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  1. George Strait....
  2. Legends Football League (LFL)
  3. Summertime memories
  4. Weaver, Modified Weaver, or Isosceles?
  5. More Bill Whittle goodness
  6. TX Apartment: Take Down US Flag because it is ‘Threat to Muslim Community’
  7. Supersonic ping pong ball going through paddle
  8. Had To Put My Kitty Down Today
  9. Which GT poster...
  10. Oops-
  11. I have no friends, need to share my day
  12. Experiencing the of aging of parents
  13. what do you think about this?
  14. The Fermi Paradox - Where is Everybody
  15. Spraying soda on lady bugs?
  16. You wanted The best, You got the Best!!
  17. Stephanie Kwolek, Kevlar Inventor, dies at 90
  18. If your leaving, close the door...
  19. The longest day of the y ear (!)
  20. Woman who saved countless lives has passed away at age 90
  21. One of my favorite movies is on! "HOOK" from 1991.
  22. Metal work
  23. Help, need to get out of family reunion tomorrow!
  24. I went to a Party last Saturday night...
  25. Guitar players check this site out!
  26. living my life in a slow hell...
  27. Can dealers reset odometers?
  28. Government Bans Drones From All National Parks
  29. Do you want the angy song, or the nice song?
  30. Backsplash or No Backsplash?
  31. AAA flashlights: Tell me about a good one..
  32. Review of iRobot's Braava (mopping robot)
  33. Active "Missing 411" situation in progress
  34. Do you use an online money manager?
  35. Droid Maxx question ?
  36. Does anybody remembe the central park jogger case?
  37. ...beyond cool, nat geo shot of a Mt Lion at a unique spot
  38. Zonny's Simple Solutions
  39. Old friend was murdered last night
  40. Just found out my best friend from school passed away
  41. Kindle ebook licensing question???
  42. Soccer Hottie Arrested
  43. Never saw it coming - Boost Mobile Robbery
  44. Colorado Governor Apologizes for Gun Control...
  45. I will never buy a used anything again, especially electronics.
  46. Ejected an idiot from the range today
  47. Military service record question
  48. The USMS
  49. Smacked him in the mouth then took his gun!
  50. Guitar strings
  51. Bay City Texas Alma Henderson Murder
  52. Old Indian markings on a rock, what is this or where would I find out?
  53. How many books in a year?
  54. Falling Skies
  55. Treating a cut pad on a dog
  56. Keep The Faith
  57. Do Homes in Florida Have Furnaces?
  58. Do some smokers...
  59. Baseball Or Soccer?
  60. Looking for a bright solar flood for my flag.
  61. California has officially gone bat***t crazy
  62. Motorcycle Engines???
  63. Today I'm grateful for living in a small state
  64. I 95 Tourist Traps Best Ones for me to visit.
  65. Announcement: Classified Ads...
  66. More tax money flying away
  67. Jindal laying it out
  68. Appliance repair pros: come hither! (please)
  69. Need a new thermostat...
  70. Tapping GT's collective wisdom...
  71. Trying to remember a song.
  72. There Are Good Days......And Then...
  73. Well, it's just about all over now... The Electric Harley Davidson
  74. Witness protection...
  75. And who has the worst neighbor here?
  76. The Biggest Suckers??
  77. Buying a house
  78. Anyone use Google drive on Android?
  79. Anti Homeless Spikes: Who's against them?
  80. If you live in a hot and humid area with no AC, is it...
  81. Met Malik Rose Tonight
  82. Iowa Class
  83. Would you wear this?
  84. Hey Bartender!
  85. Howdy Folks!
  86. Anybody watched the US Vs. Portugal soccer game today?
  87. Funny Gun Stories! Post 'em....
  88. ?? About tick bites
  89. They do not know they are in a scary movie.
  90. $40k a month on property taxes alone...
  91. Iron Dome at work.
  92. Thinking about installing a metal roof on my home...
  93. The Pilot did it ( maybe )
  94. Latest Gallup Poll: 7% confidence in Congress vs 74% in the Military
  95. Toyota to team up with BMW for sport car
  96. Is This Unjust.
  97. I am OFF insulin!
  98. Fun bear video, what would you do
  99. What is going on at CERN now?
  100. So, I was thinking
  101. What's Your Favorite Cheese?
  102. The worst movie spoofs....
  103. Tsunami warning issued for coastal Alaska
  104. Weigh down tarp
  105. The best movie spoofs
  106. Flying insect ID needed from the GT braintrust
  107. WalMart responds to critics...
  108. Is it time to buy aluminum?
  109. VA Scandal, insult to injury...
  110. Store owner shoots robber armed with knife(Phila, PA)
  111. Am I alone in thinking porn is disgusting?
  112. Some of you may remember epic mustache dude...
  113. No comment
  114. For you fans of Vince Flynn books.....
  115. I got some good news today!
  116. Everybody in Every Profession Should Wear Body Cameras
  117. Woman banned from Memphis Zoo after trying to feed lions cookies
  118. American Student gets Stuck in a Sculpture in Germany
  119. Woman Attacked with Baseball Bat
  120. How Many Rounds Do You Have at home?
  121. What a difference shoes make...
  122. I can take my ring off
  123. Starting over with no identification.
  124. Credit Cards
  125. No Fly List...Unconstitutional
  126. Michael Savage today...
  127. Thought it was gone forever…
  128. Ah, The Sweet, Cool Air
  129. Been about 7 years since I inherited my house. Do I...
  130. Chocolate
  131. Russian Policewomen to Be Disciplined for Wearing Short Skirts
  132. Taos suggestions.
  133. Burglar Caught After Logging on to Facebook at Victim’s House
  134. "The real gun problem isn't the NRA"
  135. Bad Science
  136. Tyrant
  137. Aphylosphycal math quesion...
  138. Shop at Wal Mart, get beaten with a bat........
  139. Funny story from my old man.
  140. Eli Wallach dead at 98
  141. Someone just died behind me
  142. white house intern faints on first day...
