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  1. Trump releases birth certificate to Bill Maher, demands $5million
  2. Duffel bag of WWII soldier, 92, returned 7 decades after going missing
  3. Any easy way to distinguish between GSD and a Malinois
  4. Ben Swann REALITY CHECK for Piers Morgan Gun Stats
  5. Concessions
  6. Anybody find a Glock?
  7. Please Reccomend Some Reading
  8. White House Threatens 'Executive Orders' on Guns
  9. Wow... I am too masculine for where I work? WTF?!?!
  10. Education changes at school
  11. Illinois legislature seats a few criminals..
  12. If they come for your guns, is it your duty to fight?
  13. Foxnews - The Gun Debate
  14. BREAKING: Biden Suggests Executive Order
  15. Write Wal-Mart about gun rights
  16. Now Alex Jones Has A Problem with CNNís Bathrooms
  17. Are the amendments listed in the order of importance?
  18. Write your reps
  19. Anybody near Minden, NV...
  20. New York first to fall to the 4th Reich (L)
  21. Local officer lost in auto accident
  22. AWB response from my Congressman
  23. CALL TO ACTION: March on State Capitols, 19 Jan!
  24. Iowa Legislators: Guns are OK with us. Mental health needs addressed.
  25. Legislation adds a paid holiday to California government calendar
  26. Mathrock anyone?
  27. Even the most emotional, can understand this.
  28. Need help with a video response to Piers Morgan
  29. Obama exploring executive orders to combat gun violence
  30. Does ADD count for this?
  31. My video response to VP Biden
  32. Hang tough on guns, Dems. Itís gonna get ugly.
  33. 86 yr old idiot with BB bun
  34. Broken AC phone charger
  35. Presidential stand on Guns
  36. Shutter Island
  37. Saw this bumper sticker on the way to work today
  38. Link to FBI Homicide Statistics
  39. Larry Pratt of GOA whips Piers butt!
  40. I'm signing EVERY Petition available... Here is a new one...
  41. A little surprising, but unnecessary email humor
  42. Guns and Drugs in the US
  43. Thanks CDNN!
  44. Response from Sen. Casey and from Rep. Scavello
  45. The question I would ask
  46. Did I miss anything?
  47. Grips
  48. 911-woman shoots intruder
  49. well it's official, i'm definitely an alchy.
