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  1. Unexplained disappearances in the woods...
  2. Ohio's New Method of Execution
  3. It's back!
  4. Google to block firearm ads
  5. Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, 100 Years Ago Today
  6. I can't come up with a good title for this
  7. Bigfoot film enhanced. Alot Better!
  8. Army’s Apache under assault: PC police call helicopter’s name racist
  9. EARTHQUAKE felt in Arizona!?
  10. Town in the City.
  11. You tube
  12. Cooper
  13. Celebrity Mug shots
  14. Hillary Comes Clean on Finances
  15. Do you know Tom Chaney ?
  16. Army’s Apache under assault: PC police call helicopter’s name racist
  17. I can get them but I cant keep them ...
  18. Can you start a fire?
  19. Google to block firearm, ammunition, gun accessory ads
  20. 71% of US young adults wouldn't qualify for military service
  21. Subject: "The Man Who Rode Thunder"
  22. The Truth About the "Me Generation"
  23. "Yesterday we had Raptor salad for lunch"
  24. HIGH-PRICED Concessions in parks, stadiums and theaters
  25. movie : non stop
  26. Fluid dynamics question - home plumbing
  27. Pelosi says surge of illegal immigrant children is an "opportunity"
  28. Netflix Streaming Pursuit Channel
  29. 27 Shot in Chicago Since Friday
  30. Roku Streaming NRA Women
  31. Roku Channel Warning its TRANS not TRAINS Channel
  32. CAP ENCAMPMENT closing ceremonies.
  33. Honda makes jets now
  34. What's wrong with this picture?!?!
  35. The dad who left his son in the car: murder or stupidity?
  36. Shock
  37. I refurbished the headlights on my Dad's Tundra...
  38. Saw this knife in a pawn shop - should I buy?
  39. Got a New Priest in Church Today
  40. Are you moving "Off grid"?
  41. Floating Tape Roll
  42. I am the absolute worst husband in the world
  43. Dear Glocktalk.... (couldn't write to Dear Abby)
  44. Hey Ash!
  45. 4K LCDs are here
  46. Proctor and Gamble exec to lead VA.
  47. Lil help...
  48. I sure hope they didn't send anyone over the edge w/ this little experiment
  49. Big Berkey filter for everyday use?
  50. Hospice
  51. Another "Accidental" Shooting
  52. Anyone here live in city limits and hate it?
  53. Jay Leno's Garage
  54. Why? Boxing, Martin vs St John.
  55. Armed Thugs Gun Down ‘Genuine, All-American’ Marine, 26, Shoot Wife In The
  56. Salmon Fishing Tackle
  57. Last two SCOTUS cases today
  58. "I'd Rather be ......" fill in this classic bumper sticker
  59. Would Like to Try FLY FISHING...Have Questions about GEAR Though.
  60. Spending this week in the desert and it's HOT!!!
  61. If it isn't broke...
  62. Question about gliders (aircraft)
  63. Android Question Wifi problem
  64. Before I Call In An Airstrike....
  65. Another 5-4 party line vote at the Supreme Court
  66. 31 of the 50 States Require Dual Plates. Good or Bad Idea?
  67. Windows 7 question
  68. Affordable Golfball Act......
  69. Stuff I wish I'd thought of
  70. Remington Museum in Ilion, New York
  71. SeaTac and the $15 min wage
  72. My article, "100 years ago today one man with a pistol set off World War I"
  73. Blowing your horn is not against the law
  74. We dont all put our pants on the same way!
  75. Boy Dies of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound at Boy Scout Camp
  76. People will sign anything.
  77. Cleaned out the garage attic
  78. Bad Ass of the Day
  79. Divorce & women's equality
  80. My son is in need of prayers...please!!!
  81. Now this is the way you stop a police chase
  82. 35K miles-manual doesn't recommend service?
  83. Best used SUV for under $24K?
  84. I'm getting a BIG raise tomorrow !!!
  85. I love this car
  86. Drunk driver in a flatbed truck kills five
  87. ASU professor kicks self defense
  88. Who here loves sour candy?
  89. Any Suicidal Tendencies fans here?
  90. Holy hotness
  91. R/C Jet Aircraft
  92. What can you NOT eat anymore?
  93. Bacon in Jamaican
  94. Would you like fries with that?
  95. Phone wallpaper screenshots
  96. Help IDing grandpa's WWII unit.
  97. Buy some land and build a house, or fix this one?
  98. DIY micro-crossbow
  99. Phil Collins, yea that Phil Collins, a great Texan? Oh yea....
  100. Advice for getting an OBD II reader
  101. What do you eat now that you wouldn't as a kid?
  102. Video workout program. Need suggestions.
  103. Sig P210 which one?
  104. Please take a moment to read about a hero:
  105. wanting a new tablet.
