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  1. My letter to the top Republican in ct
  2. Now we will see if AWB ins Constitutional
  3. Python Challenge
  4. George Soros
  5. Have you heard Keith Morgan? 12 minutes of Good Sense about Firearms
  6. New "Gun Rights " Group, FUDDS APPLY HERE
  7. I just started my NY boycott from here in Georgia
  8. OK, give it your best shot...joke
  9. Whats a good free word processor for mac?
  10. Illinois voters, be aware of gun-control bill
  11. I will buy your guns NY!
  12. Pipes frozen
  13. Last Will and Testament....Paper or Plastic
  14. Why I am a newly-minted member of NRA
  15. Changing out EDC, what online sites have deals?
  16. I love my table saw!
  17. Dogs in Snow
  18. Rare Common sense on CNN: Crossing line between school safety and stupidity
  19. And in other news...
  20. How Much Can I Sell My 5.56 Cartridges For?
  21. Trying to help my cousin - Blu-ray software for Windows 8?
  22. Cops <3 diebetics in Las Vegas
  23. How to make your iPhone 5 'dance'
  24. . I did not know an armed revolt by WWII veterans ever took place during ou
  25. Don't know what I'd do with it - but it's neat.
  26. Why a smartphone may not be the best choice for everyone
  27. Facebook actively censoring pro-gun posters.
  29. Amusing Windows Phone Error Asks User to Insert Install Disc
  30. 19 ways Obama can do EO on 2nd amendment rights.
  31. Gotta love the Col.
  32. Parading Children tomorrow that POS!
  33. Regarding Registration, Executive Orders, et. al....
  34. Family Values: dead mistress and tried to kill child
  35. NRA: Membership Has Grown by 250,000 since Sandy Hook
  36. Gun free and Proud!! Wait, What?
  37. Hotdog toppings
  38. Eff you conspiracy theorists
  39. Obama to unveil broad gun plans Wednesday
  40. Assault weapons all sold out!!!
  41. Here we go again, another Pit Bull...
  42. World's First Tablet That Can Grow Lumpy Keys Revealed
  43. classic...obamalamadingdong
  44. Letter from Cartel boss to Obama on gun control
  45. Poll time...
  46. How does NY's new impending gun law affect HR218?
  47. Another win for Texas!
  48. Another Effing School Shooting
  49. Ways to reduce or eliminate your digital footprint?
  50. Fox Reports Chrysler to Open Jeep Plant in CHINA
  51. Instead of waiting for Glock to come out with a single stack 9mm...
  52. Google Streetview car ran my ass over.
  53. Convert mags to 7 rounds only - NYS insert?
  54. Cuomo to Sign NY Gun Bill TODAY
  55. disposal of "exipired" (?) Povidone Iodine Solution
  56. interactive map states changing restricting gun laws
  57. Dell Said to Be in Buyout Talks With Private-Equity Firms
  58. From my representative
  59. Who are my fellow Skyrim Players?
  60. Hypocrisy kind of day (Metal thread...)
  61. Who/What will be next?
  62. Papa Loves Mambo
  63. Need some assistence with a response to encourage discussion
  64. Text of New York Gun Law
  65. Supreme court to hear case of Obama's forged documents
  66. Getting into archery - bow recommendations and tips
  67. Threatened by Sovergn Citizens
  68. Taxation Without Representation
  69. Your Anti-Gun Neighbors
  70. Type 1 Diabetes
  71. Who Pays?
  72. NY's gun law - why 7 rounds???
  73. How long before first lawsuit or injunction in New York?
  74. Aviators...some great low level photo's....
  75. NY Class Action Lawsuit in the works. Spread the word.
  76. Gun Store Jackpot
  77. Local (MN) sheriff says he won't confiscate
  78. Possible to call gun control an issue of National Security?
  79. Boycott NY!
  80. Dog shot when cops bust in wrong house...
  81. 10 rnd mags 4 sale- cheap!
