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  1. Who else HATES UPS?
  2. Are realtors a scam or worth it?
  3. 'Shield' Actor Michael Jace arrested on suspicion of shooting his wife
  4. Endurance athletes, cardio people chime in please...
  5. glocktalk brain trust
  6. Car Relay question
  7. How many second childhoods do I get?
  8. Nations with interesting foreign policy?
  9. Shawn of the Dead
  10. Fisherman help my ID this fish?
  11. COBRAY M203 Flare Launcher.
  12. Betch is cray-cray
  13. Any fans of Blazing Saddles?
  14. Pilot says planes did not hit Twin Towers.
  15. Small BB Gun Search?
  16. Jacuzzi/Hot Tubs
  17. Patton
  18. Possum eating the cat food. Shoot him or let him be?
  19. Report: Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance
  20. All VA hospitals must have security fences?
  21. "The Flash".....trailer
  22. Pat Sajak's Weird Global Warming Rant
  23. Best Camping food....
  24. Cooking question. Is there any way to keep everything in the kitchen...
  25. Ames o'keefe dupes hollywood with fake anti-fracking film
  26. Stuck Drain Cover...
  27. Do the people who write Obamas speeches
  28. 'High Elf' Attacks Woman's BMW with a Sword.
  29. A Good Way To Promote Firearms Ownership?
  30. SAMMICHES: The way to a man's heart
  31. 20,000,000 bees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. "Iron Man" U.S. military suit in the works at Tampa base
  33. How Many Remotes do You have in your Home?
  34. An interesting trend at work.
  35. Dexter thread.
  36. Bad Day For The Matadors
  37. Debit/credit card question
  38. For the cooks. Year long frying pan test.
  39. Comparing The Top Artists, Past And Present, By Vocal Range
  40. Question for the GT legal eagles
  41. John Stewart and smart guns
  42. Our guns, how much longer will we be able to keep them?
  43. eBay Suffers Massive Security Breach, All Users Must Change Their Passwords
  44. Racism In Action (now in correct forum)
  45. The other reason I carry.
  46. Awesome video.
  47. Double home security fail on me.
  48. Roman Baths
  49. What's In Your Backyard?
  50. Nitecore sr7
  51. California university, students revolt against failing cafe named for Che G
  52. Car Pricing
  53. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  54. What supplements/vitamins made a positive impact on your health?
  55. Man gets Work-Release after 7th DUI(with Police Chase & Car Crash)
  56. OK, you horse and large animal guys...
  57. I just made a killer batch of hash brownies !!!
  58. Best TV Show No One Talks About
  59. If this wasn't happening to me. And it wasn't the middle of the night..
  60. No one ever believes me when I say we live in a sitcom
  61. Change Your Ebay Password ..... NOW !!!!!!
  62. How's That Gun Control Working for Chicago? After 6 Nearby Shootings
  63. So how much you got wrapped up in concealed carry
  64. Arachnophobia! WTF Was This?
  65. Need flashlight opions Cree Ultrafire 2000 LM
  67. Why dogs are better than cats (or possums)
  68. Nintendo apologizes for not having gays in their video games
  69. CNN's The Clipse "Brother's Keeper" From Selling Crack To Hip Hop Stardom
  70. Iggy Azalea - I'm both fascinated and disappointed at the same time
  71. Restaurant with 'No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms' Sign Robbed at Gunpoint
  72. Anyone Roast Your Own Coffee Beans?
  73. Converting cents to decimal form?
  74. Ed Schultz: Not cutting it
  75. Freedom of Speech issue?
  76. ACDF Surgery Anyone Had I?
  77. Replacement for lethal injection
  78. Anyone been to Alpharetta, GA or surrounding??
  79. Video premier that my son-in-law shot and directed
  80. Whole chicken...grill or slow cooker?
  81. New Meteor Shower
  82. Just my yearly reminder
  83. Formula 1 pit stops, 1950 & today
  84. TRUE AMAZING STORY: For half a century, the world has applauded John Glenn
  85. Beware, flag waving Harley Riders - HD may not honor your warranty
  86. Do not buy this car!
  87. Electric Car Economics ...
  88. Memorial Day is coming: A Kiss between Brothers
  89. Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc... "Sorry we don't stock it but...".
  90. Just Another Reason I Shop At Ethnic Grocery Stores
  91. Good termite company Tampa, florida
  92. Tesla and Air Conditioning
  93. So what's everyone's plans this Memorial weekend
  94. Man confesses to causing death on camera.
  95. French father tried for ordering daughter's killer kidnapped from Germany
  96. What's wrong with business today?
  97. Craigslist etiquette
  98. Treasury box
  99. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  100. My funny 'street view' story of the day.
  101. 12 Hours in Paris...Suggestions?
  102. Something you lost...if you could have it back, what would it be?
  103. Is carbon fiber really that expensive to make?
  104. Wish me luck
  105. Anyone know about installing windshields?
  106. Putin's Next Target: Moldova?
  107. George Stella low carb cookbook
  108. What is your town known for? One-of-a-kind?
  109. Actors with a great career but suck!
  110. Vistitor Message?
  111. I am on vacation!
  112. Picked up a weber....
  113. "I'm better this way"
  114. Alaska Ferry
  115. What the H E double hockey sticks.....
  116. GPS for measuring land??
  117. Tennessee Waterfall
  118. Robocop (2014) ***spoilers***
  119. Saw these and felt the need to share them here...
  120. What are you grilling this Memorial Day?
  121. Could you hike these?
  122. toyota rav4 question
  123. The Gun Fairy does exist!
  124. 5 iconic toys born in MN
  125. Another "When Liberals Attack " Incident ?
  126. California shooter kills 7
  127. A quick sammich favorite...
  128. Restaurant robbed depite signage!!!
  129. New (to me) Scam Email fm "USPS.COM"
  130. Is Target anti-gun?
  131. Range day kindness
  132. Solid, free standing butcher block: sell or give away?
  133. My new mantra
  134. Do A/C units have a predictable shelf life?
  135. My son framed me and bailed
  136. 102 Years of life and....
