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  1. Really nasty videos coming out of Syria now.
  2. single payer.....
  3. Very cool F-15 dogfight over Kadena
  4. Storing ammo at home
  5. Dedicated radar weather display unit?
  6. Another dog thread.
  7. Subaru outback or jeep cherokee?
  8. Help me understand tax codes
  9. What's the most adventurous thing you have done?
  10. Any UPS folks from Texas?
  11. Need a funny dirty Santa gift.. what to get?
  12. Police chief responds to Kanye West, being Kanye West
  13. I'm sure he's a good kid who was just turning his life around...
  14. Anybody else like Hank III?
  15. Everybody likes it except you!
  16. Spam phone calls
  17. Wreaths Across America, CAP color guard ( not who you think)
  18. GO ARMY! beat navy
  19. Gore - N. pole ice free in 5 years
  20. Wrong girl gun ad
  21. Over the top gun storage
  22. For those that liked the movie Payback
  23. Missouri State Considers Banning Nerf Guns After Lockdown
  24. So now they name snow storms?
  25. Small Rhode Island town recall election
  26. Close The Loopholes
  27. Angel Guard / emergency notifier
  28. That damm google
  29. Garment manufacturing business owner shoots all his employees
  30. Touching the Void
  31. Old white guys killing "stuff" (with pictures)
  32. Not to derail Eric's knife thread - how do you keep 'um sharp?
  33. "Rout" me in the right direction on a router
  34. Is War With China Inevitable?
  35. If you could only have one handgun (and caliber) what would you choose?
  36. Christmas Music Made After the 60s Sucks
  37. Another local gunshow
  38. Inconvenience For Cheap Property?
  39. Can I give my brother an AR15 lower?
  40. Ordered from fenix store.....
  41. need electrical help .
  42. Something in my office is beeping
  43. Better Than Band of Brothers?
  44. School me on the Nexus 7 and android
  45. Do you know of any "functional" families?
  46. Armed Sherrif's Deputy Stopped The Colorado School Shooting
  47. Toenail fungus removal
  48. At my breaking point with inlaws!!!!!
  49. Munich '72 Police Uniforms
  50. What are some pranks you have pulled?
  51. Am I just crazy?
  52. Forum Thread Tag System Abuse - Please Read
  53. Visiting 50 States
  54. The flu
  55. RIP Peter O'Toole
  56. Waterproof Icefishing Boots .... What do you wear ?
  57. When I'm gone....
  58. Question on New York's gun laws...
  59. Recoil Gun Magazine
  60. Dallas Cowboys giving the game away
  61. Billy Jack
  62. Are you stocking up on...
  63. Open your beer? I have an app for that.
  64. Operation Entebbe
  65. Picture back up @ home
  66. The shoes? The Shoes! It's gotta be the shoes!
  67. for those men who decorate for xmas
  68. Netflix database without opening Netflix?
  69. FOX's Murdoch agrees w/Michael Moore re 9-11; FBI Agents call Bush Traitor
  70. If I Change My User Name...
  71. First time you were ever "online."
  72. Looking at getting an A/V receiver. I know very little about them.
  73. Move over, slow down.
  74. Employee of the month
  75. Bad news and perspective.
  76. Firendly Public Service Reminder
  77. Reliable/unreliable brands of ATVs?
  78. We made the list - a good one this time
  79. Five years ago today Al Gore predicted...
  80. NJ mall shooting
  81. Video- former gun control woman
  82. Dan Fogelberg
  83. Fire Place insert FAN issue
  84. Michelin truck/SUV tire recall
  85. The problems with winning the Megamillions
  86. indoor hunting can be funny
  87. Searching cars without probable Cause!?
  88. Any Headlight Experts?
  89. Best Fast Food Biscuits?
  90. Controversy Over 5th-Grader’s Religion Speech
  91. Celebs then & now
  92. Judge: NSA phone program likely unconstitutional
  93. It's The Season For Thanks.
  94. Help me buy a television
  95. Navy SEAL Jimmy Graham on FOX 31 tonight about the Arapahoe shooting
  96. Any Enrolled Agents here?
  97. Does anyone do Festivus?
  98. Xmas Spirit
  99. Why are anabolic steroids illegal?
  100. Broke out the long johns
  101. Is your home decorated for Christmas? post photo
  102. Getting back at someone across the world.
  103. Mountain House dehydrated meals
  104. Home invader shot 7 simes; Doesn't make it
  105. Any Ray Price fans?
  106. Weber 120q for $150.00
  107. Combat!
  108. won the lottery but couldn't collect
  109. What Would You Do If You Had a Half Million $ to Invest?
  110. Awesome video on survival and the war.
  111. Recurrent training
  112. Anyone do the Russian bride thing?
  113. How can I get my photo with the troops?
  114. Lion vs. Buffalo
  115. Is this a good pen?
  116. Drywall Guys
  117. Anyone have a Duster? A Hemi Cuda or Superbird?
  118. we all heard of a woman scourned right?
  119. Military Retirement redux
  120. Gastritis..?
  121. Selling timber
  122. mmmmmmmmm.... Cthurkey......