  82. Who's wearing their NRA hat to the grocery store?
  83. We in CT may be screwed (worse than NY)
  84. will blue state gun bans help out us red states
  85. MN Sheriff tells people about guns/2nd Amendment
  86. I refuse to help a Democrat
  87. Oregon Sheriff Won't Enforce Gun Bans
  88. Violent crime has been around far longer than gunpowder
  89. Is the Internet slow tonight?
  90. Minnesotans continue to pursue gun permits in record numbers
  91. TV vs AR
  92. David Frum: 'Guns make people bad'
  93. deleted
  94. So who's ready to start panic buying?
  95. The real Colin Powell a closet Democrat?
  96. Surprising Number of Young Adults Want Guns
  97. How I came to accept guns – to a point
  98. Tactical Gangsta Rap by YeagerMeister J
  99. APA recommendations to help prevent gun violence
  100. A woman's voice...
  101. Taking a Break for The Lighter Side
  102. So long 1A rights
  103. It's about banning your guns…PERIOD!
  104. Plastic Body Armor?
  105. What do you think Obama will say today?
  106. What makes this time any different?
  107. NY gun owners...
  108. Even obama agerees
  109. Weird experience buying ammo at WalMart this morning
  110. How long is the wait going to be for these?
  111. So, Obama says we're not a nation of debeats..
  112. French forces to be in direct combat with Mali militants within hours
  113. White House raised petition threshold to 100k from 25k.
  114. Fire Him!
  115. Gangster Squad ~ What a bad movie!
  116. Universal Background Checks = State Profit
  117. Fire mission if you are on Facebook
  118. This Dude Has a Huge Snake!
  119. Someone has been "horsing around" with Tesco's burger paddies in the UK
  120. Gun Control
  121. Funniest Lance Armstrong story of all time!
  122. gt swimmers, where to get good swim gear?
  123. 60,000 expected to attend SHOT Show.