  106. Honda survey
  107. Message From Mrs. John Tull, Lucinda:
  108. Just drove back from the desert (Who wants to guess my MPG?)
  109. MoKan Steaks
  110. Innocent bystanders interfere with cop making arrest...
  111. Norfolk common wealth attorney beats DUI charge.
  112. CCTV Cameras
  113. Dell laptop computer explodes...
  114. Which ugly car or truck can you not stand the sight of?
  115. Nothing like having my A/C go outin the middle of summer.
  116. Best restaurant promomtion bring in pervs like me
  117. Clueless Hobby lobby protesters
  118. Am I spending too much time on the net, or is this world fixing to collapse
  119. Using an attic fan?
  120. Sadly, another young life taken tragically
  121. And The Pain Killers Kick In
  122. Slimfast
  123. Draw!
  124. What is the purpose of a car salesman?
  125. Dealing with textured ceilings Braintrust ?
  126. U.S. Navy names its first female four-star admiral
  127. For the GT insect lovers...
  128. Well OCers, you can now add Target to the list...
  129. Well OCers, you can now add Target to the list...
  130. Wise Mad Man
  131. Riding Mower in Pickup Bed?
  132. Car guys. Cold air intake, what does it do?
  133. Arrogant Liar in the white house
  134. Your new favorite reasturant.
  135. Children on the Border
  136. Should I Buy a Chrysler?
  137. Ok Everyone get in here NOW!
  138. Question for any one in Asheville, N.C.
  139. I hate seeing old folks get scammed
  140. There are 2 kinds of people in the world...
  141. Dell laptop computer explodes in kitchen
  142. POLL: Teenage hunter under fire for posing with dead animals on Facebook
  143. So WHO was it complaining about the long winter?!
  144. U.S. map showing when average warmest day of the year happens
  145. Honda is now in the jet aircraft business!
  146. Are Children Programmed From Birth....
  147. Carnival "Legend"...anybody been on it?
  148. Finally NASA is Going to Build a New Rocket
  149. Feds sue Wisconsin Co.- English-Language Requirement is "discrimination".
  150. Ahhh.. fast food employees....
  151. Will/Divorce ?
  152. Is it time for a new picture thread?
  153. It's not just open carry activists starting problems
  154. Job vs pay
  155. The waitresses are packing
  156. Lazy/cheating coworkers
  157. Ever Wish You Had Been There to Pop The Bad Guy?
  158. Funny Meeting (Training) at Work Today
  159. Tomb of the Unknowns (aka "Military Picture Thread)
  160. Thanks Eric!!
  161. Pork Butt rub, dark or light brown sugar?
  162. Let's See Your Carry Gear
  163. Unlimited global data.
  164. Men Will Race Anything
  165. Louie Zamperini passed away
  166. Holy crap! Email about a gun store.
  167. Gay Pride Whopper
  168. Spring Break: Totally Rad Photos from the '80s
  169. Milky Way Galaxy....How Do We Know Our Place in It?
  170. Another gem from dear leader--"So sue me"
  171. Army is Moving Forward to Replace the M9 with a More Powerful Pistol
  172. ID This Kitchen Knife?
  173. Where to eat/visit in the motor city
  174. Sorry guys, I'm with Target on this one.
  175. DOW 17,000! America...Eff Ya!
  176. Got away for a little while today
  177. Cobray Fare Launcher Instructions?
  178. Foxcatcher
  179. ICE Removes 'Alien' from Term for Illegal Immigrant Children
  180. OMG! Cobray Launcher UPDATE!
  181. Crazy storms in the northeast.
  182. On the Sony Movie Channel: Heavy Metal the movie
  183. karma got a serial attacker
  184. Almst lost a family member due to a police chase
  185. Metal in construction
  186. So, what's the quality of life where you live?
  187. Holy Haboob Batman!!
  188. Headlight Problem Help?
  189. Your most interesting shower?
  190. Waitresses with guns in Riifle Co
  191. When and how will America fall?
  192. Mid Life Crisis sucks bad ...
  193. Great summary of Obama
  194. Money Overseas?
  195. Primitive survival rating test
  196. Happy Birthday America!
  197. Can the military use flat point bullets?
  198. LP tank leaked out
  199. Fanatical Weather Reporting Rant
  200. New Archaeopteryx Specimen
  201. Taxi companies sue the competition
  202. How will you celebrate the Fourth?
  203. Reduction in Social Security Benefits Due to Income
  204. Any 80s kids in the house?
  205. Well that was weird...
  206. If you have to use a Blackberry, what do you need to know?
  207. Any one else ever have a Neg, Discharge ?
  208. Failed Jewelry store robbery
  210. Angina Anyone?
  211. More proof Facebook is such a farce
  212. I bring a message from the King
  213. Anthony Cumia fired from SiriusXM over (guess what)... tweets
  214. The largest generation...
  215. All of the unique DNA that makes you "you"...
  216. Who here has started a new career at 60 or older.
  217. Full Faith and Credit Clause for carrying
  218. Goodbye Paintball. Had me some fun...
  219. Boy Scouts Offering Breast Exams
  220. Hottest Female TV LEO
  221. Do you remember, have you ever heard, this song?
  222. Well, This Will Certainly help Them Get Jobs ...
  223. Border gate left wide open
  224. Cautionary Independence Day Message
  225. SGT. York
  226. Stupid Chevy truck ads in all the pictures.
  227. Drones and Fireworks
  228. Bloomtards money at work
  229. Mugger assaults Grandmother. No one helps.
  230. BMW 535 or Mercedes Benz C300- Opinions
  231. NYC Best Hotel for 7 people to stay at Low Price Yet Safe n central area?
  232. Electrical question
  233. Detriot mower gang
  234. Lost gun store fight costs Chicago taxpayers nearly $1 million
  235. The very best optical illusions thread!
  236. I hate the term "Murica"
  237. Who's familiar with Subaru's all wheel drive system
  238. Water pipes noise
  239. Wasp repellent
  240. Crossover/Small SUV's
  241. From His Cold Dead Hands: When Should Grandpa Give Up His Guns?
  242. Vehicular heatstroke: child safety film
  243. Will Joey Chesnut ever be defeated?
  244. Orwell warned us what was coming
  245. When seconds count...
  246. UFC 175 tonight:
  247. Meet the new "Enemy"
  248. Anybody have an idea what could be in this burrow?
  249. German chick I know posted this on Facebook...
  250. Spindizzy ?