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  1. What is wrong with people?
  2. New TSA shenanigans
  3. A different fishing story for sure! (must read entire article)
  4. Chile Releases UFO Photos
  5. Have any vets had to use their sidearm in combat?
  6. Low-flying plane picks up flags off the ground
  7. Train Carrying Boeing Fuselages Derails in Montana
  8. Rally Cars
  9. F new season of [b]The Walking Dead[/b]...
  10. Oh the Irony...
  11. Meet the Fenix E05 Stainless Steel light
  12. The Story of Dennis Rodman to NK
  13. Digital photo printing, where??
  14. Leather interior care
  15. How smart is the OC collective?
  16. Pilots - the electric airplane
  17. Anyone else bad about neglecting their household chores?
  18. Coolest GT screen name
  19. Drank a bit much on this 4th of July weekend?
  20. Backlash against Pious Prius types & other assorted Eco weenies.
  21. How did you choose your screen name?
  22. How did Michonne become such a badass?
  23. ?? About home security camera
  24. Barn Owl action cam
  25. Picture from Freedom Over Texas in Houston
  26. Dream a little dream with me
  27. Weed Killer
  28. Forget "The Walking Dead"
  29. Teen shoots himself with friend's gun
  30. Skype
  31. Militia group (patriots?) heading for the TX border
  32. Who can reply in a way that won't make me lock this?
  33. Guns, gangbangers & zombies?
  34. Primitive roof material?
  35. Who Here Had Two Needles
  36. I read the "Truth about the Me Generation" Thread
  37. ATF Eforms payment issues?
  38. Read the Lable.
  39. Ode To Spot
  40. Explain your choice of avatars please.
  41. Vet with CHL in Chicago shoots back against armed perp
  42. Buffalo Nickels and Bankruptcy
  43. It's official!
  44. I love my new toy; one man pontoon boat.
  45. Am I stupid for having a reasonable amount of cash in the bank these days?
  46. Most Clever Crimes You Have Heard Of
  47. America: Imagine a World Without Her
  48. Chris Kyle vs. Jesse Ventura
  49. Anybody have a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500
  50. Amazon Smile
  51. Is This Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants?
  52. Teacher Pay
  53. Near Miss in Barcelona Caught on Camera
  54. Family of cop killer takes BS to a whole new level...
  55. Can you pass a US citizenship test?
  56. Barn find offered to me...
  57. Wild hog hunting
  58. 82 Shot 14 Killed This Weekend. Chicago's top cop Blames Weak Gun Laws
  59. The Women's Forum
  60. Hold my beer russian style
  61. Cool Silver...
  62. Need advice on hotels in New York
  63. Gold might be up this year, but it’s worth only $800
  64. How long before other countries have Drone technology
  65. Nice Star Wars CGI
  66. Crosswalk Laws - Suicidal Pedestrians...
  67. Super Bowl tickets thru NFL?
  68. Police Chief Told To Leave Store Because of Gun
  69. Securing Deck Railing
  70. Biden: ‘Tea Baggers’ Preventing New Gun-Control Laws
  71. Climate Change, Global Warming, whatever you want to call it.
  72. Why are we private about salary information?
  73. Honey Bee's
  74. What is the weirdest good movie you have seen?
  75. The next Piers Morgan
  76. How do you cook your steak?
  77. Can't believe it's been a year already...
  78. Been a long night, but we're alright
  79. Chicago Crime Web Site
  80. Car brakes, mysterious mechanical issue
  81. 2 Arrested for Flying Drone within 800ft of a NYPD Chopper.
  83. Cell Phone Signal Boosters
  84. Staining Pressure Treated Wood
  85. New Environmental Study
  86. Mike Rowe is awesome
  87. Locked Up Abroad (T.V. show)
  88. Good war movies...
  89. Turn Signals: Why won't you use them?
  90. Logger saves bear with a forwarder.
  91. My reloading room just got taken over by Nintendo...
  92. What do you want to live to see?
  93. MS-13 Gang Members Leave Graffiti on Walls of Border Patrol Processing Cent
  94. Woman Attacks Man for Getting a Video of Her....Stealing His Beach Stuff
  95. Labor day trip ideas?
  96. San Antonio Beat Down
  97. Israel Calls Up 40,000 Reservist Troops. Ground Operation Might be Needed
  98. At what point did the 5 of them say....
  99. Car mileage computers - OCD?
  100. Celebs you'd like to see make a comeback?
  101. One year ago today
  102. Any artists here? Great before-after drawings.
  103. Happy Birthday Okie
  104. Bud. Weis. Er.
  105. "break a leg!" Harrison Ford set accident halts Star Wars 7 production
  106. Family values take a hit. To the chest.
  107. Works of Art That Work
  108. So I'm on my way to World FITASC in Portugal... (yes there's pictures)
  109. A Honda minivan even DanaT would drive:
  110. Wall Street Journal calls Obama a dummy
  111. Rick Perry treats Obama properly
  112. Game of Thrones Special Effects.....
  113. Obama’s Manufactured Border Crisis
  114. Nice Parking Job...
  115. subaru vs . jeep
  116. Argue with me?!! I'll run you over!!
  117. Let's see your pets, people
  118. Police Want to Photograph Teen Boy's P***s
  119. Great 2nd Amendment speech about NY Safe Act
  120. "Armed And Dangerous"??