  124. 11:55 est
  125. Blow by blow of President's speech
  126. Map of Texas gun owners released...
  127. Disarming Americans but Arming Terrorists
  128. The Citadel, A Planned Patriot Community
  129. What were the executive orders??
  130. Physicians Asking About Your Guns
  131. Do Not Mess With Catzilla
  132. Panic buying and getting worse
  133. Massacre gun available in UK
  134. Gun Ban Question
  135. I found a new food that is gonna make me fat
  136. Bud's Gun Shop. Where's my GUN?!
  137. Conrad Bain of Maude, Different Strokes dies.
  138. Universal background checks
  139. So, how long til lawsuit against NYS?
  140. Tattoos found two.
  141. Walmart Ammo & Gun Official Word
  142. 10 round magazine
  143. SGAmmo just sold out in <10 minutes
  144. The hidden danger to gun owners behind Obama's executive orders
  145. Gun Store Reports: Post BHO speech
  146. Curious about the Ban... Please inform me if you can...
  147. Here's a stat that will warm your heart
  148. MA governor wants tougher gun laws there.
  149. Rare computer issue.
  150. Nationa Association for Gun Rights lost me as a supporter today
  151. 3D printer: Printable 30 round AR mags
  152. New Message for NYS from the CMP*?
  153. New addition to the family!
  154. Ammo shortage starting to hit LE
  155. EA's
  156. Heating kydex
  157. Just the facts, ma'am
  158. So is the classified section now illegal?
  159. Sprint users with lost phones sent to wrong address.
  160. Obama's security
  161. I love listening to Colion
  162. A Historical Perspective-Part 1
  163. We need gun control
  164. Vote Poll: Ban military-style semi-automatic weapons?
  165. Story of Manti Te'o girlfriend a hoax
  166. Here is an interesting read...
  167. CBS Bob Schieffer, NRA = NAZIS
  168. 30K sign State Sen. Marchione's online petition to repeal new SAFE Act
  169. Great explanation of "assault weapons"
  170. NRA training
  171. Obama starts “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign
  172. Liberals: Why we can't have good things anymore
  173. Former Obama Staff Complain Of Cold Inaugural Shoulder
  174. Why we need our AR's and like guns
  175. 7 Reasons why the AR-15 is ideal for home defense (and lousy for criminals)
  176. Hi-Cap Magazine Shortage: High Tech Solution!
  177. This one will hit home
  178. Spam from Joe Biden on anti-gun agenda
  179. Going to the range as a date?
  180. Silver
  181. Up to 60% of College Students Will Buy a Gun
  182. What's the earliest model car you've ridden in? (not an 'antique')
  183. Good Deed?
  184. Where's OKIE?
  185. So when do the prices begin to drop?
  186. If You Could Do It All Over Again, What Would You Do?
  187. Just got off work. Cliff notes on how bad Obama screwed us?!
  188. A letter to use to write to your representative
  189. On the outside chance any of you have a wife or girlfriend...
  190. so here is this congressman who still wont give a answer
  191. NRA planning "the fight of the century" against Obama
  192. Rifles: Used In Approx 2.5% of Homicides (ARs/AKs in a fraction of that)
  193. SHOT state of the industry address video..awsome!!
  194. Wow! An orange peanut
  195. Idea that more guns make us safe is testosterone-laden fantasy
  196. New York’s Gun Bill
  197. Obama at the Gun Rack - WSJ
  198. Not sure if I love this guy or hate him
  199. NC gun enthusiasts grill sheriffs over proposed gun bans
  200. March on Washington for Gun Control Is Scheduled for January 26 on the Nati
  201. Obama's Potemkin gun plan
  202. Several State Legislators Say No to Federal Gun Control Laws
  203. Judge orders Wisconsin man not to father any more children
  204. Please respond to this Denver TV station poll on gun rights!
  205. The Riddle of the Gun
  206. Have we had a thread here that takes a dispassionate look @ the NRA?
  207. cnn has a gun poll up..lets hit it
  208. Inhofe confident new proposals won't change Second Amendment
  209. Check this out ...
  210. dems to use R-senator mark kirk to pass gun ban
  211. "Military-style assault weapons" ???
  212. Gun Control Regulations Disarm Women
  213. When seconds count
  214. Wow, can't believe I read this in the Startribune.
  215. Un-Armed Citizens = Unintended Concequences
  216. need some GT help on this.
  217. Lets talk Cigars
  218. New York State Rifle & Pistol Association
  219. Assault Rock
  220. Compromise
  221. Obama ‘doesn’t have the guts’ to admit he opposes Second Amendment
  222. Only took 2,196 days(6 years & 6 days) to get here
  223. Military Drawing Up Plans for Nation-wide Gun Confiscations
  224. Volunteer Sheriff
  225. Sammy Sosa = Carlton Banks
  226. Cabela's on the way...
  227. Dana and Scottie schooling Piers
  228. Today show
  229. What's the difference?
  230. So when does the war on guns officially start?
  231. State laws and traveling with a checked firearm
  232. What is a "bullet button"????
  233. Providing income history on a job application? Seriously?
  234. My vlogs on DeafVideo.TV
  235. How Does The Sandy Hook Investigation Pan Out?
  236. Why no argument for the RKBA to defend against tyranny?!
  237. Are you F'ing kidding me!?
  238. "Military Ammo Shortage"
  239. Great debate ...
  240. "We'll never know why this happens" bull
  241. Guitar guys help needed please
  242. British student builds replica guns with LEGOs
  243. How would you do it?
  244. Gretchen Carlson Advises Viewers How to Avoid New York's Gun Control Law
  245. Boortz on gun control
  246. Govenor Cuomo calls for gun confiscation
  247. The most interesting news I heard all day
  248. Quote that seems appropriate for this week...
  249. Part of the sold out everywhere problem
  250. Beloved comrade Leon Panetta says "we" don't need assault weapons.