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  1. Nice editorial on (gun) control
  2. Cool sign I saw on my way home
  3. For the protectors of Unions
  4. Obama is pulling the "guns are for hunting "scam.
  5. I Have no Words.
  6. 7 Gun Control Facts That Are Actually Myths
  7. "Let's take America back from the constitution."
  8. why is obama blaming republicans ..
  9. More Chicago murders...but seriously?
  10. Where are you getting 9mm target ammo?
  11. Found a Benchmade Mini-onslaught knife in a pawn shop
  12. Need Help - Buying a shirt for a suit when your neck is too big
  13. Gun Fight: How best to speak for 2nd A Rights?
  14. you're special
  15. Gun show report
  16. What a Lousy Shot
  17. Georgia's finally cracking down on speeders...
  18. POLL: Should NYPD use street scanners that can detect guns?
  19. Charged by a cat while running...
  20. WWhat's up with this?
  21. Hopefully It Will be Published
  22. Harp 2
  23. New Ruger SP101 .22LR - finally got it!
  24. Guess I won't be driving to Louisiana for cheap milk!
  25. Thanks Obamacare. New W2 Reporting Requirement.
  26. I just sent letters to my reps about mag limits and registrations.
  27. Caption this foto
  29. great article about the gun boom in america
  30. Winter Project Thread
  31. Paid time-off & Sick Leave. Could it be the GOP's fight back?
  32. I already miss 3000FPS...
  33. 2006 F150 Transmission fluid change Questions
  34. Charged by a restaurant while eating
  35. Charged by a MILF while running
  36. Disarming the Myths Promoted By the Gun Control Lobby
  37. Nice Watch! 72% off
  38. Obama plans aim to gut 2nd Amendment
  39. A man we should all support...
  40. Why France needs help in Africa
  41. Payback is hell...
  42. French Fries. You Know You Love "Em
  43. Is GlockTalk Sluggish for you?
  44. Machine gun fire from military helicopters flying over downtown Miami Fl.
  45. Gun control responses from politicians
  46. French Foreign Legion, anyone ever consider joining?
  47. Any Change in NYS Shotgun Law?
  48. NRA ally Debbie Halvorson could win Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Chicago seat
  49. Why I gave up my guns
  50. Idea for an invention - patentable or not?
  51. Cory Booker, once firm on firearms, now gun-shy about weapons ban
  52. Brother's mousetrap prank leads to alleged felony assault
  53. Sheriff who urged residents to learn how to use firearms blasts mayor
  54. New NRA member
  55. Is "Turning the other cheek" always the right thing to do?
  56. Explosion at Iran Nuclear Facility
  57. Have you read through HR.226?
  58. Virginia General Assembly Blocked Most Proposals Restricting Where Can CCW
  59. If ‘assault weapons’ are bad…why does dhs want to buy 7,000 of them for ‘pe
  60. FBI proposes three gun control rules to strengthen instant background check
  61. Media Matters reportedly used illegal guns to protect leade
  62. Bad news for a our friends in IL.
  63. Zero Dark thirty
  64. Amazing: Caught on video
  65. nations with 9mm max 'caliber' handgun laws
  66. Look Who’s Mocking Fascist Fear-Mongering Now
  67. Journalist Accosted by Security over Mayor Bloomberg Gun Control Question
  68. Obama adminastration to head Minority Report
  69. Apple releases iOS 6.1, available for download today
  70. Safeguard A Phone From Water Without A Case?
  71. I spy...
  72. Anybody Buy Superbowl Squares?
  73. On Apple’s iPad 5, iPhone 5S, and Plastic iPhone
  74. Maybe we should just abolish the constitution...
  75. UFOs over Port Everglades
  76. Police barred from Vermont gun range
  77. Mpls. police chief, Hennepin sheriff meet with Obama today
  78. ‘The Problem Is Not Gun Laws’:
