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  1. After Bribery Scandal, High-Level Departures
  2. What does 4-6 weeks mean?
  3. Reno shooting range owner indicted
  4. The breaking of a man and, the red, blue and orange pokla-dot umbrella...
  5. Backstory for Game of Thrones fans
  6. Open carry modern age started with the Black panthers
  7. Reckless driving. Asleep at the wheel!
  8. D Day 70 years tomorrow and my Dad
  9. What's your resting heart rate?
  10. Kinda in the "bribe to Glock" thread
  11. Vote Poll: Prohibit Carry In Retail Stores?
  12. Yardarm.
  13. Shooting At Seattle University
  14. `Gun Store Sign: ‘Will Trade.................
  15. How much sleep at night do you get?
  16. If They Mated!
  17. Randy Constan -aka- "The Real Peter Pan"
  18. Jessica Buchanan vs. Bowe Bergdahl
  19. Alleged Serious Glock Scandal Underway
  20. Fargo reminds me of here
  21. "Edge of Tomorrow" movie
  22. Those wacky middle east people
  23. Black Hornet
  24. Man shot in face 3X with a shotgun.
  25. Live: 70th Anniversary Celebration of D-Day
  26. TAG Watch Repair?
  27. My Next Car
  28. Two military events that changed the world
  29. North Korea 'tourist' - a special kind of idiot...
  30. Watches with temp display
  31. Weird kids you remember from school
  32. "Fathers Day- Tacical Tie"
  33. Question for those of you whom English is not your first language
  34. Any medical billing experts?
  35. Zoo Employee Shoots Man Wearing Gorilla Suit with Tranquilizer
  36. Wife hit Husband-Head on Crash, both dead
  37. Weasel tactics in action
  38. GT Home Improvement Braintrust: Need help with bathroom window project
  39. You think your police car is fast?
  40. HVAC question
  41. Deputies kill man attacking courthouse.
  42. Bravery comes in many forms.
  43. Local man dies from shooting self while falling down stairs.
  44. Really Cool Kittens
  45. This happened the other night at my house
  46. Biggest Tourist Trap Near You?
  47. 22 lr expiration date
  48. Taliban vows more kidnappings
  49. How quickly do you blow your car horn?
  50. Electronic horn
  51. 70th anniversary of D-day today
  52. Any Versipackers out there?
  53. bipolar crazy lady at my moms church
  54. Car Battery Question
  55. Interesting question...
  56. Lady Wanted Me to Fill Her Tank
  57. Beware the skid mark
  58. POW Bracelets
  59. will California Chrome win today?
