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  1. Denzel Washington as The Equalizer
  2. anyone watch the alaskan bush people?
  3. Calling the police to get revenge on a neighbor?
  4. Baseball First Pitch
  5. Fiberglass??
  6. In memorium...
  7. ~ "I can tell you, this was a gun battle," ~
  8. Anybody Following Jeopardy??
  9. What You Need to Know About the Killings at UC Santa Barbara
  10. I Finally Learned...
  11. MaxCare Warranty vs. Ford Extended Warranty
  12. Traveling to Canada with pistols
  13. Buying a house with a pool....keep it up myself?
  14. My newest cannon!
  15. Be kind to your postal workers
  16. Incorrect facts!
  17. This may explain some of the posts on here...
  18. Hats? Yes! We are not devolinonig!
  19. Popular bands that sucked (IMHO)
  20. Jackie Kennedy's secret lovers: her revenge on JFK
  21. Littoral combat ships
  22. Gun goes off in Chinese school during safety talk
  23. Only One Thing to do in Myrtle Beach, SC
  24. Examples of registration leading to confiscation?
  25. Snowden Interview
  26. Al Sharpton versus the Teleprompter LOL
  27. For Sale By Owner - Save Money?
  28. Our Country in Trouble
  29. Used Porsche Values
  30. Sky Deck glass cracks, blamed on safety laminate?
  31. Your Dream Vacation
  32. Memo outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens
  33. camo netting for shade?
  34. Smartphone GPS experiences
  35. Who Is the Greatest Film Actor Since 1970?
  36. Cold Steel mini Recon 1
  37. drunk driver that killed own bride on wedding day arrested for DWI again.
  38. Holding someone for Psychological Evaluation.
  39. Looking for good, comprehensive history of American Revolution
  40. IRS letter
  41. Are you looking at my butt?
  42. Tomorrow and Monday are the surgery days
  43. Brownells - $15 off of $15
  44. Need to stretch a fitted ballcap 1/8 or 1/4 size fast.
  45. Outdoor projector project ?
  46. That's not a gun!
  47. WWI pics
  48. Politically Correct Culinary Help Please!!
  49. Patches (morale)
  50. What happens when...
  51. Medicating Animals
  52. Ex-marine shot and killed robber at Gamestop
  53. Is It Really Cheaper to Live in the South or BS?
  54. Internet Dating Sites
  55. Black Bike Week
  56. Air Compressor/Air Lines/Aier Reel Setup
  57. Find my iPad
  58. LA Clippers - Well, I was wrong...
  59. The Turbo Encabulator....History
  60. Texas dumping illegals in Arizona... WTF?
  61. Deadlifts/Pulling exercises
  62. Time for a good debate, did Hitler escape
  63. The mystery of the missing eggs...
  64. Thomas Jefferson & other Quotes supporting the passage of the 2nd Amendm
  65. I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!!!!!!
  66. donald sterling ruled mentally incapacitated
  67. Breaking: Shinseki resigns
  68. Marine vet fatally shoots suspected store robber
  69. OMG! The new Army dress uni's are Tier1 fugly!!!
  70. Obama's paid liar out!
  71. Super bright DLP projector for use in the backyard
  72. Who Says I Ain't Got Morels?
  73. Any Vulture Experts
  74. I Always Love Reading Friday Night's Posts on Saturday Morning
  75. Korean war memorial botched.
  76. Starter mechanic tool set recommendations?
  77. A Million Ways to Die in the West
  78. Cheap Old People
  79. Re: Isla Vista Rampage: Most Moronic Letter to the Ed This Year?
  80. Phil Mickelson under investigation for insider trading
  81. Best bark/shock collar for a dog?
  82. Maleficent
  83. buying a vehicle from an estate
  84. Hats at the dinner table?
  85. Ammo for sale (not a rant)
  86. Public Puking Promptly Prohibited.
  87. I think someone broke Glenn Beck: video games.
  88. Who Still Drinks Tab?
  89. Better Record in NFL this Season
  90. Battery Powered Lawn Tools...
  91. Liar, liar, pants on fire!
  92. What is it with people selling used motorcycles?
  93. Thanks Open Carry Nuts
  94. Taliban Prisoner Swap Frees U.S. Soldier Held Nearly 5 Years
  95. Isle of Man TT Races are on this weekend
  96. Breaking Bad May Not Be Over
  97. 20-yo son arrested for killing his wealthy parents
  98. Best inground auto pool vac/cleaner
  99. Plane forced to land because of dog crap.
  100. ``Who says that irony is dead?``
  101. Railroad
  102. Scumbag vet
  103. Red Cross banner --->
  104. Cha Cha sunflower seed source?
  105. Hey 'kid', you'll shoot your eye out...
  106. Basic math question
  107. Goodwill or Salvation Army for donations?
  108. Saw folks who don't carry any cash go hungry.
  109. i had my gall bladder taken out yesterday.