  137. Men and clothing
  138. Longmire -- the books
  139. New MOLON LABE tattoo
  140. Simple NAS that works in a combined Mac and PC houshold?
  141. Ufc 173
  142. Guys/gals in purchasing offices.....
  143. Why I Am Not A NFL Fan
  144. Psycho Virgin. Elliot Rodgers.
  145. Ain't No Rest...
  146. Anyone ever work on their PC monitor? Got a weird problem...
  147. The Hornet's Nest: The film that you should go and see this weekend.
  148. Video of cop protecting Mom and kids.
  149. Intermittent Vac leak or 02 sensor? Dodge.
  150. Are you a gambler?
  151. If every guy that didn't get "sex" as much as he wanted to, went crazy...
  152. Does anyone still read the Ads in the newspaper?
  153. I want to learn to sail...
  154. miley thought she knew what twerking was----wrong
  155. Who carries everywhere?
  156. The Cubs Sign Manny Ramirez as Triple A Player-Coach
  157. OK...Let's Put an End to This Iranian Threat
  158. Do you engage compulsive liars?
  159. Anyone know what this is for?
  160. Elephant Calf Saved From Drowning
  161. Motorcycle Insurance
  162. Stick bow, getting better.
  163. Excessive rear tire wear?
  164. Rant: Memorial Day is not Veterans Day
  165. For Some, Memorial Day Is Everyday
  166. Pulled Over
  167. Thinking Of Smedley Butler On Memorial Day
  168. Suggestions re a homemade motorcycle seat?
  169. The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace
  170. Identify this gun (guy open carrying in walmart)
  171. Boston Market Parmesan Tuscan Chicken
  172. Lifetime Fitness. Awesome gym, but prohibit CCW. Joined anyway.
  173. Stuck in the 70's.
  174. Tesla Motors
  175. Affordable Bucket List Trips
  176. Pill head has a plan
  177. Ooh I'm sunburnt today
  178. The Spoils Of Babylon
  179. Sad trip ahead today...
  180. Bread the staff of life or poison?
  181. Bad time to visit Myrtle Beach
  182. Pressure cooker
  183. Up Side Down ON MORTAGE
  184. "The History of the word: "Dude"
  185. Rottweiler lesson: wait longer
  186. Justice to count feds' guns.
  187. `Giant asteroid possibly on collision course with Earth`
  188. Google v Bing
  189. Safe place for R134 to ride
  190. Now this is downright pretty.
  191. Iphone 5 question
  192. The Five Bailey Brothers of World War II
  193. Whoops! White House outs CIA Station Chief
  194. Where to retire?
  195. Woman kills two attacking pitbulls.
  196. My laptop just died-help needed picking a new one
  197. Thanks, but no thanks!
  198. Caption this...
  199. Google banner of Memorial Day
  200. Arlington Cemetery
  201. Need a world class bug zapper
  202. Help me write my "manifesto" !!
  203. Driving Info In Birmingham, Alabama
  204. If you can listen to this song and not tear up..
  205. Hmm...diabetics..WalMart
  206. Is the VA poorly administered?
  207. The lululemon manifesto...
  208. WORST song ever
  209. "History" Channel, The World Wars
  210. Parents: How do you want neighbors to tell you your kids are being "bad."
  211. Plan For City Gun Shops Would Limit Sites, Require Sales Be Taped
  212. It's true! Ballet dancers & college
  213. Weight gain/loss supplements - GNC
  214. The Adventures Of Losing Your Wallet
  215. Old Coke machine info?
  216. How much do you spend on groceries?
  217. Bill Murray crashes bachelor party, offers sage advice to guests
  218. Spotify Warns That It Was Hacked
  219. Just how stupid are some drivers?
  220. Of all the ways to get killed while fishing...
  221. Cheap, Mobile Car Washing System?
  222. Persistence
  223. Bluetooth Headsets
  224. 150 reasons why bacon smells so good
  225. House rental
  226. Anyone with a DSC alarm system...
  227. Son of a Snakebite..Darwin in Chruch.
  228. need some prayers
  229. Psa/warning
  230. So I Watched the Underbelly of Society on TV
  231. Insurance Guys
  232. Do you think the NSA spied on you?
  233. Iphone unlock for different carrier
  234. Identify a movie.
  235. Jeep Wrangler Automatic Transmission Issues
  236. Isla Vista Rampage: The L.A.Times Does it Right
  237. epa closing down last u.s lead smelting plant
  238. The Bell tower
  239. Recommend Me A Tire Pressure Gauge
  240. CA Shooter was also the CA Knifer: Media Outrage? None
  241. Custody Fun??
  242. bacon bits
  243. Gun Range Web Listing
  244. Bizarre songs you actually like
  245. Maya Angelou dies..
  246. Need to hit this CNN poll
  247. Myrtle Beach
  248. AmazonSmile: Free, easy way to donate potentially big $$$ to your charity.
  249. Meet local police officer Naaman Adcock
  250. Why the extra large front wheel for off road?