  79. JonBenet grand jury vindicates case's lead detective
  80. The truth about guns
  81. Assad Regime Ready to Collapse?
  82. contact lost with a USAF F-16 fighter jet over Adriatic
  83. Dad of Sandy Hook Victim Gives Emotional Remarks on Gun Control
  84. Glad our boy is OK
  85. GEICO cancels insurance because customer works in firearms industry
  86. Let's make ILLEGAL aliens legal, make LEGAL gun ownership ILLEGAL.
  87. Will GOP really oppose efforts to limit gun trafficking?
  88. Eggman's Stupid Stuff of the Week
  89. Man arrested for holding a baby and gun in a photo
  90. Great-Grandmother Fires at Thug 11 Times
  91. Sgt Reunited With Daughter After Mother Gave Away Child WIthout His Consent
  92. Drive by and Rolls Royce
  93. John Hopkins Study on Gun Control Un-Biased? Think again
  94. man saves tot from burning van
  95. Good headphones around $50?
  96. Spotify ???
  97. Fairborn, OH: 2 of 5 Home invaders shot
  98. Great movies free on Youtube right now!
  99. Roth vs Traditional IRA? Braintrust needed
  100. Proper use of taser?
  101. Colt, Sig, others shifting production entirely to semi-auto rifles?
  102. Facebook up/down for 12 hours - OMG-LOL-GTFO!
  103. Ruger mini 30
  104. Charleton Heston, political correctness and common sense
  105. Look what my dumba** did.
  106. my daughter sent me this joke lol
  107. Petition calls for a gun-free zone to replace president's armed guards
  108. Ignorant piers morgan continues to embarass himself and cnn
  109. Secret Service dog falls off roof and dies while protecting Vice President
  110. What Do You Think Should Be Done About Bullying
  111. all TOOL fans report here.
  112. Gun Disarming technique by Mas
  113. Poll: Rate this on a 1-10 "Pucker Factor."
  114. "Dredd" is great.
  115. Indiana Congress Woman 2nd Amendment Response
  116. Guns/city people. Ideas?
  117. Response from Senator Rubio
  118. Seattle Gun BuyBack Gets JACKED! Turns Into a Gun Show! LOL
  119. Which of you open carry activists pulled this?
  120. Obamacare question....
  121. Boy Scouts set to reverse ban on gays
  122. Evil bayonet lugs and threaded barrels.
  123. Should an Ipad have anti-virus protection?
  124. Uncle Ted at the SHOT Show
  125. Former 49er charged with attacking ex-boyfriend (LOL)
  126. A gunmaker, a new law, subsidies and irony
  127. This is great.
  128. Firing the AR-15 Assault Weapon Made Me Feel Invincible
  129. Will BlackBerry pull it off? Tune in Wednesday at 10.
  130. Phil- Duck Dynasty
  131. Status of gun industry
  132. Sprint Announces Ultra-Rugged Android Smartphone
  133. Pantech Announces World's Largest Full HD Smartphone
  134. Top Shot Allstars, Will U Watch
  135. Killer at 70,000 Feet The occupational hazards of flying the U-2.
  136. Newsmax gun control pole
  137. Looking for some banners
  138. For the shooting man who has everything...
  139. Can your wife protect herself and kids when your not home?
  140. media using father of newtown victim to push their agenda
  141. Cats in Snow
  142. Another Sandy Hook parent speaking the truth
  143. Why new laws could miss real gun problem.
  144. From the World Health Organization:
  145. why?
  146. Ryobi, 18 volt, way to get a DOB
  147. WaPo article: why gun control is going nowhere
  148. What's on the Super Bowl menu?
  149. NRA Urges Members To Attend Senate Hearing To Offset 'Anti-Gunners'
  150. Appellate Courts Weigh In on Right to Carry Gun
  151. Is the MSM / Obama love fest dying?
  152. Television going belly up?
  153. Super Bowl - Who ya got?
  154. 5 year old faces suspension for Lego gun
  155. Truth
  156. The Newtown heckle hoax
  157. 15 Illinois legislators join Firearms Working Group
  158. Songs your kids got you into
  159. Where or what country would you go to if the USA
  160. Do I tip the safe mover(s)?
  161. Hey mon! Jamaican GTers...Is this racist?
  162. Florida man kills wife after she refuses to cook hamburger: police
  163. New Year wth?
  164. ::::::: Death by people pulling the trigger:::::::
  165. Lets play a game.
  166. 80's movies that were awesome!