  60. Liberal rant................
  61. Bruce Springsteen & Woody Guthrie
  62. First grader suspended and facing expulsion after finding toy gun in backpa
  63. Misunderstood pitbulls again..
  64. Feds say no end in sight for policy of 'dumping' illegal immigrants in Ariz
  65. Daughter related college ethernet/Mac question....
  66. The 5 Gitmo detainees may be living in 5-star villas in Qatar
  67. Robotics
  68. cool photos
  69. Mutha Truckin' Terminator 5!!!!
  70. Another Detroit Pictures Thread
  71. 1st Annual GT Coast-To-Coast Gumball Rally
  72. Hot chick asks for a ride at gas station.
  73. 2012 Ford Fusion engine noise
  74. Not exactly "white trash" drama next door last night !!!
  75. Your least favorite tool?
  76. Why didn't anyone tell me about SAF3 (soft porn) warming
  77. First full time hire (obamacare)
  78. Immigrants bringing diseases across border?
  79. Belmont Stakes: Will California Chrome get it done?
  80. I don't have a dog in this hockey fight...
  81. UFC Fight Night
  82. Watches: Eisenhower Rolex
  83. Caribbean island vacation spots? (Aruba?)
  84. I caught the devil tonight on my flyrod...
  85. Thinking about my next Glock....
  86. New bikes at Harley Davidson?
  87. What's your Saturday night dinner?
  88. Tracy Morgan really bad crash!
  89. Bergdahl family receiving threats...
  90. Documentary about sex offender in Cape Girardeau?
  91. Estate sale camera find
  92. Cloudy Gas in car? Water?
  93. Guess what this is..
  94. Does being bald in your late 30's really hurt your chances with women?
  95. Glock distributor indicted for kickbacks
  96. Male privilege
  97. Hmmmmmnnnnnn .....
  98. Where to get good, basic financial information?
  99. This is why you don't go to ground in a real fight.
  100. Dodge Vacuum Leak Wasn't 02 Sensor
  101. Google Glass-equipped rifles offer ‘mind-blowing’ fire superiority
  102. Untreated emotional issues, Any suggestions?
  103. Favorite/Least Favorist Band of Brothers episode?
  104. Orange is the New Black
  105. Things that are worth buying organic for taste alone...
  106. What if you can't tolerate the military you are part of?
  107. Is Malvo moving on?
  108. It's liquid allergy season at the lake!
  109. Apple stock soared
  110. High-Speed, Jet-Powered Blue and Gold
  111. All good things must come to an end
  112. Bicyclists could learn from OC'ers
  113. Worst T.V. Chefs?
  114. Police ambushed in Vegas
  115. Going to San Francisco and need info
  116. What's wrong with Traditional Network TV?
  117. Instant access bicycle bag for ccw
  118. Lets see your mountain bikes!
  119. Lexington, KY restaurants? (BOURBON!)
  120. Site Upgrade Problems & Missing Posts
  121. Seattle Symphony, Sir Mix-A-Lot and his anthem
  122. Does anyone know how concealed carry is going in Chicago?
  123. Question for Eric or any other forum experts...
  124. FedEX driver made up story about being carjacked
  125. First day of summer vacation today!!!
  126. Getting a
  127. K9 Advantix II 55lbs+ $95 + tax shipped with code - best price I've seen
  128. Two People Die Trying to Recover Cell Phone from Toilet
  129. Tried trap shooting for the first time this weekend...
  130. One important lesson for us CCW folks we can take away from the LV shooting
  131. Children in back seat
  132. Hillary's definition of "dead broke".
  133. Do Seasonal Allergies Wipe You Out Physically?
  134. Glock talk cat experts.... HELP!!!
  135. Heat pump replacement quotes seem very high.
  136. Colorado's legal pot problems
  137. Woman scammed by internet loan
  138. Home Depot parking spot rant
  139. Another shooting....
  140. Chinese Bay Bridge contractor costing CA taxpayers extra $
  141. It's Sure Ramping Up !
  142. Another School Shooting
  143. Looking for info on cousin KIA
  144. California Court declares CA teacher tenure rule unconstitutional
  145. 5 US Soldiers Killed by Friendly Fire in Afghanistan
  146. Laptop suggestions
  147. My Friend Took Out a Full Page Ad on the WSJ
  148. Weird Ants
  149. Elevator Malfunction - Ride from Hell!
  150. Pit Bull versus Deer
  151. It's nice to see a company with quick waranty turnaround.
  152. My new guitar!
  153. Underwear choice
  154. I'm not playing with a full deck
  155. rant against our local medical establishment
  156. Need some prayers
  157. New Tom Petty and The HeartBreakers
  158. Terry Yeakey
  159. $6,000 and need a reliable car
  160. Al Qaeda Militants Capture US Black Hawk Helicopters In Iraq
  161. 2012 Nissan Frontier SV Thoughts?
  162. Self-deprecation in professional setting
  163. Time for a new phone.......
  164. Any other handgonners here?
  165. Here we go again... Potus answers questions about mass shootings in the US.
  166. I guess we can all claim National Championships now
  167. Two Men Use Girl As Human Shield - Until Her Father Guns Them Down
  168. Obama praises Australia's gun confiscation, looks to act "unilaterally"
  169. So what's new?
  170. What percent of take home should you pay for rent?
  171. Living In The Boonies
  172. How to pass the time during a long layover at a airport
  173. Man arrested for shooting at the moon...
  174. We need better rants
  175. Wilcox memorial fund
  176. Fund For Fallen Vegas Police Officers
  177. OK, I'll Start a rant….Trite Phrases and Cliché's.
  178. Night vision hunters?
  179. Rant about Glocktalk posters
  180. Hillary sticks foot in mouth again.
  181. How about some military action and drone strikes
  182. The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams- the richest terror group ever
  183. a less hysterical look at Fukushima
  184. I saw this coming.
  185. Trespassing quad copter?
  186. Question about Cobra coverage
  187. Gecko45 spotted again!
  188. HVAC guys, give me some ideals on a tent unit
  189. If you love dogs..
  190. GT Book Club Nominee: This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed
  191. Vote Poll: Support New Gun Control?
  192. Vote Poll: Stricter gun laws prevent future school shootings?
  193. Jethro Tull
  194. Florida Trooper Tells CCW That Weapon Cannot Be Loaded
  195. Most awesome tattoo evah!
  196. The beginning of the end for Iraq.
  197. Google's latest acquisition
  198. Family of slain Wal-Mart hero needs help
  199. Home Depot check out rant
  200. Dual Survivor
  201. Schoolhouse Rock
  202. How often do you go to Walmart?
  203. Used car lot owner got shot today
  204. Casey Kasem
  205. Kansas rant!....
  206. County Fair...
  207. Brain tumor found after man "pistol whipped" during robbery
  208. Woman Assaults Teen for Flying a Quadcopter in a State Park
  209. Sandra Bullocks stalker owned a machine gun
  210. Acquaintance just lost foot to flesh-eating bacteria
  211. Today is my fathers 69th birthday
  212. Tooth Fairy Coming Too ....
  213. Need Windows Help Please
  214. VW: No texting and driving at the movies
  215. We need condom control!
  216. Moms Demand Action Protest Draws 12 People
  217. Politics aside, this former President is my kinda guy
  218. Just fired up a Chromebook, but it doesn't run apps?
  219. No Contract Prepaid Phones`
  220. Danner having a Fathers Day sale
  221. Learn another language. revisited.
  222. "Intense Solar Storm Could Hit Earth on Friday the 13th"
  223. Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic question
  224. Marijuana messes w ham, ham tracks it down
  225. 5 Things to Knw About Armed Men in Your Local Chipotle
  226. Six-String Bird Repellant
  227. Blogger demands justification for NOT banning so-called 'assault weapons'
  228. NY Gun Rights Activist: Cuomo's SAFE Act Has Led to Crime Rise
  229. Should I join Sam's Club?
  230. Priest killed
  231. Today's internet search for "Dog Balls" certainly had interested results.
  232. PEX Plumbing ? for GT Braintrust
  233. Just did something
  234. North Carolina Almost Bombed...
  235. With all the stuff coming out on obama...
  236. Where's The Beef? I mean....
  237. Favorite brand of bottled water?
  238. glock commerical
  239. Day Trip: Dallas or Houston?
  240. Thinking of getting a kel-tec P32 as a bug
  241. Currently sitting at my 5th graduation this week...
  242. Windows XP Replacement
  243. New movie banned in Best Korea?
  244. Hold my beer while I swim wif the gators
  245. Anyone watch the movie 'Brake'?
  246. Anyone near Lake Whitney?
  247. Flak 88, ww2 color air war
  248. Insanity in NJ
  249. Do You Tweet?
  250. Help me find a huge drill bit.