  123. Cold Weather
  124. Anyone else getting constant popup's from deal finder?
  125. Latest CMP ammo update, HOLY FRIJOLES!!!
  126. Living a few miles from a Navy bombing range sure is interesting
  127. The Unarmed Truth
  128. Are Glocks ?
  129. Nice diving catch!
  130. School me on home gas furnace
  131. Just lost tonight's winning lottery ticket
  132. Electric garage heater recommendations
  133. Biden Physically Assaults Manhattan Police Officer - No Jail Time
  134. Mega millions jackpot at 636 million..
  135. Doing cash sales at gunshows
  136. India Removes US Embassy security barriers
  137. Our legal system.
  138. OC Spray
  139. Jesus never had a Christmas tree
  140. Price of Ground Beef Hits All-Time High
  141. Are new Chargers rear wheel drive?
  142. Loudspeaker Deal!
  143. Help me buy my wife a book
  144. Upsidedown Christmas trees
  145. 9 Year Old Suspended for Saying, "Merry Christmas"
  146. Who Makes This Foregrip?
  147. How much would YOU pay for GZ artwork?
  148. Tonight on coast to coast!
  149. Best Movie Opening Titles Sequence
  150. This guy is an idiot
  151. Car Insurance, How much is enough?
  152. Critics of Norad Santa Tracking
  153. SOG stocking stuffer for $40.00 not bad...
  154. just because
  155. The draft. Bootcamp?
  156. Idiot with a Bullet proof vest
  157. this is what happens when you wring a washcloth out in space
  158. Best brands of pepper spray for 2013?
  159. James May's Man Lab - BBC
  160. Men of the glorious south, to arms, this will make your blood boil...
  161. What you paying per round for 9 MM target ammo
  162. Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) Speaks On Gays
  163. Dang, pulled 235Lbs X 5 last night on deads.
  164. Scooter/moped good alternative?
  165. End of the lead bullet? Regulations, bans force switch to 'green' ammo
  166. Any guys take care of themselves on here?
  167. Facebook Garage Sale Page
  168. It happened again. Excellent stg-44 sold to lapd at buyback for gift card
  169. Where have all the cowboys gone?
  170. In Texas, Search Warrants Can Be Based on a "Prediction of a Future Crime"
  171. The end of lead bullets?
  172. Mega Farm may effect The Edisto River
  173. Kohl's dream receipt!!!
  174. Navy SEAL Jimmy Graham on the Arapahoe shooting (vid)
  175. Census
  176. Gabe Suarez Drama
  177. Coburn: This is what $30 billion in government waste looks like.
  178. China confirms near miss with U.S. ship in South China Sea
  179. Would you submit / Did you submit?
  180. Doctor's Office Requiring Patients to Drug Test
  181. For those that bought dash cameras 1 year ago when I bought mine
  182. Can't believe I paid $90k for an old trailer...
  183. YouTube now on Roku. YES!!!!!!
  184. Ronnie Biggs has passed...
  185. Someone please get a rope and go find tous ...
  186. Hunters, Fishermen Targeted by Feds for Local Violations
  187. Bitcoin taking a dump? Yawn...
  188. Hilarious airline christmas surprise.
  189. Pilots, why did these planes crash?
  190. home intruder killed
  191. Cool secret Nazi weapons
  192. For all you Walmart Christmas shoppers!
  193. Metal Fabricators
  194. Chuck Freakin Norris
  195. Michigan man who shot drunk woman on porch will face murder trial
  196. Did anyone see this funny video?
  197. Do cell phones need a kill switch?
  198. My daughter finds the funniest Vines
  199. The Obamacare ‘Shotgun Wedding’—Marry or Lose Your Home
  200. New Religious Display at Wisconsin State Capitol
  201. I'll Never Bad-Mouth Seattleites Again
  202. Anyone Use Protect Your Bubble Phone Insurance?
  203. best dog costume pic
  204. Does The Price Of Insurance Payoff?
  205. Pic from today's local news site.
  206. 2008 Ford ranger pick-up
  207. Skilled Actors...
  208. Mayor Rahm Emanuel at war with libs and the teacher's union in Chitown
  209. Identity Theft Protection
  210. Claude Van Who?
  211. I found the best AR lube of all :)
  212. When is a person an Alcoholic?
  213. Chris Costa...
  214. Nothing to lose sleep over or anything...
  215. So this is sad...
  216. France to use unarmed U.S.-made drones to hunt al Qaeda in Mali
  217. I found the perfect bedroom.
  218. More Change-to Obamacare..w/o Congress Approval?
  219. Street View Scavenger Hunt
  220. Why hunters hate PETA
  221. My girlfriend says my man card should be revoked......
  222. Anyone read the book 'Born to Run'?
  223. What's on your Amazon Wishlist?
  224. Should those convicted of DWI or alcohol related crimes
  225. Seasons greetings from Chuck Norris.....LOL!
  226. Saw something dumb just now.
  227. Feeling numb
  228. Question for California folks
  229. Explain "Duck Dynasty" to me
  230. Was the Norris Splits real?
  231. Only in Texas
  232. Extended warranties why do the exist?
  233. 5 Rules in every Chuck Norris movie
  234. New way to trim your trees.
  235. Had Honda installed door edge guards...problem.
  236. 21 year old killed defending co-worker
  237. Movie Alert: The Shop Around the Corner
  238. Low Carb, High Fat Diet
  239. People doing nice things
  240. ex cheerleader now a soldier
  241. USAF General Falling Down Drunk in Red Square
  242. Two Christmas Gifts...
  243. No package....
  244. Old SUV's all over the world..
  245. Some AZ history. (Pics included)
  246. i hate sweaters for xmas but ....
  247. This guy is a complete fake, he was able to fool the entire world...
  248. Lockerbie, Pan Am 103.
  249. Chaos in UT
  250. WWII paratrooper had no idea of beer fame..