  143. Does anyone use the lower settings on their lawnmower??
  144. SCOTUS gets one right
  145. OK House hit by 105mm shell.
  146. New death bullet means certain death
  147. Turkish Star Wars
  148. Ceramic Brake Pads?
  149. Listen to this stupid Libtard
  150. Mic holster
  151. Very Sad News, JTull7 (John Tull) Has Passed
  152. Fox Studios is Rebooting 'Predator'
  153. What the Supreme Court still doesn't understand about guns
  154. Anyone want to work for these Wizards?
  155. Favorite Album Most People Have Not Heard Of?
  156. This kid should be EXPELLED...
  157. Place your bids!
  158. Bellagio Fountain
  159. Boy with brain tumor gets his wish for a day
  160. Trey Gowdy was rippin'
  161. Sometimes Good Deeds ARE Rewarded!
  162. Most important era of human history?
  163. EPA Employees Asked To Stop Going #2 In The Hallway
  164. I should know better. Really.
  165. Fireflies....
  166. Army Clears Bergdahl of Any Misconduct During Captivity
  167. 2006 Pontiac GTO
  168. N. Korea ready to go to war with America...
  169. MDMA Causes Imaginary Bear Attack
  170. Are the number of FUDDs exaggerated?
  171. what do you do when ...
  172. Jerry and IV88 gettin' it with ARs
  173. Obama just got beotich slapped by SCOTUS
  174. Need Flashlight Advice (Brownie Points?)
  175. This is the actual answering-machine message for the Maroochydore High Scho
  176. Dead Humming Bird On Feeder?
  177. tractor persuit?
  178. I can see clearly now..
  179. Saw War Z Yesterday, Know I Know Why Everyone Wants One In The Chamber
  180. Man with gun tattoo in the news again
  181. Life is not fair
  182. Anyone seen this vid
  183. Cops & golf
  184. supreme court is laying the smack down this week!
  185. Smashed tater recipes....
  186. Far Out, Man? Or Lunatic....
  187. Car this morning
  188. Ever stink near the end of a long work day?
  189. Odd watercraft...
  190. Guns helped make civil rights possible
  191. Will games be made mac compatible ever?
  192. Workers Compensation VS Atty VS Social Security Disability ?
  193. Bill Whittle Get to work
  194. How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk?
  195. An Impossible Task?
  196. License Plates
  197. Most interesting vehicle you have ever seen on the road.
  198. the rover
  199. Family of Robber Shot Calls For Stricter Gun Laws
  200. Colorado New Gun Laws Will Stand
  201. Inside the Explosion; Fireworks Filmed with a Quad-Copter
  202. Samsung Mega 6.3 Smartphone
  203. The personification of evil...
  204. The Nanny Refuses to Leave - More CA Craziness
  205. Interesting Harrier Emergency Landing
  206. Democratic House Members Demand Gun-Control Vote
  207. How to carry keyless remote
  208. Army Enters ‘Washington Redskins’ Debate: Massacres Team, Takes Land
  209. Navy's Zumwalt-class destroyer - what's old is new again
  210. Watched a Creepy and Disturbing Movie
  211. 12 hour day, 2 hours sleep
  212. The bridge that murders people
  213. Snakes On A Plain
  214. Always lock up your guns...
  215. Open Carry Cincinnati - Your doing it wrong
  216. Obama officials confirm it was a drill, no children died
  217. Danner sale ends in 12 hours
  218. Crippled jet lands on Navy Ship
  219. One scary vampire book !!!
  220. Mexican Military Helicopter Flies Into U.S., Shoots at Border Patrol Agents
  221. OK Rep. Lucas is dead, seat filled by imposter for 3 years.
  222. Caught on Video: Peeping Tom in Fairfax County
  223. How far would you drive to purchase
  224. What would you do if this happened to you?
  225. Brad Pitt+ WW2 Sherman Tank Movie.
  226. Fury......This looks good
  227. Nigerian Man Declared Insane for Being an Athiest.
  228. "Lucy Movie TRAILER..
  229. ObamaCare Already Showing Signs of Financial Death Spiral
  230. Militant Islamic Group ISIS Trained at U.S. Base in Jordan
  231. Lightroom guys, any advice for a new user?
  232. Why more cylinders instead of bigger cylinders?
  233. T-minus 4 days to new Iraqi government
  234. Let's See A Navy Flyboy Do This!
  235. Tips on buying a used motorcycle?
  236. This is why you don't put off a colonoscopy.
  237. Il Silenzio
  238. Who is a good online flashlight dealer?
  239. Best used pickup 2010 -2012
  240. Pacific Rim 2
  241. So this surprised me today.
  242. When do you stop putting money into a vehicle?
  243. Need Advice... Losing my Dad
  244. Great lady at a training conference. LOL!
  245. Study: All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants
  246. Anyone ever been to comic con?
  247. phone holster that just might get you into trouble
  248. I just tried a new beer and it was very good !
  249. What Do You Think About Gilbert Gottfried
  250. Flickering?