  110. Blow in insulation prep
  111. Poker Night.
  112. Poker Question
  113. Medical Question?
  114. I will destroy you in pool!
  115. Good bye Bob!
  116. Does Everything Have An Exp Date These Days?
  117. Pilots watch this.
  118. Posting Links to Wiki articles.
  119. Marion "Little Walter" Jacobs
  120. AAA or alternative?
  121. A new gun control bill.
  122. Pest control
  123. Interesting article on urban sprawl
  124. GVFlyer, you still with us, buddy?
  125. Expensive fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen...
  126. Going on vacation to KY
  127. Should SGT Bowe Bergdahl be tried for treason?
  128. Android Updates - Battery Problems? Take out the trash!
  129. Is there no limit to human depravity?
  130. More uses for a helicopter.
  131. Gun sign had no effect
  132. It's late for Memorial Day,
  133. The Florida VA actually runs well
  134. Does anyone here feed Nutrisource grain free dog food?
  135. I Saw A Jensen Interceptor Today, Did You?
  136. Chrome browser help?
  137. Internet speed and IOS devices?
  138. RIP "Alice" from Brady Bunch
  139. No bus message after replacing ignition switch
  140. Conservationists....
  141. Lawmakers Push for Gun Violence Restraining Order
  142. Bloomberg Talks Guns in Wake of Isla Vista Shootings
  143. Milk with dinner?
  144. London Silver fix ending...
  145. Basmati rice
  146. Plese repost
  147. New watch!
  148. $500 fine for anything but a car in the garage.
  149. The cat's out of the bag regarding Bergdahl.
  150. Americas 1st freedom magazine
  151. Pictures of the 6 soldiers who lost their lives looking for Bowe Bergdahl
  152. Columnist on Isla Vista Killer:More Gun Control Won't Work
  153. Looking for a home weather station
  154. Is Everyone a Psychopath?
  155. Vitamix blenders,yea or nay?
  156. Out of the mouth of "babes"--redux
  157. Meteor Worth $175,000?
  158. Motorcyclists be crazy
  159. DOJ Accused of Targeting Gun Industry
  160. Looking for a Cigar Lighter ($50 limit)
  161. New Mac and iPhone software updates
  162. Audiophiles, tell me I did the right thing...
  163. Weightloss goal met, lost 60 lbs
  164. Do you wear a motorcycle helmet when not required by law?
  165. Home made projector screen ?
  166. ESEE Junglas
  167. Who the H**L is Big Smo?
  168. Won a GB auction, kinda feel bad...
  169. GREAT BELT...Check it Out....
  170. What are you listening to right now!
  171. Plaster cast custom crown molding?
  172. Seattle brings Americas first 15.00 minimum wage
  173. How about a medical section for the nurses, PA-c's, MD's, NP's?
  174. Andre The Giant, party stories.
  175. Best sharpening day ever.
  176. Miracles are real. They do happen !!!
  177. parents of officer who died hunting for deserter Bergdahl lash out at Obama
  178. 24: another day goof
  180. Math question...sorta
  181. And she wore White
  182. Pranking google
  183. I shot a man
  184. Jane Fonda Memorial Wall...finally!!!
  185. Steve Doocy just interviewed.....
  186. Wounded in the search for Bergdahl
  187. NRA say open carry demonstrations "downright scary"
  188. The funniest Cragslist ad ever.....LOL!!!!!
  189. Now 20? 25 was bad enough
  190. Jerry springer worthy story in my life
  191. Photo guys, another which lens thread
  192. bunch of parrots repeating yesterday's news
  193. Military knew Bergdal's location, wouldn't rescue him
  194. Weapons and mass shootings.
  195. More Russian road rage
  196. A Girl and A Gun , Netflix Streaming Documentary
  197. The Ogden Utah Marijuana Shootout
  198. Proper Courtroom Decorum
  199. What is the most "girlish" thing you do?
  200. Was I assaulted by a co-worker in the eyes of the law ?
  201. Weirdest looking bug ever!
  202. Car Batteries...pretty much all the same?
  203. If you were left with
  204. When should a girlfriend start paying rent?
  205. NEW! Breaking Bad, Metastasis, this Sunday!
  206. How often do you use ebay
  207. I like these stories.
  208. If
  209. Court Forces Baker to Make Gay Wedding Cakes
  210. There are no VA problems in Florida
  211. Do any of you own Triumph motorcycles?
  212. I surrender. They win.
  213. Iraq F-16's.
  214. D-Day homefront newsreel
  215. "Girly man" pictures of Obama smuggled from Polish hotel
  216. How about a Brownells Discount Thread?
  217. Taliban releases video of Bergdahl being turned over
  218. CA Chrome avoids the pinch; draws #2 slot
  219. Have any of you had this virus?
  220. Fighter pilots like women? Blue Angles "scandal"
  221. If You Don't Have One....You NEED an ADULT AIRGUN...
  222. Bergdahl just the beginning
  223. They killed "Big Boy"
  224. A pet peeve
  225. iPad locks up on Fox News links
  226. Doug Varrieur's Range
  227. A woman will never say...
  228. 6.0L Powerstroke Question
  229. Miracle at Midway: June 4-June 7,1942
  230. Priming a well
  231. warning sarcasm ahead,don't need it,don't click it
  232. The Last of the WW2 Navajo Code Talkers Dies.
  233. Don Zimmer dead at 83
  234. Senate Candidate Annette Bosworth...getting bizarre
  235. Do you use an electric toothbrush?
  236. High School Graduations. Ugh.
  237. Another Armslist scam?
  238. A riddle for you...
  239. Hunter S. Thompson & Conan O'Brien
  240. Most in shape world leader?
  241. Anyone seen Woot today? Chromebook with free 4g
  242. Kansas gun distributor indicted for paying bribes to Glock
  243. Moncton, New Brunswick Shootings
  244. Yup.....I'm Still An Idiot
  245. Elbows on the dinner table?
  246. I need to tap the GT brain trust. Electrical question
  247. How low is this - thieves steal groceries from SUV in fatal wreck
  248. Looking for statistics on rounds fired
  249. Loaded Gun Left in the Toy Aisle of Target
  250. is there an untainted Democrat that can be Hillarys running mate?