  50. Call to Action! March on the State Capital Jan 19th @ 12noon
  51. Revolution
  52. Trying to remember a simple proverb. Halp?
  53. Ever get a good wicked hip-check, off?
  54. We lost another WWII vet recently - Ned Wertimer.
  55. Million+ Family March on D.C. To Remind All Of 2nd Amendment Rights?
  56. How Obama Won The Internet
  57. Hack job
  58. Need medical advise from those who have been there
  59. Police Superintendent: Concealed Carry Could Lead To More Shootings
  60. DC police complete investigation into David Gregory, turn case over to AG
  61. In campaign for tougher gun laws, Obama and allies work to tilt public opin
  62. Grammar
  63. The most violent country in Europe
  64. A different twist on gun bans
  65. No brain no pain
  66. Show that you are contacting your Reps
  67. Ruger's new commemorative pistol
  68. CCW hold shoots robber
  69. 911 call released in Loganville home invasion
  70. Is there any gun organization that is going on the offensive?
  71. California Teachers Pension Fund Moves To Divest From Guns, Firearms Compan
  72. help finding good pants that match dress code
  73. My case to have hi-cap mags
  74. Man strolls through Portland with assault weapon
  75. A Journalist Guide to Firearms Identification
  76. Steubenville Ohio Rape case....
  77. War of the Word
  78. Eric Holder: Gun Owners Should 'Cower' in Shame Like Smokers
  79. For the budget conscious tycoon
  80. Jenna Lee is on TV...
  81. I'm hearing of an active school shooting going down now
  82. Woman who passed off salt as meth calls 911 when angry customers return
  83. 2 shot at California high school
  84. Gun oil in a car
  85. Discussing the 2A & Political Directness
  86. British troops retiring their Hi-Powers, getting Glocks
  87. English teacher accused of stomping on American flag
  88. Obama signs law giving himself lifetime ss detail.
  89. Metric System Fun
  90. 100,000 new NRA members
  91. 5 Facts About Guns, Schools, And Violence
  92. James Yeager in the news
  93. Sick Alligator found in California home guarding $100,000 marijuana stash
  94. ABBA? they lacked HEART
  95. Getting our message out in the media
  96. Nice ride !!!!
  97. AWB Potential Outcomes: Add discipline to our thinking
  98. Wearable Wireless Chime - Productivity at work!
  99. What do the Japanese use in their automotive wiring; Twizzlers?
  100. Statement From the National Rifle Association 10 Jan.2013
  101. Executive Order???
  102. My son is making nachos for dinner...
  103. Who is the "They"?
  104. The law that can save america and put obama in jail
  105. My wife scored me a goody. A Bushmaster goodie
  106. Wyoming Lawmakers Propose Bill to Nullify New Federal Gun Laws
  107. Letter from Senator
  108. running old DOS games on a windows platform PC
  109. TV Anchor Delivers Blistering Fact-Check Of Piers Morgan
  110. My letter to Wal-mart
  111. 15 Year Old Defends Sister from Burglars with AR15
  112. Less Guns Make US Safer
  113. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That
  114. Hahahahahahahaha
  115. CT state senator proposes felonies for any gun other than single shots.
  116. Here's a nice lil movie for conspiracy theoriest, or is it?
  117. Israel Vows To Use Veto Power If Chuck Hagel Confirmed
  118. Travis Haley Speaks on the Second Amendment and Reflections as an American
  119. James Yeager to be on MSNBC tomorrow about gun control
  120. Your Favorite Song(s) Right Now?
  121. Ben Shapiro on Piers Morgan show
  122. The NRA is not giving an inch.
  123. New truck, suggestions?
  124. Rousing quotes link
  125. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this!
  126. Some are more equal than others...
  127. Great argument against gun control.
  128. Did You Know...
  129. Looking for a good HD revolver ...
  130. Joe Biden: "If our actions result in only saving one life..."
  131. Costco Cigars - Who's got the pictures?
  132. CONNECTICUT HB5112 would make pistol permits public info via FOIA requests
  133. 123 children killed at school: gov doesn't care
  134. We need to regulate cars the way we regulate guns
  135. British Army go Glock
  136. Bad men in all professions.
  137. Ringing in ear? Remedies
  138. Picking a Christian preacher is hard for muslims
  139. Zero Dark Thirty
  140. Would You Buy A Used Smartphone?
  141. Assault Weapon on Ebay!
  142. Piers Morgan gets dominated by Ben Shapiro on the 2nd Amendment!
  143. If gun confiscation were to start........
  144. Americans Like Guns, NRA Even After Newtown
  145. White House may consider funding for police in schools after Newtown
  146. GLOCKTALK Security?
  147. Interpret this response from my senator
  148. Fox and Friends......on now!!
  149. No AWB?
  150. Obama backing down on the AR/AK ban?
  151. 7/11 this morning in Philly..
