Hold Me!
  195. Schuylkill River fishing trip today(Photo)
  196. The best thing you've bought on Amazon
  197. HILARIOUS New Old Spice Vid!!
  198. Chinese citizens fight back...
  199. Special Forces, the movie...
  200. Got back tonight from a long weekend at Primland
  201. Any bourbon drinkers on this forum?
  202. Holy Grail of muscle-car barn finds?
  203. Satellite image of Nessie?
  204. Dryer repair
  205. What would be a good career?
  206. Are doctors & nurses tangibly incentivized by drug companies?
  207. Another Aggressive Moose
  208. is GT acting wierd today
  209. Hustler Raptor ZTR - Opinions?
  210. "How did teen beat airport security?"
  211. rock/pop songs with great horns
  212. Disc brake question..Bang theory
  213. Any Xbox 360 experts, for kid's birthday
  214. AC capacitor costs me $99.00
  215. Replace Rusty Rocker Panels?
  216. Young drug dealers
  217. Recreational Pot Use Harmful (study)
  218. What is it? (archeology/aliens/tinfoil)
  219. Frankensteins army
  220. Clam chowder
  221. Battery help
  222. How about an AR the can be pocket carried
  223. Texas has a completely different reaction than Nevada in regards to BLM
  224. Season 10 of Deadliest Catch
  225. Very Sad DayFor Me
  226. So,,How Country Are Ya?! Let's hear some,,,
  227. Please help if you can (Crowdfunding)....
  228. Um. What should I do now?
  229. it Looks like we are being VR'd
  230. Finished the indoor soccer season
  231. Quantitative Easing Education
  232. ‘Shoot ‘Em if You Got ‘Em’
  233. Georgia Governor to Sign "Guns Everywhere" Bill Today
  234. U.S. soldier to receive medal of bravery
  235. Pilots: ... Yer Obsolete ...
  236. Burning man festival to be held next to bundy ranch
  237. What are the things
  238. Homemade AC?
  239. Just ducky!
  240. Homeowner executes teen home invaders
  241. Primary care doc for back pain?
  242. Sad and sweet
  243. My friend can kiss my butt!
  244. Mantis Shrimp Claw = New Material for Airplanes?
  245. New Stihls....
  246. Have you ever entered another house accidentally?
  247. Inducing Nervousness
  248. Some days are just right.
  249. Telling a company you are dead?
  250. What motivates you to continue exercising?