  167. tortoise found after 30 years
  168. I can speel
  169. Wild Oregano Oil?
  170. How to save Billions if not Trillions of Dollars
  171. IndyCar: Dario & Ashley break up!
  172. Democrats have me me...please.
  173. Father of Newtown victim heckled at gun hearing
  174. My breath tastes like bourbon...
  175. Funny things your pets do
  176. This Explains Everything
  177. What are you planning on buying with your tax return?
  178. We’re sorry, the IED you have dialed is not in service at this time.
  179. Sweet gun safe!
  180. I'm not ready for Tornado season yet
  181. Trade for a gen 2.5 G27?
  182. just emailed 2 therapists for help
  183. Looking for an iphone app to replace my old school Palm Pilot
  184. Whistling emoticon, just wondering.
  185. Colorado Sheriffs announce opposition to any new gun control
  186. Home inspection business
  187. Man shoots Alabama bus driver, holds child hostage underground
  188. Police captain exonerated in wife's murder, freed from prison
  189. Ipod Touch questions...
  190. Obesity and Medicaid/Medicare...
  191. California Approved Gun Safe
  192. this is not his first day on the job what were you doing at that age?
  193. Anyone watch Elite Tactical Unit on the Outdoors Channel Mon nite?
  194. Gun control supporters urge Obama to bypass Congress on new measures
  195. Senate hearing pits NRA, gun-control supporters
  196. Connecticut Democrat questions NRA's influence
  197. LOL-Felons, Go Move to CA!
  198. State regulators crack down on grocery chain for selling cheap milk
  199. what the...?? German Soldiers Are Developing Breasts from Training
  200. Iraq vet undergoes successful double-arm transplant
  201. One democratic senator not drinking the Kool-aid
  202. My nephew just got a 4% raise at the end of 2012
  203. Stock market, don't make sense too me??
  204. California To Sieze Registered Assault Rifles?
  205. Now I understand
  206. If you can, turn on C-Span
  207. NY gun owners /NYSRPA fires back at
  208. Want more sex from the wife? Do less housework!
  209. Tea Party Political Stances
  210. Deer don't shoot back.
  211. Motorcycle Owners - Question
  212. 80,000 rounds.....GONE
  213. Texas set to 'terminate' trooper following roadside cavity searches
  214. You may qualify to file your fed AND state tax returns FREE OF CHARGE!
  215. RWVA invites Obama to go shooting
  216. Surprise surprise surprise!
  217. Gays in Mayberry: Say it ain't so.
  218. Ohio Police Captain Ex-wife's Murder
  219. Assault bow used in killing...
  220. Standoff: Man Kills Bus Driver, Takes Child
  221. Eyewitnesses talk about inside Sandy Hook Elementary
  222. Judge: Samsung didn't 'willfully' infringe Apple patents
  223. Missouri Bill Would Require All First Graders To Take NRA-Sponsored Class
  224. Movado Watches?
  225. Jew Without A Gun
  226. What makes a good law?
  227. Pretzel lovers unite!
  228. Senators that are up for re-election (list)
  229. Scary story for folks whose wives/GF's work at night
  230. Standard Capacity vs High Capacity
  231. Read the Letter 1,100 Green Berets Signed for Protection of the 2nd Amendme
  232. News guaranteed to make your head spin
  233. Deep thoughts
  234. Man shot following GPS error
  235. Justified...the series.
  236. Tax question for CPA or anyone that has converted a house to a rental
  237. 10 rounds?
  238. Female Gun Advocate Lays Into Democratic Senator Over Women’s Second Amendm
  239. FAST Hotel construction
  240. Concealed Carry Holder Shows Why it’s a Bad Idea to Pull a Gun on a Dad (VI
  241. Teen girl who performed at Obama inauguration killed in Chicago shooting
  242. To the guy who bought my Glock Gen 4 parts
  243. Two More Shootings Today
  244. Don't Blame Marc Anthony!!!
  245. Proof a Mother's love can have lifelong benefits..
  246. Special Forces Take On Domestic Enemies Promoting Gun Control In Letter
  247. Why do you need that? (the answer)
  248. The "Hedgehog" is in Critical
  249. Zimbabwe is down to its last $217
  250. Anyone gotten divorced and remarried the same person?