  152. States paying for employers to keep on part time workers?
  153. Kindle Fire trouble on Glock Talk
  154. Response from my delegate.
  155. More Piers Morgan
  156. A new Ruger
  157. joined the JPFO
  158. NRA President David Keene's opinion on NBC "AWB will not pass"
  159. Moving to another state. Is there any paperwork to fill out as far as guns
  160. NRA Membership deal, Temporary sticky?
  161. Explain executive order to me
  162. West African soldier....a chimp and a AK47 what could go wrong
  163. The X-Files
  164. Bloomberg is at it again
  165. More stuff to be banned
  166. Pizza hut employee eats my pizza in front of me!
  167. Midway USA Is Sorry For Delays. My Order Still Shipped Same Day Ordered.
  168. Reason number 413 credit unions are better than banks.
  169. Outrageous! Texas Newspaper Releases Gun Owner Map
  170. Ted Nugent and Peter Schiff Talk Gun Control
  171. tell me about
  172. Who Lives in Georgia?
  173. How do you pronounce?
  174. Homeowner shoots naked intruder found choking their dog
  175. Seahawks @ Falcons! A Friendly Discussion
  176. The Chevy Truck Ad is Really Agressive Today
  177. Crashes, barrels, and a burning tractor trailer. Just another day...
  178. Hit this MSNBC news Poll!!!!!
  179. SAF Says Foes Of Self-defense Should Give Up Their Guns, Guards First
  180. Obama Opposed Gun Ban Exception to Defend Oneís Home
  181. The time has come for one of us to go to the mountaintop and shout it
  182. Should we ban online and bulk ammo purchases?
  183. Way Too Cool!
  184. Cant Ban Guns SO They Ban Gun Shows
  185. The Volturi Effect...
  186. Need your help GT
  187. a little close
  188. Point and shoot cameras?
  189. NRA president interviewed on WNPR.
  190. I guess it's no surprise: Salon Magazine gun bans for Jews
  191. What will you buy?
  192. Connecticut has wasted no time with the Newtown tragedy
  193. Serpentine Belt Noise / Chirp?
  194. Yeager just got his CHL suspended.
  195. Laws are for ordinary people
  196. 22a mags
  197. Hit this poll!! I am watching MSNBC and losing brain cells
  198. David Gregory Won't Be Charged
  199. Yeager too much of a coward to go on MSNBC
  200. How media lose interest in gun control
  201. Kel Tec Takes Action That Could Effect Us All
  202. Brady Campaign Unveils Recommendations to WH Gun Control Task Force (Video)
  203. why do you "need" military style guns???
  204. Graduate School?
  205. Let Us mimic European magazine and suppressor laws
  206. James Yeager Apologizes in "Pack Your Bags Part 3"
  207. US Govt warns US citizens to disable Java
  208. I need to move from CT and start over
  209. photobucket sucks
  210. Find me the coolest thing on Amazon for under $25
  211. Does your wife love you? How do you know?
  212. Local defensive use of gun in home invasion
  213. Should Public Education Be Abolished?
  214. Video: St. Paul Officer saves partner after ambush
  215. NPR LOL Moment
  216. Glockmeister??
  217. Jeremy Clarkson is hillarious!
  218. "NO WEAPONS" sign in my favorite Mexican Restaurant
  219. Silver Bullet
  220. He Doesn't Need A Gun
  221. Shooting Range, Ammo & Ice Cream = GREAT DAY!
  222. So, how many people want to keep their gun, but don't want to do any work?
  223. James Yeager, helping the "gun control" extremists
  224. England needs guns
  225. Obama NOT to Seek an AWB lol
  226. obamacare 2716 part c
  227. OH Schoolboard Allows Custodial Staff To Carry
  228. How has Chuck Norris barely aged?
  229. Toyota 1.5 Liter Engine running 10 hours a Day 3 Days a Week?
  230. ****breaking news**** urgent urgent urgent
  231. Sandy Hook hoax/cover-up never occurred to me but
  232. Masks off anti-gun end game in Connecticut
  233. SAF, CCRKBA, NRA memberships soar as gun rights showdown looms
  234. Epic combat valor: Soldier to receive Medal of Honor
  235. "ND" inside main office of one of our LEA
  236. Smart Guns
  237. The Grey Goose..
  238. California court allows child molester to keep custody of son....
  239. Are we becoming "too" connected?
  240. James Yeager loses his CCW permit in TN
  241. Suspect disarmed himself...
  242. Anyone Know About Waterford Crystal?
  243. Damien Lewis
  244. THE new Glock News
  245. Off Duty Officer Saves Salon
  246. Hero Officer Saves Woman from Burning Vehicle
  247. Hero Officer Risks Life to Rescue Woman in Frigid Water
  248. Explaining "today's life" to someone from the past
  249. Hero Officer Makes Second Rescue Days Apart
  250. How much would you pay to have your lawn mowed?