  121. Ray Nagin Gets 10 yrs.
  122. Married at first sight
  123. Calvin and Hobbs ruined
  124. I felt honored for a moment
  125. Lego + Shell =
  126. Ordering a half a hog
  127. Boy or Girl Toy?
  128. America discovered in 200 B.C.?
  129. Help Me Pick Out Surplus Combat Boots....
  130. Cheers to the Pilot
  131. Obscure GT references
  132. The Poor Mex-walkers
  133. Pitch a reality show.
  134. ISIS Captures Uranium in Iraq
  135. I Need A Golf GPS App for My iPhone
  136. Family vacations. Who does 'em?
  137. Funerals: What do you "say" to the family?
  138. G33???
  139. Wow, how can anyone murder 4 children...
  140. My wife wants a smoothie blender. Which one?
  141. My dog the paradox
  142. I'm still alive
  143. A GOOD report from Fox News
  144. Miley Cyrus Video
  145. ******* rental
  146. What Have You Learned From Glock Talk?
  147. New high school principal!!
  148. Mass murderer in Houston
  149. Persian Rugs
  150. Received an unexpected round of applause
  151. LE members don't like us :(
  152. Six women emerge from toilet in train passenger attack
  153. McIlroy Hits 436 Yard Drive onto the Green
  154. Article/video on Georgia gun laws
  155. What's with these children immigration stories?
  156. Bear for breakfast
  157. Robbery at Target times 2
  158. Live in the North East? "Summer" Polar Vortex on the way...
  159. Google exec killed by prostitute
  160. Female gun and bible enthusiast becomes web sensation
  161. Social Media as News...
  162. What about our G@# D@&# Kids ?
  163. Cloudy eyes?
  164. Puro Mexico?
  165. 1 shot to death @ the Walmart 1 mile from my house in my hood
  166. TEST, Are you smart enough to be a Marine?
  167. Illiterate Man is Illiterate
  168. Anybody dig on Goya food products?
  169. Nashvillians - computer stores?
  170. United States Census BS
  171. Act of aggression from Guatemala and Mexico
  172. Family slain in mass shooting
  173. Lord Have Mercy On Me
  174. someone please shoot me
  175. Sante Fe, New Mexico
  176. The top ten....
  177. Gov Perry in a LaRue Tactical hat on Fox
  178. Man gets back at boss, talks to police, gets arrested.
  179. convicted mob killer tested by road raging motorist
  180. Sad state of retail affairs
  181. Now this is truly evil
  182. U.S. Flag Etiquette?
  183. Crybaby Libtards in the UK.
  184. Hollywood Idiots nominate the Liar for an Emmy
  185. Re-watching The West Wing: Is it sad that...
  186. Rifle cases that don't look like gun cases?
  187. Fake Marine at the airport....
  188. On Knees, Doctors, And Pain
  189. Meat wagon
  190. Need a bit of advice for my son please.
  191. Gas prices FALLING?????!!!!
  192. U.S. sues Amazon over purchases by kids using mobile apps
  193. Someone finally realized this...
  194. LeBron Returns
  195. Engine problems
  196. L'Oreal dumps World Cup Model
  197. Help with Spanish translation
  198. What kind of scum could do this to their pet?
  199. Dear IRS...
  200. TSA Allowing Illegals to Fly Without Verifiable ID---- Border Patrol Union
  201. My friends cousin was attacked today. In ICU
  202. Pentagon Successfully Tests First Small-Caliber, Self-Guided Bullets
  203. Fist fight at the Waffle House!
  204. Son`s friend backed into his car
  205. Who does yoga?
  206. And now for something completely different
  207. Presybyopia Shooting Techniques
  208. Robbing Banks Hazardous to Your Health
  209. LOST... again.
  210. Bachelor Party Protocol
  211. New York creates ID card for all, even illegal immigrants
  212. "Anal Jihad"...........Anyone?
  213. Domino's Pizza
  214. Appliance Color
  215. Anyone ever built a Backyard Foundry?
  216. Hellcat Wagon?
  217. Got Me A New Shoulder!
  218. Obongo cuts in line to eat in Texas restaurant
  219. Fifty years ago this week...
  220. true detective - season 2 casting getting close
  221. American Muscle
  222. Sometimes, you gotta be careful who you return a gun to.
  223. Garage door protection ideas??
  224. Throat microphone and NR headsets?
  225. World Needs................
  226. When Did Parenting Change So Much?
  227. 2014 mustang:which one?
  228. Tommy Ramone dead at 62.
  229. Anyone thought about investing in Marijuana, hemp, canibis stocks lately?
  230. Former LE Vehicle: should I buy?
  231. If They Don't Get You One Way...
  232. Help me choose a Ceiling Fan (electricians chime in too)
  233. Good car buying experience story (Versa)
  234. Dazed and Confused vs. Detroit Rock City
  235. 166 Days to Christmas!!
  236. Any current members of Oakley Standard Issue?
  237. Study: Smelling farts is good for your health
  238. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?
  239. Can I get some help from those in Air Force?
  240. Death Valley Claims Infamous Werewolf
  241. Talking with a buddy...
  242. Botched appliance install
  243. Any IB grads? (AKA a quick mom brag)
  244. Full moon and I saw a wolf...
  245. Binoculars...8X for $100 or Less...What's the Best Choice?
  246. Tour of our nuclear missile program
  247. Detroit shuts off water
  248. A new trend at the bar.
  249. Here are some pictures I shot in Madrid
  250. a-havin' and a-gettin'